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Encyclopedia of archaeology : History and discoveries
Murray, Tim, 1955-
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Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, [2001]

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3 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm
v. 1. A - D -- v. 2. E - M -- v. 3. N - Z.
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Written by the most authoritative scholars from around the world, a massive treasurehouse of information on all aspects of archaeology, from prehistory to the present day.

âeuro;¢ Includes 500+ A-Z entries on pioneers such as J. Desmond Clark, sites including Chichén Itzá in Mexico, remote sensing and other concepts and techniques, periods, regions, organizations, and museums

âeuro;¢ Contributors include some of the world's most eminent archaeologists

âeuro;¢ Includes maps depicting key points of reference like ethnic groups in the West Indies at the time of Columbus

âeuro;¢ Contains photographs of excavation sites such as an ancient burial ground in Chile, shields, petroglyphs, and other artifacts

Author Notes

Tim Murray is professor of archaeology at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.

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Booklist Review

In 1999, ABC-CLIO published the two-volume Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The Great Archaeologists, which took a biographical approach to the field. This next installment of the Encyclopedia of Archaeology takes a more standard topical approach, with entries covering the history of archaeology in specific countries or regions as well as "the histories of significant sites, debates, techniques, methods and issues that are central to the global practice of the discipline." Examples include Abydos, Babylonian civilization, Dating, Chaco Canyon, Industrial archaeology, Iran, Sweden, and Terracotta warriors. There are also entries for individuals (Thomas Jefferson) who did not appear in the earlier volumes and a few (Howard Carter) who did. The signed entries are arranged alphabetically and vary in length from a paragraph to more than 30 pages for Island Southeast Asia. Most are accompanied by cross-references and bibliographies, which in some cases are quite extensive. A comprehensive table of contents is repeated in all three volumes, and volume 3 also offers a glossary and a well-done index. It is unfortunate that there is no indexing that refers the reader to The Great Archaeologists, although there are references to those volumes in some of the bibliographies. The lack of guide words makes it difficult to navigate through the pages, especially because some of the entries are so long. The national and regional surveys are the most valuable aspect of this resource. Titles such as Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (Routledge, 1999) and Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America [RBB Mr 1 01] offer more depth, but entries here on Egypt, Mexico, and Maya civilization, to name a few, provide useful synthesis for the general reader. Libraries that purchased The Great Archaeologists will certainly want to add History and Discoveries to their collections.

Library Journal Review

Murray (La Trobe Univ., Australia), who edited this work's companion volume, The Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The Great Archaeologists (LJ 1/00), here offers three volumes detailing the history of archaeology through description of discoveries, sites, events, countries, institutions, and major figures. A distinguished editorial board and group of contributors give the work an international perspective. The signed entries (many written by Murray) number approximately 500, including 225 biographies as compared to the 58 biographies comprising Great Archaeologists. The two publications should be used together as they complement and in some measure depend on each other. Most entries have references, but archaeologists chronicled in The Great Archaeologists do not; readers are instead directed to consult that work. In addition, both publications have glossaries, which overlap and share definitions. As with many publications of this kind, one can fault the choice of entries and the unevenness of the writing, and some entries are too narrow (for example, only prehistoric archaeology is described for the United States). Nonetheless, these two sets represent a step forward for anthropology reference, joining The History of Physical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia (LJ 3/15/97) as essential reference tools for the history of anthropology in both general and research libraries. Joyce L. Ogburn, Univ. of Washington, Seattle (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Choice Review

This set follows Encyclopedia of Archaeology: The Great Archaeologists (2v., CH, May'00), providing background for those scholars' activities and including some names from volume 1 as well as additional names, but now in the context of their discoveries. This set emphasizes sites uncovered by archaeologists throughout the world, Japan to Brazil, Denmark to South Africa. Space allotted countries and areas varies, from Latvia with 13 pages to Mesopotamia with only eight, Greece with ten, and Mexico with 18. Interesting to all readers are the themes and topics discussed (e.g., nautical archaeology, remote sensing, historical archaeology). The table of contents in each volume covers all three, a welcome aid, and the index at the end of volume 3 is extensive. Most entries have bibliographies, but there are very few photographs. Good for all libraries. L. J. Roccos CUNY College of Staten Island

