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Religion and the law : a dictionary
Anglim, Christopher.
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Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, [1999]

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xv, 451 pages ; 23 cm.
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Advocating no particular theological or jurisprudential point of view, "Religion and the LaW" examines the constitutional provisions in their historical context, analyzes how the First Amendment defines religion, spotlights the issue of religious exercises and public schools, defines government neutrality in religious matters, and surveys official acknowledgment and endorsement of religious values.

Supported by real-life case studies and court rulings, "Religion and the LaW" covers every important aspect of the issue, from abortion and academic freedom to blue laws, the right-to-die controversy, and zoning.

Author Notes

Christopher Thomas Anglim is a government documents librarian at the St. Mary's University Law School in San Antonio, TX.

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Booklist Review

The focus of this dictionary is on current issues, with selected historical information critical in the development of religious freedom included to provide context. The 291 entries cover terms that relate to constitutional theory and interpretation of religion and law, terms that provide a historical explanation of the ways in which ethnic and religious diversity have impacted the mandates of the First and Fourteenth amendments, and terms that describe the development of religious clause jurisprudence. Other entries analyze the vocabulary used in this area of law and the means by which courts have attempted to balance religious liberty against individual and social interests. Essays cover well-known topics such as Abortion, School prayer, and Capital punishment. Topics that have received less media coverage, such as Adultery and Charitable donations, are also included. Pertinent case law is cited where appropriate. Significant cases are treated in numerous entries, and care is given to providing the background of each case, the legal reasoning behind the majority decision, and any dissenting opinions. There are an extensive bibliography and tables of cases and statutes. See references direct users to main entries. Unfortunately, no see also references are used; these would have been helpful to users, enabling them to move quickly among entries to access all related information. Despite this oversight, the dictionary will prove of value in public, high-school, and college libraries. Law libraries, especially those offering service to the general public, might also want to consider adding this volume to their collections.

Choice Review

Anglim's dictionary, part of the "Contemporary Legal Issues Series," focuses on religion within the context of constitutional theory and law and the interpretation of religion in the constitutional framework. This focus excludes discussion of free speech and free press. The well-written introduction summarizes the history of religion in North America from Colonial times onward, emphasizing the role of the Constitution in shaping how US government and thought view religion's place in society. Brief articles describe legal cases involving religion and religious issues such as religious dress, school prayer, and vaccinations. In a concise, clear style, Anglim explains the role of the Constitution in arriving at legal decisions about religion and religious activity. Following the dictionary are tables of cases and statutes. The bibliography is lengthy and thorough, drawing from a broad range of legal and scholarly journals and books. An excellent resource for undergraduates seeking information about the Constitution's role in legal decisions and specific cases or issues regarding religion in US life. Highly recommended for reference collections. G. Wood; SUNY College at Cortland

