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For women only! : your guide to health empowerment
Null, Gary.
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Seven Stories Press first edition.
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New York : Seven Stories Press, [1999]

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xxiv, 1573 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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Both a reference work and a health guide, For Women Only! joins together hands-on advice from the country's leading health practicioners with essays, interviews, anc commentary by leading thinkers, activists, writers, doctors, and sociologists. Contributors include the Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Susan Brownmiller, Phyllis Chesler, Angela Davis, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Germaine Greer, Shere Hite, Erica Jong, the National Black Women's Health Project, Gloria Steinem, Sojourner Truth, and Naomi Wolf, among many others.

Author Notes

Gary Null, Ph.D., is one of America's leading health & fitness writers & alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books & hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City, & is carried weekly to 32 stations nationwide over the Virtual Radio Network. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research & a National TAC Master Champion Racewalker. Among his many bestselling books are "Get Healthy Now!" (Seven Stories Press, 1999), "The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program" (Kensington Publishing, 1998), &, with Barbara Seaman, "For Women Only!" (Seven Stories Press, 1999). He lives in New York City & Naples, Florida.

(Publisher Provided) Gary Null was born in 1945. He received a B.S. in human nutrition from Edison State College and a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science from Union Graduate School. He owns Gary Null and Associates, a company which markets dietary supplements. He has criticized the medical community, promoted a range of alternative cancer treatments and dietary supplements, and questioned the link between HIV and AIDS. His syndicated radio talk show, Natural Living with Gary Null, has aired for more than 27 years and has won eight Silver Microphone Awards.

He has written more than 70 books on nutrition, self-empowerment and public health issues including AIDS: A Second Opinion and Power Aging. As a documentary filmmaker, he produced over 70 films and videos including Age Is Only a Number, Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS, and Fatal Fallout. He received a Gold CINDY (Cinema in Industry) Award for Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Disorders Naturally. He won the Truth in Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting and The Human Rights Award from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

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Booklist Review

Null and Seaman assert that to "care for one's body, one needs reliable information, but one also needs the confidence--the discernment--to distinguish the reliable and authentic from the sales pitch." The first 600 pages of this 1500-page tome offer alternative practitioner Null's thoughts on the causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of conditions and illnesses, from addiction and arthritis to violence and varicose veins. The remainder is Seaman's history of the women's health movement, featuring selections from many familiar feminist writers. Null's is the traditional section, but readers who have seen his PBS programs will correctly anticipate lists of phytochemicals and other nutritional recommendations. Seaman's "Health Empowerment for Women" starts with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and women shamans, then surveys the battles the women's health movement faced, and examines specific "body parts" in terms of how feminism changed attitudes and behaviors. The section "Still Taking Our Bodies Back" covers current movements, such as breast cancer activism, and supplies suggestions on what feminism will look like in the twenty-first century. --Mary Carroll