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgmentsp. xvill
Introductionp. xix
Volume I Abercromby, Lord John (1841-1924)p. 1
Abu Simbelp. 1
Abydosp. 2
Acosta, Jorge R. (1904?-1975)p. 2
Adams, Robert McCormick (1926-)p. 3
Africa, East, Laterp. 5
Africa, East, Prehistoryp. 16
Africa, Francophonep. 21
Africa, Horn ofp. 35
Africa, Saharap. 43
Africa, South, Historicalp. 50
Africa, South, Prehistoryp. 58
Africa, Sudanic Kingdomsp. 71
Akrotiri-Aetokremnosp. 78
Albright, William Foxwell (1891-1971)p. 78
Aldrovandi, Ulisse (1522-1605)p. 79
Alesiap. 79
Altamirap. 80
American Academy in Romep. 81
American Antiquityp. 82
American Journal of Archaeologyp. 83
American School of Classical Studies at Athensp. 84
American Schools of Oriental Researchp. 85
Andersson, Johan Gunnar (1874-1960)p. 86
Antiquityp. 87
Anyangp. 88
Arabian Peninsulap. 88
Arambourg, Camille (1888-1969)p. 93
Archaeological Heritage Managementp. 94
Archaeological Institute of Americap. 99
Archaeometryp. 100
Argentinap. 106
Ashmolean Museump. 110
Atwater, Caleb (1778-1867)p. 111
Aubrey, John (1626-1697)p. 112
Australia, Historicalp. 114
Australia, Prehistoricp. 121
Austriap. 127
Aveburyp. 135
Avebury, Lord (Sir John Lubbock, 1834-1913)p. 136
Aztecsp. 137
Babylonian Civilizationp. 139
Ban Chiangp. 140
Banerji, Rakal Das (1885-1930)p. 140
Banpop. 141
Bay Springs Mill, Mississippip. 141
Beazley, Sir John Davidson (1885-1970)p. 141
Beidhap. 142
Belgiump. 142
Belizep. 148
Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian (1868-1926)p. 154
Belzoni, Giovanni Battista (1778-1823)p. 155
Bernal Garcia, Ignacio (1910-1992)p. 157
Bersu, Gerhard (1889-1964)p. 157
Beyer, Henry Otley (1883-1966)p. 157
Bibractep. 159
Binford, Lewis R. (1929-)p. 160
Bird, Junius Bouton (1907-1982)p. 161
Biskupinp. 162
Blegen, Carl William (1887-1971)p. 163
Bogazkoyp. 164
Boliviap. 164
Bonampak'p. 174
Bordes, Francois (1919-1981)p. 175
Botta, Paul Emile (1802-1870)p. 176
Boucher de Perthes, Jacques (1788-1868)p. 176
Boule, Marcellin (1861-1942)p. 177
Boxgrovep. 178
Braidwood, Robert John (1907-)p. 179
Brazilp. 180
Breuil, Abbe Henri (1877-1961)p. 193
Britain, Classical Archaeologyp. 193
Britain, Prehistoric Archaeologyp. 199
Britain, Romanp. 217
British Museump. 223
Brixham Cavep. 223
Brodar, Srecko (1893-1987)p. 223
Brzesc Kujawskip. 224
Buckland, William (1784-1856)p. 225
Bulgariap. 225
von Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias (1791-1860)p. 236
Bure, Johan (1568-1652)p. 236
Cambodiap. 239
Camden, William (1551-1623)p. 248
Canadap. 249
Caribbeanp. 260
Cartailhac, Emile (Edouard Phillipe) (1845-1921)p. 278
Carter, Howard (1874-1939)p. 279
Casa Grandep. 280
Catherwood, Frederick (1799-1854)p. 281
Caton-Thompson, Gertrude (1888-1985)p. 283
Caylus, Comte de (1692-1765)p. 284
Celeiap. 284
Celtsp. 285
Cesnola, Luigi Palma di (1832-1904)p. 295
Chaco Canyonp. 295
Champollion, Jean-Francois (1790-1832)p. 297
Chan Chanp. 297
Chang, Kwang-chi (1931-2001)p. 298
Chavinp. 299
Chichen Itzap. 299
Childe, Vere Gordon (1892-1957)p. 300
Chilep. 301
Chinap. 315
Christy, Henry (1810-1865)p. 333
Clark, Sir Grahame (1907-1995)p. 333
Clark, J. Desmond (1916-)p. 334
Clarke, David Leonard (1936-1976)p. 336
Classificationp. 336
Claustra Alpium Iuliarump. 353
Colombiap. 354
Colt Hoare, Sir Richard (1758-1838)p. 369
Computer Applications in Archaeologyp. 369
Costa Rica and Nicaraguap. 373
Cotter, John L. (1911-1999)p. 383
Crawford, O. G. S. (1886-1957)p. 384
Cunningham, Alexander (1814-1893)p. 386
Cunnington, William (1754-1810)p. 387
Curtius, Ernst (1814-1896)p. 387
Cushing, Frank Hamilton (1857-1900)p. 388
Cyprusp. 388
Cyriac of Ancona (1391-1454)p. 394
Czech Republicp. 394
Daniel, Glyn (1914-1986)p. 405
Dart, Raymond Arthur (1893-1988)p. 406
Dasgupta, Paresh Chandra (1923-1982)p. 408
Datingp. 408
Davis, Edwin Hamilton (1811-1888)p. 410
Dawkins, Sir William Boyd (1837-1929)p. 410
Dead Sea Scrollsp. 411
Dechelette, Joseph (1862-1914)p. 411
Deetz, James J. F. (1930-2001)p. 412
Denmarkp. 414
Desor, Edouard (1811-1882)p. 423
Deutsches Archaologisches Institut (DAI)p. 424
Dezman, Dragotin (1821-1889)p. 425
Dikaios, Porphyrios (1904-1971)p. 425
Dolni Vestonicep. 426
Domestication of Plants and Animalsp. 426
Dorpfeld, Wilhelm (1853-1940)p. 429
Douglass, Andrew Ellicot (1867-1962)p. 429
Dubois, Eugene (1858-1940)p. 430
Duff, Roger Shepherd (1912-1978)p. 431
Dugdale, Sir William (1605-1686)p. 431
Volume II Easter Islandp. 433
Ecuadorp. 433
Egypt: Dynasticp. 440
Egypt: Predynasticp. 455
Egypt Exploration Societyp. 459
El Amarnap. 461
El Salvadorp. 461
Elgin, Lord (1766-1841)p. 467
Emery, Walter Bryan (1903-1971)p. 468
Emonap. 468
Enkomi-Ayios Iakovosp. 469
Ephesusp. 470
Etruscan Archaeologyp. 471
European Mesolithicp. 478
Evans, Sir Arthur (1851-1941)p. 491
Evans, Sir John (1823-1908)p. 493
Falconer, Hugh (1808-1865)p. 495
Finlandp. 495
Fleure, Herbert J. (1877-1969)p. 500
Florida and the Caribbean Basin, Historical Archaeology inp. 500
Flowerdew Hundred Plantation, Virginiap. 520
Fontana, Bernard L. (1931-)p. 520
Foote, Robert Bruce (1834-1912)p. 521
Ford, James Alfred (1911-1968)p. 521
Francep. 522
Frankfort, Henri (1897-1954)p. 534
French Archaeology in the Americasp. 535
French Archaeology in the Classical Worldp. 544
French Archaeology in Egypt and the Middle Eastp. 549
Frere, John (1740-1807)p. 553
Gabrovec, Stane (1920-)p. 555
Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849)p. 556
Gamio, Manuel (1883-1960)p. 556
Garbology: The Archaeology of Fresh Garbagep. 558
Garrod, Dorothy (1892-1968)p. 567
Garstang, John (1876-1956)p. 569
Geoffrey of Monmouth (ca. 1100-1154)p. 569
Geographic Information Systemsp. 570
German Classical Archaeologyp. 573
German Prehistoric Archaeologyp. 576
Getty Museump. 585
Ghosh, Amalananda (1910-)p. 587
Gjerstad, Einar (1897-1979), and the Swedish Cyprus Expeditionp. 587
Gladwin, Harold Sterling (1883-1983)p. 588
Godwin, Sir Harry (A. J. H.) (1901-1985)p. 588
Golson, Jack (1926-)p. 589
Gorodcov, Vasiliy Alekeyevich (1860-1945)p. 589
Graebner, Fritz (1877-1934)p. 590
Great Zimbabwep. 591
Greecep. 593
Green, Roger Curtis (1932-)p. 602
Griffin, James Bennett (1905-1997)p. 603
Guatemalap. 604
Guo Moruo (1892-1978)p. 610
Hamilton, Sir William (1730-1803)p. 611
Harappap. 612
Harrington, Jean Carl (1901-1998)p. 612
Hassunap. 614
Haua Fteahp. 614
Hawes, Harriet Ann Boyd (1871-1945)p. 614
Hawkes, Christopher (1905-1992)p. 615
Hensel, Witold (1917-)p. 616
Herculaneump. 617
Hewett, Edgar Lee (1865-1946)p. 618
Higgs, Eric (1908-1976)p. 621
Hildebrand, Bror Emil (1806-1884)p. 621
Hildebrand, Hans (1842-1913)p. 622
Historical Archaeologyp. 623
Historiographyp. 630
Hogarth, David George (1862-1927)p. 639
Holmes, William Henry (1846-1933)p. 640
Hrdlicka, Ales (1869-1943)p. 641
Huaca del Solp. 642
Hume, Ivor Noel (1927-)p. 643
Incap. 645
Indo-Pacific Prehistory Associationp. 646
Indonesiap. 647
Indus Civilizationp. 654
Industrial Archaeologyp. 661
Instituto Hondureno de Antropologia e Historiap. 669
International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciencesp. 671
Iranp. 674
Isaac, Glyn Llywelyn (1937-1985)p. 682
Island Southeast Asiap. 683
Israelp. 715
Italyp. 721
J. C. Harrington Medal in Historical Archaeologyp. 733
Jamestown, Virginiap. 734
Japanp. 734
Jarmop. 744
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)p. 744
Jenne and Jenne-jenop. 745
Johnny Ward's Ranchp. 746
Jordanp. 747
Journal of Field Archaeologyp. 754
Karageorghis, Vassos (1929-)p. 757
Karnak and Luxorp. 757
Kastelic, Jozef (1913-)p. 760
Keller, Ferdinand (1800-1881)p. 760
Kendrick, Sir Thomas Downing (1895-1979)p. 761
Kent's Cavernp. 762
Kenyon, Kathleen Mary (1906-1978)p. 762
Khirokitia-Vounip. 764
Kidd, Kenneth E. (1906-1994)p. 764
Kidder, Alfred Vincent (1885-1963)p. 765
Kings Bay Plantationsp. 766
Kitchenmidden Committeep. 766
Klemenc, Josip (1898-1967)p. 767
Knossosp. 767
Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich (1844-1925)p. 768
Koreap. 769
Korosec, Josip (1909-1966)p. 774
Kossinna, Gustaf (1858-1931)p. 775
Kostenkip. 777
Kostrzewski, Jozef (1885-1969)p. 777
Koumbi Salehp. 779
Kourionp. 780
Kozlowski, Leon (1892-1944)p. 780
Kromdraaip. 781
Krukowski, Stefan (1890-1982)p. 781
Krzemionki Opatowskiep. 782
La Madeleinep. 785
La Tenep. 785
La Ventap. 788
Laetolip. 789
Language and Archaeologyp. 789
Lartet, Edouard (1801-1871)p. 792
Lascauxp. 793
Latviap. 793
Laugerie Haute and Laugerie Bassep. 807
Layard, Sir Austen Henry (1817-1894)p. 807
Le Mas D'Azilp. 808
Le Moustierp. 809
Leakey, Louis Seymour (1903-1972)p. 809
Leakey, Mary Douglas (1913-)p. 810
Lepinski Virp. 811
Lepsius, Karl Richard (1810-1884)p. 811
Leroi-Gourhan, Andre (1911-1986)p. 812
Lhwyd, Edward (1660-1709)p. 814
Li Chi (1895-1979)p. 815
Libby, Willard Frank (1908-1980)p. 815
Lindenschmidt, Ludwig (1809-1893)p. 816
Linear A/Linear Bp. 816
Lithic Analysisp. 817
Lithuaniap. 824
Ljubljansko Barjep. 830
Louvrep. 831
Lozar, Rajko (1904-1985)p. 831
Lyell, Sir Charles (1797-1875)p. 832
Machu Picchup. 835
Madagascarp. 836
Magdalenska Gorap. 839
Maghrebp. 839
Mallowan, Sir Max (1904-1978)p. 847
Malmer, Mats P. (1921-)p. 848
Mariette, Auguste (1821-1881)p. 849
Marshall, John Hubert (1876-1951)p. 850
