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The complete idiot's guide to Paint Shop Pro 7
Gertler, Nat.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [2001]

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xix, 361 pages, 8 pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm.
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Includes index.

Perforated pull out at beginning of book containing: Quick Paint Shop Pro cheat sheet.
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Author Notes

If you thought of Nat Gertler simply as a former computer programmer and trainer who has written such computer books as Multimedia Illustrated, The Complete Idiot's Guide to PowerPoint, and Easy PCs, then you'd be missing a large part of his creative side. As a comic book creator, he has crafted comics for dozens of publishers, including spinning tales about Speed Racer, the Flintstones, and Richard Petty. His own original comics creation, The Factor, brought him a nomination for the prestigious Eisner award, and has also been optioned for television. Nat's fiction appears in books, in magazines, and on television, while he contributes a column and crossword puzzles to Hogan's Alley, a magazine of the cartoon arts. In his dubious spare time, he runs the online Peanuts book and video catalog If for some crazed reason you want to know more about Nat, stop by

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
This Book Is Full of Good Stuffp. 1
Browsing Through the Bookp. 1
The Language of the Bookp. 3
Ack! Nowledgements!p. 4
I'll Trade These Marks for Other Marks!p. 5
Dedicationp. 5
Part I The Basicsp. 7
1 Test Driving Paint Shop Prop. 9
Turning On the Ignitionp. 10
Look at All Them Fancy Controlsp. 11
Get a Blank Sheetp. 12
Time for a Face-Offp. 14
Saving Facep. 15
We're Outta Here!p. 16
2 Hellllllp!p. 17
This Book Is Helpfulp. 17
The Online Help Systemp. 18
Every Button Tells a Storyp. 20
A Web of Helpp. 21
A Tip of the Hat to the Tip of the Dayp. 21
Part II A Beginner's Paint Shopping Spreep. 23
3 All 16.7 Million Colors of the Rainbowp. 25
The Big Box of Crayonsp. 25
First Blush: Your Initial Color Choicesp. 29
Easier Choices: Picking from Fewer Colorsp. 32
Color Count Correctionp. 34
4 The First Coat of Paintp. 37
Without the Paint Brush, the Program Would Just Be "Pro"p. 38
An Eraser That Looks Like a Brushp. 40
'ow to 'andle an 'airbrushp. 40
Color Recycling: Reuse Those Huesp. 41
Color Replacing: Turning Your Blues into Rosesp. 42
Retouch Me, Baby!p. 43
No-Frills Fillsp. 44
Circles and Arrows and Squares, Oh My!p. 44
Clone Brush: Nice Tool, Scary Namep. 47
5 Selecting and Cropping: Tools for a Picky Farmerp. 49
Selecting Rectangular Areas and Square Peoplep. 50
Freehand Cowhand: Lasso Irregular Shapes and Peoplep. 52
The Magic Wand: It's Wanderful!p. 54
Everything: The Unselective Selectionp. 55
Muscling Up and Trimming Down Your Selectionp. 55
It's Selected; Now What?p. 57
Cuttin' Up and Pastin' Downp. 59
Floating Your Goats and Other Selectionsp. 60
Flipping and Tippingp. 61
Crop: Turn Paint Shop Pro into a Chop Shopp. 61
6 Zooming In and Moving Things Aboutp. 65
Zoom In for a Close-Upp. 65
Zoom Out for a Far-Upp. 66
Overlooking the Overview Window Would Be an Oversightp. 67
Two Views: I've Looked at Space Bunnies from Both Sides, Nowp. 67
Getting the Most Space for Your Imagep. 68
Pinpointing Particular Pixels Preciselyp. 69
What Colors Do I Lean On?p. 71
7 Becoming a Player with Layersp. 73
Layers: We Don't Mean Hensp. 73
Why Use Layers?p. 74
Be a Layer Creatorp. 76
The Layer Palette: Layer Player Centralp. 77
Laying the Layer Down and Sliding It Aroundp. 80
8 Vector Frankenstein: The Science of Making Vector Objectsp. 81
Vhat Are Vectors and Vhy Do Ve Vant 'em?p. 81
The Draw Tool: Lines on the Loosep. 83
The Shape of Vectors to Comep. 90
Arrangements and Marriagesp. 90
Stack Crackerp. 92
Vectors, Feh! I Want Raster!p. 93
9 Getting Images Inp. 95
Browsing for Brilliancep. 95
Taking Pictures: Swiping Images from Other Programsp. 98
Scannerize Your Friends and Familyp. 100
DC Power: Digital Cameras Rule!p. 101
10 Getting Images Outp. 103
Saving Your File for a Rainy Dayp. 103
Printing Worth the Paper Its Printed Onp. 107
Part III Painting Outside the Linesp. 111
11 Fun with Fillsp. 113
Paintin' with a Patternp. 113
Gradients: Fading with Great Radiancep. 117
Build Your Own Gradient and Save!p. 120
Put a Little Texture in Your Lifep. 121
