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Europe for dummies
Richards, Steven (Travel writer)
First edition.
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Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., [2001]

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xxvi, 620 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.

"A travel guide for the rest of us!"--Cover.
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D909 .R52 2001 Adult Non-Fiction Travel

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Lively and engaging, this invaluable handbook puts the continent's great cities and regions at your fingertips, and includes all the highlights plus the very best off-the-beaten-path experiences that make any visit to Europe memorable. Packed with experienced insider tips, Europe For Dummies offers: Essential information on London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich & the Bavarian Alps, Vienna, Prague, Rome, Florence & Tuscany, Venice, Barcelona, and Athens A select choice of favorite hotels and eateries in every destination and price category Indispensable foreign language glossaries Advice on everything from planning a sensible itinerary and getting the best deals to using public transit and catching must-see sights Helpful tips on converting currencies, overcoming language barrier, avoiding crowd, and sampling local cuisine

Author Notes

About the Author Steven Richards has traveled widely throughout Europe. He is the author of numerous travel guides for Frommer's.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 1
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 4
Where to Go from Herep. 5
Part I Getting Startedp. 7
Chapter 1 Discovering the Best of Europep. 9
Going to Europe: The Cultural Attractionsp. 9
Understanding Some Misconceptionsp. 13
Everywhere You Want to Be: What This Book Covers and Whyp. 13
Chapter 2 Planning When and Where to Travelp. 19
Discovering the Secret of the Seasonsp. 19
Partaking in Festivals and Holidays: Keg Parties and Pagan Feastsp. 22
Adopting Easy Trip-Planning Tipsp. 24
Knowing How Much Time to Spend in Each Cityp. 28
Chapter 3 Five Great European Itinerariesp. 31
The "Everything but the Kitchen Sink in Two Weeks" Tourp. 32
The Three-Week Grand Tour of Europep. 34
Two Weeks in Europe for Lovers of Artp. 36
A Week of Romance, European Stylep. 37
A Week in Europe the Kids Will Lovep. 38
Chapter 4 Planning Your Budgetp. 43
Adding Up the Trip Componentsp. 43
Worrying about the Costp. 45
Keeping a Lid on Hidden Expensesp. 46
Cost-Cutting Tipsp. 46
Chapter 5 Tips for Travelers with Special Interests or Needsp. 51
Advice for Familiesp. 51
Advice for Seniorsp. 52
Advice for Travelers with Disabilitiesp. 54
Advice for Gay and Lesbian Travelersp. 55
Part II Ironing Out the Detailsp. 57
Chapter 6 Getting to Europep. 59
Seeking a Travel Agent's Advicep. 59
Exploring Package Tour Possibilitiesp. 60
Joining an Escorted Tourp. 62
Making Your Own Arrangementsp. 63
Chapter 7 Getting Around Europe after You Arrivep. 69
Flying Around Europep. 69
Taking the Trainp. 71
Different Types of Rail Passesp. 78
Navigating the European Train Stationp. 81
Floating to Your Destination by Ferryp. 83
Getting Around by Busp. 83
Driving in Europep. 83
Chapter 8 A Room with or without a View: Finding Lodgingp. 89
Understanding European Hotelsp. 89
Finding the Right Hotelp. 92
Discovering Other Types of Accommodationsp. 98
Chapter 9 Money Matters and Safety Issuesp. 103
Traveler's Checks, Credit Cards, ATMs, or Cashp. 103
Exchanging Money at the Best Ratep. 106
Buying Currency before You Leavep. 108
Street Smarts: Avoiding Theftp. 109
Keeping Valuables Safe on Trainsp. 112
Coping with a Stolen Walletp. 112
Understanding Value Added Tax (VAT) and Getting It Backp. 114
Chapter 10 Last-Minute Details and Other Things to Keep in Mindp. 115
Getting a Passportp. 115
Buying Travel and Medical Insurancep. 117
Treating Sickness Away from Homep. 118
Dealing with European Pharmacies, Physicians, and Hospitalsp. 118
Reserving in Advance for Popular Restaurants, Events, and Sightsp. 119