Mason, Otis Tufton (1838-1908)p. 851
Maya Civilizationp. 852
Maya Epigraphyp. 855
McBurney, Charles (1914-1979)p. 858
McCarthy, Fred D. (1905-1997)p. 860
Meadowcroft Rock Shelterp. 860
Medieval Archaeology in Europep. 861
Mercati, Michele (1541-1593)p. 869
Mesoamericap. 870
Mesopotamiap. 871
Mexicop. 878
Mochep. 896
Monte Albanp. 897
Montelius, Gustaf Oscar Augustin (1843-1921)p. 899
Montfaucon, Bernard de (1655-1741)p. 899
Morgan, Lewis Henry (1818-1881)p. 900
Morley, Sylvanus Griswold (1883-1948)p. 900
Mortillet, Gabriel de (1821-1898)p. 901
Most na Socip. 902
Moulin Quignonp. 903
Moundvillep. 904
Muller, Sophus Otto (1846-1934)p. 905
Mulvaney, John (1925-)p. 905
Myres, Sir John Linton (1869-1954)p. 906
Volume III National Geographic Societyp. 907
National Museum of Sloveniap. 907
Nautical Archaeologyp. 910
Naville, Henri Edouard (1844-1926)p. 918
Nelson, Nels (1875-1964)p. 919
Netherlandsp. 919
New Zealand: Historical Archaeologyp. 934
New Zealand: Prehistoric Archaeologyp. 938
Nilsson, Sven (1787-1883)p. 950
Mimrudp. 951
Ninevehp. 952
Novgorodp. 952
Novo Mestop. 953
Nubiap. 954
Nyerup, Rasmus (1759-1829)p. 964
Obermaier Grad, Hugo (1877-1946)p. 965
Okladnikov, Aleksei Pavlovich (1908-)p. 966
Olduvai Gorgep. 968
Olmec Civilizationp. 969
Olorgesailiep. 970
Oriental Institute of Chicagop. 970
Ozette Villagep. 971
Palenquep. 973
Paleolithic Archaeologyp. 974
Palynology in Archaeological Researchp. 986
Panamap. 991
Paphosp. 998
Papua New Guinea and Melanesiap. 999
Parrot, Andre (1901-1980)p. 1006
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnologyp. 1006
Peake, Harold John Edward (1867-1946)p. 1011
Pei Wenzhong (1904-1982)p. 1011
Pengelly, William (1812-1894)p. 1012
Persepolisp. 1012
Perup. 1013
Petrie, Sir William Matthew Flinders (1853-1942)p. 1018
Peyrony, Denis (1869-1954)p. 1019
Philippinesp. 1020
Pieridou, Angeliki (1918-1973)p. 1031
Piette, Edouard (1827-1906)p. 1031
Piggott, Stuart (1910-1996)p. 1031
Piltdown Forgeryp. 1032
Pinceventp. 1033
Pitt Rivers, Augustus (1827-1900)p. 1034
Plymouth, Massachusettsp. 1035
Polandp. 1037
Polynesiap. 1045
Polynesian Societyp. 1056
Pompeiip. 1058
Popenoe, Dorothy Hughes (1899-1932)p. 1060
Portugalp. 1062
Potocka Zijalkap. 1071
Poverty Pointp. 1072
Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902)p. 1072
Prescott, William Hickling (1796-1859)p. 1072
Prestwich, Sir Joseph (1812-1896)p. 1073
Prinsep, James (1799-1840)p. 1073
Proskouriakoff, Tatiana (1910-1985)p. 1074
Pueblo Bonitop. 1075
Pumpelly, Raphael (1837-1923)p. 1076
Putnam, Frederic Ward (1839-1915)p. 1076
Quatrefages, Jean Louis Armand de (1810-1892)p. 1079
Quebecp. 1079
"Race" and Ethnicity, Archaeological Approaches top. 1085
Ratzel, Friedrich (1844-1904)p. 1091
Ravdonicas, Vladislav I. (1894-1976)p. 1091
Rawlinson, Sir Henry Creswicke (1810-1895)p. 1092
Reinecke, Paul (1872-1959)p. 1093
Reisner, George Andrew (1867-1942)p. 1093
Remote Sensingp. 1095
Rock Artp. 1099
Romaniap. 1116
Rouse, Irving Benjamin (1913-)p. 1125
Royal Archaeological Institutep. 1126
Russiap. 1127
Salamisp. 1147
