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The rat and its relation to the public health
United States. Public Health Service.
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Washington : U.S. Govt. Print Off., 1910.
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254 pages : illustrations, diagram, plates (part color) ; 25 cm.
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At head of title: Treasury Department. Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service of the United States.
Introduction, W. Wyman.--Natural history of the rat, D.E. Lantz.--Plague infection in rats, G.W. McCoy.--Rat leprosy, W.R. Brinckerhoff.--Bacterial diseases of the rat other than plague, D.H. Currie.--Organic diseases of the rat, G.W. McCoy.--Ectoparasites of the rat, N. Banks.--Internal parasites of rats and mice in relation to diseases of man. C.W. Stiles and C.G. Crane.--Compendium of animal parasites reported for rats and mice, C.W. Stiles and A. Hassall.--Flea and its relation to plague, C. Fox.--Rodents in relation to transmission of bubonic plague, R. Blue.--Rodent extermination, W.C. Rucker.--Natural enemies of the rat, D.E. Lantz.--Rat-proofing as an anti-plague measure, R.H. Creel.--Inefficiency of bacterial viruses in the extermination of rats, M.J. Rosenau.--Plague eradication in cities by sectional extermination of rats and general rat-proofing, V.G. Heiser.--The rat in relation to shipping, W.C. Hobdy.--The rat as an economic factor, D.E. Lantz.--The rat in relation to international sanitation. J.W. Kerr.
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