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Dreamweaver 3 Bible
Lowery, Joseph (Joseph W.)
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Foster City, Calif. : IDG Books Worldwide, [2000]

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xl, 1081 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.
Disc contents: Trial versions of Macromedia programs for Macintosh and Windows: Dreamweaver 3 -- CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 3 -- Fireworks 3 -- Flash 4 -- Trial versions of BBEdit and HomeSite (external text editors) -- Dreamweaver extensions: ver 300 behaviors, objects, commands, inspectors, and more -- Browser profiles to check your Web page creations against specific browser types -- Dreamweaver 3 Bible code examples -- Dreamweaver style sheets -- Dreamweaver examples -- Online learning: sample courses from eHandsOn: Fireworks 3 ; and Dreamweaver 3 -- Plugins: QuickTime 4 -- Beatnik Player -- Tango Objects enhancement to Dreamweaver -- Web resource directory.
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If Dreamweaver 3 can do it, you can do it too... You're holding in your hands the definitive guide to Dreamweaver--the only book you need to master today's leading Web development tool. Author Joseph Lowery has orked with th Dreamweaver team at Macromedia since the program's first release, and he is intimately familar with every Dreamweaver feature, nuance, and shortcut. From Dreamweaver basics to Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, XML, and other next-generation technologies, he shows you step-by-step how to get the most out of the program--and create sites that are truly state-of-the-art.

Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Dreamweaver 3

Get up and running fast with a Dreamweaver quick start. Tweak HTML tags using the new Quick Tag Editor. Set up frames and framesets using easy drag-and-drop tools. Extend HTML with plug-ins, ActiveX objects, and Java applets. Harness ready-made objects and behaviors -- or code your own. Build a consistent look-and-feel without CSS, using the new HTML styles. Fine-tune images by capitalizing on the seamless Fireworks integration. Add pizzazz with video, audio, Flash, and Shockwave elements. Use the new History Palette to automate and accelerate development. Manage and maintain your site using libraries, templates, and other tools.

A bonus CD-ROM contains more than 300 extensions created specially for this book; trial versions of related software packages; and example code, style sheets, and Web pages.

No matter where you are in your career as a Web developer, you'll find techniques not published anywhere else. You'll see why the entire Bible series has such an outstanding reputation when the Dreamweaver 3 Bible goes the distance for you.

