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Steiner's complete how to move handbook
Steiner, Clyde.
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Revised second edition.
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San Francisco, CA : IIP Consumer Series, [1999]

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xvii, 346 pages : forms ; 22 cm
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Foremost guide solves the problems of relocating, with solid, real world information.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. v
Contentsp. vii
Prefacep. xvi
Introductionp. xvii
1. Taking Control From the Beginningp. 1
Dealing with the Dangers of Indecisionp. 1
Ambivalence Is Not a Mythical Beastp. 2
The Science of Site Selectionp. 3
Using Site Selection Techniquesp. 3
The Six Most Important City Selection Factorsp. 4
Sample City Evaluatorp. 4
Job Availability
Entertainment Leisure
Cost of Living
Social Life
Children's World
Sample City Evaluator Notesp. 7
Budgeting Your New Locationp. 9
Drafting Your Decision / Action Timetablep. 10
2. Family Issuesp. 12
Psyching Up the Whole Family for Changep. 12
Time Out for the Day School Dancep. 13
Anticipating Children's Concernsp. 14
When a Move Is Not Decided
Separation Questions
Tips and Traps for Parents
When It May Be Right to Leave an Older Child Behind
The "Trailing Spouse" Syndromep. 18
Solving the Dependent Relative Dilemmap. 20
How to Help--Some Points to Consider
Financing Exotica to the Rescue
Health Hurdlesp. 23
Of Pets and Pitfallsp. 23
Paws On the Road
3. Alternativesp. 28
Relocation Strategies for Getting Your Feet Wet Without Getting in Over Your Headp. 28
Alternative Possibilitiesp. 29
The Commute Move
Relocation-Research Vacation
The Trial Move: The Ins and Outs of Home Trades and Term Rentals
Renting Your Home Unfurnished
The Nuts and Boltsp. 36
Getting Your Home Ready
Marketing Your Term Rental Or Trade
Finding Accommodations
Credit Checks and Referrals
Written Agreements
Leave-Behind Checklists
4. Fending Off Mr. Taxmanp. 43
The Good News and the Bad Newsp. 43
Deductions, Deductions, Deductionsp. 44
Job Search Deductionsp. 44
Three Disqualifiers
Health-Related Deductionsp. 45
Moving Expense Deductionsp. 46
Deduction Qualification Tests
Distance Calculations
"Trial Move" Pitfalls
The "Commute Move" Quandary
What You Can Deduct
Reimbursement Income
Change of Address, Payment Coupons and Refundsp. 51
State Deductionsp. 51
The Homeowner's Hip Hop Tax Dancep. 52
The Home Purchase--Mr. Taxman Applauds the Kickoff
Low Income
First Time Homebuyer Goodies
MCC Tax Credit Rules
Lender's Origination Fees
Loan Origination Fee Deduction Tests
The Old Home Sale--The IRS Gives a Flourish of Trumpets
All Around Preferential Treatment
Treating the Profits As Capital Gain
Installment Sale
And Now... a $500,000 Salute!p. 56
Some Home Sale Tax Exclusion Terms You Need to Know
Qualifying Tests
The Downsidep. 58
Conversion of Home to Rental Property
Strategies for Homeowners--Some Cautionary Talesp. 59
State Deductionsp. 60
Further Informationp. 61
5. Employment Considerationsp. 62
Long-Distance Job-Hunt Strategiesp. 62
Three Scenarios
Job Search Tactics
Negotiating Your Best Deal with Your Employerp. 65
Getting Yours and "Reasonable" Requests
Transferee and New-Hire Bargaining Points
Note to Retirees, "Rightsizing" Victims, and Resignation Candidates
Pension Plan Distributions--New Requirementsp. 70
6. Giving Up the Old Homesteadp. 71
Dealing with the Leviathan Landlordp. 71
Moving Out Before Your Lease Is Up
Move-Out Notice
"Key" Money
Cleanup Tips
Move-Out Inspection
Delayed Deposit Refund Strategies
Putting Your House On the Marketp. 75
Doing the Hot-Market/Soft-Market Shuffle
Seller's Remorse
Timing Your Sale
Sample Trend Indicatorp. 78
Selling It Yourself Vs. Using an Agentp. 80
Selecting an Agent
Bonus Programs and Services
Discount Agencies
Points to Cover When Interviewing Prospective Agentsp. 83
Listing Presentations--Your Inside Track to Marketing Knowhowp. 83
Setting Listing Price and Termsp. 85
The Seller's Property Disclosure Form--Friend Or Foe?p. 86
Length of Time for a Listingp. 86
