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A practical guide to combinatorial chemistry
A practical guide to combinatorial chemistry
Czarnik, Anthony W., 1957-
Publication Information:
Washington, DC : American Chemical Society, [1997]

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xiv, 450 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction : combinatorial chemistry approaches the next millennium / Walter H. Moos -- Using computational tools to analyze molecular diversity / Peter Willett -- The context of solid-phase synthesis / George Barany and Maria Kempe -- Synthesis tools for solid-phase synthesis / John S. Kiely ... [et al.] -- On-resin analysis in combinatorial chemistry / Michael J. Shapiro, Mengfen Lin, and Bing Yan -- Deconvolution tools for solid-phase synthesis / John J. Baldwin and Roland Dolle -- Synthesis tools for solution-phase synthesis / Ted L. Underiner and John R. Peterson -- Analytical tools for solution-phase synthesis / Christopher E. Kibbey -- Deconvolution tools in solution-phase synthesis / Xavier Williard and André Tartar -- Equipment for the high-throughput organic synthesis of chemical libraries / Ralph A. Rivero, Michael N. Greco, and Bruce E. Maryanoff -- Automated approaches to reaction optimization / Jonathan S. Lindsey -- Application of automated parallel synthesis / Adnan M.M. Mjalli -- Information management / Steven M. Muskal -- Screening of combinatorial libraries / F.F. Craig -- Summary / Sheila H. DeWitt and Anthony W. Czarnik.
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