Library Journal Review

Alternative health practitioner Null joins women's health advocate Seaman in a book that is really a combination of two separate works. Null's part offers alternative therapies for a variety of conditions: addiction, diabetes, menopause, etc. These treatments are complementary to rather than replacements for conventional medicine. An appendix contains brief descriptions of the therapies and a directory of practitioners. There is some new material here, but much is from Null's The Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (LJ 1/97). The strongest and most interesting section of For Women Only! is an anthology of 200 classic readings on various aspects of women's health, compiled by Seaman. Authors such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Germaine Greer, Susan Love, and Naomi Wolfe discuss activism, sexuality, body image, motherhood, and gender medicine. Brief biographies of the contributors appear at the end of the book. This work should have been published as two separate volumes. Still, it is highly recommended for the inspiring history of the women's health movement in Seaman's section. A valuable addition to women's studies, health sciences, academic, and large public library collections.--Barbara M. Bibel, Oakland P.L., CA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Publisher's Notep. xix
Introductionp. xxi
Acknowledgmentsp. xxv
Part I Alternative Treatment SolutionsGary Null
Chapter 1. Addictionp. 3
Addiction as Ingrained Craving
Hypnotherapy A Final Note
Chapter 2. Agingp. 15
Clinical Experience
Brain Aging
Patient Stories
Chapter 3. Anemiap. 41
Clinical Experience
Patient Story
Chapter 4. Arthritisp. 47
What is Arthritis?
The Arthritis Industry
Specific Treatment Approaches
Chapter 5. Birth Controlp. 96
Fertility Awareness
The Male Condom
The Female Condom The Cervical Cap
The Diaphragm
Vaginal Contraceptive Film The Pill
Chapter 6. Breast Cancerp. 107
Clinical Experience
Patient Stories
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Chapter 7. Cervical Dysplasia, Fibroids, and Reproductive System Cancersp. 142
Cervical Dysplasia
Fibroids and Uterine Bleeding
Reproductive System Cancers
Patient Stories
Chapter 8. Chronic Fatigue Syndromep. 160
Clinical Experience
Chapter 9. Cosmetic Surgeryp. 190
Laser Surgery: A New Development
Breast Implants
Chapter 10. Diabetesp. 208
Clinical Experience
Gestational Diabetes Patient Stories
Herbal Pharmacy
Chapter 11. Eating Disordersp. 221
Food Cravings and Emotional States
Insulin Reaction and Overeating
Why Popular Diets Don't' Work: The High-Protein, Low-Carbohydrate Scam
Why Popular Diets Don't' Work: The Blood-Type Diet
Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity
Breaking the Cycle of Food Addiction
You Can Recover From Eating Disorders
More on Physiological Causes
Patient Story
Chapter 12. Endometriosisp. 242
Clinical Experience
Patient Stories
Chapter 13. Environmental Illnessp. 255
Clinical Experience
Patient Stories
Chapter 14. Heart Diseasep. 276
Clinical Experience
Full Alternative Therapy Programs
Choosing a Therapy
Patient Stories
Chapter 15. Herpesp. 316
Natural Remedies
Chapter 16. Hormonal Imbalancep. 326
Clinical Experience
Chapter 17. Infertilityp. 331
Clinical Experience
Herbal Pharmacy
Chapter 18. Lupusp. 343
Clinical Experience
Chapter 19. Menopausep. 348
Clinical Experience
Chapter 20. Menstrual Cramps and Irregular Menstruationp. 364
Amenorrhea and Menorrhagia
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
Chapter 21. Mental Health Problemsp. 376
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Patient Story
Chapter 22. Migrainesp. 402
Clinical Experience
Herbal Pharmacy
Patient Story
Chapter 23. Multiple Sclerosisp. 415
What Is Multiple Sclerosis?
Possible Causes
Chapter 24. Osteoporosisp. 421
Clinical Experience
Chapter 25. Pain managementp. 429
Herbal Remedies
Vitamins, Minerals, and other Supplements Exercise
Trager Technique
Rolfing Craniosacral Therapy
Magnet Therapy
The Mind Body Connection
Chapter 26. Parasitesp. 445
Parasites and their Diets
Testing for Parasites Treatment and Prevention
Asian Herbs to Consider
Herbal Formula
Chapter 27. Pregnancyp. 454
