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Instant web pages!
Weverka, Peter.
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San Francisco, Calif. ; London : SYBEX, [2001]

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xiii, 241 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.
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Lancaster Library TK5105.888 .W47 2001 Book and Software Set Computer Books

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-- This book-CD kit with WebStudio software will show users how to have a web site up in under an hour -- guaranteed!
-- Users will learn how to create, post, and maintain top-quality sites without HTML programming using WebStudio's easy drag-and-drop interface.
-- The book is full of tips and tricks on how to maximize WebStudio's feature, advice on good web design, FTP, web hosting options, and much, much more!
-- The CD contains a full version of WebStudio -- a $49.95 U.S. value.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xiii
Part 1 Getting Ready to Create a Web Sitep. 1
Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted with Web Studiop. 3
Starting Web Studiop. 4
Introducing the Web Studio Screenp. 5
A Look at the Different Parts of the Web Studio Screenp. 6
Changing the Web Studio Screen to Your Likingp. 7
A Quick Look at the Web Galleriesp. 9
Chapter 2 What You Need to Know before You Beginp. 11
Selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to Host Your Web Sitep. 12
Constructing Web Pages One Piece, or Object, at a Timep. 14
Saving Your Web Sitep. 16
Saving the Work You Do in Web Studiop. 16
Saving a Backup Copy of Your Workp. 18
Seeing What Your Web Page Will Look Like to Web Surfersp. 18
Previewing Your Web Site in the Preview Windowp. 19
Switching between the Preview Window and Web Site Windowp. 21
Ten Tips for Designing an Attractive Web Site with Web Studiop. 22
1. Ask Yourself, "Who's My Audience?"p. 22
2. Be Consistent from Page to Pagep. 23
3. Use the Home Page as an Introductory Page to Your Sitep. 23
4. Divide Your Web Site into Distinct Topics, One to a Pagep. 23
5. Hyperlink Your Site to Other Sites on the Internetp. 24
6. Choose Page Backgrounds Carefullyp. 25
7. Write the Text and Assemble the Graphics Beforehandp. 26
8. Don't Overload Your Pages with Too Many Gizmosp. 26
9. Learn the Many Ways to Align Objectsp. 27
10. Use Web Studio's Special FX Tools to Tweak Imagesp. 27
Part 2 The Basics: Creating Web Pagesp. 29
Chapter 3 Constructing Your Web Pagesp. 31
Creating a Web Sitep. 32
Opening a Web Site You Have Been Working Onp. 34
Adding and Removing Web Pagesp. 34
Adding a New Page to a Web Sitep. 34
Deleting a Web Page from a Web Sitep. 37
Changing the Name of a Web Pagep. 37
Choosing Which Page Is the Home Pagep. 39
Establishing the Page Size and Page Marginsp. 39
Changing the Size of Web Pagesp. 39
Changing the Size of Page Marginsp. 41
Techniques for Handling Page Windowsp. 41
Chapter 4 Laying Out a Web Pagep. 43
Placing Objects on a Web Pagep. 44
Selecting an Object or Objectsp. 46
Positioning an Object on a Web Pagep. 47
Changing the Size and Shape of Objectsp. 48
Changing an Object's Size or Shapep. 49
Preventing an Object from Changing Sizep. 50
Making Objects the Same Sizep. 50
Merging Objects So They Are Easier to Work Withp. 51
Quickly Copying an Objectp. 52
Aligning and Spacing Objects on the Pagep. 53
Aligning Objects with Respect to One Anotherp. 53
Spacing Objects Evenly on the Pagep. 54
When Objects Overlap: Deciding Which Goes Wherep. 55
Chapter 5 Entering the Text for Your Web Sitep. 59
Putting Text on a Web Pagep. 60
Dragging a Text Object onto the Pagep. 60
Getting Text from a File You've Already Writtenp. 61
Importing a Paragraph or Two with the Paste Commandp. 62
Editing the Textp. 63
Spell-Checking a Web Pagep. 63
Formatting Headings and Other Textp. 65
Boldfacing, Italicizing, and Underlining Textp. 65
Choosing a Font and Font Size for Textp. 66
Changing the Color of Textp. 69
Choosing a Background Color for Textp. 70
Laying Out Text on a Web Pagep. 71
Left-Justifying, Centering, and Right-Justifying Textp. 71
Indenting Textp. 72
Making Text Scroll on the Pagep. 73
Chapter 6 Decorating Your Web Pagesp. 75
Choosing a Background Color, Pattern, or Picturep. 76
Using a Solid Color as the Backgroundp. 76
Decorating Pages with a Patternp. 78
Tweaking a Background in the Special FX Galleryp. 80