12 Fuller Brush Knowledgep. 125
Clear Talk About Opacityp. 125
Brushing Inconsistentlyp. 127
Fancy Brush Shapesp. 128
The Simple Steps of Setting Up Stepsp. 130
13 Pressure-Sensitive Tablets Cure the Pressures of the Mousep. 131
Take One Tabletp. 132
Pointing and Dragging, Tablet Stylep. 132
Styles from the Stylus: Nifty PSP Featuresp. 134
14 Picture Tubesp. 137
Picture Tubes Squirt Pictures Outp. 137
Tuning the Tubep. 140
Find Your Inner Tube: Make Your Own Picture Tubesp. 141
Taking the Tubes of Othersp. 145
15 Deformation Informationp. 147
Deform Your Picture: It's Better Than It Soundsp. 148
Doing the Deformationp. 148
Perspective Perfectionp. 150
Perspective That Ain't so Squarep. 151
16 Special Effectsp. 153
Getting Affection for Effectsp. 153
Options That Affect Effectsp. 154
One Hundred and One Effects (Give or Take Three)p. 157
Browsing Effects with Glee (and Your Mouse)p. 164
17 Color Inspection, Correction, and Rejectionp. 165
Wash That Color Awayp. 165
Color Tunerp. 166
Color Replacementp. 169
Cooler Color Creatorsp. 170
Other Color Toolsp. 172
Part IV Vector Victories and Layer Lay-Upsp. 173
18 Upgrading Shapesp. 175
Node Editingp. 175
Properties: The Real E-State of Your Vectorp. 179
Group-De-Doo!p. 182
Get Back the Shape You Had in High Schoolp. 182
19 Text Tricksp. 185
Putting Text in Contextp. 185
Better Words: Updating Raster Textp. 188
Word Up: Improving Vector Textp. 188
Giving Your Text Nodesp. 190
20 Egging On Layersp. 193
It's Time to Play "Name That Layer"p. 193
Transparency Lock: Locking Up Nothingp. 194
Layer Opacity: Clearly Usefulp. 195
Being Normal Is Not the Only Way to Blend Inp. 196
Gather Ye Layers Togetherp. 199
21 Playing Hide-and-Seek with Masksp. 201
What Is a Mask?p. 201
Why a Mask?p. 202
Mask-Maker, Mask-Maker, Make Me a Maskp. 202
Who Was that Mask-Editing Man?p. 203
Recycling a Maskp. 204
The Masking Linkp. 204
22 The Alpha Channel: All Alphas, All the Timep. 207
What Is an Alpha Channel?p. 208
Stuffing Selections into Alpha Channelsp. 208
Flipping Through the Channelsp. 208
Halloween Layaway: Saving Masksp. 209
Backmasking: Getting Your Mask Backp. 209
Flush Out Your Channelsp. 210
23 Layers of Adjustmentp. 213
What Are Adjustment Layers?p. 213
Sunglasses On: We're Looking Closely at Brightnessp. 215
Adjusting Adjustmentsp. 217
Part V Painting the World Wide Webp. 219
24 Working Wonder on the World Wide Webp. 221
The Wonderful World of Web Graphicsp. 221
Some Practical Limitsp. 222
The Clear Route to Transparencyp. 225
I Explain How to Save a Copy of Your Graphic as a GIF Filep. 227
Button-Making: More Fun Than Mutton-Bakingp. 228
One Graphic, Many Graphicsp. 231
Fancy, Distracting Backgroundsp. 235
25 Watermarking: Staining That Protectsp. 237
Watermarking? Water You Talking About?p. 238
An ID 4Up. 238
Creating Your Watermarkp. 239
Reading a Watermarkp. 241
Changing a Watermarkp. 242
26 Animation Shop 101: Picture Motionsp. 243
Animation Shop: The Free Movement Softwarep. 244
Starting the Shopp. 245
Adding Images (Two Images Plus Two Images Equals...)p. 247
Transition: That's "No, It Is'n Art" Spelled Backwardp. 248
Effectively Inserting Effectsp. 250
A Little Text About Text Effectsp. 251
Don't Stop for Effectsp. 252
Toon-Time: Watching Your Animationp. 253
Making the Savep. 254
27 Animation Shop 201: Wizards and Tricksp. 259
Get Out Your Scissors: Editing Your Animationp. 259
Returning to the Paint Shop for a Touch-upp. 261
Making Motionp. 262
Bang-Up Bannersp. 265
Part VI Advanced Concernsp. 267
28 Photo Finishp. 269
Phixing Phaulty Photosp. 269
Gonna Wash That Red Right Outta My Eyesp. 273
Color Clarification and Tone Tuningp. 276
Edgy Choicesp. 276
Saving Your Photosp. 279
29 Leggo My Logop. 281
Give Your Logo a Goalp. 281
Logo Shop Prop. 283
A Practical Examplep. 284
Other Things to Worry and Fret Aboutp. 287
30 Your Own Custom Paint Shopp. 291
Some References to Your Preferencesp. 292
Toolin' Around with the Toolbarsp. 295
Save Some Work by Saving Your Workspacep. 298
Adding Features and Filtersp. 299
31 Digital Laundry Day: Separating Colorsp. 303
Proofing Proves Usefulp. 303
Color Separating: Four Colors for Color Printingp. 306
A Installing Paint Shop Prop. 311
B Buttons and Menus and Mice, Oh My! Working Wonders with Windowsp. 313
A Mouse in the Handp. 313
When You Need a Menup. 317
Windows Don't Have to Be a Pane!p. 319
Let's Rap About Dialogue!p. 320
Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archivesp. 325
Indexp. 335