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The collected mystery stories
Block, Lawrence.
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London : Orion, 1999.
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xi, 754 pages ; 24 cm
Bernie Rhodenbarr. Like a thief in the night -- The burglar who dropped in on Elvis -- The burglar who smelled smoke ; Sometimes they bite. A bad night for burglars -- Collecting Ackermans -- The Dettweiler solution -- Funny you should ask -- The gentle way -- Going through the motions -- Like a dog in the street -- And miles to go before I sleep -- Nothing short of highway robbery -- One thousand dollars a word -- Sometimes they bite -- Strangers on a handball court -- This crazy business of ours -- When this man dies ; Martin Ehrengraf. The Ehrengraf defense -- The Ehrengraf presumption --The Ehrengraf experience -- The Ehrengraf appointment -- The Ehrengraf riposte -- The Ehrengraf obligation -- The Ehrengraf alternative -- The Ehrengraf nostrum -- The Ehrengraf affirmation ; Like a lamb to slaughter. The books always balance -- The boy who disappeared clouds -- Change of life -- Click! -- The dangerous business -- Hot eyes, cold eyes -- If this be madness -- A little off the top -- Leo Youngdahl, R.I.P. -- The most unusual snatch -- Passport in order -- That kind of day -- Weekend guests -- With a smile for the ending -- You could call it blackmail ; Keller. Answers to soldier -- Keller's therapy -- Keller on the spot ; Some days you get the bear. As good as a rest -- A blow for freedom -- Cleveland in my dreams -- Death wish -- Good for the soul -- Hilliard's ceremony -- How would you like it? -- Like a bug on a windsheld -- Someday I'll plant more walnut trees -- Some days you get the bear -- Some things a man must do -- Something to remember you by -- The Tulsa experience ; Chip Harrison. Death of the Mallory Queen -- As dark as Christmas gets ; New stories. Headaches and bad dreams -- How far it could go -- In for a penny -- Like a bone in the throat -- Three in the side pocket ; Matthew Scudder. Out the window -- A candle for the bag lady -- By the dawn's early light -- Batman's helpers -- The merciful angel of death -- The night and the music -- Looking for David.
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