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xiii
Introductionp. 1
A Abington School District v. Schempp (U.S. 1963)p. 19
Abolitionp. 21
Abortionp. 23
Accommodation of Religious Beliefp. 29
Accommodationist (or Nonpreferentialist)p. 32
Adoptionp. 33
Adulteryp. 34
Aguilar v. Felton (U.S. 1985)p. 35
Allegheny County v. American Civil Liberties Union (U.S. 1989)p. 37
American Civil Liberties Unionp. 38
Americans United for Separation of Church and Statep. 39
Amish Exceptionp. 40
Anti-Defamation Leaguep. 41
Asylump. 41
B Baehr v. Lewin (Haw. 1993)p. 45
Baker v. Fales (Mass. 1821)p. 46
Becker Amendmentp. 47
Belief-Conduct Dichotomyp. 48
Bible Distribution at Public Schoolsp. 50
Bible, Reading ofp. 52
Bill of Rightsp. 53
Blaine Amendmentp. 54
Blasphemyp. 55
Blood Transfusionsp. 57
Board of Education v. Allen (U.S. 1968)p. 58
Board of Education v. Grumet (U.S. 1994)p. 59
Board of Education v. Mergens (U.S. 1990)p. 61
Board of Trustees v. McCreary (U.S. 1985)p. 62
Bob Jones University v. United States (U.S. 1983)p. 63
Boerne, City of v. Flores (U.S. 1997)p. 65
Bowen v. Kendrick (U.S. 1988)p. 68
Bowen v. Roy (U.S. 1986)p. 69
Bradfield v. Roberts (U.S. 1899)p. 70
Braunfeld v. Brown (U.S. 1961)p. 70
Burstyn, Inc. v. Wilson (U.S. 1952)p. 71
C Canon Lawp. 73
Cantwell v. Connecticut (U.S. 1940)p. 74
Capital Punishmentp. 76
Chaplainsp. 78
Charitable Corporationp. 79
Charitable Deductionp. 82
Charitable Immunityp. 83
Charitable Trustp. 83
Charityp. 86
Child Benefit Theoryp. 87
Child Custodyp. 89
Christian Legal Societyp. 90
Christian Nationp. 91
Church and Statep. 91
Church Arsonp. 93
Church Autonomy Disputesp. 95
Church of Latter-Day Saints v. Amos (U.S. 1987)p. 99
Church Propertyp. 101
Church Records and Documentsp. 101
Church Tribunalsp. 103
Civic Religionp. 105
Clergyp. 106
Clergy, Benefit ofp. 106
Clergy Malpracticep. 107
Committee for Public Education and Liberty v. Regan (U.S. 1980)p. 109
Common Law and Christianityp. 109
Conscientious Objectorp. 111
Contraceptionp. 118
Criminal Conductp. 123
Cultp. 123
D Davis v. Beason (U.S. 1890)p. 125
Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)p. 125
Deprogramming Casesp. 129
Disestablishmentp. 130
Divisiveness Doctrinep. 132
Divorcep. 134
Doremus v. Board of Education (U.S. 1952)p. 138
Drugsp. 139
Due Process Clausep. 140
E Ecclesiastical Corporationp. 141
Ecclesiastical Courtp. 142
Ecclesiastical Disputesp. 143
Ecclesiastical Lawp. 144
Edwards v. Aguillard (U.S. 1987)p. 145
Employment Division v. Smith (U.S. 1990)p. 147
Endorsement Testp. 148
Engel v. Vitale (U.S. 1962)p. 148
Enlightenmentp. 149
Epperson v. Arkansas (U.S. 1968)p. 150
Established Churchp. 151
Establishment Clausep. 152
Eternal Lawp. 156
Everson v. Board of Education (U.S. 1947)p. 157
Excessive Entanglementp. 158
F Faith Healingp. 161
Family Lawp. 163
Federalismp. 165
Fetal Rightsp. 167
First Amendment (U.S. Constitution)p. 168
Flag Salute Ceremonyp. 173
Foreign Policyp. 174
Frazee v. Illinois Department of Employment Security (U.S. 1989)p. 175
Free Exercise Clausep. 176
Freedom from Religious Persecution Actp. 178
Freedom of Religionp. 179
Fundamental Right, Religious Freedom as ap. 179
G Gillette v. United States (U.S. 1971)p. 181
Goldman v. Weinberger (U.S. 1986)p. 182
Government Aid to Religious Institutionsp. 182
Grand Rapids School District v. Ball (U.S. 1985)p. 188
H Hate Crimesp. 191
Heffron v. International Society for Krishna Consciousness (U.S. 1981)p. 192
Hernandez v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (U.S. 1989)p. 193
Holiday Displaysp. 194
Home Schoolingp. 197
Homosexualityp. 198
I "In God We Trust,"p. 201
J Jimmy Swaggert Ministries v. Board of Equalization (U.S. 1990)p. 203
Johnson v. Robison (U.S. 1974)p. 204
Jones v. Wolf (U.S. 1979)p. 205
Judicial Deferencep. 206
Jury Servicep. 206
L Larkin v. Grendel's Den, Inc. (U.S. 1982)p. 211
Larson v. Valente (U.S. 1982)p. 212
