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Beyond business casual : what to wear to work if you want to get ahead
Sabath, Ann Marie.
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Franklin Lakes, NJ : Career Press, [2000]

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207 pages ; 23 cm
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Sabath reminds readers that the goal to dressing is to get ahead, revealing the dress "faux pas" most commonly made in business today. Then the author of "Business Etiquette" shows what to do when in doubt about what to wear.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 14
How did this dressing dilemma ever begin?p. 18
Policies are only as good as what is enforcedp. 18
Chapter 1 Let's Start At The Very Beginning: What Does "Dressing" Mean?p. 22
The 10 most common dress rule infractionsp. 22
Huh? Dressing?p. 23
Clothes as investmentsp. 23
Do you have clutter in your closetp. 25
Dressing is a mental thingp. 26
What dressing appropriately can do for youp. 27
What happens when you don't dress the part?p. 28
Tuning into an organization's dress culturep. 28
Letting your ethnicity showp. 29
Who to ask about dress policiesp. 30
Attire for presentationsp. 31
Today's most common dress faux pasp. 32
Chapter 2 How Your Dress Affects Your Productivityp. 33
The 10 most commonly made grooming mistakesp. 33
Dressing equals productivityp. 34
Add clout to what you say by what you wearp. 35
Your clothes as a confidence meterp. 36
Power colors 101p. 36
Showing that you mean businessp. 37
Working at homep. 38
The secret to looking promotablep. 39
Where have all the role models gone?p. 39
Updated classicsp. 40
Being prepared for unexpected meetingsp. 40
Chapter 3 What Kind Of Dress Attitude Are You Projecting?p. 42
The 9 most commonly made "dress attitude" mistakesp. 42
Wearing glassesp. 43
Do colors really affect your mood?p. 44
Regionalismsp. 44
Looking like a clonep. 45
Image consultantsp. 46
The importance of tact and diplomacyp. 47
Dressing and agep. 48
Headphonesp. 49
Rings on your fingers...and in your nose?p. 50
What about fabrics?p. 51
What about lighter colors?p. 51
The scrunch testp. 52
A word about graying hairp. 52
The nape of your neckp. 53
On the subject of dandruffp. 53
Keep your cologne and perfume to yourselfp. 54
Nails and their lengthp. 54
A few words about outerwearp. 55
Buttonsp. 55
Glovesp. 56
Briefcases, satchels, and pursesp. 56
The place for backpacksp. 57
Umbrellasp. 57
Put a brush to those shoesp. 58
Slip on shoe protectorsp. 58
Chapter 4 Tips For Men On The Climbp. 59
The 9 Most common dress mistakes men makep. 59
Facial hairp. 60
When facial hair should not be wornp. 60
Wallets vs. money clipsp. 61
Watchesp. 61
Other jewelry for men in the workplacep. 62
Jewelry taboosp. 62
Cologne: A little dab 'ill do ya'p. 63
Manicuresp. 64
Undershirts and dress shirts go hand-in-handp. 64
Crew necks or V-necks?p. 65
What about chest hair?p. 65
Button down or collar with staysp. 66
What about banded collars?p. 67
Proper fitting dress shirtsp. 67
Short-sleeved shirtsp. 68
A word about polo shirtsp. 68
Shirt and sleeve lengthsp. 69
A word about cufflinksp. 69
Tiesp. 70
What about tie length?p. 70
Inappropriate ties?p. 71
Tie widthsp. 71
Tie knotsp. 72
The 6 steps for tying a 4-in-hand knotp. 72
The 6 steps for tying a Windsor knotp. 73
The 6 steps for tying a Half-Windsor knotp. 73
Power colors and tiesp. 74
Eating while wearing a tiep. 74
Bow tiesp. 75
Jacket stylesp. 75
Buttoning a jacketp. 76
Which buttons?p. 76
What if I can't button my suit jacket?p. 77
Removing jacketsp. 77
Pocket scarvesp. 78
Are vests in?p. 78
Ascots anyone?p. 79
Pants: cuffs or no cuffs?p. 79
Trouser lengthsp. 80
Suspendersp. 80
Belts or bracesp. 81
Beltsp. 81
Filling your pocketsp. 82
What about socks?p. 82
Shoe stylep. 83
Colorp. 83
What your shoes say about youp. 84
Boots anyone?p. 85
Briefcasesp. 85
Power purchasing pointsp. 86
Chapter 5 Tips for Women Climbing the Ladder of Successp. 87
The 8 most commonly made dressing mistakes made by womenp. 87
The tailored look will get you aheadp. 88
Appropriate length of hair in businessp. 88
A word about hair rootsp. 88
How to dress conservatively without giving up your femininityp. 89
Ponytails, pigtails, and scrunchiesp. 90
Get out of the habit of touching your hairp. 91
Don't comb your hair in public!p. 91
Makeup: Too much or too little?p. 92
Jewelry and workp. 93
Pearls, anyone?p. 94
Rings, rings, and more ringsp. 95
Earrings the size of a quarterp. 95
What about double piercing?p. 96
Jewelry not to wear to work?p. 97
Scarvesp. 97
Nail lengthp. 98
A word about undergarmentsp. 98
