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The complete idiot's guide to Windows Millennium
McFedries, Paul.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [2000]

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xv, 456 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows Millennium is aimed at people who, through no fault of their own, have ended up with Microsoft's latest consumer operating system. All the new Windows Millennium features are covered.

Author Notes

Paul McFedries is the president of Logophilia Limited. He has worked with computer since 1975, yet still manages to keep his sanity relatively intact. Paul is the author of more than 30 computer books that have sold nearly two million copies worldwide. Some of his titles include The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 98, The Complete Idiot's Guide to MORE Windows 98, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 2000 Professional.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part 1 Getting Comfy with Windows Millenniump. 7
1 The New ME: What's New in Windows Millenniump. 9
The "Look-and-Feel" Looks and Feels a Bit Differentp. 10
Newfangled Internet and Networking Doohickeysp. 13
New Tricks for Picsp. 15
Other New Features to Write Home Aboutp. 17
The Least You Need to Knowp. 18
2 The Shallow End of the Pool: Some Windows Basicsp. 19
Starting Windows Millenniump. 20
What's What in the Windows Screenp. 20
Some Mouse and Keyboard Fundamentalsp. 24
Quittin' Time: Shutting Down Windowsp. 29
The Least You Need to Knowp. 30
3 Making Your Programs Do What You Want Them to Dop. 31
How to Start a Programp. 32
Now What? Getting a Program to Do Something Usefulp. 36
Switching from One Program to Anotherp. 44
When Enough's Enough: Quitting a Programp. 46
The Least You Need to Knowp. 47
4 Your 20-Minute Window Workoutp. 49
Warming Up: A Window Walkaboutp. 50
Breaking a Sweat: Window Exercisesp. 51
Window Weightlifting: Using Scrollbarsp. 57
The Least You Need to Knowp. 59
5 Saving, Opening, Printing, and Other Document Lorep. 61
"What's Up, Doc(ument)?"p. 62
Manufacturing a New Documentp. 62
The All-Important Save Commandp. 63
Getting It Right: Text Editing for Beginnersp. 67
Closing a Documentp. 70
Opening an Existing Documentp. 71
Sending a Document to the Printerp. 71
The Least You Need to Knowp. 73
6 Using My Computer to Fiddle with Files and Foldersp. 75
My, Oh, My: Learning About Your Computer Using My Computerp. 76
Workaday File and Folder Maintenancep. 82
Finding a File in that Mess You Call a Hard Diskp. 90
My Computer and Web Integrationp. 93
Launching a Program with the Run Commandp. 94
The Least You Need to Knowp. 95
Part 2 Jumping on the Internet Bandwagonp. 97
7 Getting Yourself Onlinep. 99
What to Look for in an Internet Service Providerp. 100
The Step-By-Step Net: Using the Internet Connection Wizardp. 101
Signing Up for a New Internet Accountp. 102
Transferring an Existing Internet Accountp. 103
Manually Setting Up an Existing Internet Accountp. 104
Another Route: The Online Services Folderp. 108
Making the Connectionp. 109
Severing the Connectionp. 110
What the Heck Do I Do Now? The Windows Millennium Internet Programsp. 111
The Least You Need to Knowp. 111
8 It's a Small Web After All: Using Internet Explorerp. 113
Internet Explorer Nuts and Boltsp. 114
Web Page Navigation Basicsp. 116
Plucking Page Needles from the Net's Haystack: Searching for Sitesp. 120
The Favorites Folder: Sites to Rememberp. 123
The Way You Were: Using the History Listp. 125
The Least You Need to Knowp. 127
9 The Savvy Surfer: More Internet Explorer Funp. 129
Reading Pages Offlinep. 130
Customizing the Handy Links Barp. 133
Caveat Surfer: Internet Explorer and Securityp. 134
A Few More Useful Internet Explorer Optionsp. 138
The Least You Need to Knowp. 142
10 Sending and Receiving Email Missivesp. 143
A Brief Email Primerp. 144
The Lay of the Outlook Express Landp. 151
The Outbox: Sending an Email Messagep. 153
The Inbox: Getting and Reading Email Messagesp. 158
The Least You Need to Knowp. 163
11 More Email Bonding: Extending Outlook Expressp. 165
Taking Charge of Your Message Foldersp. 166
Some Handy Message Maneuversp. 168
Sharing Outlook Express with Others: Setting Up Identitiesp. 176
Finding Folks on the Internetp. 179
The Least You Need to Knowp. 179
12 Spreadin' the News: Participating in Newsgroup Conversationsp. 181
A Brief Newsgroup Primerp. 182
Some Netiquette Niceties for Newsgroupsp. 186
Setting Up a News Accountp. 190
Newsgroup Subscribing and Unsubscribingp. 192
Downloading Newsgroup Messagesp. 194
