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Printer handbook
Chambers, Mark A.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, [2000]

Physical Description:
xxiv, 405 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
General Note:
Rev. ed. of: Hewlett-Packard official printer handbook. 1999.
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This book is targeted for the beginner to intermediate computer and printer user. Branded alongside one of the most respected companies in information technology, this book covers printing issues that are virtually identical among all printers. This edition will not only update information on the current models of printers, but will also offer you a variety of ideas and projects for your printer.

Author Notes

Mark L. Chambers is a hardware technician, programmer, computer consultant and well-known computer book author. He is the author of Building a PC For Dummies, Recordable CD Bible, and the Official Netscape Guide to Web Animation. Foreword by Antonio M. Perez, President and Chief Executive Officer, Inkjet Imaging Solutions, Hewlett-Packard, and Carolyn M. Ticknor, President and Chief Executive Officer, LaserJet Imaging Systems, Hewlett-Packard.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Part I Printer Basicsp. 1
Chapter 1 Understanding Printer Technologyp. 3
Impact Printers: Daisywheel and Dot-Matrixp. 5
The Early Years of Computer Printingp. 5
How Do Impact Printers Work?p. 6
Why Use an Impact Printer Today?p. 9
Inkjet Printersp. 9
How Do Inkjet Printers Work?p. 10
The Home Solutionp. 12
Laser Printersp. 14
How Do Laser Printers Work?p. 14
The Office Choicep. 17
All-in-One Peripheralsp. 19
How Does an All-in-One Work?p. 19
The Home Office in a Boxp. 20
Portable Printersp. 22
How Do Portable Printers Work?p. 23
The Road Warriorp. 24
Thermal and Dye-Sublimation Printersp. 24
How Do Graphics Printers Work?p. 25
The Artist's Friendp. 26
The Parallel Portp. 27
Serial Versus Parallel Communicationsp. 28
Other Parallel Port Peripheralsp. 29
The USB Portp. 31
Inside the Universal Serial Busp. 31
USB as a Printer Connectionp. 32
All Printer Cables Are Not Created Equalp. 32
Attack of the Bidirectional Monsterp. 33
Do You Need an IEEE-1284 Cable?p. 34
The Acronym Invasion (EPP and ECP)p. 34
Chapter 2 Buying a Printerp. 37
The First Step: Evaluating Your Needsp. 38
Color or Monochrome?p. 39
A Good Picture Is Worth $10,000p. 40
Desktop Printer Meets the Road Warriorp. 41
Speed Is Importantp. 42
What Type of Printer Do You Need?p. 43
Matching a Printer to Your Purposep. 43
Accessorizep. 44
Comparing Featuresp. 45
Resolutionp. 46
Speedp. 46
Sizep. 47
Number of Cartridgesp. 49
Memoryp. 49
Softwarep. 50
Printer Languages and Emulationsp. 52
Cost per Pagep. 53
Photo Printingp. 53
Banner Paper Supportp. 54
Macintosh Supportp. 54
Online Comparisons Versus the Local Touchp. 54
Comparing Warranty and Supportp. 56
Warranties 101p. 56
The Advantage of an On-Site Warrantyp. 57
Even Technonerds Need Support Sometimesp. 58
Should You Buy a Refurbished Printer?p. 59
Time to Buy a Printerp. 60
The Local Method: The Value of Local Service and Supportp. 61
The Mail-Order Method: Saving Money, Time, and Gasp. 63
What Was That Clunk?p. 66
Before You Callp. 67
Who Gets the Call?p. 67
Data You Need to Knowp. 68
Recommended Internet Online Storesp. 70
CDWp. 70
Eggheadp. 70
MicroWarehousep. 70
MidWest Microp. 70
Toner Cartridge Depotp. 71
Summaryp. 71
Chapter 3 Up Close: Inkjet Printersp. 73
Overviewp. 74
Printing High-Quality Graphicsp. 74
Discussing Dots per Inchp. 76
Understanding PhotoREt II Technologyp. 76
Selecting a Print Qualityp. 78
Duplex and Advanced Inkjet Printingp. 79
Printing in Duplex Modep. 79
Printing Multiple Copiesp. 82
