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Your two-year-old
O'Connell, Diane.
First edition.
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New York : St. Martin's Griffin, [2000]

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175 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
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Parents (Bergenfield, N.J.)
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From America's #1 family magazine, a guide to your two-year-old's emotional and cognitive milestones.

Every day is an exciting journey when you're the parent of a two-year-old. In As They Grow: Your Two-Year-Old , the expert editors of Parents magazine tell you what your child is thinking and feeling throughout the remarkable third year-and how you can foster a safe, nurturing environment in which your child can thrive.

Each chapter focuses on a unique developmental milestone-from language development to learning to share and mastering patience. As They Grow prepares you for everyday changes in your child's evolving behavior by explaining what your child is experiencing from her perspective-her anxiety, challenges, and excitement. Knowing what your toddler is going through, you'll learn the most productive ways of supporting her as she moves from utter dependence to increasing independence and from self-centeredness to socialization. This thorough resource also provides practical advice on dealing with common yet complicated issues such as yourchild's increasing gender awareness, toilet-teaching, and even jealousy upon the arrival of a younger sibling.

Each chapter highlights four main areas:
- Developmental Milestone (what you can expect)
- Conflict (changes in behavior that result from this milestone)
- You and Your Child (how this stage of development affects you as a parent)
- Helping Your Child Grow (strategies, games, and activities that enhance development)

Informative, recurring features include:
- How It Feels to Be Me (common scenarios explained from a child's perspective)
- Do Say/Don't Say (scripts of appropriate and inappropriate responses to various situations)
- Safety First (childproofing and parent alerts)
- Is There a Problem? (signs of possible developmental delays)

Author Notes

Diane O'Connell, an award-winning journalist, is a former senior editor for Sesame Street Parents and Family Life magazines

Table of Contents

Sally Lee
Forewordp. 10
Let me go (hold me tight)!: Your two-year-old's quest for independencep. 11
Developmental Milestone: A sense of ownershipp. 16
Your two-year-old's favorite wordp. 16
Conflict: Independence versus abilityp. 17
You and Your Child: How your child's independence affects youp. 20
Helping Your Child Grow: Nurturing independencep. 23
Toys and activities to enhance your child's independencep. 25
Listen to me!: Your two-year-old's communication skillsp. 27
Developmental Milestone: Building languagep. 28
Discovering the power of languagep. 29
Conflict: Getting the word outp. 31
Language and learningp. 32
You and Your Child: Sharing communicationp. 34
Patience pays offp. 36
The value of language in your relationshipp. 37
Language timetablesp. 38
Helping Your Child Grow: Aiding communicationp. 39
Toys to enhance your child's languagep. 43
Watch me learn!: Your two-year-old's intellectual growthp. 44
Developmental Milestone: Play with a purposep. 45
The role of physical development in learningp. 46
The use of routinesp. 48
Why ask "why?"p. 49
Early mathp. 50
How make-believe play helps learningp. 51
Conflict: The limits of understandingp. 52
You and Your Child: Keeping up with each otherp. 55
The "natural" way to increase your child's knowledgep. 56
Helping Your Child Grow: Adding to your child's discoveriesp. 56
My many moods: Your two-year-old's emotional developmentp. 60
Developmental Milestone: The beginning of empathyp. 62
Oh, those mood swings!p. 62
Anger and jealousyp. 65
Conflict: Handling emotionsp. 67
You and Your Child: How your child's moods affect youp. 67
Helping Your Child Grow: Giving your child an emotional vocabularyp. 70
Cutting down on angry outburstsp. 72
Counteracting jealousyp. 73
Books about feelingsp. 74
How I view the world: Your two-year-old's personalityp. 76
Developmental Milestone: The emergence of personalityp. 77
The easy childp. 78
The slow-to-warm-up childp. 79
The challenging childp. 80
The active childp. 81
Conflict: Pleasing you and still being herselfp. 82
Setting up playdates for your two-year-oldp. 83
You and Your Child: How your temperaments work togetherp. 86
You and your easy childp. 87
You and your slow-to-warm-up childp. 87
You and your challenging childp. 89
You and your active childp. 90
Helping Your Child Grow: Working with your child's personalityp. 90
The easy childp. 91
The slow-to-warm-up childp. 91
The challenging childp. 92
The active childp. 95
Why I act the way I do: Your two-year-old's behaviorp. 96
Developmental Milestone: Anticipating your reactionsp. 97
Who's in charge?p. 97
Common misbehaviorsp. 99
Dawdling and whiningp. 99
Conflict: Being "good" but not knowing whyp. 100
You and Your Child: Determining what's importantp. 101
Handling your own angerp. 104
Helping Your Child Grow: Disciplining effectivelyp. 105
Establishing routinesp. 105
Choosing your battlesp. 107
Catching your child being goodp. 108
Fostering patience and delaying gratificationp. 109
Limiting misbehaviorp. 110
Dealing with dawdlingp. 110
Preventing whiningp. 111
Ending bedtime battlesp. 112
Taming tantrumsp. 113
Curbing aggressive behaviorp. 115
My fears and nightmares: What makes your two-year-old afraidp. 117
Developmental Milestone: Understanding and imaginationp. 118
Where do fears come from?p. 119
The nature of nightmaresp. 120
Conflict: Understanding fearp. 122
You and Your Child: Your feelings about your child's fearsp. 124
Helping your child grow: Overcoming fearsp. 126
For nightmares or bedtime fearsp. 128
Making Halloween less scaryp. 129
How I relate to people: How your two-year-old interacts with othersp. 130
Developmental Milestone: Developing friendshipsp. 131
Other important relationshipsp. 132
Your child's relationship with youp. 134
Conflict: Social graces versus emotional needsp. 135
You and Your Child: Sharing your childp. 136
Helping Your Child Grow: Enhancing his relationshipsp. 138
Teaching your child to sharep. 138
Helping your two-year-old bond with a new siblingp. 143
Building the connection with grandparentsp. 144
My body, my self: Your two-year-old's body and gender awarenessp. 147
Developmental Milestone: Noticing gender differencesp. 148
The body as factoryp. 149
Conflict: Choosing a gender identityp. 150
Gender confusion and gender rolesp. 152
Haircuts without tearsp. 152
You and Your Child: Handling your feelings about masturbationp. 153
Helping Your Child Grow: Laying the groundwork for sexual healthp. 154
Answering your child's questionsp. 156
Broadening your child's view of genderp. 157
It's potty time!: Your two-year-old and toilet-learningp. 160
Developmental Milestone: Your toddler's readiness for toilet-learningp. 161
Conflict: Which urge to give in to?p. 162
You and Your Child: Toilet-teaching without tearsp. 163
Be prepared for setbacksp. 164
When to ease upp. 165
Helping Your Child Grow: Toilet-teaching strategiesp. 167
If your older two-year-old is resistantp. 170
Respect your child's uniquenessp. 172