Minimizers to the rescuep. 99
Which outfits project the most authority?p. 99
What about a slacks suit?p. 100
Blousesp. 101
Skirt lengths: the 8 1/2" [times] 11 1/2" rulep. 102
What your skirt length says about youp. 103
How to be sure your skirt length is fashionable without being distractingp. 103
Tips for minimizing your thighsp. 104
Decorative beltsp. 105
What happened to skirts?p. 105
Fabrics that are less than businesslikep. 105
Appropriate skirt lengthsp. 106
When an employee's skirt is too shortp. 107
That little black dressp. 107
A word about dressesp. 108
The ABCs of maternity dressp. 109
Dress tips for the menopausal womanp. 109
Shoes for all seasonsp. 110
If the shoe style fits, wear it!p. 110
Heels: How high is too high?p. 111
When you are tallp. 111
Open-toe vs. closed-toe shoesp. 112
Tennis shoesp. 112
Shoe coveringsp. 113
Hosieryp. 113
What about trouser socks?p. 114
Mulesp. 114
How large should my purse be?p. 115
What color should my purse be?p. 115
Chapter 6 Much Ado About Nothing?p. 116
The 6 most commonly made business casual mistakesp. 116
The pros and cons of going business casualp. 117
Dress codes exist to be followedp. 118
Why are there 2 schools of thought about business casual?p. 119
Dressing down can give a professional presencep. 120
Saturday attirep. 120
Setting the business casual stagep. 121
Talk about a juggling act!p. 121
Business casual shoe stylep. 122
Making the transitionp. 122
Taming the predictablep. 124
Why defining a business casual dress code is importantp. 125
Creating standards for business casualp. 126
The disadvantage of wearing business casual clothesp. 127
Business casual can lead to business sloppyp. 128
When business casual should not be wornp. 129
When employees show up dressed inappropriately for workp. 130
Will business casual ever be a thing of the past?p. 131
Chapter 7 Dressing For Job Interviewsp. 133
The 6 most common interview dressing mistakesp. 133
Body piercing and job interviewsp. 134
What to wear to an interviewp. 135
A skirt or slacks?p. 136
2 interviews back to backp. 136
When you only own one interview outfitp. 137
Interview attire for womenp. 138
When you land that positionp. 138
When you're new on the jobp. 139
How to look promotablep. 140
Chapter 8 Commanding Presence on Business Casual Daysp. 141
The 5 most commonly made mistakes when trying to build presencep. 141
How can I command presence?p. 142
When not to dress business casualp. 142
The "one-notch-down" rulep. 143
Why the "one-notch-down" rule worksp. 144
Jeansp. 145
Shirts with logosp. 145
The most commonly asked questions by managersp. 146
Chapter 9 What to Wear During Videoconferencesp. 149
The 5 most commonly made videoconference dress mistakesp. 149
The "waist-up" rulep. 150
Key rulesp. 150
Colors to avoidp. 151
Jewelry to avoidp. 152
Adding presence to what you wear during a videoconferencep. 152
Chapter 10 How to Command That "21st Century" Presencep. 153
Avoiding the 5 most commonly-made "turn of the century" dress mistakesp. 153
Dressing with presencep. 154
Packaging yourself like an executive when you're on the climbp. 155
How to dress without intimidating your colleagues (and even your boss)p. 156
Chapter 11 Travel And Dress: Key Ways for Dressing on the Runp. 157
The 5 most commonly made mistakes in dress while travellingp. 157
Have luggage, will travelp. 158
But I like the luggage I havep. 158
Road warrior advicep. 159
Always be preparedp. 160
Dress as though you are going directly to the meetingp. 161
It's all in how you packp. 161
Chapter 12 The Art of Dressing Appropriately When Doing Business Abroadp. 163
The 9 most commonly made international dress mistakesp. 163
What about shoes?p. 164
Four tips on dressing for the man on the international scenep. 164
Rules for the worldly womanp. 165
Globetrotter shoes for womenp. 166
What to wearp. 166
Less jewelry is betterp. 167
Minding your clothing mannersp. 168
Colors to avoidp. 168
Forget the shorts or jeansp. 169
Continental classicp. 169
Quality is keyp. 170
Avoid striped ties in Anglicized countries and other tie issuesp. 170
What clothes to takep. 171
Chapter 13 Out And Aboutp. 172
The 6 most common mistakes made when stepping outp. 172
When you live in the same neighborhood where you workp. 173
Holiday office party outfit no-nosp. 174
What to wear to a holiday partyp. 175
Fabrics worn at black-tie functionsp. 176
The hostess with the mostestp. 176
When attending gatherings in a homep. 177
Dressy-formalp. 177
Chapter 14 Dress Code Guideline Findingsp. 178
Sample Dress Codesp. 197
About the Authorp. 200
For More Informationp. 201
Resourcesp. 202
Indexp. 203