Posting a Message to a Newsgroupp. 198
The Least You Need to Knowp. 198
13 Real-Time Conversations: Instant Messages, Net Phone Calls, and Chatp. 201
Using MSN Messenger to Fire Off Instant Messagesp. 202
Phone Free: Using NetMeeting to Place Calls Over the Internetp. 209
Using NetMeeting to Chat Over the Internetp. 214
The Least You Need to Knowp. 216
Part 3 Making It Work: Useful Windows Millennium Choresp. 217
14 From Word Amateur to Word Pro: Windows' Writing Programsp. 219
What's in an Icon? Styles of Writing Filesp. 220
Text Editing with Notepadp. 221
Word Processing with WordPadp. 224
Finding and Replacing Textp. 231
Using Character Map for Foreign Letters and Other Symbolsp. 233
The Least You Need to Knowp. 234
15 Image Is Everything: Windows Millennium's Graphics Toolsp. 235
The Art of Windows Millennium: Using Paintp. 236
Checking Out the New My Pictures Folderp. 247
Graphics Gadgetry: Working with Scanners and Digital Camerasp. 249
The Least You Need to Knowp. 252
16 The Sights and Sounds of Windows Millennium Multimediap. 253
Notes About Multimedia Filesp. 253
Notes About Multimedia Hardwarep. 254
Media Player: The One-Stop Multimedia Shopp. 256
Using DVD Player to Play DVD Moviesp. 259
Keeping It Down to a Dull Roar: Adjusting the Volumep. 260
Rolling Your Own: How to Record Soundsp. 262
The Least You Need to Knowp. 264
17 Windows Millennium and Your Notebook Computerp. 265
Power Management Techniques for Preserving Batteriesp. 266
Expanding Your Notebook's World with PC Card Devicesp. 269
You Can Take It with You: Using My Briefcasep. 271
From Laptop to Desktop and Back: Running Direct Cable Connectionp. 273
The Least You Need to Knowp. 278
Part 4 "A Style of One's Own": Customizing Windows Millenniump. 279
18 Refurbishing the Desktopp. 281
Getting Out Your Tools: Displaying the Display Propertiesp. 282
Redoing the Desktop Backgroundp. 282
Revamping the Desktop Colors and Fontsp. 284
Rejiggering the Desktop Icons and Visual Effectsp. 285
Desktop Dynamism: Working with the Active Desktopp. 287
Messing with the Screen Area and Color Depthp. 290
Wholesale Changes: Applying Desktop Themesp. 293
The Least You Need to Knowp. 295
19 Remodeling the Start Menu and Taskbarp. 297
Tweaking the Taskbarp. 298
Reconstructing the Start Menup. 302
The Least You Need to Knowp. 308
20 Renovating My Computerp. 309
Points of View: Changing the My Computer Viewp. 310
A Folder Face-Lift: Customizing a Folderp. 317
The Least You Need to Knowp. 320
21 Installing and Uninstalling Programs and Devicesp. 323
The Welcome Wagon: Installing a Programp. 324
The Bum's Rush: Uninstalling a Programp. 329
Device Advice I: Installing Hardwarep. 332
Device Advice II: Removing Hardwarep. 340
The Least You Need to Knowp. 341
Part 5 When Good Data Goes Bad: Millennium Maintenance and Repairp. 343
22 Smooth System Sailing: Wielding the System Toolsp. 345
The Three Hard Disk Musketeers: Some Useful Disk Toolsp. 346
Staying Regular: Using the Maintenance Wizardp. 351
Just in Case: Creating an Emergency Startup Diskp. 353
Is That All There Is? Windows Millennium's Other System Toolsp. 354
Getting the Latest and Greatest from the Windows Update Web Sitep. 355
The Least You Need to Knowp. 358
23 Getting a Good Night's Sleep: Backing Up Your Precious Datap. 361
Installing Microsoft Backupp. 362
Backing Up: A Few Things to Keep in Mindp. 362
Running the Backup Programp. 365
Creating a Backup Jobp. 365
If Worst Comes to Worst: Recovering Backed Up Filesp. 370
The Least You Need to Knowp. 372
Part 6 Networking with Windows Millenniump. 375
24 Using Windows Millennium to Set Up a Small Networkp. 377
Networking Advantagesp. 378
Stuff You Need: Understanding Network Hardwarep. 378
Deciding How to Structure Your Networkp. 383
Decisions, Decisions: What Route Should You Take?p. 384
Setting Up Your Networkp. 385
The Least You Need to Knowp. 391
25 Using Windows Millennium's Networking Featuresp. 393
Your Starting Point: The My Network Places Folderp. 394
Playing Nicely with Others: Sharing Your Resourcesp. 395
Checking Out the Workgroup's Shared Resourcesp. 398
The Least You Need to Knowp. 403
26 Remote Network Connections with Dial-Up Networkingp. 405
A Mercifully Brief Introduction to Dial-Up Networkingp. 406
Setting Up a Network Computer to Accept Incoming Callsp. 407
Creating a Dial-Up Connection to Your Networkp. 409
Remote Network Connecting and Disconnectingp. 411
Locations: Wrangling with Area Codes, Calling Cards, and All Thatp. 412
The Least You Need to Knowp. 417
The Jargon Jar: The Complete Archivep. 419
Indexp. 427