Birthing Practices in the United States
Natural Childbirth: Is It As Safe As Hospital Birth?
What's the Best Birth Position?
What Are the Differences Between Midwifery and Medicine?
Are Cesareans Safe? Is Circumcision Necessary?
What Are the Advantages of Breast-Feeding?
The Stages of Pregnancy
Tonics and Herbal Preparations
Other Aids to Healthy Pregnancy
Pregnancy Massage Diet and Supplements
Exercise: General Guidelines
Specific Exercises
Homeopathic Remedies
Water Birth Social Support
Corrective Vaginal Surgery
Postpartum Depression Herbal Pharmacy
Patient Stories
Abortion Aftercare
Chapter 28. Premenstrual Syndromep. 492
Clinical Experience
Patient Story
Chapter 29. Repetitive Strain Injuriesp. 501
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chapter 30. Sexual Dysfunctionp. 509
Resources for Sexual Problems
Chapter 31. Sexually Transmitted Diseasesp. 515
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
Genital Warts
A Note on Another Use of Conventional Drugs: Tuberculosis
Chapter 32. Strokep. 524
Chapter 33. Temporomandibular Joint (Tmj) Dysfunctionp. 527
Clinical Experience
Chapter 34. Thyroid Diseasep. 531
Importance of the Thyroid
Conventional Treatment
Patient Stories
Chapter 35. Urinary Incontinencep. 546
Clinical Experience
Chapter 36. Urinary Tract Infections And Inflammationsp. 549
Clinical Experience
Inflammations Interstitial Cystitis
Herbal Pharmacy
Chapter 37. Vaginal Inflamation And Infectionp. 561
Vaginitis in General
Vaginal Yeast (Candidiasis)
Trichomonas Bacterial Vaginosis
Herbal Pharmacy
Chapter 38. Varicose Veinsp. 576
Clinical Experience
Chapter 39. Violence: Sexual And Physical Abusep. 581
Self-Defense: Model Mugging
Traditional Chinese Perspective Herbal Pharmacy
Appendix Definitions Of Alternative Therapiesp. 589
Resource Guidep. 598
Part II Health Empowerment for WomenBarbara Seaman
Chapter 40. In The Beginningp. 605
"Motherhood"Elizabeth Cady Stanton
"Why Elizabeth Isn't on Your Silver Dollar"Barbara Seaman
"Out of Conflict Comes Strength and Healing: Women's Health Movements"Dr. Helen I. Marieskind
"Women Healers in Shamanic Culture"Suzanne Clores
"Women Healers in Shamanic Culture"Suzanne Clores
"Rape in Great Art: A Slide Lecture"Audrey Flack
"Forgotten Goddess History"Sherrill Sellman
"A Good Woman Is a Sacrificing One"Stephanie Golden
"Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers"Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English
"Childbirth in America"Victoria Eng and Sonia Lander
"Medicine and Morality in the Nineteenth Century"Kristin Luker
"Water Therapy as a Women's Health Tool"Dian Dincin Buchman
"Women's Health and Government Regulation: 1820-1949"Suzanne White Junod
"Ain't I a Woman?"Sojourner Truth
"Excerpt from The Yellow Wallpaper"Charlotte Perkins Gilman
"Women and Drug Addiction"Stephen R. Kandall, M.D.
"Parlor Massages"Leora Tanenbaum
"Sylvia Bernstein Seaman (1900-1995)"Karen Bekker
Taking Our Bodies Back
Chapter 41. Activism/Revolutionp. 689
"Inside and Out: Two Stories of the Rumblings Beneath the Quiet"Suzanne Clores
"Sisterhood"Gloria Steinem
"Dear Injurious Physician"Barbara Seaman
"Our Bodies, Ourselves: Remembering the Dignity"Mei Hwei Astella Saw and Sarah J. Shey
"The Ultimate Revolution"Shulamith Firestone
"Hidden Malpractice: How the Medical Profession Mistreats Women"Gena Corea
"Pelvic Autonomy: Four Proposals"Barbara Seaman
Chapter 42. Informed Consentp. 714
"It's Only Once Around the Merry Go Round"Margot Adler
"Informed Consent"Elizabeth Siegel Watkins
"Julie Is Not a Statistic"Barbara Seaman
"Excerpts from Women and the Crisis in Sex Hormones"Barbara Seaman and Gideon Seaman
"Do Gynecologists Exploit their Patients?"Barbara Seaman
"Mental Patients' Political Action Committee"Ellen Frankfort
"Women's Health and Government Regulation: 1950-1980"Suzanne White Junod
Chapter 43. Toward A New Psychology Of Women--The 1970sp. 780
"Psychology Constructs the Female"Naomi Weisstein
"Demeter Revisited"Phyllis Chesler
"Dominants"Jean Baker Miller
Chapter 44. Self-Help Gynecologyp. 796
"Self-Help Gynecology"Kofi Taha
"Carol Downer's History-Bearing Brushes with the Law"Gena Corea
Chapter 45. Sex and Orgasmp. 809