Importing a Graphic for Use as the Backgroundp. 85
Using Text as the Backgroundp. 87
Making the Background Scrollp. 88
Removing the Backgroundp. 89
Making the Background Show through an Objectp. 89
Dividers for Breaking a Page into Different Partsp. 91
Placing a Divider across a Web Pagep. 92
Dividing the Sides of a Pagep. 93
Signs for Sprucing Up Web Pagesp. 93
Chapter 7 Putting Hyperlinks on Your Web Pagesp. 95
All about Hyperlinksp. 96
Managing the Links Galleryp. 96
A Quick Tour of the Links Galleryp. 97
Adding Your Own Hyperlinks to the Links Galleryp. 98
Handling Hyperlinks in the Links Galleryp. 100
Hyperlinks for Making Your Web Page Jumpp. 100
Turning an Object into a Hyperlinkp. 101
The Quick Way to Turn a Graphic, Button, or Sign into a Hyperlinkp. 102
Turning a Word or Phrase into a Hyperlinkp. 103
Linking One Page on a Site to Another Pagep. 104
Linking Two Different Places on the Same Web Pagep. 105
Removing a Hyperlinkp. 108
Changing the Color of Text Linksp. 108
Part 3 Advanced Techniques for Advanced Web Pagesp. 111
Chapter 8 Handling Graphics, Photos, and Clip Art Imagesp. 113
Putting an Image on a Web Pagep. 114
Getting an Image from the Photos or Clipart Galleryp. 114
Bringing in a Photo or Graphic of Your Ownp. 115
Scanning a Graphic into a Web Pagep. 116
Copying Pictures from the Internetp. 118
Writing an "Alternate Text Message" for Imagesp. 119
Special FX for Altering Imagesp. 121
Changing an Image's Orientationp. 122
Changing an Image's Shading, Tint, or Color Schemep. 122
Changing an Image's Contoursp. 123
Changing an Image's Lookp. 124
Putting Buttons on a Pagep. 125
Keeping Your Favorite Images in the My Stuff Galleryp. 126
Putting an Item in the My Stuff Galleryp. 127
Rearranging Items in the My Stuff Galleryp. 129
Removing an Item from the My Stuff Galleryp. 129
Chapter 9 Doing the Fancy Stuff--Animations, Sounds, and Slidesp. 131
Animations to Make a Web Page Come Alivep. 132
All About Soundsp. 134
Getting a Sound from the Sounds Galleryp. 134
Playing a Sound of Your Ownp. 136
Choosing How Often a Sound Is Playedp. 137
Removing Sounds from Web Pages and Objectsp. 139
Putting a Slide Show on a Web Pagep. 139
Putting Together the Slide Showp. 140
Revising a Slideshowp. 144
Chapter 10 Putting "Cool Stuff" on Your Web Pagesp. 147
Placing a Cool Stuff Object on a Web Pagep. 148
Telling Your Visitors the Date and Timep. 149
Dropping a Calendar on a Pagep. 149
Showing Your Visitors the Datep. 150
Showing Your Visitors the Timep. 150
Informing Visitors When You Last Modified Your Sitep. 151
Including a Search Engine with Your Web Sitep. 151
Inviting Others to Send E-Mail Messagesp. 152
Chapter 11 Printing Your Web Pagesp. 155
The Two Ways to Print Web Pagesp. 156
Saving and Printing a Web Page as a Bitmap Graphicp. 156
Printing Web Pages in Web Studiop. 158
Choosing a Paper Size and Orientationp. 159
Printing the Web Pagep. 160
Chapter 12 Entering Your Own HTML in Web Studiop. 161
The Three Ways to Enter HTMLp. 162
The Basics of Inserting HTML in Web Studiop. 162
Inserting HTML Items Where You Want Them to Gop. 164
Inserting HTML Items with Respect to the Pagep. 166
Inserting HTML Items with Respect to an Objectp. 167
Part 4 Launching Your Web Site on the Internetp. 169
Chapter 13 Putting on the Finishing Touchesp. 171
Describing Your Site So That Others Can Find It on the Internetp. 172
Choosing Which Kind of HTML to Use on Your Web Pagesp. 174
Chapter 14 Uploading Your Web Site to Your Internet Service Providerp. 177
What You Need to Know Before You Beginp. 178
Uploading a Web Site for the First Timep. 179
What to Do if the Upload Failsp. 182
Uploading a Web Sitep. 184
Uploading Your Web Site to a Place on the Company Networkp. 186
Chapter 15 Making Sure Your Site Is All It Should Bep. 187
Seeing How Long the Pages Take to Downloadp. 188
Making Sure the Links Workp. 189
Viewing Your Web Site through More Than One Browserp. 189
Viewing Your Web Pages at Different Resolutionsp. 190
Registering a Domain Name for Your Web Sitep. 192
Promoting Your Web Sitep. 194
Appendix A Installing Web Studio and Internet Explorer 5p. 197
Appendix B Getting the Help You Needp. 205
Appendix C The Ins and Outs of Internet Explorer 5p. 211
Appendix D Speed Techniques for Working with Web Studiop. 221
Appendix E Glossary of Internet and Web Studio Terminologyp. 229
Indexp. 235

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