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Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows for dummies
Lowe, Doug, 1959-
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Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., [2000]

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xxii, 378 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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Whether you are new to this popular Microsoft Web browser or a longtime veteran who wants to take advantage of the latest features, this friendly guide has the answers. Hands-on tips make going online, getting around, customizing the browser, and sending and receiving e-mail a cinch!

Author Notes

Doug E. Lowe is a senior quality consultant at Hewlett Packard's Software Engineering Systems Division, where he has developed software for computer-aided electronic design. He received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Michigan State University and an M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Toledo, and has taught operating-systems architecture at the graduate level.

Lowe is noted for presenting technical material in a way that is entertaining as well as informative. His "Approach 3 for Windows for Dummies" and "Approach 97 for Windows for Dummies" are among the 50 titles he has authored or co-authored. He is also a consulting editor for DOS World.

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Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Why Another Internet Book?p. 1
How to Use This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Preparing for an Internet Explorationp. 7
Chapter 1 Welcome to the Internetp. 9
What Is This Internet Thing?p. 9
The Internet: A Network of Networksp. 11
Who Invented the Internet?p. 11
The Many Faces of the Internetp. 12
The World Wide Webp. 12
Electronic mailp. 14
Newsgroupsp. 15
File Transfer Protocolp. 17
Instant messagesp. 17
Chapter 2 Getting Connected with Internet Explorerp. 19
You May Already Be on the Internetp. 19
But If You're Not Already on the Internetp. 20
First, You Need a Modemp. 21
Or... You Can Take the Cable or DSL Plungep. 22
Next, You Need a Service Providerp. 23
Online servicesp. 24
Basic Internet service providersp. 26
Finally, You Need Internet Explorerp. 28
Now You Can Set Up Your Internet Connectionp. 30
Part II Embarking on a World Wide Web Adventurep. 37
Chapter 3 Pushing Offp. 39
Starting Internet Explorerp. 39
Making Sense of the Internet Explorer Screenp. 42
Oh, the Places You'll Go!p. 45
Understanding Web addressesp. 45
Going to a specific pagep. 47
Following the linksp. 48
Yes, you can go backp. 50
It's all history nowp. 50
Refreshing a Pagep. 52
Stop! Enough Already!p. 53
Working in Full-Screen Viewp. 53
Printing a Web Pagep. 54
Changing the Font Sizep. 56
Saving a Web Pagep. 57
Saving a Picturep. 58
Downloading a Filep. 59
Finding Textp. 61
Exiting Internet Explorerp. 61
Chapter 4 Searching the Webp. 63
Finding Stuff Fastp. 63
Customizing the Search Barp. 66
Searching from the Address Barp. 67
Using Popular Search Servicesp. 68
AltaVistap. 69
EuroSeekp. 70
Excitep. 70
GoTo.comp. 71
Infoseek ( 71
Lycosp. 72
MSN Searchp. 74
Northern Lightp. 74
Yahoo!p. 75
Chapter 5 Getting around the Web Quicklyp. 77
Playing Favoritesp. 77
Adding a Web page to the Favorites menup. 78
Going to one of your favorite placesp. 79
Using Favorites foldersp. 80
Organizing your Favoritesp. 81
Using the Favorites button on the Standard toolbarp. 82
Using the Links Toolbarp. 83
Accessing the Links toolbarp. 84
Adding a linkp. 86
Removing a linkp. 86
Chapter 6 Working Offlinep. 89
Making a Page Available Offlinep. 90
Viewing Web Pages Offlinep. 91
Synchronizing Your Offline Pagesp. 92
Chapter 7 Getting Help While You Explorep. 95
Summoning Helpp. 95
Getting to Know the Help Windowp. 96
Scanning the Contentsp. 97
