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Dinosaur eggs and babies
Carpenter, Kenneth, 1949-
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Cambridge ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, [1994]

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xii, 372 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
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In the last couple of decades the study of dinosaur eggs and babies has proved to be one of the most exciting and profitable areas of dinosaur research. This is the first book solely devoted to this topic and reviews, in scientific detail, our present state of knowledge about this exciting area of palaeontology. Chapters in the book discuss all aspects of the science including the occurrence of eggs, nests and baby skeletons, descriptive osteology of juvenile skeletons, comparative histology of juvenile bone, analyses of eggs and egg shells, palaeoenvironments of nesting sites, nesting behaviour and developmental growth of baby dinosaurs. The volume will be an invaluable addition to the book collections of vertebrate palaeontologists and their graduate students.

Table of Contents

Foreword: tribute toRobert Makela and J. R. Horner
List of institutional abbreviations
IntroductionK. Carpenter and K. F. Hirsch and J. R. Horner
Part I Distribution History of Collecting
1 Global distribution of dinosaur eggs nests babyskeletons K. Carpenter and K. Alf
2 The discovery of dinosaur eggshells in nineteenth centuryFrance E. Buffetaut and J. Le Loeuff
Part II Nests
3 Dinosaur nesting patternsJ. Moratalla and J. Powell
4 Dinosaurian eggs from the Upper Cretaceous ofUruguay G. Faccio
5 Dinosaur egg laying nesting inFrance R. Cousin and G. Breton and R. Fournier and J-P. Watte
6 Late Maastrichtian dinosaur eggs from the HategBasin D. Grigorescu and D. Weishampel and D. Norman and M. Seclamen and M. Rusus and A. Baltres and V. Teodorescu
7 Eggs nests from the Cretaceous ofMongolia K. Mikhailov and K. Sabath and S. Kurzanov
8 Comparative taphonomy of some dinosaur extant bird colonial nesting groundsJ. R. Horner
9 Predation of dinosaur nests by terrestrial crocodilesJ. Kirkl
Part III Eggs
10 Upper Jurassic eggshells from the western interior of North America K. F. Hirsch
11 Review of French dinosaur eggshells: eggshell morphology structure mineral organic compositionM. Vianey-Liaud and P. Mallan and O. Buscail and C. Montgelard
12 Dinosaur eggs in China: on the structure evolution of eggshellsZ. Zi-Kui
13 Upper Cretaceous dinosaur eggs nesting sites from the Deccan volcano-sedimentary province of peninsula IndiaA. Sahni and S. K. Tandon and A. Jolly and S. Bajpai and A. Sood and S. Srinivasan
Part IV Dinosaur Babies
14 Life history syndromes heterochrony the evolution ofDinosauria D. Weishampel and J. R. Horner
15 Dinosaur reproduction in the fast lane: implication for size success extinctionG. Paul
16 An embryonic Camarasaurus from the Upper Jurassic Morrison formationB. Britt and B. Naylor
17 Upper Jurassic sauropod babies from the Morrison formationK. Carpenter and J. McIntosh
18 Thermal travails of ornithopod nestings: implications for endothermy insulationG. Paul
19 A baby Dryosaurus from the Upper Jurassic Morrison formation of Dinosaur NationalMonument K. Carpenter
20 An embryo of Camptosaurus from the Brushy Basin MemberD. Chure and C. Turner and F. Peterson
21 Ontogenetic growth of a new species of HypacrosaurusJ. R. Horner and P. Currie
22 A nodosaurid scuteling from the Texas shore of the Western InteriorSeaway L. Jacobs and D. Winkler and P. Murray and J. Maurice
23 Dinosaur ontogeny population structure: interpretations based on fossil footprints from North AmericaM. Lockley
24 Summary prospectusK. Carpenter and K. F. Hirsch and J. R. Horner