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The Isherwood century : essays on the life and work of Christopher Isherwood
Berg, James J.
Publication Information:
Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, [2000]

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xviii, 293 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Who is Christopher Isherwood? / Katherine Bucknell -- Isherwood in Los Angeles / Dan Luckenbill -- In the blink of and eye: evolving with Christopher Isherwood / Stathis Orphanos -- Ish circa 1959-1963 / Michael S. Harper -- Reading from Isherwood's letter circa 1959-1963 / Michael S. Harper -- Gay Isherwood visits straight Riverside / Robert Peters -- My Isherwood, My Bachardy / Carolyn G. Heilbrun -- "Write it down or it's lost": Isherwood as mentor / James P. White -- A life open to art / Don Bachardy -- Portrait of the artist as companion: interviews with Don Bachardy / Niladri R. Chatterjee -- Frankenstein: the true story: the artist as "monster" / Katharine M. Morsberger and Robert E. Morsberger -- Pool in rocks by the sea: Isherwood and Bachardy / Edmund White -- Deathwatch / Donald N. Mager -- Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry, and anti-ancestral impulses in the Memorial / James Kelley -- In a populous city: Isherwood in the thirties / Antony Shuttleworth -- The dog beneath the schoolboy's skin: Isherwood, Auden, and fascism / William Ostrem -- Documentary dilemmas: shifting fronts in Journey to a war / Marsha Bryant -- Strategically minor: Isherwood's revision of Forster's mythology / Stephen da Silva -- A Single man, then and now / David Garnes -- Isherwood and the violet quill / David Bergman -- Christopher under the wishing tree / P. Shneidre -- Christopher Isherwood in jail / David Garrett Izzo -- "Always dance": sex and salvation in Isherwood's Vedantism / John McFarland -- The path that leads to safety: spiritual renewal and autobiographical narrative / Mario Faraone -- "The wandering stopped" an interview with Christopher Isherwood/ Carola M. Kaplan.

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