Author Notes

Joseph W. Lowery has been writing about computers and new technology since 1981. He has also written books on using the Internet for business and HTML, and has contributed to several books on Microsoft Office. Joseph is currently Contributing Editor for GadgetBoy, an online consumer review service, as well as Webmaster for a variety of sites. Joseph and his wife, dancer/choreographer Debra Wanner, have a daughter, Margot.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xxi
Part I Getting Started with Dreamweaverp. 1
Chapter 1 What Is Dreamweaver?p. 3
The Real World of Dreamweaverp. 3
The Dreamweaver Interfacep. 5
Up-to-Date HTML Standardsp. 9
Next-Generation Featuresp. 12
Program Extensibilityp. 15
Automation Enhancementsp. 17
Site Management Toolsp. 18
Chapter 2 QuickStart for Beginnersp. 25
Setting Up a Sitep. 25
Home Page Layoutp. 28
Including Client Textp. 33
Activating the Pagep. 35
Previewing and Posting the Pagep. 37
Chapter 3 A Hands-On Tour of Dreamweaverp. 41
Viewing the Document Windowp. 41
Working with the Status Barp. 42
Selecting from the Objects Palettep. 48
Getting the Most out of the Property Inspectorp. 58
Using the Launcherp. 61
Customizing Your Workspace with Dockable Windows and Palettesp. 73
Accessing the Menusp. 74
Chapter 4 Setting Your Preferencesp. 101
Customizing Your Environmentp. 101
Adjusting Advanced Featuresp. 118
Making Online Connectionsp. 124
Customizing Your Codep. 128
Chapter 5 Using the Help Systemp. 149
Navigating the Help Screenp. 149
Stepping through the Tutorialp. 154
Getting Help Onlinep. 156
Chapter 6 Setting Up Your First Sitep. 161
Planning Your Sitep. 161
Defining a Local Sitep. 166
Relative and Absolute Addressesp. 171
Creating and Saving New Pagesp. 174
Previewing Your Web Pagesp. 178
Putting Your Pages Onlinep. 179
Chapter 7 Publishing with the Site Windowp. 183
Site Management with Dreamweaverp. 183
Setting Up a New Sitep. 184
Using the Site Windowp. 191
Checking a File In and Outp. 195
Checking Linksp. 199
Launching External Editorsp. 201
Working with the Site Mapp. 201
Part II Using Basic HTML in Dreamweaverp. 213
Chapter 8 Understanding How HTML Worksp. 215
The Structure of an HTML Pagep. 215
Defining [head] Elementsp. 217
Adding to the [body]p. 229
Working with the HTML Source Inspectorp. 232
Rapid Tag Modification with the Quick Tag Editorp. 233
Inserting Symbols and Special Charactersp. 240
Chapter 9 Adding Text to Your Web Pagep. 245
Starting with Headingsp. 245
Working with Paragraphsp. 247
Importing Word HTMLp. 273
Styling Your Textp. 277
Using HTML Stylesp. 281
Modifying Text Formatp. 287
Incorporating Datesp. 297
Commenting Your Codep. 299
Chapter 10 Inserting Imagesp. 303
Web Graphic Formatsp. 303
Using Inline Imagesp. 307
Putting Pictures in the Backgroundp. 318
Dividing the Web Page with Horizontal Rulesp. 320
Applying Simple Web Animationp. 322
Dreamweaver Technique: Including Banner Adsp. 324
Inserting Rollover Imagesp. 326
Adding a Navigation Barp. 328
Chapter 11 Establishing Web Linksp. 333
Understanding URLsp. 333
Surfing the Web with Hypertextp. 335
Adding an E-mail Linkp. 339
Navigating with Anchorsp. 340
Targeting Your Linksp. 344
Chapter 12 Creating Listsp. 347
Creating Bulleted (Unordered) Listsp. 347
Mastering Numbered (Ordered) Listsp. 352
Making Definition Listsp. 355
Using Nested Listsp. 357
Accessing Special List Typesp. 359
Dreamweaver Technique: Building Graphical Bulletsp. 360
Part III Incorporating Advanced HTMLp. 365
Chapter 13 Setting Up Tablesp. 367
HTML Table Fundamentalsp. 367
Inserting Tables in Dreamweaverp. 369
Setting Table Preferencesp. 371
Modifying Tablesp. 372
Working with Table Formatsp. 394
Sorting Tablesp. 396
Importing Tabular Datap. 398
Structuring Your Web Page with Tablesp. 400
Nesting Tablesp. 400
Chapter 14 Making Client-Side Image Mapsp. 403
Client-Side Image Mapsp. 403
Creating Image Hotspotsp. 405
Converting Client-Side Maps to Server-Side Mapsp. 409
Dreamweaver Technique: Building an Image Map Rolloverp. 411
Chapter 15 Interactive Formsp. 421
How HTML Forms Workp. 421
Inserting a Form in Dreamweaverp. 423
Using Text Boxesp. 426
Providing Checkboxes and Radio Buttonsp. 430
Creating Form Lists and Menusp. 432
Navigating with a Jump Menup. 437
Activating Your Form with Buttonsp. 441
Using the Hidden Field and the File Fieldp. 444
Chapter 16 Using Frames and Framesetsp. 447
Frames and Framesets: The Basicsp. 448
Creating a Frameset and Framesp. 449
Quick Framesets with the Frame Objectsp. 453
Working with the Frameset Property Inspectorp. 455
Modifying a Framep. 458
Targeting Frame Contentp. 466
Handling Frameless Browsersp. 469
Part IV Extending HTML Through Dreamweaverp. 473
