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Amanda's wedding
Colgan, Jenny.
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New York : Warner Books, 2001.

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275 pages ; 24 cm
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Melanie and Fran are two charmingly wisecracking young Londoners who simply can't believe it when their old schoolfriend Amanda, Satan's own PR agent, manages to get herself hitched to a laird (Scottish for lord). Who cares that Fraser McConnel has worn the same ratty Converse sneakers for years and that his castle is really a pile of rubble -- all the social -climbing queen of preen cares about is the title she'll soon have. She's got Fraser by the nuptials, and she has no intention of letting go. Gentle, decent Fraser is completely innocent Amanda's wiles, so Mel and Fran, still smarting from Amanda's evil misdeeds years ago in school, join forces with Fraser's adorable younger brother Angus to sabotage the mismatch of the century. Between fighting off the attentions of a love-crazed accountant, dealing with a ne'er-do-well rockstar wannabe boyfriend, keeping Fran's deadly maneuvers with the opposite sex under control, finding herself at the heart of a bachelor party controversy, consuminglarge quantities of alcohol, and throwing out hysterical barbs that would make Oscar Wilde proud, Mel will break some hearts and win over those of readers by the score...all of whom are certain to enjoy the mayhem -- and hilarious mishaps -- in store in "Amanda's Wedding "

Author Notes

Jenny Colgan lives in London, England.

(Publisher Provided) Jenny Colgan is a former columnist for The Guardian, contributes regularly to national BBC radio and is the bestselling author of more than eleven novels, including Welcome To Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams, which won the 2013 Romantic Novel of the Year award from the Romantic Novelists Association, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris, and Sweetshop of Dreams all international bestsellers.

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Booklist Review

Hip, trendy, and raunchily hilarious, Colgan's tale of twentysomething Londoner Melanie and her coterie of pals takes place in the weeks leading up to the wedding of Amanda, a rich, gorgeous, and thoroughly rotten old schoolmate who pops up every six months or so to gloat. Mel's life is a mess. She has a strange reclusive flatmate whom she fears will kick her out. Her best friend, Fran, pops in as if she owns the place. She wakes up after a night of wild sex with a man she can't stand, and then Alex, the boyfriend who had abandoned her without even a note, comes back from America and into her bed. Does he really want her, or does he just need a place to crash? Add to that her dismaying discovery that the Scottish laird betrothed to the dreadful Amanda is none other than Fraser, whom she had a huge crush on years earlier. Finally, Mel, Fran, and Angus, Fraser's offbeat brother, combine forces to try and thwart Amanda's ambitions and save Fraser from a fate worse than death. This contemporary romp unfolds like a movie and will please readers who yearn for sophisticated humor and a happily-ever-after ending. --Diana Tixier Herald

Publisher's Weekly Review

Planted firmly in Bridget Jones territory, Colgan's first novel takes off with the kind of manic energy and sharply vulgar humor that only a Brit-sitcom can, before settling down into the typical fare that comprises contemporary girl-fic. Londoners Mel and Fran, both 20-something, are horrified to learn that the third member of their childhood trio, AmandaÄan uppity, shallow brat who's burned them one too many timesÄhas landed Fraser McConald, a Scottish lord, as her fianc‚. Compounding their annoyance is the fact that back in their university days, Mel, who serves as narrator, had a huge crush on Fraser. Mel is also reeling because her loutish, aspiring rock-star beau, Alex, who left her 10 months ago to find himself in America, has returned to her doorstep in full force. Further complicating matters is Nicholas, a clueless, eight feet tall accountant whose advances she sometimes succumbs to when very drunk. Fraser's charming brother, Angus, rightly suspects that Amanda only wants Fraser for the Town & Country cachet of his crumbling castle, and he enlists the aid of Mel and Fran to sabotage the nuptials. In any romantic comedy, it's a given that the lead heroine will get a man; the question here is which man? With several possibilities, readers may be surprised at the outcome; some may be disappointed. The writing is clever enough, and Mel and Fran's antics are entertaining, even if their self-involvement tips over into cruelty at times. But for those who expect more substance, even in a comedy, the only momentous theme availableÄthat it's preferable, if at all possible, to marry for love rather than convenienceÄis hardly weighty. (Feb. 1) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved