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The best of the Nation : selections from the independent magazine of politics and culture
Navasky, Victor S.
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New York : Thunder's Mouth Press ; [Emeryville, Calif.] : Distributed by Publishers Group West, [2000]

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xxii, 607 pages ; 23 cm
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Nation (New York, N.Y.)
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For 135 years The Nation magazine has embodied the critical spirit of dissenting journalism, giving voice to the passionate witnesses whose engagement with today's controversies has startled, provoked, and entertained. As E. L. Doctorow wrote of The Nation, "The editors never published anything less than what was urgently on their minds." Here is Patricia Williams on the Million Man March; Tony Kushner on gay liberation; William Styron on Prozac and Halcion; Susan Sontag on Bosnia; JonathanSchell on the case for abolishing nuclear weapons; and Erica Jong's response to the Modern Library's list of the past century's 100 greatest books -- a list of her own. Finally, Michael Moore asks, "Is the Left Nuts? Or Is It Me?"

Author Notes

Katrina vanden Heuvel is editor and publisher of The Nation . She lives in New York City.

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Booklist Review

Its circulation is modest, but the Nation's contributors are first-rate. These selections from the 1990s (just one per author) produce (unintentionally, the editors confide) "a unique archive of the issues, values, institutions, and personalities which preoccupied, united and divided, and ultimately defined the independent, democratic left" in that decade. Cornel West remembers Michael Harrington; Deborah W. Meier discusses public school choice; Mike Davis considers Los Angeles' riot/uprising; Paco Ignacio Taibo II discusses the Zapatistas; Susan Faludi asks, "Does Maureen Dowd Have an Opinion?"; Michael Moore wonders, "Is the Left Nuts? (Or Is It Me?)." There's poetry from, among others, W. S. Merwin, Philip Levine, Allen Ginsberg, and Nation regular Calvin Trillin; and illustrations from, among others, Edward Sorel, David Levine, Art Spiegelman, and Gary Trudeau. The Gulf War and the drug war, the collapse of the U.S.S.R. and the impeachment of a president are but a few of the subjects discussed here. Lively, opinionated commentary on issues that matter. --Mary Carroll