Traps to Watch for When Previewing the Contractp. 87
The Other Experts On Your Sales Teamp. 87
Seller's Inspections--Are they Worth the Money?p. 90
To Fix or Not To Fix
Open House Tipsp. 93
Offer, Offer, Who's Got an Offer?p. 94
Evaluating Competing Offers
Backup Offers
The Escrow Timetable--Avoiding Last-Minute Surprisesp. 97
What to Do if You Have to Move in Two Weeks and Your Home Hasn't Sold Yetp. 98
Finding Out Why--a Diagnostic Toolp. 98
Asking Price Too High
Unusual Property
Agent Ineffectiveness
Fast Move/Soft-Market Optionsp. 100
Company Buyout
Leave It on the Market
Limited-Term Rental
Offer Seller Financing with Installment Sales and Carrybacks
Offer a Lease Option
Auction Your Home
Offer a Deep Discount
Lender Workout or Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
7. Your Plan-Ahead Strategyp. 105
Establishing a Preliminary Forwarding Addressp. 105
A Change-of-Address Do-It-Yourself Kit
Mail Forwarding Alternatives
Email Forwarding
Letting People Know
Organization Basics--Three Stepsp. 109
Internet Siftingp. 110
Follow the Yellow Page Roadp. 111
The Newspaper Checklistp. 116
Treasure Hunt Helpersp. 118
Overseas Optionsp. 119
Dollar Basics--Deciding What to Spendp. 120
Determining Market Valuep. 120
The Gold-Plated Bath room
New vs. Existing Homes
Single Family, Condo
Co-op, Duplex
Floor Plan
Location, Location, Location
The Five Intangible Neighborhood Value Indicators
The Three Maps You Absolutely Must Havep. 130
Rental / Home Price Neighborhood Keysp. 130
Rental/Home Price Neighborhood Keys
Area Map with Transportation
Detailed Area Map with Facilities
Customizing Your Mapsp. 132
8. Finding the New Homesteadp. 133
Tried and True Methods for Finding the Perfect Rentalp. 133
Temporary Quarters
Long Term Rentals
Rental Agents, Buyer's Agents, and Other Helpful Soulsp. 135
Rental Agent
No Agent
Traditional Agent vs. Buyer's Agent
Discount Agent
Mounting a No-Fear Attack On Financingp. 141
The Myths of Mortgage
Getting Preapproved
Choices, Choices, Choices
Below Market Rate Loans
Savvy Loan Shopping
Little Details to Sell Yourself to Prospective Landlords and Lendersp. 146
Credit Checks
Referral Letters
Children's Photos
Pet Resume
Cutting Vehicle Red Tapep. 147
Vehicle Requirements
Overseas Considerations
9. The New Nestp. 150
The One-Week Homehunting Blitz Tripp. 150
Advance Reconnaissance
Scheduling Specifics
How to Succeed at Effective Hanging Around
Credit Record Redox
Negotiatingp. 156
The Supersweet Rental Deal
Soft-Market Guidelines
Regular Market Guidelines
Down-and-Dirty Bargain Hunting for Renters and Buyersp. 158
The Far-Out Fixer-Upper
The Overimproved Home The New Built
"Up-and-Coming" Neighborhoods
The Savvy Investor's Neighborhood
Probates, Foreclosures, and Corporate-Owned Properties
Owner Motivators
Renter's Follow-Up Strategiesp. 166
Move-in Challenges
Getting Insured
Buyer's Follow-Up Strategiesp. 167
Calling in the Cavalry--Prepurchase Property Inspections
Advanced Negotiations and Alternative Financing Tactics
Buyer's Remorse
Making Your Close Happen
What to Do if You Start Work Tomorrow and You Still Don't Have a New Homep. 176
10. Moving Company Tips and Trapsp. 178
The Two Basic Questionsp. 178
Calculating Costs with Steiners Furniture Checklistp. 179
Deciding What to Leave Behindp. 180
The One-Fell-Swoop (Clyde's) Method
The Sneak-Up-On-'Em-in-Small-Forays (Shari's) Method
The Household Hazardous Waste Hurdle
What's Moving Going to Cost?p. 182
The Five Elements of Costp. 182
How Much Stuff
How Far You're Moving
Tricky Stuff
Tricky Locations
Physical Work Involved
Weighing Move-It-Yourself Optionsp. 188
Selection Criteria
Moving Company Profilesp. 189
North American
Selection Interviewing Tipsp. 191
General Impression
Packing Charges
Payment Policy
Important Services
Estimating Policy
Discounts Timeframe
Insurance--Moving Companies
Storage in Transit (SIT)
Alternative Shippers
Nailing Down the Best Contractp. 197
Evaluate the Market
Don't Lose Your Cool
The Power of Reputation
The Power of Competition
Ending On the Upbeat
Alternative Shipping Possibilitiesp. 198
Air Cargo
Auto Transport
Freight Consolidating
Freight Forwarding
Mailing Services