Chapter 17 Accessing External Programsp. 475
Using CGI Programsp. 476
Incorporating Plug-insp. 483
Working with ActiveX Componentsp. 489
Adding Java Appletsp. 493
Adding JavaScript and VBScriptp. 495
Chapter 18 Creating and Using Objectsp. 499
Inserting Dreamweaver Objectsp. 500
Modifying the Objects Palettep. 501
Adding Other Objectsp. 503
Creating Custom Objectsp. 505
Putting JavaScript to Work in Custom Objectsp. 509
Chapter 19 Using Behaviorsp. 525
Understanding Behaviors, Events, and Actionsp. 525
Attaching a Behaviorp. 526
Managing and Modifying Your Behaviorsp. 568
Chapter 20 Creating a Behaviorp. 571
Creating a Behavior from Scratchp. 571
Extending Dreamweaver Documentationp. 582
Useful Common Functionsp. 603
Dreamweaver Behavior Techniquesp. 605
Chapter 21 Customizing Dreamweaverp. 609
Adding New Commandsp. 610
Managing Menus and Keyboard Shortcutsp. 625
Working with Custom Tagsp. 633
Customizing Property Inspectorsp. 636
Making Custom Floatersp. 642
Developing Translatorsp. 644
Extending C-Level Librariesp. 650
Part V Adding Multimedia Elementsp. 655
Chapter 22 Fireworks Integrationp. 657
Easy Graphics Modificationp. 658
Inserting Rolloversp. 664
Controlling Fireworks with Dreamweaverp. 670
Chapter 23 Adding Video to Your Web Pagep. 679
Video on the Webp. 679
The Streaming Media Big Threep. 680
Working with Video Clipsp. 685
Playing Videos within Dreamweaverp. 688
Inserting QuickTime Moviesp. 689
Streaming with RealMediap. 698
Chapter 24 Using Audio on Your Web Pagep. 707
Digital Audio Fundamentalsp. 707
Music Filesp. 711
MP3 Mini-Primerp. 712
Linking to Audio Filesp. 714
Embedding Sounds and Musicp. 715
Targeting Specific Plug-insp. 718
Installing Streaming Audiop. 721
Sonifying with the Beatnik ActionSet Prop. 724
Chapter 25 Shockwave and Flash Moviesp. 741
Shockwave and Flash: What's the Difference?p. 742
Including Shockwave Movies in Dreamweaver Projectsp. 744
Specifying Shockwave Propertiesp. 747
Designating Flash Attributesp. 750
Configuring MIME Typesp. 753
Managing Links in Flash Movies with Dreamweaverp. 753
Providing User Interaction with Shockwave Moviesp. 755
Dreamweaver Technique: Triggering Behaviors from Flash Moviesp. 759
Part VI Dynamic HTML and Dreamweaverp. 765
Chapter 26 What Is Dynamic HTML?p. 767
Fundamentals of Dynamic HTMLp. 769
Accessing DHTML in Netscape Communicatorp. 772
Working with DHTML and Internet Explorerp. 777
Chapter 27 Building Style Sheet Web Pagesp. 783
Understanding Cascading Style Sheetsp. 784
Creating and Applying a Style Sheet in Dreamweaverp. 788
Styles and Their Attributesp. 794
Linking to an External Style Sheetp. 805
Chapter 28 Working with Layersp. 809
Layers 101p. 810
Creating Layers with Dreamweaverp. 811
Modifying a Layerp. 819
Creating Your Page Design with Layersp. 835
Activating Layers with Behaviorsp. 841
Dreamweaver Technique: Creating a Loading Layerp. 846
Chapter 29 Working with Timelinesp. 849
Into the Fourth Dimension with Timelinesp. 850
Creating Animations with Timelinesp. 852
Adding Layers to the Timelines Inspectorp. 852
Modifying a Timelinep. 854
Triggering Behaviors in Timelinesp. 863
Dreamweaver Technique: Creating a Multiscreen Slideshowp. 866
Part VII Creating Next-Generation Code with Dreamweaverp. 875
Chapter 30 Extending with XMLp. 877
Understanding XMLp. 877
Exporting XMLp. 880
Importing XMLp. 882
Chapter 31 Adding Multimedia Extensionsp. 885
Understanding SMILp. 886
IBM HotMediap. 891
Zooming into Graphicsp. 894
Chapter 32 Building Active Web Sitesp. 897
Understanding Active Contentp. 898
E-Commerce Solutionsp. 903
Understanding E-commercep. 903
Ensuring Dreamweaver Compatibilityp. 907
Part VIII Enhancing Web Site Management and Workflow in Dreamweaverp. 911
Chapter 33 Using Dreamweaver Templatesp. 913
Understanding Templatesp. 913
Creating Your Own Templatesp. 914
Using Editable Regionsp. 916
Adding Content to Template Documentsp. 920
Working with the Templates Palettep. 923
Updating Templatesp. 926
Changing the Default Documentp. 927
Chapter 34 Using the Repeating Elements Libraryp. 929
Dreamweaver Librariesp. 929
Using the Library Palettep. 930
Editing a Library Itemp. 937
Updating Your Web Sites with Librariesp. 938
Applying Server-Side Includesp. 940
Chapter 35 Maximizing Browser Targetingp. 947
Converting Pages in Dreamweaverp. 948
Ensuring Browser Compatibilityp. 951
Testing Your Page with a Targeted Browserp. 958
Customizing a Browser Profilep. 962
Appendix A What's on the CD-ROM?p. 969
Appendix B CourseBuilder for Dreamweaverp. 975
Appendix C BBEdit 5.0 Primer (For Macintosh Users)p. 989
Appendix D HomeSite 4.5 Primer (For Windows Users)p. 1017
Indexp. 1045
End-User License Agreementp. 1082
CD-ROM Installation Instructionsp. 1087