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Peacebuilding for adolescents : strategies for educators and community leaders
Peacebuilding for adolescents : strategies for educators and community leaders
Forcey, Linda Rennie.
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New York : P. Lang, [1999]

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xi, 364 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
I. Confronting violence. Dr. King's giant triplets : racism, materialism, militarism / Nathan Rousseau and Sonya Rousseau -- Countering school violence : the rise of conflict resolution programs / Molly K. Pont-Brown and John D. Krumboltz -- Redefining school violence in Boulder Valley Colorado / Matthew W. Greene. II. Classroom strategies for peacebuilding. Peace and conflict curricula for adolescents / Linden L. Nelson, Michael R. Van Slyck, and Lucille A. Cardella -- The Speak Your Piece Project : exploring controversial issues in Northern Ireland / Alan McCully, Marian O'Doherty, and Paul Smyth -- How can caring help? : a personalized cross-generational examination of violent adolescent experiences in schools / Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon -- Adventure-based learning in the name of peace / Nadja M. Alexander and Teresa B. Carlson.

III. School strategies for peacebuilding. A developmental approach to the use of conflict resolution interventions with adolescents / Michael van Slyck and Marilyn Stern -- Nonviolent interventions in secondary schools : administrative perspectives / Robert C. DiGiulio -- Integrating a multicultural peacebuilding strategy into a literacy curriculum / Rebecca Wasson, Rebecca Anderson, and Melanie Suriani -- Disturbing the peace : multicultural education, transgressive teaching, and independent school culture / Peter Adam Nash. IV. School and community. Stop the violence : conflict management in an inner-city high school through action research and community problem solving / Arjen E.J. Wals -- Special needs, special measures : working with homeless and poor youth / Dé Bryant, Jennifer Hanis, and Charles Stoner -- Community-based service : re-creating the beloved community / Bonnie Winfield -- A summer institute on nonviolence / Ian Murray Harris.
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