Collating Copiesp. 82
Landscape Printingp. 82
Paper Size and Typep. 83
Care and Feeding of Your Inkjet Printerp. 85
Liquids Are Forbidden, Periodp. 85
Loading Paperp. 85
Cleaning the Exteriorp. 86
Cleaning the Interiorp. 86
Refilling Ink Cartridgesp. 87
Using a Surge Suppressorp. 88
Summaryp. 90
Chapter 4 Up Close: Laser Printersp. 91
Understanding PostScript and PCLp. 93
The Whole PostScript Thing Explainedp. 93
The Advantages of PCLp. 96
Advanced Laser Printingp. 98
You Need More Printer Memory (and Why)p. 98
Adding Fontsp. 100
Printing Full-Page Graphicsp. 101
Using Manual Feedp. 101
Make It a Scanner and Copier Toop. 102
Care and Feeding of Your Laser Printerp. 103
Toner Can Be Messyp. 103
What Should You Clean?p. 104
Rock That Toner Cartridgep. 106
Summaryp. 107
Chapter 5 Up Close: All-in-One Unitsp. 109
Configuration and Setupp. 110
Creating a Phone Chainp. 111
Understanding Autoanswer and Distinctive Ringp. 112
Creating a Fax Headerp. 113
Scanning Documentsp. 114
How Does a Scanner Work?p. 115
Monochrome vs. Color Scanningp. 116
Selecting a Scan Modep. 117
Scanning Software: Viewing and Editingp. 118
Faxing Documentsp. 120
Selecting a Fax Resolutionp. 120
Look, Ma, No Computer!p. 121
Faxing from Applicationsp. 122
Broadcasting Faxingp. 122
Scheduling Your Faxesp. 123
Configuring Fax Pollingp. 124
Using Fax Forwardingp. 124
Using Remote Retrievalp. 125
Copying Documentsp. 125
Selecting Copy Contrast and Resolutionp. 126
Copy Reduction and Enlargementp. 126
Using Ordered Printing and Collationp. 126
Copying Duplex Documentsp. 127
Using Multiple Functions Simultaneouslyp. 127
Care and Feeding of Your All-in-One Unitp. 128
Summaryp. 129
Part II Printer Connectionsp. 131
Chapter 6 Installing and Configuring Your Printerp. 133
Unpacking Your New Hardwarep. 134
Selecting a Locationp. 135
Connecting Cables and Suchp. 137
Connecting the Printer Cablep. 137
Connecting a Fax Cablep. 139
Attaching Supportsp. 140
Connecting the Power Cablep. 140
Installing a Printer under Windows 98p. 141
Installing a Printer under MacOS 8p. 145
Get the Latest Driverp. 146
Finding Driver Updatesp. 147
Updating Your Printer Driversp. 148
Windows 95/98 Tips and Tricksp. 149
Adjusting the Printer Spoolerp. 149
Defragmenting Your Hard Drivep. 151
Turning Off Port Pollingp. 151
Windows NT Tips and Tricksp. 152
Enable Print Auditingp. 153
Schedule Printing for Off Hoursp. 153
Configuring Printer Privilegesp. 153
Macintosh Tips and Tricksp. 154
Enabling Virtual Memoryp. 154
Defragmenting Your Hard Drivep. 155
Optimizing PostScript Print Optionsp. 155
Testing Printer Communicationsp. 156
Summaryp. 158
Chapter 7 Network and Shared Printingp. 159
Why Add a Network or Shared Printer?p. 160
Network, Shared, and Switched Printingp. 161
Adding a Network Printerp. 161
Adding a Shared Printerp. 167
Adding a Switched Printerp. 169
Do You Need a Dedicated Printer Server?p. 171
What's a Printer Buffer?p. 172
Summaryp. 173
Part III Having Fun with Your Printerp. 175
Chapter 8 The Wonderful World of Fontsp. 177
Soft Fonts Explainedp. 178
Comparisons: TrueType, Adobe, and OpenTypep. 179
Building a Font Libraryp. 180
Creating Your Own Fontsp. 183
Using a Font Editorp. 184
Creating 3-D Fontsp. 185
Summaryp. 187
Chapter 9 Printing with Pizzazzp. 189
Nifty Printing Suppliesp. 190
Banner Paperp. 191
Greeting Cardsp. 193
T-shirt Transfersp. 197
Stationery, Business Cards, Labels, and Brochuresp. 200
Printing Labels for Disks, CD-ROMs, and Cassettesp. 203
Custom Papersp. 205
Printing Digital Imagesp. 206
Using Clip Art Imagesp. 208
Sources for Clip Artp. 208
Selecting the Right Clip Artp. 209
Clip Art Legal Issuesp. 211
Adding Colorsp. 212
Spot Color Versus Process Colorp. 212
What Is Color Matching?