Scanning the Indexp. 98
Searching for Help Topicsp. 99
Listing Your Favorite Help Topicsp. 99
Troubleshooting at Your Fingertipsp. 101
Getting Help Onlinep. 102
Part III Getting Connected with Outlook Expressp. 105
Chapter 8 E-mailing with Outlook Expressp. 107
Starting Outlook Expressp. 108
Sending E-mailp. 109
Checking Your Message for Spelling Errorsp. 112
Sending Attachmentsp. 113
Using HTML Formattingp. 115
Receiving E-mailp. 117
Saving an Attachment as a Filep. 118
Using the Address Bookp. 119
Adding a name to the Address Bookp. 119
Sending a message to someone in the Address Bookp. 122
Changing or deleting Address Book entriesp. 123
Working with Address Book foldersp. 123
Chapter 9 E-mail Shortcuts and Tricksp. 127
Using Outlook Express Foldersp. 127
Creating a new folderp. 128
Moving messages to another folderp. 129
Filtering Your Mailp. 130
Using message rulesp. 130
Blocking sendersp. 134
Using Stationeryp. 135
Creating a message with stationeryp. 135
Setting the default stationeryp. 137
Creating new stationeryp. 138
Signing Off with Signaturesp. 142
Looking Up an E-mail Addressp. 143
Creating and Using Mailing Groupsp. 144
Changing Identitiesp. 147
Reading Mail Offlinep. 149
Sending and Receiving Secure Messagesp. 149
Chapter 10 Using Outlook Express with Hotmailp. 151
Why Bother with Hotmail?p. 151
Signing Up for a Hotmail Accountp. 152
Configuring Outlook Express to Use an Existing Hotmail Accountp. 160
Using Outlook Express to Access Your Hotmail Accountp. 163
Using Hotmail from the Webp. 163
Chapter 11 The Instant Message Connectionp. 167
Using MSN Messengerp. 167
Setting up MSN Messengerp. 168
Running MSN Messengerp. 169
Adding contactsp. 170
Sending an instant messagep. 173
Receiving an instant messagep. 174
Gone fishing: Letting your friends know that you're offlinep. 175
Using NetMeetingp. 176
Placing a NetMeeting callp. 177
Using the NetMeeting chat featurep. 179
Drawing on the Whiteboardp. 180
Sending a filep. 182
Sharing an applicationp. 184
Chapter 12 Accessing Newsgroups with Outlook Expressp. 185
Introducing Newsgroupsp. 185
Using Usenetp. 186
The Microsoft Public Newsgroupsp. 188
Accessing Newsgroupsp. 188
Subscribing to a Newsgroupp. 191
Reading Threadsp. 192
Reading an Articlep. 193
Replying to an Articlep. 194
Writing a New Articlep. 195
Using Stationery and HTML Formattingp. 195
Dealing with Attachmentsp. 196
Working Offlinep. 197
Part IV Customizing Your Explorationsp. 199
Chapter 13 Doing It Your Way: Personalizing Internet Explorerp. 201
Toiling with the Toolbarsp. 201
Playing hide and seek with the toolbarsp. 202
Customizing the Standard Buttons toolbarp. 204
Tweaking Internet Explorer's Optionsp. 206
Saluting the General optionsp. 207
Serenading the Security optionsp. 209
Cruising with the Content optionsp. 210
Cajoling the Connections optionsp. 211
Perusing the Programs optionsp. 211
Achieving Advanced optionsp. 212
Changing Your Home Pagep. 214
Customizing msn.comp. 215
Information you can addp. 215
Customizing your home pagep. 217
Chapter 14 Using the Content Advisor to Make Sure That Your Kids Surf Safelyp. 221
About Internet Ratingsp. 221
Limitations of Internet Ratingsp. 224
Activating the Content Advisorp. 224
Dealing with Unrated Sitesp. 228
Banning or Allowing Specific Sitesp. 229
Chapter 15 Lowering the Cone of Silence: Using Internet Explorer's Security Featuresp. 231
Security Issues to Worry Aboutp. 232
Sending information over the Internetp. 232
Downloading programs over the Internetp. 232
Viewing Web pages that do more than meets the eyep. 233
Scrambling: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymorep. 233
Zoning Outp. 235
Certifying Your Securityp. 237
Security Options You Should Leave Alonep. 238
Chapter 16 Creating a Login Scriptp. 239
What Is a Dial-up Networking Script?p. 239
Planning a Scriptp. 240
Creating a Scriptp. 241