Sankalia, Hasmukh D. (1908-1989)p. 1147
Saqqarap. 1148
Sasel, Jaroslav (1924-1988)p. 1148
Schele, Linda (1942-1998)p. 1149
Schliemann, Heinrich (1822-1890)p. 1150
Schmerling, Philippe Charles (1790-1836)p. 1152
Semenov, Sergei Aristarkhovich (1898-1978)p. 1152
Shanidarp. 1152
Sharma, Govardhan Rai (1919-1986)p. 1153
Shaw, Charles Thurstan (1914-)p. 1153
Shell Midden Analysisp. 1154
Silcott, Washingtonp. 1159
Sipanp. 1159
Situla Art in Sloveniap. 1159
Skara Braep. 1160
Skocjanp. 1160
Sloveniap. 1161
Smith, Sir Grafton Elliot (1871-1937)p. 1169
Smithsonian Institutionp. 1170
Society for American Archaeologyp. 1172
Society for Historical Archaeologyp. 1177
Society of Antiquaries of Londonp. 1178
Society of Antiquaries of Scotlandp. 1181
Society of Dilettantip. 1182
Solutrep. 1182
South Asiap. 1183
Spainp. 1194
Spitsyn, Aleksander Andrevich (1858-1931)p. 1207
St. Acheulp. 1207
Steenstrup, Japhetus (1813-1907)p. 1207
Stein, Sir (Mark) Aurel (1862-1943)p. 1208
Steno, Nicolas (1638-1686)p. 1209
Stephens, John Lloyd (1805-1852)p. 1210
Steward, Julian (1902-1972)p. 1211
Sticnap. 1211
Stone, Doris Zemurray (1909-)p. 1212
Strong, William Duncan (1899-1962)p. 1214
Stukeley, William (1697-1765)p. 1215
Su Bingqi (1909-1997)p. 1216
Sumeriansp. 1217
Sutton Hoop. 1217
Swahili Coast of Africap. 1218
Swartkransp. 1223
Swedenp. 1224
Switzerlandp. 1236
Syro-Palestinian and Biblical Archaeologyp. 1244
Tabon Cavesp. 1255
Tallgren, Aarne Michael (1885-1945)p. 1258
Tanump. 1260
Taylor, Joan du Platp. 1260
Taylor, Walter W. (1913-1997)p. 1260
Tello, Julio Cesar (1880-1947)p. 1261
Tenochtitlanp. 1262
Teotihuacanp. 1263
Terracotta Warriorsp. 1266
Thompson, Sir J. Eric S. (1898-1975)p. 1267
Thomsen, Christian Jurgensen (1788-1865)p. 1268
Three-Age Systemp. 1270
Tikalp. 1270
Tindale, Norman (1900-1993)p. 1272
Toltecsp. 1273
Troyon, Frederic (1815-1866)p. 1274
Tsountas, Christos (1857-1934)p. 1275
Turkeyp. 1275
Tutankhamun, Tomb ofp. 1285
Tylor, Sir Edward Burnett (1832-1917)p. 1286
Uhle, Max (1856-1944)p. 1289
United States of America, Prehistoric Archaeologyp. 1289
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropologyp. 1307
Urp. 1309
Ussher, James (1581-1665)p. 1310
Uvarov, Count Aleksei Sergeevich (1828-1884)p. 1311
Valcamonicap. 1313
Van Giffen, Albert Egges (1884-1973)p. 1313
Vatican Museumsp. 1314
Ventris, Michael (1922-1956)p. 1314
Vergil, Polydore (ca. 1470-1555)p. 1314
Vilanova y Piera, Juan (1821-1893)p. 1314
Virchow, Rudolf (1821-1902)p. 1316
Viru Valleyp. 1317
Waverly Plantation, Mississippip. 1319
Wheeler, Sir Eric Mortimer (1890-1976)p. 1319
Who Owns the Past?p. 1320
Willey, Gordon Randolph (1913-)p. 1322
Williamsburg, Colonialp. 1323
Wilson, Daniel (1816-1892)p. 1324
Winckelmann, Johann Joachimp. 1325
Woolley, Sir (Charles) Leonard (1880-1960)p. 1326
World Archaeological Congressp. 1327
World Archaeologyp. 1330
Worm, Ole (1588-1654)p. 1330
Wormington, Hannah Marie (1914-1994)p. 1331
Worsaae, Jens Jacob (1821-1886)p. 1332
Xia Nai (1910-1985)p. 1335
Yorkp. 1337
Glossaryp. 1339
Editor and Contributorsp. 1347
Indexp. 1351