Using Standard Color Palettesp. 215
Using Color in Your Documentsp. 215
Printing Web Pagesp. 216
Popular Printing Softwarep. 219
Your Printing Suitep. 219
Your Image Editorp. 223
Your CD-ROM Label Printerp. 225
Summaryp. 226
Part IV Printer Projectsp. 227
Chapter 10 Inkjet, LaserJet, and All-in-One-Unit Projectsp. 229
Inkjet Projectsp. 230
Adjusting Print Qualityp. 230
Adjusting Paper Size and Typep. 230
Using Duplex Modep. 233
Choosing Landscape or Portrait Orientationp. 234
Printing Multiple Copiesp. 234
Collating Copiesp. 234
Cleaning Your Inkjet Print Headp. 235
Aligning Cartridgesp. 236
Testing Printer Communicationsp. 237
Changing Inkjet Cartridgesp. 238
LaserJet Projectsp. 238
Adding Printer Memoryp. 239
Installing Font Cartridgesp. 240
Changing Toner Cartridgesp. 241
Cleaning Corona Wiresp. 242
Cleaning Paper Feed Rollersp. 243
All-in-One Unit Projectsp. 244
Sending and Receiving Faxesp. 244
Scanning a Documentp. 245
Using the Copy Functionp. 246
Changing the Toner Cartridgep. 246
Recalibrating the Scannerp. 247
Summaryp. 247
Chapter 11 Printer Installation and Network Projectsp. 249
Printer Installation Projectsp. 250
Configuring Default Printer Settingsp. 250
Printing a Document from a Windows Applicationp. 252
Printing from a Formatted Filep. 254
Performing a Printer Communications Testp. 254
Removing a Printer and Its Softwarep. 255
Network Printer Projectsp. 256
Installing a Network Printer Under Windowsp. 256
Installing a Manual Printer Switchp. 257
Installing an Electronic Printer Switchp. 258
Summaryp. 259
Chapter 12 Font and Fun Projectsp. 261
Font Projectsp. 262
Installing a True Type Font in Windows 98p. 262
Installing Fonts in MacOS 8p. 264
Displaying True Type Font Information in Windows 98p. 265
Adjusting the ATM Font Cachep. 266
Creating a Logo with 3-D Fontsp. 267
Fun Projectsp. 269
Printing a Birthday Cardp. 269
Printing a T-Shirt Transferp. 274
Printing Business Cardsp. 278
Designing and Printing a CD-ROM Labelp. 281
Printing Web Pagesp. 285
Searching for Clip Art on the Webp. 285
Summaryp. 285
Appendix A Hewlett-Packard Technical Support's Frequently Asked Questionsp. 287
Appendix B Hewlett-Packard's Modular Ink Delivery Systemp. 345
Appendix C List of Manufacturersp. 349
Glossaryp. 351
Indexp. 367