Library Journal Review

For over 135 years, the Nation has provided thoughtful, lively political and social discussion from a leftist perspective. A 1990 anthology (The Nation, 1865-1990: Selections from the Independent Magazine of Politics and Culture) presented an excellent selection of articles from 1865 through 1990. This new volume covers the last decade of the 20th century. Over 90 authors, such as E.L. Doctorow, Christopher Hitchens, Arthur Miller, Salman Rushdie, Cornel West, Susan Sontag, Michael Moore, and Gore Vidal, cover the Gulf War, the end of communism and the Cold War, Bosnia, the Clinton administration, gender and sexual politics, and a range of other issues. As editors Navasky and Vanden Heuvel point out in their opening note, the volume presents an alternative history to the 1990s, one undisclosed by the bulk of modern mass media. This excellent work is recommended for all libraries.DStephen L. Hupp, Urbana Univ., OH (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Gore VidalDouglas McGrathCornel WestCarlos FuentesAlexander CockburnBenjamin H. CheeverE.P. ThompsonGore VidalMicah L. SifryEdward W. SaidStuart KlawansArthur C. DantoAmy WilentzAdolph Reed, Jr.Richard HowardDeborah W. MeierMary KaldorYevgeny YevtushenkoKatrina vanden HeuvelKatha PollittTed SolotaroffEric HobsbawmChristopher HitchensJames MerrillTom EngelhardtClancy SigalWilliam Seagraves and Andrew KopkindMike DavisMona Van DuynPhilip GreenMolly IvinsE.L. DoctorowCharles SimicSlavenka DrakulicJan Clausen and Barrie Karp and Ynestra King and Jane Lazarre and Grace Paley and Suzanne Gordon and Katha PollittCamilo Jose VergaraRobert ScheerAndrew KopkindElisabeth SiftonMichael TomaskyFrank BardackeSalman Rushdie and Alexander CockburnLaura Flanders and Cass R. Sunstein and Lindsay Waters and Claire Silvers and Maria Eugenia Quintana and Paul Adams and Christopher Palmer and Stephanie Gouse and Aida Donald and Carlin RomanoRing Lardner, Jr.Paco Ignacio Taibo IIJohn PilgerJohn LeonardDaniel SingerTony KushnerW.S. MerwinAllan NairnPhilip LevineCarol BrightmanRoger WilkinsBruce ShapiroArthur C. Danto and Clayton Eshleman and Alexander CockburnRobert SherrillEric FonerArthur MillerKirkpatrick SalePatricia J. WilliamsAllen GinsbergJon WienerTom FrankSusan FaludiSalman RushdieRichard ParkerStephen F. CohenAgha Shahid AliEdmund WhiteEric AltermanBarbara EhrenreichMichael MooreRichard RortyKelly Candaele and Terence M. Ripmaster and Ellen Frank and Kenny Bruno and John Anner and Steve Gallagher and Pat Gallagher and Robert T. Bowen and Lester Rodney and Mike Matejka and Peter W. Denzer and Michael MooreDavid CornMarc CooperWislawa SzymborskaEllen WillisYusef KomunyakaaVictor NavaskyMarshall BermanGerald EarlyEduardo GaleanoMartin DubermanCalvin TrillinDavid RieffJonathan SchellBenjamin Schwarz and Christopher LayneWilliam Greider
Forewordp. XVII
Editors' Notep. XXI
Prez V. Uptight Re: Boldness Gap 1/1/90p. 1
Michael Harrington, Socialist 1/8-15/90p. 6
Time for Our Sinatra Doctrine 2/12/90p. 12
Out of the Mouth of Babes: Child Abuse and the Abuse of Adults 2/12/90p. 19
Bad Day in Pleasantville 5/7/90p. 24
Break Up the Blocs in Europe 8/13-20/90p. 31
Notes on Our Patriarchal State 8/27/90-9/3/90p. 39
Let 'Em Vote for "None of the Above" 9/10/90p. 47
Embargoed Literature 9/17/90p. 53
Wild at Heart 9/17/90p. 59
High and Low at MoMA 11/26/90p. 65
The Priest and His People 12/24/90p. 74
The Rise of Louis Farrakhan Part one All for One and None for All: The Rise of Louis Farrakhan Part two: 1/21-28/91p. 78
Beating about Executive Privilege 2/25/91p. 100
Choice Can Save Public Education 3/4/91p. 102
Taking the Democratic Way 4/22/91p. 110
The Loss 7/15-22/91p. 117
Three Days That Shook the Kremlin 9/9/91p. 119
Canon to the Right of Me ... 9/23/91p. 122
The Paperbacking of Publishing 10/7/91p. 130
The Perils of the New Nationalism 11/4/91p. 139
Clinton and Rickey Ray Rector 3/2/92p. 143
Pearl 3/30/92p. 146