"The Sexual Revolution Wasn't Our War"Anselma Dell'Olio
"The Liberated Orgasm"Barbara Seaman
"Shere Hite Debunks Freud's Vaginal Orgasm"Sarah J. Shey
"The Sexuality Questionnaire"Shere Hite
Chapter 46. Motherhoodp. 834
"Motherhood"Letty Cottin Pogrebin
"The Cultural Warping of Childbirth"Doris Haire
"In Which a Sensible Woman Persuades Her Doctor, Her Family, and Her Friends to Help Her Give Birth at Home"Barbara Katz Rothman
"Dr. Spock's Advice to New Mothers"Alix Kates Shulman
"Yes, We Have No Bambinos"Molly Haskell
"How Late Can You Wait to Have a Baby?"Barbara Seaman
Chapter 47. Abortionp. 894
"I Am Roe"Norma McCorvey
"The Jane Collective"Pauline Bart
"The Abortion"Alix Kates Shulman
Chapter 48. Rapep. 909
"Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape"Susan Brownmiller
"Rape Doesn't End with a Kiss"Pauline Bart
Chapter 49. Women in White Coatsp. 918
"Why Would a Girl Go into Medicine?"Margaret A. Campbell, M.D. and Mary Howell and Anne E. O'Shea
"A Woman in Residence"Michelle Harrison, M.D.
Chapter 50. Race, Class, and Reproductionp. 939
"Racism, Birth Control and Reproductive Rights"Angela Davis
"The Population Bomb"Jeanne Hirsch (Ingress)
Chapter 51. Activists Speakp. 953
"Philip Corfman"Tania Ketenjian
"Alice Wolfson"Tania Ketenjian
"Belita Cowan"Tania Ketenjian
Chapter 52. On Being A Womanp. 970
"The Female Eunuch"Germaine Greer
"A My Name Is Alice: The Story of the Feminist Playmate"Jennifer Baumgardner
"Femininity 2000"Carol Rinzler
Body Parts
Chapter 53. Hairp. 983
"All Hair the Conquering Heroine"Lois Gould
"Femininity" excerpt from Carrie Carmichael's interview with Susan BrownmillerSusan Brownmiller
"Memoirs of a (Sorta) Ex-Shaver"Carolyn Mackler
"Body Hair: The Last Frontier"Harriet Lyons and Rebecca Rosenblatt
"Browbeating"Hagar Scher
"Dreading It...Or How I Learned to Stop Fighting My Hair and Love My Nappy Roots"Veronica Chambers
Chapter 54. Facep. 999
"Aging (Balm for a 27th Birthday)"Erica Jong
"The No-Nonsense Approach to Cleaning Your Face"Deborah Chase
"Beauty 911"Joel Bleifuss
"Susan Brownmiller on Appearance and Makeup,"Carrie Carmichael
Chapter 55. Skinp. 1011
"Higher Yellow"Rebecca Walker
"Our Bodies, Our Voices, Our Choices"
"Patsy Mink on Health Issues for Asian Women,"Tania Ketenjian
"Byllye Avery"Tania Ketenjian
"Helen Rodriguez Trias"Tania Ketenjian
"Charon Asetoyer"Tania Ketenjian
Chapter 56. Mouthp. 1063
"Fat Is a Feminist Issue"Susie Orbach
"Sacrificing Our Selves For Love"Esther K. Rome and Jane Hyman Wegscheider
Chapter 57. Torsop. 1071
"Clothing the Body"Louise Bernikow
"Adios, Barbie"Ophira Edut
Chapter 58. Heartp. 1076
"Science + Corporate Bucks = Health Revolution?"Jennifer Baumgardner
"Women's Hearts at Risk"Charlotte Libov
Chapter 59. Breastsp. 1087
"The Anatomy of Your Breasts"Marvin S. Eiger, M.D. and Sally Wendkos Olds
"Breast Feeding Revisited"Margot Slade
"Anne Kasper," interviewTania Ketenjian
"The Oral History of Rose Kushner," interviewAnne Kasper
"Breast Reduction"Marta Drury
Chapter 60. Musclep. 1103
"Women in Motion"Lucinda Franks
"The Athletic Triad: A Dangerous Triangle"Dr. Lila A. Wallis
"Patsy Mink on Title IX,"Tania Ketenjian
"A Mother's Story"Patsy Mink
Chapter 61. Ovariesp. 1114
"Fertility Awareness in North America"Katie Singer
Chapter 62. Wombp. 1120
"If Men Could Menstruate"Gloria Steinem
"The Selling of Premenstrual Syndrome"Andrea Eagan
"So You're Going to Have a New Body!"Lynne Sharon Schwartz
"Needless Hysterectomies"Marcia Cohen
Chapter 63. Fruits of the Wombp. 1141
"Preface to With Child"Ariel Chesler
"Having Anne"Laura Yaeger
"Bulletin on Caffeine"Mark Pendergrast
"Take the Blame Off Mother"Paula Caplan
"Lovely Me"Barbara Seaman
"The Madonna's Tears for a Crack in My Heart"Audrey Flack
"The Secret Side Of Psychotherapy"Thomas Maeder
"They Came to Stay"Marjorie Margolies and Ruth Gruber
"An Adopted Daughter Meets Her Natural Mother"Betty Jean Lifton
"Thoughts on Being a Separate Person"Judith Rossner
"How Science is Redefining Parenthood"Barbara Katz Rothman
"Misconceptions"Gena Corea
"On Becoming a Grandmother"Francine Klagsbrun
Chapter 64. Vaginap. 1210
"A Circle of Women"Tara Greenway
Chapter 65. Clitorisp. 1213
"The Whole Woman"Germaine Greer and Jennifer Baumgardner
