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Superstar : a novel
Gotti, Victoria.
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First edition.
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New York : Crown Publishers, [2000]

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viii, 309 pages ; 25 cm
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A secret kept can be like a poison, destroying love, life, and passion. InSuperstar, Victoria Gotti -- author of two sensational thrillers,The Senator's DaughterandI'll Be Watching You-- reaches chilling new heights as she offers the story of Cassidy and Chelsea, two baby girls born ten minutes apart, who grow up in different worlds but  are victims of the same horrible crime. Cassidy is Hollywood royalty and a top Hollywood executive. Beautiful and radiantly healthy, Cassidy is producing the film of her lifetime, a film that will either make her career or ruin her father's studio. Chelsea has dreams of being an actress. Living on the brink of poverty, she gets the break of her life. She is finally going to be discovered, but what price is she willing to pay for fame? Now these two women's lives are about to collide, and when they do decades-old secrets, secrets kept despite scandal, heartbreak, and murder, will finally be revealed. Neither Cassidy nor Chelsea could ever have imagined what passions or treachery could be exposed, and how both of their lives will be changed forever. Superstaris a smart, fast-paced Hollywood thriller unlike any you've ever read before. It's a delicious treat for anyone who's been looking for the next author in the tradition of Sidney Sheldon and Mary Higgins Clark.

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Booklist Review

Switched at birth, neither Chelsea Hutton nor Cassidy English ended up having a happy childhood. Chelsea, the biological daughter of a beautiful but insane movie star, is raised in abject poverty by the overly religious former starlet Maria Hutton. Cassidy, sent home with the deranged Lana Turmaine and her movie mogul husband, witnesses Lana's murder, and her testimony lands her dad in prison. Thirty-three years after the switch, the two women meet when Cassidy, a talented producer, is called in to save a movie that will either make or break her father's studio, and Chelsea, a gifted but substance-abusing actress, is awarded the starring role. As Chelsea schemes to gain the position she feels is rightfully hers, someone plays vicious tricks on Cassidy, including destroying the entire movie set, forcing her to relocate to Venice, Italy. Designer names abound as Jack Cavelli, who will own the studio if Cassidy fails to deliver the movie on time and within budget, showers her with dream dates, luscious clothing, caviar, champagne, and diamonds. The action moves right along, but the shallow characters render this glitzy tale ultimately forgettable. Gotti, the daughter of godfather John Gotti, is also the author of I'll Be Watching You (1998). The author's name is likely to generate initial demand, but buy conservatively; this one will fade quickly. --Diana Tixier Herald

Publisher's Weekly Review

Gotti (I'll Be Watching You) makes beach readers an offer they can't refuse with a third novel best described as book candy. Cassidy English and Chelsea Hutton, switched at birth 33 years ago, have led very different lives. While Cassidy was growing up in the lap of Hollywood luxury, Chelsea spent her youth with an impoverished single mother, suffering from one illness after another. Yet all was not privilege and luxury for Cassidy either. Her actress mother was murdered when she was 10 years old and her director father was jailed for the crime. New DNA evidence freed him almost 12 years later, but he kept his distance from Cassidy for another decade, claiming shame and humiliation. Chelsea, all grown up, emotionally troubled and armed with the truth about her and Cassidy's past, wants revenge on Cassidy for the life she believes was stolen from her. Cassidy, now a hot producer and completely in the dark about the switch, has been called in by her ailing father to help keep his studio from going under. Jack Cavelli, the most powerful man in Tinseltown, strong-arms Cassidy into letting him cast the female lead in the film that's supposed to save the studio. The starlet's appearance (it's Chelsea, of course) on the set sparks a series of fireworks that will change both women's lives. Gotti's not-so-amicable princess-and-pauper tale of obsession and deception moves from the glitzy mansions and film sets of the movie industry to the avenues of Paris and the gaming tables of Monaco before jetting in for its climax at a masked ball in Venice. Though Chelsea's film debut at age 33 as a "young" actress in a notoriously youth-obsessed industry defies credibility, readers looking for a Collinsesque treat this summer will probably be entertainedÄbut then there's the genuine article by Jackie C. herself, reviewed below. (Aug.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved



Prologue Cedars-Sinai Hospital, 1966 The babies were born ten minutes apart. Two girls, one vibrant and healthy, the other feeble and frail. The difference was startling, especially under the glow of the hospital nursery's fluorescent lights. Nurse Patricia Hanson had strict orders: Act quickly and discreetly. She waited impatiently as the nurse's aide filled cabinets with a fresh supply of formula. When the young aide was finished, Hanson told her, "Go to 210 and check on Mrs. Murphy. She's been complaining of heavy bleeding." As she reached the door of the nursery, Hanson called out to her, "If there's any cause for alarm, notify me immediately." Patricia offered a phony smile and nodded as the young woman turned to go. When the door closed, her face pinched into a visible mask of terror. Holding her breath, she peeled back the two infants' blankets. The baby born first was still crying. Patricia brushed her finger across a soft rosy cheek and the baby turned her head toward it, mouth working. She repeated the gesture on the second infant. No response. Patricia looked at the monitor. The vital signs were normal, but the infant wasn't moving. She touched the tiny hand, but still the infant didn't respond. How could she have agreed to carry out such an abominable act? How could she play God like this, forever altering the lives of these two baby girls? Guilt stabbed her heart. Could she possibly live with this on her conscience? Patricia had to fight her heart and act with her head. It wasn't just the money she'd been promised only minutes ago--it was the right thing to do in so many ways. The healthy infant had been born to a single mother with no means of support. Born to Roger and Lana Turmaine, the sickly baby would never make it. Wouldn't the healthy child be better off with all that the wealthy Turmaines could provide? Only a healthy baby could fulfill the promise that money and power would buy her -- did Patricia want to see all that go to waste? She was running out of time. The young aide could walk back through the nursery door at any moment. Without a second to lose, Patricia slipped the plastic bracelet first from one tiny wrist and re-attached it to the wrist of the other infant, then carefully removed the original bracelet from the second child and secured it to the delicate wrist of the first baby. This quick exchange gave these babies their new identities. And their new destinies. Each year for the next twenty-one years, money would be deposited in a Swiss bank account set up for her. The payments would continue so long as no one -- particularly Lana Turmaine -- learned about what happened here today. Excerpted from Superstar by Victoria Gotti All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.