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Everything you need to know about economics
Fike, David J.
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New York : Pocket Books, [1999]

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144 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
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Explains topics related to the science of physics such as matter, gravity, Einstein's theory of relativity, and magnetism.

Table of Contents

Hey, Where Has All My Money Gone?p. 1
"You Call This a Science?"p. 2
The Stuff of Which Economic Dreams Are Madep. 3
The Seven Dirty Words of Economicsp. 6
Dogged Economicsp. 7
Tracing The Roots of Stuffp. 7
Vegetarian Economicsp. 10
The Frog Princ(iple)p. 10
Betty Crocker Economicsp. 11
What You Might Expect to Learn from This Book ...p. 12
The Five Laws of Economicsp. 12
The Theories Behind the Lawsp. 12
Maybe Obi Heard It from the Ancient Greeks?p. 13
Where the Rubber Meets the Roadp. 16
How to Apply The Five Laws of Economics In Your Own Lifep. 19
Another Perspective on the Cellular Phone Marketp. 22
Economic Truth ... or Consequencesp. 23
It Ain's Schoolhouse Rock, But ...p. 26
... And Now, the Pundits' Viewsp. 27
Cashing in on the Webp. 28
Who Put the "Capital" in "Capitalism"?p. 29
"My Dad's Economy Can Lick Your Dad's Economy!"p. 31
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Capital and Capitalismp. 32
Econ as Artp. 34
Or Is It Art as Econ?p. 35
Deep Pocketsp. 35
The $5 History of Economicsp. 36
The End of Duty Freep. 36
Adam Smith's Wealth of Nationsp. 37
Alexander Hamilton's Bank of New York and other Adventures in Economicsp. 39
This Debt Is Your Debt; This Debt Is My Debtp. 39
Take a Ride on Readingp. 40
Songs in the Keynes of Lifep. 41
How to Start Your Own Depressionp. 41
FDR at Batp. 43
Ricardo, Malthus, Mill, and Marxp. 44
A Brief History of the Corporationp. 45
Hide the Money--the Lawyers Are Coming!p. 46
"Make Mine Monopsony!"p. 47
Monopolyp. 47
Natural Monopolyp. 47
Monopsonyp. 47
Oligopolyp. 48
Collusive Oligopolyp. 48
Henry Ford and Bill Gates Have a Couple of Better Ideasp. 48
Who Framed Roger Rabbitp. 49
Global Mallonomicsp. 51
How to Talk Like an MBAp. 52
"The Law of Diminishing Returns"p. 52
"Economies of Scale"p. 53
"Fixed Cost"p. 54
... "Variable Cost"p. 55
"Variable Cost Per Unit" and "Total Variable Cost"p. 55
"Total Cost" and "Total Cost Per Unit"p. 56
"Marginal Revenue"p. 56
"Marginal Cost"p. 57
The Costco Principlep. 58
Shakespearean Economicsp. 59
Heavy Metalp. 60
"Smoke 'Em if You've Got 'Em"p. 63
The Gold Standardp. 64
Don't Put Your Money Under Your Mattressp. 66
Stop the Presses!p. 66
"Give Me a Dollar's Worth"p. 67
Taking a Walk Through Bretton Woodsp. 68
"Do as I Say, and Do as I Do"p. 68
Purchasing Power of a Dollar, 1792-1999p. 69
Value of Gold, 1792-1998p. 69
What Price Piracy?p. 69
"Welcome to Fantasy Island"p. 72
The Life Span of Alan Greenspanp. 73
What is the Federal Reserve?p. 73
Where is the Fed?p. 74
Does The Fed do More Than Serve as a Bank for Bankers?p. 74
How to Read Tea Leaves and Deposit Slipsp. 75
Why do We Need a Fed?p. 75
Where Does Alan Greenspan Fit in?p. 76
What's it Take to be Chairperson of the Fed?p. 76
Which Came First--The Chicken or the Egg?p. 78
Getting Soaked With the Head of the Fed and the Prezp. 79
Rub-a-Dub-Dub ... Two Beltway Insiders in a Tubp. 82
Meet the "Evil Twins" of Economicsp. 82
Textbook Definition of Inflationp. 83
Why You'd Hate Inflation If You Were a Bankerp. 85
Who's Who Among the Unemployedp. 86
Death and Taxesp. 86
Flat Taxp. 86
Regressive Taxp. 86
Progressive Taxp. 87
A Short History of Miseryp. 88
The Seven Deadly Taxesp. 89
How to Win Friends and Influence People While at an Auditp. 90
Better Yet, How to Avoid an Audit Altogetherp. 91
Always Leave 'Em Laffing--Part Ip. 93
Always Leave 'Em Laffing--Part IIp. 93
And Let's Not Forget About Entitlementsp. 94
Get Your Voodoo Direct from the Sourcep. 94
Entitlements--Part IIp. 95
Don't Believe Everything You're Toldp. 95
Debt? Or Deficit?p. 96
"How Can I be Out of Money When I Still Have Some Checks?"p. 98
Why Misery Loves Economistsp. 98
This Is Your Lifep. 99
Pandora's Boxp. 102
One CPI, Three GNPs, and 10 Quick Sketches of GDPp. 103
Consumer Price Indexp. 103
Economic Indicator Funp. 104
GNP X 3p. 105
The Many Faces of GDPp. 106
The Passover Principlep. 109
Why is this Economy Like no other Economy?p. 109
Will this Ever End?p. 110
What is a Recession?p. 110
What is a Depression?p. 110
"But Doctor, I Don't Feel Depressed"p. 111
Wealth 101p. 112
Report on "The Stock Market Report"p. 113
Solve These Equationsp. 114
Bonds. James' Bondsp. 118
The Pollyanna Principlep. 121
Getting Rich at Workp. 122
How to Ask for a Raisep. 122
"Sure ... Save Your Money, Sucker!"p. 124
Oops! Maybe Your Parents were Right, After All ...p. 124
When "Goods" Are Badp. 125
And Don't Think You're Getting Off the Hookp. 127
When the Laws of Science and the Laws of Economics Collidep. 127
Deciphering Economics ... Once and for Allp. 128
Baseball, Hot Dogs, and a Nobel Prizep. 128
Do It "The Cowboy Way"p. 128
Birds Do It, Bees Do It ... Even the Heads of Giant Corporations Do Itp. 129
Indexp. 131