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The complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
McFedries, Paul.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [2000]

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xiii, 392 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 2000 Professional is a completely new book that is now even better at making you feel comfortable while learning to use Windows 2000 Professional. An irreverent, light, writing style presents the much-needed information without weighing you down with unnecessary details. This new edition features complete coverage of many new Windows 2000 Professional features including Web integration, Plug and Play, notebook features, Internet Connection Wizard, Internet Explorer 5.0, and Outlook Express 5.0.

Author Notes

Paul McFedries is the President of Logophilia Limited.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
The Parts Department: What's in the Bookp. 2
Features for a Fun and Fulfilling Readp. 3
Part 1 Why 2K: An Introduction to Windows 2000p. 5
1 New News Is Good News: New Windows 2000 Featuresp. 7
The "Look-and-Feel" Looks and Feels a Bit Differentp. 8
The Internet Is Closer Than Everp. 12
Windows 2000 Gets Along with Notebook Computers (Finally!)p. 13
New and Improved Hardware Supportp. 14
Shiny, New Networking Featuresp. 15
What Happenedp. 16
2 A Field Guide to Windows 2000 for the Uninitiatedp. 17
Taking a Look Aroundp. 18
A Quick Mouse Coursep. 21
Making Things Happenp. 23
Getting Programs off the Groundp. 23
The Multitasking Thing: Switching from One Program to Anotherp. 24
Pushing Around a Program I Using Drop-Down Menusp. 26
Pushing Around a Program II Using Toolbarsp. 27
Pushing Around a Program III Using Dialog Boxesp. 28
Shutting Down a Programp. 31
What It's All About: Windows 2000's Windowsp. 31
Dealing with Documentsp. 33
Shutting Down Windows 2000p. 36
What Happenedp. 37
Part 2 Getting Work Done in Windows 2000p. 39
3 Using My Computer to Work with Files and Foldersp. 41
Getting to Know Your Computer Using My Computerp. 42
To and Fro: Navigating My Computerp. 44
Easier Navigating with the Folders Listp. 46
Some Routine File and Folder Maintenancep. 47
Creating a New File or Folderp. 47
Selecting Files and Foldersp. 47
Copying and Moving Files and Foldersp. 49
Renaming a File or Folderp. 51
Deleting Files and Foldersp. 51
Searching for Long-Lost Filesp. 52
How Web Integration Changes My Computerp. 55
What Happenedp. 56
4 Prose Programs: Windows 2000's Writing Toolsp. 57
Using Notepad for Garden-Variety Text Filesp. 58
Using WordPad for Fancier Word Processing Filesp. 60
WordPad and Word-Processing Filesp. 61
Tip Sheet: Text-Selection Tricksp. 62
Fontsp. 62
Paragraphsp. 64
Bulletsp. 66
Tabsp. 67
Finding and Replacing Textp. 68
Using Character Map for Foreign Characters and Other Symbolsp. 69
What Happenedp. 70
5 From Vapor to Paper: Printing Documentsp. 71
Got a New Printer? Tell Windows 2000 About It!p. 72
Setting Up Your Pages for Printingp. 76
Doing the Printing Thingp. 77
The Basic Printing Stepsp. 77
Other Ways to Print Stuffp. 79
Playing Around with Print Jobsp. 80
What Happenedp. 81
6 A Movable Feast: Windows 2000 and Your Notebook Computerp. 83
Better Battery Life Through Power Managementp. 84
Synchronizing Files Between Your Notebook and Another Computerp. 86
Working with Those Little PC Card Doodadsp. 89
Popping In a PC Card Devicep. 90
Yanking Out a PC Card Devicep. 91
Setting Up a Direct Connection Between the Two Computersp. 91
Step 1 Configure the Host Computerp. 92
Step 2 Configure the Guest Computerp. 93
Making the Connectionp. 94
Direct Connections and the Briefcasep. 94
Disconnecting from the Hostp. 95
What Happenedp. 95
7 Picture Programs: Windows 2000's Graphic Toolsp. 97
Giving Your Right Brain a Workout with Paintp. 98
A Tour of the Paint Studiop. 98
Tool Time: How to Use the Paint Toolsp. 99
I've Got a Cutout--Now What?p. 104
Big, Bigger, Biggest: Seeing More of Your Drawingp. 106
Setting the Image Attributesp. 107
Taking a "Picture" of the Screenp. 107