Packing Tipsp. 120
Mastering Communicationp. 123
Bringing it Home: Getting through Customsp. 125
Part III The British Islesp. 127
Chapter 11 London and the Best of Englandp. 129
Making Your Way to and around Londonp. 129
Discovering London: What You Need to Knowp. 132
Touring London by Neighborhoodp. 135
Staying in Londonp. 137
Dining in Londonp. 143
Exploring Londonp. 148
And on Your Left, Big Ben: Seeing London by Guided Tourp. 155
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 156
Exploring Beyond Londonp. 158
Chapter 12 Edinburgh and the Best of Scotlandp. 165
Making Your Way to and around Edinburghp. 166
Discovering Edinburgh: What You Need to Knowp. 167
Touring Edinburgh by Neighborhoodp. 169
Staying in Edinburghp. 169
Dining in Edinburghp. 174
Exploring Edinburghp. 177
And on Your Left, Edinburgh Castle: Seeing Edinburgh by Guided Tourp. 181
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 181
Traveling Beyond Edinburghp. 182
Chapter 13 Dublin and the Best of Irelandp. 191
Making Your Way to and around Dublinp. 192
Discovering Dublin: What You Need to Knowp. 193
Touring Dublin by Neighborhoodp. 195
Staying in Dublinp. 195
Dining in Dublinp. 200
Exploring Dublinp. 203
And on Your Left, the Guinness Brewery: Seeing Dublin by Guided Tourp. 208
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 209
Traveling the Irish Countrysidep. 210
Part IV Central Europep. 215
Chapter 14 Paris and Environsp. 217
Making Your Way to and around Parisp. 218
Discovering Paris: What You Need to Knowp. 220
Touring Paris by Neighborhoodp. 222
Staying in Parisp. 226
Dining in Parisp. 233
Exploring Parisp. 238
And on Your Left, the Eiffel Tower: Seeing Paris by Guided Tourp. 246
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 246
Traveling Beyond Parisp. 248
Chapter 15 Amsterdam and Environsp. 253
Making Your Way to and around Amsterdamp. 254
Discovering Amsterdam: What You Need to Knowp. 256
Touring Amsterdam by Neighborhoodp. 258
Staying in Amsterdamp. 259
Dining in Amsterdamp. 264
Exploring Amsterdamp. 266
And on Your Left, the Cat Boat: Seeing Amsterdam by Guided Tourp. 272
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 273
Travelling Beyond Amsterdamp. 274
Chapter 16 Munich and Bavariap. 279
Making Your Way to and around Munichp. 279
Discovering Munich: What You Need to Knowp. 281
Touring Munich by Neighborhoodp. 283
Staying in Munichp. 284
Dining in Munichp. 288
Exploring Munichp. 291
And On Your Left, More Beer: Seeing Munich by Guided Tourp. 296
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 297
Exploring Beyond Munichp. 297
Chapter 17 Vienna and the Best of Austriap. 301
Making Your Way to and around Viennap. 301
Discovering Vienna: What You Need to Knowp. 303
Touring Vienna by Neighborhoodp. 305
Staying in Viennap. 308
Dining in Viennap. 311
Exploring Viennap. 314
And on Your Left, the Opera House: Seeing Vienna by Guided Tourp. 319
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 319
Traveling Beyond Vienna: Innsbruckp. 321
Chapter 18 Bern and the Swiss Alpsp. 323
Making Your Way to and around Bernp. 323
Discovering Bern: What You Need to Knowp. 326
Touring Bern by Neighborhoodp. 328
Staying in Bernp. 328
Dining in Bernp. 330
Exploring Bernp. 333
And on Your Left, Da' Bears: Seeing Bern by Guided Tourp. 336
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 336
Exploring Beyond Bernp. 337
Exploring the Berner Oberlandp. 340
Staying in the Berner Oberlandp. 343
Dining in the Berner Oberlandp. 344
Exploring the Berner Oberlandp. 346
Chapter 19 Prague and Environsp. 351
Making Your Way to and around Praguep. 352
Discovering Prague: What Your Need to Knowp. 354
Touring Prague by Neighborhoodp. 357
Staying in Praguep. 360
Dining in Praguep. 363
Exploring Praguep. 366
And on Your Left, Prague Castle: Seeing Prague by Guided Tourp. 373
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 373
Exploring Beyond Praguep. 374
Part V Mediterranean Europep. 379
Chapter 20 Rome and Southern Italyp. 381
Making Your Way to and around Romep. 382
Discovering Rome: What You Need to Knowp. 383
Touring Rome by Neighborhoodp. 387
