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Mel Bay's songs of the Jewish people
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Pacific, MO : Mel Bay, [1996]

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1 score (118 pages) : illustrations ; 30 cm
General Note:
For voice and piano with chord symbols.

Songs in English and Yiddish (transliterated)
Vuszhe vils tu? = What do you want? -- A libe, a libe = A love, yes, a love -- Tum balalaika = Play balalaika -- Papir iz doch vays = Oh, paper is white -- Libster mayner = Oh, my darling -- Yomi, yomi -- Her nor, du sheyn meyedele = Listen, my sweet pretty girl -- Gey ich mir shpatsirn = I go out a-strolling -- Du meydele, du fayns = You pretty little girl -- Lomir zich iberbetn = Let's make up -- Oy, dortn, dortn = Away out yonder -- Shvartse karshelech = Black cherries -- Oyfn pripetshok = On the hearth -- Vigndig a fremd kind = Rocking someone else's child -- Rozhinkes mit mandlen = Raisins and almonds -- O, ir kleyne lichtelech = Oh, you little candle lights -- Hulyet, hulyet, kinderlech = My dearest little ones -- A fidler = A fiddler -- Lechayim! = To life! -- Ale mentshen tanstendik = Folks are at their dancingest -- In der kuznye = In the smithy -- Di mechutonim geyen = The in-laws are arriving -- Shprayz ich mir = Walking down the highway -- Bayt zhe mir oys a finfuntsvantsiker = Change for me this twenty-fiver -- Chatskele, chatskele -- Hey! Zhankoye -- Hamentashn -- Vi azoy trinkt a keyser tey? = How does a tsar drink tea? -- Achtsik er un zibetsik zi = Eighty he and seventy she -- Di mezinke oysgegebn = My youngest daughter's married -- Ch'bin a bocher, a hultay = I'm a wandering fellow -- Kum aher, du filozof = Come to me, philosopher -- Di ban = The train -- Sha! Shtil! -- Be still! -- Der Rebbe Elimelech = Rabbi Elimelech -- Dem milners trern = The miller's tears -- Yoshke fort aven = Yoshke's leaving now -- Mit a nodl, on a nodl = With a needle, or without one -- Shlof, mayn kind, shlof keseyder = Sleep, my child, sleep securely -- Ot Azoy neyt a shnayder = Stitch away, little taylor -- Un du akerst = Oh, you plow -- Dire gelt = Rent money --Bulbes = Potatoes -- Elis Ayland = Ellis Island -- A briv fun amerike = A letter from America -- Eyn zach vel ich = Only one thing I ask -- Kolumbus, ich hob tsu dir gornit = Columbus, I give you the first prize -- Di grine kuzine = The greenhorn cousin -- Eyder ich leyg mich shlofn = No sooner do I lie down -- Mayn rue plats = My resting place -- In kamf = In struggle -- To gey zich lernen tantsn = Just go and learn to dance now -- Unter di churves fun Poyln = Under the ruins of Poland -- Aroys iz in vilne a nayer bafel = In Vilna was issued a brand-new decree -- Shtil, di nacht = Still the night --Zog nit Keynmol = Never say.
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Musical Score


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Fifty-eight songs in transliterated Yiddish and singable English. Reflects the joys and sorrows of the Jewish people. For voice and piano, with guitar chords. Filled with fascinating lithographs and photos

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Rick Arnold, A professional builder for over 20 years and contributing editor to Fine Homebuilding magazine, is well known for seminars he conducts at trade shows and conferences across the country.