Being Digital: Using Scanners and Digital Camerasp. 108
Installing a Scanner or Digital Camerap. 109
Capturing Digital Imagesp. 109
What Happenedp. 111
8 The Sights and Sounds of Windows 2000 Multimediap. 113
We Are Merely Players: Playing Multimedia Filesp. 114
Using Media Player to Play Movie and Sound Filesp. 115
Using CD Player to Play Audio CDsp. 117
Using DVD Player to Play DVD Moviesp. 120
Getting the Volume Just Rightp. 122
Assigning Sounds to Things Windows 2000 Doesp. 124
On the Air: Recording Your Own Sound Filesp. 125
What Happenedp. 127
Part 3 Getting Connected I: The Web, Email, and Morep. 129
9 Modem Operandi: Setting Up Your Modemp. 131
Lines and Transfers and Bits, Oh My!p. 132
Getting Your Modem Ready for Actionp. 136
Installing the Modemp. 137
Modems and Phone Cablesp. 138
A Checkup: Running the Modem Diagnosticsp. 139
Modem Modifications: Some Settings You Hopefully Won't Need to Setp. 139
Where You're At: Setting Up Dialing Locationsp. 143
Area Code Rules, Dude!p. 145
Using Long Distance and Calling Card Dialingp. 146
What Happenedp. 148
10 Using Your Modem for Faxing and Phone Dialingp. 149
Stop the Presses! Modem Dials Phone!p. 150
How to Turn Your PC into a Fax Machinep. 153
Shipping Out a Faxp. 153
Creating a Fax Cover Pagep. 156
Receiving a Faxp. 159
Using Imaging to Annotate a Faxp. 163
A Few Fax Optionsp. 165
What Happenedp. 166
11 Getting on the Internetp. 167
Interstate I1 Setting Up a New Accountp. 168
Interstate I2 Transferring an Existing Accountp. 170
Interstate I3 Setting Up an Existing Account Manuallyp. 170
Not Done Yet: Setting Up Your Internet Email Accountp. 173
Making the Connectionp. 174
Now What? Windows 2000's Internet Featuresp. 176
What Happenedp. 176
12 Weaving Your Way Through the World Wide Webp. 179
Exploring Internet Explorerp. 180
Basic Web Navigation Techniquesp. 181
Techniques for Efficient Web Gallivantingp. 183
Saving Sites for Subsequent Surfs: Managing Your Favoritesp. 183
Order Out of Chaos: Searching for Sitesp. 185
Bread Crumbs in Cyberspace: Using the History Listp. 188
The Unwired Surfer: Reading Pages Offlinep. 190
"What If I Want to Use Netscape?"p. 192
What Happenedp. 193
13 Everybody's Doing It: Sending and Receiving Email Messagesp. 195
Getting Started with Outlook Expressp. 196
Using Outlook Express to Send an Email Messagep. 197
Composing the Messagep. 197
Populating the Address Bookp. 200
Creating Signaturesp. 201
Inserting Attachments and Other Hangers-Onp. 202
Some Useful Sending Optionsp. 203
Using Outlook Express to Get and Read Emailp. 204
Receiving Incoming Messagesp. 205
Reading Your Messagesp. 205
Dealing with Attachmentsp. 207
What to Do with a Message After You've Read Itp. 207
Using Rules to Filter Out Boneheads and Boresp. 209
What Happenedp. 210
14 More Online Conversations: Newsgroups and Internet Phone Callsp. 213
Using Outlook Express to Participate in Newsgroupsp. 214
Setting Up a News Accountp. 214
Understanding Newsgroup Nomenclaturep. 216
Subscribing to a Newsgroupp. 217
Downloading Newsgroup Messagesp. 218
Posting a Message to a Newsgroupp. 219
Using Phone Dialer to Make Phone Calls over the Internetp. 220
Using NetMeeting to Make Phone Calls over the Internetp. 222
Some Relatively Painless Configuration Choresp. 222
Placing a Callp. 225
NetMeeting SpeedDialingp. 226
Other Things You Can Do After You're Connectedp. 227
What Happenedp. 228
Part 4 Tailoring Windows 2000 to Suit Your Stylep. 229
15 Redoing the Desktopp. 231
Background Check: Changing the Desktop Backgroundp. 232
Wallpapering the Desktopp. 232
Creating Your Own Wallpaperp. 233
Something a Little Different: A Desktop Patternp. 234
Makeover Time: Changing the Desktop Colors and Fontsp. 236
The Active Desktop: Your Desktop As a Web Pagep. 237
"Effectations": Changing Desktop Icons and Visual Effectsp. 239
Changing the Screen Area and Color Depthp. 242
What Happenedp. 244
16 Revamping the Start Menu and Taskbarp. 245
A Smart Start: Reconstructing the Start Menup. 246
What's with These Crazy New Menus?p. 246
Toggling Some Start Menu Settings On and Offp. 247
Adding Your Own Start Menu Items (and Removing Them, Too)p. 249