Working with Script Commandsp. 242
Beginning and ending with proc main and endprocp. 244
Waiting for stuff: waitforp. 244
Typing text: transmitp. 245
Attaching the Script to a Dial-Up Connectionp. 246
Part V Grow Your Own Web Pagesp. 251
Chapter 17 So You Want Your Own Web Sitep. 253
Clarifying Some Familiar Terminologyp. 253
Deciding What to Put on Your Web Sitep. 254
Personal home pagesp. 254
Special interest Web sitesp. 254
Business Web sitesp. 255
Finding a Home for Your Web Sitep. 255
Internet service providersp. 256
Web hosting servicesp. 256
Getting a free sitep. 257
Software for Creating Web Sitesp. 258
Chapter 18 Creating Web Pages with FrontPage Expressp. 261
Installing FrontPage Expressp. 261
Starting FrontPage Expressp. 266
Using the Personal Home Page Wizardp. 267
Formatting Text in a Web Documentp. 271
Applying a stylep. 271
Applying text formattingp. 271
Aligning and indenting textp. 273
Creating bulleted and numbered listsp. 274
Creating a Hyperlinkp. 275
Spicing Up Your Page with Graphicsp. 276
Inserting a horizontal linep. 276
Inserting a picturep. 277
Inserting a marqueep. 279
Adding a background imagep. 280
Viewing HTML Source Codep. 281
Chapter 19 Publishing Your Web Pagesp. 283
Using the Web Publishing Wizardp. 283
Using the Web Publishing Wizard for the first timep. 284
Updating your Web filesp. 289
Serving It Up with Personal Web Serverp. 289
Starting Personal Web Serverp. 290
Publishing a Web page to Personal Web Serverp. 291
Accessing a Web page on Personal Web Serverp. 291
Chapter 20 Ain't Misbehavin' (Or, Creating and Using DHTML Behaviors)p. 293
Understanding DHTML Behaviorsp. 294
Scripts, Styles, and Custom Tags: A Little Review (Yuck!)p. 295
Scriptsp. 295
Style sheetsp. 299
Custom tagsp. 303
Creating a DHTML Behaviorp. 304
Creating an HTC filep. 304
Applying a behaviorp. 306
Creating Custom Tags with Behaviorsp. 307
Using Behavior Properties, Methods, and Eventsp. 309
Exposing propertiesp. 309
Exposing methodsp. 312
Exposing eventsp. 316
But Wait, There's Morep. 318
Chapter 21 Still More New DHTML Features for Web Developersp. 319
Creating ViewLink Componentsp. 319
Edit This!p. 323
Writing Sideways with the writing mode Attributep. 324
Creating Drop Caps and Other Effectsp. 326
Zooming Inp. 327
But Wait, There's More!p. 328
Part VI The Part of Tensp. 329
Chapter 22 Ten Tips for Using Internet Explorer Efficientlyp. 331
Customizing Your Start Pagep. 331
Stashing Goodies in the Favorites Menup. 332
Customizing Your Links Toolbarp. 332
Creating Desktop Shortcutsp. 333
Discovering Weird Places to Clickp. 334
Searching Tipsp. 334
Dealing with Those Annoying Ad Windowsp. 335
Typing Web Addresses the Easy Wayp. 335
Using Other Software to Improve Internet Explorerp. 336
Chapter 23 Ten Things That Sometimes Go Wrongp. 337
I Don't Have Internet Explorer!p. 337
I Can't Connect to the Internet!p. 338
I Forgot My Password!p. 339
I Got an Unexpected Error Message!p. 339
The Internet Explorer Window Disappeared!p. 340
I Can't Find a File I Downloaded!p. 341
I Was Disconnected in the Middle of a Two-Hour Download!p. 342
I Can't Find That Cool Web Page I Saw Yesterday!p. 342
I've Started a Nuclear War!p. 342
Chapter 24 Ten Safety Tips for Kids on the Netp. 343
Don't Believe That People Really Are Who They Say They Arep. 343
Never Give Out Your Address, Phone Number, Real Last Name, or Credit Card Numberp. 344
Never Pretend to Be Someone You're Notp. 344
Save Inappropriate Postings to a File So That You Can Show Them to an Adultp. 344
If Someone Says Something Inappropriate to You in a Chat, Save the Chat Logp. 344
Watch Your Languagep. 345
Don't Obsessp. 345
Report Inappropriate Behavior to an Adultp. 345
If You Feel Uncomfortable, Leavep. 345
Parents, Be Involved with Your Kids' Online Activitiesp. 346
Appendix A Glossaryp. 347
Indexp. 361
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