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Encyclopedia of prisoners of war and internment
Vance, Jonathan Franklin William, 1963-
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Santa Barbara, Calif : ABC-CLIO, [2000]

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xviii, 408 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
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An A-Z reference guide that provides a valuable overview of the history of prisoners of war and interned civilians, from earliest times to the present.

* Includes an introduction, bibliography, appendix of selected documents, and end-of-entry reading suggestions

* Provides illustrations and maps

Author Notes

Jonathan F. Vance is an instructor at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.

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Booklist Review

This work ranges across history, continents, and cultures in conveying information about the treatment and return of prisoners of war, both military and civilian. The editor, a history professor at the University of Western Ontario, has written other books and articles on the topic. The contributors include scholars as well as former prisoners. The more than 200 signed, alphabetically arranged entries are well written. They cover conflicts, people, specific camps, living conditions, escape attempts, commissions and trials, laws, and depictions in television and film (Hogan's Heroes, Stalag 17). Additional topics include disease in POW camps, reparations, and individuals and organizations that have sought to alleviate suffering. Most entries are one or two pages but a few (e.g., Liberation, Rations, Roman world) are longer. Coverage begins in ancient times and ends with the 1998^-1999 Kosovo War. Each entry concludes with see also references and a few bibliographical citations, including Web sites. The general bibliography is divided by categories such as "Vietnam War" and "Women." Four documents from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on POW treatment add to the work's value. The index lists only page references (35 under Geneva convention of 1929, more than 40 under labor), which is not helpful to those trying to pull together information on broad topics. Otherwise, this is a carefully constructed and well-written work that will be useful to public and academic libraries for many years.

Library Journal Review

Vance (history, Univ. of Ontario; A Gallant Company: The Men of the Great Escape) here covers prisoner-of-war issues in major conflicts from ancient times to the present, though most entries are concerned with the wars of the last 200 years. The entries are arranged alphabetically under general topics, and most have at least two or three See Also references. The average entry is about three or four paragraphs long, and some are as long as a page. An extensive bibliography is included, as are several documents relating to the legal treatment of prisoners of war. This encyclopedia compares favorably with similar reference sources (e.g., Encyclopedia of Guerrilla Warfare, LJ 6/1/99); it is thorough and detailed yet accessible to the lay reader. Of special interest to subject specialists or historians; recommended for public and academic libraries.DMark Ellis, Albany State Univ., GA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Choice Review

Vance's work provides selective entries about prisoners and internees from as long ago as ancient Egypt and as recent as Bosnia. Although largely Eurocentric, entries cover everything from Aztecs to Zentsuji and range topically from "Race" to "Film." Vance (history, Univ. of Western Ontario and author of A Gallant Company: The Men of the Great Escape, Pacifica, CA, 2000) wrote many entries. Other contributors include captors and captives. Most entries include cross-references and bibliographic citations, and a core bibliography is concerned with POWs and internment. An appendix reprints documents pertaining to war captives. The only challenge in this work is locating information specific to the world wars. Some topics ("Lidice Massacre") have their own entries, while Japanese American internment is a subheading under WW II; others, such as Unit 731, are overlooked. An index ameliorates this to some degree, but there is no index entry for the Kut death march, even though it is well covered in "World War I--Middle East." Recommended for general readers and undergraduates. D. Liestman; Kansas State University