The Gulf War as Total Television 5/11/92p. 148
The Karma Ran over My Dogma 5/18/92p. 156
Bad Bears News--Exchange 5/25/92p. 160
In LA, Burning All Illusions 6/1/92p. 163
Emergency Room (Turnpike, Anywhere, U.S.A.) 6/15/92p. 172
A Few Kind Words for Liberalism 9/28/92p. 174
Notes from Another Country 9/14/92p. 183
The Character of Presidents 11/9/92p. 188
November First 2/22/93p. 195
Women Hide Behind a Wall of Silence 3/1/93p. 196
Sisters Under the Skin--Exchange 3/8/93p. 203
A Guide to the Ghettos 3/15/93p. 210
Trouble Still in Forrest City 3/22/93p. 217
The Gay Moment 5/3/93p. 224
The Truth about the A.B.A. 6/7/93p. 240
The Identity Politics in New York City 6/21/93p. 248
Cesar's Ghost 7/26-8/2/93p. 257
Giving the Devil His Due--Exchange 8/23-30/93p. 267
Words are All I Have--Exchange 12/27/93p. 271
The Age of Reason, 1794-1994 2/21/94p. 277
Zapatist A! The Phoenix Rises 3/28/94p. 280
Land of the Dead 4/25/94p. 289
Confessions of a Tobacco Fiend 4/25/94p. 296
A Deserter from Death 6/20/94p. 301
A Socialism of the Skin 7/4/94p. 307
Battues 7/4/94p. 316
Behind Haiti's Paramilitaries 10/24/94p. 317
1953 1/2/95p. 323
Character in Biography 2/13/95p. 324
Racism Has Its Privileges 3/27/95p. 335
One Violent Crime 4/3/95p. 346
Allegory of the Cave--Exchange 4/24/95p. 359
Buying His Way to a Media Empire 5/29/95p. 365
Hiring Quotas for White Males Only 6/26/95p. 375
To Newt on Art 7/31-8/7/95p. 379
Is There Method in His Madness? 9/25/95p. 382
Different Drummer Please, Marchers! 10/30/95p. 392
The Ballad of the Skeletons 11/27/95p. 395
Inside the Butts Box: The Cigarette Papers 1/1/96p. 400
Hip Is Dead 4/1/96p. 415
Does Maureen Down Have an Opinion? 5/13/96p. 419
How News Becomes Opinion, and Opinion Off-Limits 6/24/96p. 422
Centrism, Populist Style 10/7/96p. 427
'Transition' or Tragedy? 12/30/96p. 432
Hans Christian Ostro 12/30/96p. 435
Journals of the Plague Years 5/12/97p. 437
Heart of Whiteness 10/6/97p. 446
When Government Gets Mean: Confessions of a Recovering Statist 11/17/97p. 458
Is the Left Nuts? (Or Is It Me?) 11/17/97p. 467
First Projects, Then Principles 12/22/97p. 469
Michael Moore's Mailbag--Exchange 1/5/98p. 475
"66 Things to Think About When Flying Into Reagan National Airport" 3/2/98p. 482
General Pinochet Still Rules: 25 Years After Allende 3/23/98p. 484
Some People 3/23/98p. 503
We Need a Radical Left 6/29/98p. 505
The Devil's Ball 7/8/98p. 512
Dialectical McCarthyism (s) 7/20/98p. 513
Unchained Melody 5/11/98p. 521
Performance and Reality: Race, Sports and the Modern World 8/10-17/98p. 531
All the World's a Ball 8/10-17/98p. 550
Writing Robeson 12/28/98p. 554
Historic Question Department, 11th Grade Division 1/11/99p. 564
The False Dawn of Civil Society 2/22/99p. 565
Sextuple Jeopardy 2/22/99p. 573
NATO: at 50, It's Time to Quit 5/10/99p. 576
Unfinished Business: Clinton's Lost Presidency 2/14/2000p. 583
Contributorsp. 594
"The American Neo-Nazi Movement Today" by David Levine--July 16/23, 1990
"Hair Line" by David Levine--March 2, 1992
"From Russia with Love and Squalor" by Maris Bishofs--January 18, 1993
NAFTA by Frances Jetter--January 17, 1994
"Contract on America" by Robert Grossman--December 12, 1994
"Medicine and the Madness of the Market" by Edward Sorel--January 9/16, 1995
"Citizen Murdoch" by Steve Brodner--May 29, 1995
"National Rorschach" by Art Spiegelman--October 30, 1995
"The Cigarette Papers" by Gary Trudeau--January 1, 1996
Tom Tomorrow cartoon--January 1, 1996
"The Inflation of Alan Greenspan" by Steve Brodner--March 11, 1996
"Mad Politicians Disease" by Sue Coe--May 13, 1996
Tom Tomorrow cartoon--May 20, 1996
"Let's All DO the Twister!" by Robert Grossman--June 3, 1996
"The Supremes" by Robert Burke--October 14, 1996
"Political Descent '96" by Edward Sorel--November 4, 1996
"Preachers to Power" by Edward Sorel--July 13, 1998
"Impeachment Trail Highlights" by Steven Brodner--January 18, 1999
"Uncle Sam at the Millenium" by Edward Sorel--October 17, 2000