The "Advanced" Route (Not!): The Start Menu Folderp. 251
Even Easier Ways to Mess with the Start Menup. 253
Renovating the Taskbarp. 253
Shifting the Taskbar Aroundp. 253
Some Useful Taskbar Optionsp. 254
Refurbishing the Quick Launch Toolbarp. 255
Displaying and Tweaking Taskbar Toolbarsp. 256
Creating Your Own Toolbarsp. 257
What Happenedp. 257
17 Making My Computer Your Ownp. 259
Points of View: Changing the My Computer Viewp. 259
Bar-Gains: Toggling My Computer's Bars On and Offp. 260
Customizing the Standard Buttons Toolbarp. 261
Views You Can Use: Changing How Folders and Files Are Displayedp. 264
Ordering My Computer Around: Sorting Filesp. 265
Start Spreading the Views: Applying a View to All Foldersp. 266
A Folder Face-Lift: Customizing a Folderp. 266
Refurbishing the Folder Background and Textp. 267
Adding a Folder Commentp. 268
Changing the Web View Folder Templatep. 269
What Happenedp. 270
18 Installing Software and Hardwarep. 273
From There to Here: Installing a Programp. 273
From Here to Nowhere: Uninstalling a Programp. 275
Adding On: Installing a Hardware Devicep. 277
Understanding Hardware Typesp. 278
Running the Add/Remove Hardware Wizardp. 281
Troubleshooting a Devicep. 284
Upgrading a Device Driverp. 284
Removing a Devicep. 286
What Happenedp. 286
Part 5 Taking Care of Your Systemp. 289
19 Backing Up Your Data (The Better-Safe-Than-Sorry Department)p. 291
Backing Up: Some Things to Considerp. 292
Creating and Running a Backup Jobp. 295
Using the Backup Wizardp. 296
Creating a Backup Job with Your Bare Handsp. 297
Saving and Reusing Backup Jobsp. 298
Staying Regular: Scheduling Backup Jobsp. 299
Preparing for the Worst: System Recovery Optionsp. 301
Creating an Emergency Repair Diskp. 301
Recovering Your Systemp. 301
Recovering Files from a Backup Jobp. 302
Using the Restore Wizardp. 302
Restoring Files by Handp. 303
What Happenedp. 304
20 Painless System Maintenance Choresp. 305
Cleaning House: Using Disk Cleanup to Delete Junk Filesp. 306
Keeping Your Hard Disk Humming with Check Diskp. 308
Tidying Up Your Hard Disk with Disk Defragmenterp. 310
Setting Up a System Maintenance Schedulep. 313
Keeping Up with the Windows Joneses: The Windows Update Web Sitep. 317
What Happenedp. 319
Part 6 Getting Connected II: Windows 2000 and Networkingp. 321
21 Using Windows 2000 to Set Up a Small Networkp. 323
Basic Network Know-Howp. 324
Stuff You Need: Understanding Network Hardwarep. 324
The Connection Point: The Network Interface Cardp. 325
The Connection: The Network Cablep. 326
Deciding How to Structure Your Networkp. 328
The Star Structurep. 329
The Bus Structurep. 329
Decisions, Decisions: What Route Should You Take?p. 330
Getting a Machine Network-Readyp. 331
Some Notes About Networking and the Windows 2000 Setupp. 331
"Look, Ma, No Hands!" Networkingp. 332
The Five-Step Network Setupp. 333
What Happenedp. 337
22 Using Windows 2000's Networking Featuresp. 339
Startup Stuff: Logging On to Your Computerp. 340
Your Starting Point: The My Network Places Folderp. 341
Workgroupies: Notes About Permissions and Usersp. 342
Sharing Your Resources So Other Folks Can Play with Themp. 343
Sharing Folders and Disksp. 344
The "In" Crowd: Setting Permissionsp. 345
Sharing a Printerp. 347
Sharing an Internet Connectionp. 349
Playing with Other Folks' Shared Resourcesp. 350
Setting Up Network Placesp. 351
Making Network Folders Look Like Drives on Your Computerp. 352
Printing over the Networkp. 352
You Can Take It with You: Working with Offline Filesp. 354
Making Network Files Available Offlinep. 354
Synchronizing the Offline Files with the Network Filesp. 355
What Happenedp. 356
23 Road Scholar: Using Dial-Up Network Connectionsp. 359
Setting Up a Network Computer to Accept Incoming Callsp. 360
Running the Network Connection Wizardp. 360
Making Adjustments for Incoming Connectionsp. 361
Creating a Dial-Up Connection to Your Networkp. 362
The Network Connection Wizard Reduxp. 363
Making Adjustments for the Dial-Up Connectionp. 363
Making the Connectionp. 366
What Happenedp. 367
Glossaryp. 369