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Introductionp. xi
List of Contributorsp. xv
Accommodationp. 1
Afghan Warsp. 3
Agincourt Massacrep. 4
Altmark Incidentp. 5
American Revolutionp. 6
Andersonvillep. 9
Apache Warsp. 10
Arbeitskommandosp. 12
Ardeatine Caves Massacrep. 13
Ashanti Warsp. 14
Assurancep. 15
Auschwitzp. 15
Avitaminosisp. 16
Aztecsp. 17
Bader, Douglas Robert Steuartp. 19
Barbary Warsp. 19
Barbed-Wire Diseasep. 20
Basil II Bulgaroctonusp. 22
Bataan Death Marchp. 23
Berger, Gottlobp. 24
Bicycle Campp. 24
Big Switch, Operationp. 25
Black Hole of Calcuttap. 25
Blue Divisionp. 27
Boer Warp. 27
Bosnian Warp. 30
Boulle, Pierrep. 31
Brandstrom, Elsap. 31
The Bridge on the River Kwaip. 32
British Army Aid Groupp. 32
British Free Corpsp. 33
Brussels Declarationp. 34
Buchenwaldp. 34
Bullet Decreep. 35
Burma-Thailand (Death) Railwayp. 36
Bushell, Roger Joycep. 37
Cabanatuanp. 39
Camp Followersp. 40
The Captive Heartp. 41
Cavell, Edithp. 42
Central POW Agencyp. 42
Cervantes, Miguel dep. 43
Changip. 44
Chaplainsp. 45
Chietip. 46
Childrenp. 47
Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencerp. 49
Civilian Interness--World War Ip. 49
Civilian Internees--World War IIp. 51
Civilian Interness--World War II--Britainp. 52
Civilian Internees--World War II--North Americap. 54
Code of Conductp. 57
Colditzp. 58
The Colditz Storyp. 59
Colonial Captivity Narrativesp. 60
Commando Orderp. 62
Commissar Orderp. 62
Concentration Campsp. 63
Cowra Incidentp. 64
Crusadesp. 66
Cummings, Edward Estlin (e. e.)p. 67
Czech Legionp. 68
Dachaup. 71
Dartmoorp. 72
Dean, Major General William F.p. 72
Decree Concerning Prisoners of Warp. 73
Defectionp. 74
Defence Regulation 18Bp. 75
DEF/SEP Statusp. 75
Doolittle Raidp. 77
Dulag Luftp. 77
Educationp. 79
Egypt, Ancientp. 80
Elmirap. 82
English Civil Warp. 83
Epidemicsp. 85
Escapep. 86
Exchangep. 88
Extermination Campsp. 90
Falklands Warp. 93
Familiesp. 94
Featherston Incidentp. 97
Filmp. 98
Forcible Repatriationp. 100
Franco-Prussian Warp. 102
Fraustadt-Grodno Massacresp. 103
French Revolution, Wars of thep. 103
Fryatt, Charles Algernonp. 104
Gaulle, Charles-Andre-Marie-Joseph dep. 107
Geneva Convention of 1929p. 107
Geneva Convention of 1949p. 108
Geneva Conventions of 1864 and 1906p. 109
Gerard, James Watson, IIIp. 110
Gestapop. 110
Giraud, Henri-Honorep. 111
Grand Illusion (La Grande Illusion)p. 112
Great Escapep. 112
The Great Escapep. 113
Great Northern Warp. 114
Greece--Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Periodp. 115
Greece--Hellenistic Periodp. 117
Grotius, Hugo (Huigh de Groot)p. 120
Guerrillasp. 121
Gulagp. 123
Gulf Warp. 123
Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907p. 125
Hanoi Hiltonp. 126
Healthp. 126
Hittitesp. 129
Ho Chi Minh Trailp. 131
Hogan's Heroesp. 132
Holloway Prisonp. 132
Holzmindenp. 133
Homecoming, Operationp. 133
Homosexualityp. 134
Human Shieldsp. 136
Hundred Years Warp. 137
Immap. 139
Indian Mutinyp. 139
India-Pakistan Warsp. 140
Indoctrinationp. 141
Information Bureausp. 142
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)p. 143
International Lawp. 145
Interrogationp. 147
Interrogation in Depthp. 149
Island Farmp. 150
Isle of Manp. 152
Italian Unification, Wars ofp. 153
Jacobite Risingsp. 155
Jean II of Francep. 156
Karbalap. 157
Katyn Forest Massacrep. 157
Keelhaul, Operationp. 158
King Ratp. 159
Koje Incidentp. 159
Korean Warp. 160
Kosovo Warp. 162
Laborp. 165
Lamsdorfp. 167
Libby Prisonp. 168
Liberationp. 169
Librariesp. 173
Liddell, Eric Henryp. 174
Lidice Massacrep. 175
Lieber Codep. 176
Livingston, Campp. 176
Lynchingp. 177
Mailp. 179
Malmedy Massacrep. 181
The Manchurian Candidatep. 181
Maori Warsp. 182