Lemon v. Kurtzman (U.S. 1971)p. 212
Levitt v. Committee for Public Education (U.S. 1973)p. 216
Lynch v. Donnelly (U.S. 1984)p. 216
Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association (U.S. 1988)p. 218
M Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessments (1785)p. 221
Marsh v. Chambers (U.S. 1983)p. 222
Maryland Toleration Act (1649)p. 222
Massachusetts Bay Colonial Charters (1629, 1691)p. 223
McCollum v. Board of Education (U.S. 1948)p. 224
McDaniel v. Paty (U.S. 1978)p. 226
Medical Treatmentp. 227
Minersville School District v. Gobitis (U.S. 1940)p. 229
Mormon Casesp. 230
Mueller v. Allen (U.S. 1983)p. 232
Mutual Abstinencep. 233
N Natural Lawp. 237
Neutrality Standardp. 238
Nonprofit Corporationp. 239
Norwood v. Harrison (U.S. 1973)p. 242
O O'Lone v. Estate of Shabazz (U.S. 1987)p. 245
Original Intentp. 246
P People for the American Way Foundationp. 247
Pierce v. Society of Sisters (U.S. 1925)p. 248
Place of Worshipp. 249
Pledge of Allegiancep. 250
Polygamyp. 251
Prisons and Prisonersp. 252
Privacyp. 252
Private Educationp. 254
Property Tax Exemptionp. 256
Public Forump. 257
Public Officep. 258
Public School Curriculump. 260
Public School Facilities, Access of Religious Groups top. 263
R Racial Discriminationp. 265
Registration of Religious Organizationsp. 266
Released-Time Programsp. 266
Religionp. 268
Religion and Politicsp. 270
Religion in the Workplace Guidelinesp. 271
Religious Belief, Definition ofp. 272
Religious Broadcastingp. 275
Religious Colleges and Universitiesp. 278
Religious Discriminationp. 281
Religious Discrimination in Employmentp. 282
Religious Exemptionsp. 284
Religious Freedomp. 286
Religious Freedom Amendment (1997)p. 286
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (1993)p. 287
Religious Fundamentalismp. 289
Religious Garbp. 291
Religious Instruction in Public Schoolsp. 293
Religious Libertyp. 293
Religious Liberty Protection Actp. 298
Religious Oathsp. 299
Religious Organizationp. 299
Religious Pluralismp. 299
Religious Purposesp. 300
Religious Solicitation, Regulation ofp. 300
Religious Symbols and Languagep. 301
Religious Testsp. 302
Reynolds v. United States (U.S. 1878)p. 303
S School Choicep. 305
School Prayerp. 306
Scopes Trialp. 311
Separationistp. 312
Shared-Time Programsp. 313
Sherbert v. Verner (U.S. 1963)p. 314
Standing to Suep. 316
Stone v. Graham (U.S. 1980)p. 317
Suicidep. 317
Sunday Closing Lawsp. 319
T Tax Exemptionp. 323
Ten Commandmentsp. 325
Texas Monthly Inc. v. Bullock (U.S. 1989)p. 326
Textbooksp. 327
Thomas v. Review Board (U.S. 1981)p. 327
Thornton v. Caldor (U.S. 1985)p. 329
Tilton v. Richardson (U.S. 1971)p. 329
Time, Place, and Manner Restrictionsp. 329
Tithesp. 331
Tony and Susan Alamo Foundation v. Secretary of Labor (U.S. 1985)p. 331
Torcaso v. Watkins (U.S. 1961)p. 331
Torts and Religious Organizationsp. 332
Tuition Tax Deductions or Creditsp. 333
U Unemployment Compensationp. 335
Unenumerated Rightsp. 336
United States v. Ballard (U.S. 1944)p. 337
United States v. Lee (U.S. 1982)p. 338
Universal Declaration of Human Rightsp. 339
V Vaccinationsp. 341
Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom (1777)p. 341
Vouchersp. 344
W "Wall of Separation" Metaphorp. 347
Wallace v. Jaffree (U.S. 1985)p. 349
Walz v. Tax Commission (U.S. 1970)p. 350
Watson v. Jones (U.S. 1872)p. 352
Welsh v. United States (U.S. 1970)p. 353
West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (U.S. 1943)p. 354
Widmar v. Vincent (U.S. 1981)p. 355
Wisconsin v. Yoder (U.S. 1972)p. 355
Witters v. Washington Department of Services (U.S. 1986)p. 357
Wolman v. Walter (U.S. 1977)p. 358
Workplace Religious Freedom Actp. 359
Z Zobrest v. Catalina Foothills School District (U.S. 1993)p. 361
Zone of Permissible Accommodationp. 362
Zoningp. 362
Zorach v. Clausen (U.S. 1952)p. 366
Table of Casesp. 367
Table of Statutesp. 379
For Further Readingp. 381
Indexp. 431
About the Authorp. 453