"Breakthrough Against Female Genital Mutilation"Noy Thrupkaew
"The Viagra Chronicles"Susan C. Vaughan
Still Taking Our Bodies Back
Chapter 66. Breast Cancer Activismp. 1237
"Stolen Conflicts: A Feminist Revisioning"Sharon Batt
"Dr. Samuel Epstein Speaks on the Politics of Breast Cancer Prevention"Carla Marcelis
"Fighting the War on Breast Cancer: Debates over Screening and Treatment Since 1945"Barron Lerner
Chapter 67. Further Toward A New Psychology of Womenp. 1248
"Jules Masserman," interviewKathryn Watterson
"Lineal Victims"Phyllis L. Fine
"Women and Madness: A Feminist Diagnosis"Phyllis Chesler
"Airless Spaces"Shulamith Firestone
Chapter 68. Sexual and Reproductive Healthp. 1267
"Empowering the Pelvic Exam"Lila A. Wallis
"Self-Helpless Gynecology"Caedmon Magboo Cahill
"Norplant: The Contraception You're Stuck With"Barbara Seaman
"Quinacrine Alert"Marlene Fried
"Sexually Transmitted Diseases on College Campuses"Lori Barer
Chapter 69. More Motherhoodp. 1283
"Determination"Barbara Katz Rothman
"And For Breastfeeding, Too, The Band Played On"Edith White
"Moms in Dark about OTC Drugs"Fran Cerra Whittelsey
"Patenting Life"Barbara Katz Rothman and Ruth Hubbard
"Geriatric Obstetrics: Oh Baby!"Carrie Carmichael
"The Baby Contract"Susan Jordan
"Bold Type: Childbirth is Powerful"Barbara Findlen
"What Do You Love About Being A Lesbian Mom?"Catherine Gund
"Arlene Eisenberg,"Tania Ketenjian
"Monster Mommies"Erica Jong
Chapter 70. Violence Against Women And Girlsp. 1315
"Trauma and Recovery"Judith Herman
"How to Befriend a Battered Woman"Barbara Seaman and Leslye E. Orloff
"50 Ways Not to Leave an Abusive Spouse"Elaine Weiss
"Out of Control"Norma Fox Mazer
"Our Guys"Bernard Lefkowitz
"The Campaign to Free Charline"Jennifer Gonnerman
Chapter 71. Conflict Of Interestp. 1352
"Pharmaceutical Propaganda in the Nineties"Thomas Paz-Hartman
"The Secret Battle for the American Mind"Derrick Jensen
"How Do You Know It's True: Probable Fact and Probable Junk"Victor Cohn
"Diana Petitti," interviewTania Ketenjian
"A Different Prescription: Considerations for Women's Health Groups Contemplating Funding from the Pharmaceutical Industry"Anne Rochon Ford
"The Bitter Pill"Leora Tanenbaum
"Raloxifene: The New Estrogen"
"Are You an Untapped Market?"Lorraine Rothman, M.S. and Marcia Wexler, Ph.D.
"Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised?" and "The Wrong Rx"Michael Castleman and Maryann Napoli
"Dear John Letters"E. J. Lieberman
"American Cancer Society: The World's Wealthiest 'Nonprofit' Institution"Dr. Samuel Epstein
Chapter 72. Gender Medicinep. 1396
"Venus and the Doctor"Betty Rothbart
"Dianne Hales,"Tania Ketenjian
"Women's Health Research Blossoms"Charles Mann
Chapter 73. Feminism For The 21st Centuryp. 1412
"The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women"Naomi Wolf
"Why Feminists Are in Such Good Shape"Amy Richards
"The Bra Story"Lori Barer
"'Tell Me More, Tell Me More...': Young Women's Locker Talk as a Boomer-Feminist Legacy"Paula Kamen
"Slut!: Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation"Leora Tanenbaum
"Won By Love"Norma McCorvey
"Changing Concepts of Women's Health: Advocating for Change"Julia Scott
"Women's Health and Government Regulation: 1980-1999"Suzanne White Junod
"Breaking the walls of Silence: AIDS and Women in a New York State Maximum Security Prison"
"Women's Health Care in Prison"Cassandra Shaylor
"Joan Waitkevicz: Putting Lesbian Health in Focus"Vivien Labaton
"Lesbian Health Gains Long Due Attention from Institute of Medicine"Amy Allina
"A Friend Indeed: The Grandmother of Menopause Newsletters"Sari Tudiver
"Out of Pain and Anger"Marilyn Webb
"Good Mourning America"Amy Pagnozzi
"Old Women Beware of Chemical Restraints"John Wykert
"In Defense of Shere Hite"Sarah J. Shey
"Looking Back On Our Bodies, Ourselves" editedJoanna Perlman and Sarah J. Shey
"Dr. Susan Love," interviewTania Ketenjian
"The Map of the Women's Health Movement"Sheryl Burt Ruzek
"Cindy Pearson,"Tania Ketenjian
"Alice Wolfson II,"Tania Ketenjian
"Belita Cowan II,"Tania Ketenjian
"Susan Brownmiller: Memoir of a Revolutionary,"Carrie Carmichael
Contributor Biographiesp. 1509
Indexp. 1535
About The Authorsp. 1574