Maschke Commissionp. 183
Mather, Cottonp. 184
Merchant Seamenp. 185
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrencep. 185
Mexican-American Warp. 186
Meyer, Kurtp. 187
MI9p. 189
MIS-Xp. 189
Mixed Medical Commissionsp. 190
Mongolsp. 191
Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de la Brede et dep. 193
More, Thomasp. 193
Murman Railwayp. 194
Musicp. 195
Mutilationp. 196
Napoleonic Warsp. 199
Neutral Interneesp. 201
Neutral Nations Repatriation Commissionp. 204
Northern Irelandp. 205
Nuremberg Trialsp. 206
Nursesp. 207
Ooka Shoheip. 211
Oradour-sur-Glane Massacrep. 211
"Other Losses"p. 212
Ottoman Empirep. 213
Le Paradis Massacrep. 215
Parolep. 215
Pavie, Marie-Marguerite Fabrep. 217
Payp. 217
Peiper, Joachim (Jochen)p. 218
Peloponnesian Warp. 219
Percival, Arthur Ernestp. 220
Philippine-American Warp. 220
Plains Indian Warfarep. 221
POW/MIA Issuep. 223
Prison Shipsp. 224
Prisoners of the Sunp. 225
Protected Personnelp. 226
Protecting Powerp. 227
Pueblo Incidentp. 229
Punic Warsp. 230
Racep. 233
Ransomp. 235
Rationsp. 237
Reeducationp. 240
Rehabilitationp. 243
Religionp. 244
Reparationsp. 246
Repatriationp. 247
Reprisalsp. 250
Roman Worldp. 252
Rousseau, Jean-Jacquesp. 256
Ruhlebenp. 256
Russian Civil Warp. 258
Russo-Japanese Warp. 259
St. John Ambulancep. 261
Sandakan-Ranau Death Marchp. 262
Scapini, Georgesp. 262
Scott, Winfieldp. 263
Seminole Warsp. 264
Seven Years' Warp. 265
Sexual Relationsp. 266
Sexual Slaveryp. 268
Shackling Incidentp. 270
Sikh Warsp. 271
Sinclair, Albert Michaelp. 271
Sioux Warsp. 272
Slaughterhouse-Fivep. 273
Slaveryp. 273
Son Tay Raidp. 275
Soviet Special Camps in Germanyp. 276
Soyinka, Wolep. 277
Spanish Armadap. 278
Spanish-American Warp. 278
Sphacteria, Battle ofp. 279
Sportsp. 280
Stalag Luft 3p. 283
Stalag 17p. 283
Stephenson, Sir William Samuelp. 284
Stockdale, James Bondp. 284
Sulmonap. 285
Swedish-Russian Warsp. 285
Taiping Rebellionp. 287
Tamerlanep. 287
Theaterp. 288
Thirty Years' Warp. 289
Thompson, Captain Floyd J. "Jim"p. 290
Tokyo War Crimes Trialsp. 291
Townshend, Sir Charles Vere Ferrersp. 292
Transit Campsp. 293
Transportation by Seap. 294
Treaty of Amity and Commercep. 295
United States Civil Warp. 297
van der Post, Sir Laurensp. 301
Vattel, Emmerich dep. 302
Vichy Francep. 302
Vietnam Warp. 303
Vivisectionp. 305
Vlasov, Lieutenant General Andreip. 307
Von Ryan's Expressp. 308
Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.p. 308
Waffen-SSp. 311
Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhewp. 312
War of 1812p. 312
Wars of the Rosesp. 315
Werra, Franz vonp. 316
Wodehouse, Sir Pelham Grenvillep. 316
Womenp. 317
Wooden Horsep. 320
World War I--Africap. 320
World War I--Eastern Frontp. 321
World War I--Far Eastp. 323
World War I--Middle Eastp. 324
World War I--Ottoman Empirep. 325
World War I--Western Frontp. 326
World War II--Eastern Frontp. 329
World War II--Far Eastp. 333
World War II--Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadiansp. 336
World War II--Latin Americap. 337
World War II--North Americap. 338
World War II--Western Europep. 341
Wormhout Massacrep. 342
Wounded Knee Massacrep. 343
Yalta Conferencep. 345
Yeo-Thomas, Forest Frederick Edwardp. 346
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)p. 346
Zentsujip. 349
Bibliography, Documentsp. 351
Extracts from Instructions for the Government of the Armies of the United States in the Field (the "Lieber Code")p. 357
Extracts from the 1907 Hague Convention IV with Respects to the Laws and Customs of War on Landp. 362
Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1929)p. 364
Extracts from the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War (1949)p. 375
Indexp. 401