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Masters of the universe? : NATO's Balkan crusade
Masters of the universe? : NATO's Balkan crusade
Ali, Tariq.
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London ; New York : Verso, 2000.
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xviii, 429 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Introduction : after the war / Tariq Ali -- Part I. How to rule the world : geopolitics after the Cold War. The Euro-Atlantic origins of NATO's attack on Yugoslavia / Peter Gowan -- The Balkan war and US global power / Giovanni Arrighi -- Rasputin plays at chess : how the West blundered into a new cold war / Gilbert Achcar -- The strategic triad : USA, China, Russia / Gilbert Achcar -- Part II. On 'humanitarian warfare'. Humanitarian war : making the crime fit the punishment / Diana Johnstone -- In place of politics : humanitarianism and war / Robert Redeker -- The ideology of humanitarian intervention / Alex Callinicos -- Kosovo and the new imperialism / Ellen Meiksins Wood -- Part III. Balkan landscapes : the sleep of reason. War : building states from nations / Susan L. Woodward -- Bosnia : prototype of a NATO protectorate / David Chandler -- The criminalization of Albania / Michel Chossudovsky -- Part IV. Dispatches from the time of war. Open letter from a traveller to the president of the Republic / Régis Debray -- The NATO action in Serbia / Harold Pinter -- Be more careful with the Balkans! / Yevgeny Yevtushenko -- The treason of the intellectuals / Edward Said --NATO's Balkan crusade / Tariq Ali -- Kosovo : the war of NATO expansion / Robin Blackburn -- May Day speech at Saarbrücken / Oskar Lafontaine -- The Kosovo peace accord / Noam Chomsky -- The China card / John Gittings -- War in Kosovo : consequences and lessons for European security arrangements / Dieter S. Lutz -- Part V. The last word. 'Traitors' of all Balkan lands : unite! / Gazi Kaplan.
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