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Seal and salmon fisheries and general resources of Alaska.
United States. Department of the Treasury. Special Agents Division.
Publication Information:
Washington : Govt. print. off., 1898.
Physical Description:
4 volumes : illustrations, plates (part color, part folded) portraits, maps (part folded) charts. ; 24 cm.
v. 1. Reports on condition of seal life on the Pribilof Islands by special Treasury agents ... 1868 to 1895 ... by D. S. Jordan.--v. 2. Reports on seal and salmon fisheries ... and correspondence between the State and the Treasury departments on the Bering Sea question ... 1895 to 1896, with comments on that portion thereof which relates to pelagic sealing by D. S. Jordan.--v. 3. Reports by H. W. Elliott and Lieut. W. Maynard, U. S. N., on the fur-seal fisheries, etc., of the Pribilof Islands, and by Rev. S. Jackson on "Reindeer in Alaska" and "Education in Alaska, " with comments on Elliott's and Maynard's reports by D. S. Jordan.--v. 4. Reports by W. G. Morris, I. Petroff, C. H. Townsend, F. W. True, J. J. Brice and L. Stejneger on internal resources of Alaska and the fur-seal fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean, with comments on the reports of Townsend, True, and Brice by D. S. Jordan.
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