Staying in Romep. 389
Dining in Romep. 394
Exploring Romep. 398
And on Your Left, the Colosseum: Seeing Rome by Guided Tourp. 409
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 409
Exploring Beyond Romep. 410
Chapter 21 Florence and the Tuscany Regionp. 413
Making Your Way to and around Florencep. 414
Discovering Florence: What You Need to Knowp. 415
Touring Florence by Neighborhoodp. 418
Staying in Florencep. 419
Dining in Florencep. 424
Exploring Florencep. 428
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 435
Exploring Beyond Florencep. 436
Chapter 22 Venice and Environsp. 445
Making Your Way to and around Venicep. 446
Discovering Venice: What You Need to Knowp. 449
Touring Venice by Neighborhoodp. 451
Staying in Venicep. 453
Dining in Venicep. 458
Exploring Venicep. 462
And on Your Left, San Marco: Seeing Venice by Guided Tourp. 467
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 468
Exploring Beyond Venicep. 469
Chapter 23 Madrid and the Best of Castilep. 473
Making Your Way to and around Madridp. 473
Discovering Madrid: What You Need to Knowp. 475
Touring Madrid by Neighborhoodp. 477
Staying in Madridp. 480
Dining in Madridp. 483
Exploring Madridp. 487
And on Your Left, Palacio Real: Seeing Madrid by Guided Tourp. 492
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-Day Itinerariesp. 492
Traveling Beyond Madridp. 493
Chapter 24 The Best of Barcelonap. 499
Making Your Way to and around Barcelonap. 500
Discovering Barcelona: What You Need to Knowp. 501
Touring Barcelona by Neighborhoodp. 503
Staying in Barcelonap. 506
Dining in Barcelonap. 509
Exploring Barcelonap. 512
And on Your Left, Las Ramblas: Seeing Barcelona by Guided Tourp. 516
Suggested One- and Two-Day Itinerariesp. 517
Chapter 25 Athens and the Greek Islandsp. 519
Making Your Way to and around Athensp. 520
Discovering Athens: What You Need to Knowp. 523
Touring Athens by Neighborhoodp. 525
Staying in Athensp. 526
Dining in Athensp. 531
Exploring Athensp. 534
And on Your Left, The Agora: Seeing Athens by Guided Tourp. 539
Suggested One-, Two-, and Three-day Itinerariesp. 539
Exploring Beyond Athensp. 540
Part VI The Part of Tensp. 547
Chapter 26 The Ten Most Overrated Sights and Attractions in Europep. 549
London's Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palacep. 549
London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museump. 549
Paris's Champs-Elysees and Rome's Via Venetop. 550
The French Rivierap. 550
The Leaning Tower of Pisap. 550
Madrid's Flamenco Showsp. 550
Athens, Greecep. 551
Shopping the "Big Names" in London, Paris, Rome, and Florencep. 551
Chapter 27 Ten Places in Europe You'll Be Sorry You Didn't Seep. 553
Avebury, Englandp. 553
Dingle Peninsula, Irelandp. 553
Paris's Lesser-known Museumsp. 553
Hoge Veluwe Park, Netherlandsp. 554
Ostia Antica, Italyp. 554
Venetian Islands, Italyp. 554
Arena Chapel, Padova, Italyp. 554
Spain--All of Itp. 555
Medieval Hamlets and Hill Townsp. 555
Chapter 28 The Top Ten Gifts for $10 or Lessp. 557
A Bottle of Winep. 557
Marbleized Paper from Florencep. 557
Tulip Bulbs from Hollandp. 557
Soviet-era Kitschy Trinketsp. 558
A Small Wheel of Cheese from France or Italyp. 558
A Leather Wallet from Florence's San Lorenzo Street Marketp. 558
A Glass Trinket from a Venetian Shopp. 558
Religious Objects from Shops around the Vaticanp. 558
A Tartan Scarf from Scotlandp. 559
A Swiss Army Knife from, You Guessed It, Switzerlandp. 559
Chapter 29 Ten Ways to Break Out of the Tourist Moldp. 561
Wander a Residential Neighborhoodp. 561
Take a Dip in Bern's Aare Riverp. 561
Rent an Apartment or Villap. 561
Visit a Small Private Museump. 562
Jog with the Localsp. 562
Hike in the Countrysidep. 562
Catch a Soccer Matchp. 562
Help Pick Grapes or Olivesp. 562
Liberate Yourself from Your Guidebookp. 563
Watch Some Local Television Programsp. 563
Appendix A Toll-Free Numbers and Web Sitesp. 565
National Tourist Information Officesp. 565
Airlines and Rental-Car Companiesp. 569
Appendix B Art and Architecture Glossaryp. 573
Worksheetsp. 577
Indexp. 585
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