Packaging Services
Packing and Crating Services
Rail Companies
Steamships and Freighters
United Parcel Service (Ups) Ground
U.S. Third-Class Mail and Parcel Post
11. How to Arrive with Your Aunt Sally's Teapot and Your Sanity Intactp. 203
Packing Strategiesp. 203
Pack Kids and Pets First
The Moving Company Does It
Packing-It-Yourself Options
Packing Materials
Organizationp. 208
General Guidelines
Work Assignments
Pacing Yourself
Box Preparation
Self-Packing Containers
Heavy Items
Flat Items
Telephone Books
Drapes and Curtains
Large Appliances
Small Appliances
Electronic Equipment
Medicine and Food Containers
Van Loadingp. 215
My Take-It-with-Me Tote--a Checklistp. 215
Trip Tipsp. 217
Safety First
Avoiding the Kids' "Are We there Yet?" Dirge
When to Tipp. 220
Unpacking and Claims that Get Resultsp. 221
12. Settling Inp. 223
Five Calls You Absolutely Must Make Within Twenty-Four Hours of Moving Inp. 223
Friend or Relative
Church/Club Or Charity
Kids' Club
Family Activity
Sports Facilities
Child Customizing From Day Onep. 224
Pet Customizing Toop. 226
And the Fun Part... Customizing for Youp. 226
A Basic Kitchen Starter Kit
Dishes and Cookware
Bargain Hunting
Child's Schoolp. 228
When to Worry
Your New Jobp. 231
Build Knowledge
Build Commitment
Take Action
Your New Local Telephone Bookp. 232
The Housewarming Partyp. 233
13. Your Countdown Moving Timetable: What to Do Whenp. 234
Twenty-Four to Twelve Months in Advancep. 234
Six to Twelve Months in Advancep. 235
Five to Six Months in Advancep. 235
Three to Four Months in Advancep. 236
Two to Three Months in Advancep. 237
One to Two Months in Advancep. 238
Moving Weekp. 241
First Monthp. 242
Appendix A. Fill-in Evaluator Chartsp. 244
City Evaluatorp. 245
Seller's Real Estate Agent Evaluatorp. 247
Buyer's Real Estate Agent Evaluatorp. 250
Neighborhood Evaluatorp. 253
Home Evaluatorp. 254
Loan Evaluatorp. 255
Moving Company/Options Evaluatorp. 256
Do-It-Yourself Moving Evaluatorp. 257
Appendix B. Check Listsp. 258
Alternative Move Listsp. 259
Home Trade Move-In/Move-Out Check Listp. 259
Info/ Emergency/ People/ Phone Listp. 261
Fun Things to Do Listp. 263
Bill Tracking List - Arrivalp. 264
Bill Tracking List - Departurep. 264
Change of Address Check Listp. 265
Renter's Move-in / Move-Out Condition Listp. 267
Escrow Timetable Check Listp. 271
Steiner's Furniture Check Listp. 274
Hazardous Household Waste Listp. 288
Contact Resourcesp. 289
Appendix C. A Listing of National, International Telephone and Internet Contact Sourcesp. 289
Taking Control General Information Sourcesp. 290
Alternate Move Lead Sourcesp. 292
Consumer Economic Assistance and Informationp. 294
Family Health Information and Servicesp. 296
Home Buying, Renting and Auxiliary Servicesp. 299
Job Hunt, Business and Entrepreneur Servicesp. 303
Catalogs for Odds and Ends As You Settle inp. 308
Outdoor and Getaway Informationp. 308
Relocation and Moving Publications and Servicesp. 309
Budgeting Basicsp. 311
Appendix D. Budgeting Basicsp. 311
Monthly Budget Estimatorp. 312
Moving Related IRS Tax Information Publicationsp. 314
The Why's and Wherefore's of Tax Form 3903p. 316
Sample Tax Form 3903p. 317
Fixer-Upper Budget Estimatorp. 318
Loan Payment Calculator for Each $1000 of Loanp. 319
Loan Qualification Worksheetp. 321
Loan Qualification Look-Up Tablesp. 323
Sample Textsp. 325
Appendix E. Sample Correspondence, Agreements and Negotiating Highlightsp. 325
Sample Alternative Move Correspondencep. 326
Sample Home Trade Query Letterp. 327
Sample Potential Occupancy Agreement Letterp. 328
Acknowledgmentp. 332
Sample Personal/Business Referral Letterp. 333
Verification of Credit and Incomep. 334
Landlord/Tenant Move Out/Deposit Refund Agreementp. 337
Seller's Property Disclosurep. 338
Legal Forms and Information Source Listp. 344
Forms On Paperp. 344
Forms On Disk to Use with Personal Computersp. 344
Additional Sources of Legal Informationp. 345
Other Steiners Complete Information Materialsp. 348
Steiners Complete How-to-Talk Mortgage Talk
Electronic Mortgage Hunter Kit IBM Computer Disk Packed with the Software and Contacts You Need for All Electronic Mortgage Hunting and Analysis