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Holistic nursing : a handbook for practice
Dossey, Barbara Montgomery.
Personal Author:
Third edition.
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Gaithersburg, Md. : Aspen Publishers, 2000.
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xxxiii, 812 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
General Note:
"Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses' Association."
Core value I. Holistic philosophy and education. Holistic nursing practice / Barbara Montgomery Dossey and Cathie E. Guzzetta -- Transpersonal human caring and healing / Janet F. Quinn -- The art of holistic nursing and the human health experience / H. Lea Barbato Gaydos -- The psychophysiology of bodymind healing / Genevieve M. Bartol and Nancy F. Courts -- Spirituality and health / Margaret A. Burkhardt and Mary Gail Nagai Jacobson -- Energetic healing / Victoria E. Slater. Core value II. Holistic ethics, theories, and research. Holistic ethics / Lynn Keegan -- Nursing theory in holistic nursing practice / Noreen Cavan Frisch -- Holistic nursing research / Cathie E. Guzzetta. Core value III. Holistic nursing self-care. The nurse as an instrument of healing / Maggie McKivergin.

Core value IV. Holistic communication, therapeutic environment, and cultural diversity. Therapeutic communication : the art of helping / Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon -- Environment / Eleanor A. Schuster and Lynn Keegan -- Cultural diversity and care / Joan C. Engebretson and Judith A. Headley. Core value V. Holistic caring process. The holistic caring process / Pamela J. Potter and Cathie E. Guzzetta -- Self-assessments : facilitating healing in self and others / Barbara Montgomery Dossey and Lynn Keegan -- Cognitive therapy / Eileen M. Stuart-Shor and Carol L. Wells-Federman -- Self-reflection : consulting the truth within / Lynn Rew -- Nutrition / Susan Luck -- Exercise and movement / Beryl H. Cricket Rose and Lynn Keegan -- Humor, laughter, and play : maintaining balance in a serious world / Patty Wooten --

Relaxation : the first step to restore, renew, and self-heal / Jeanne Anselmo and Leslie Goodring Kolkmeier -- Imagery : awakening the inner healer / Bonney Gulino Schaub and Barbara Montgomery Dossey -- Music therapy : hearing the melody of the soul / Cathie E. Guzzetta -- Touch : connecting with the healing power / Karilee Halo Shames and Lynn Keegan -- Relationships / Dorothea Hover-Kramer -- Dying in peace / Melodie Olson and Barbara Montgomery Dossey -- Weight management consulting / Sue Popkess-Vawter -- Smoking cessation : freedom from risk / Christine Anne Ward and Barbara Montgomery Dossey -- Addiction and recovery counseling / Bonney Gulino Schaub and Barbara Montgomery Dossey -- Incest/child sexual abuse counseling / E. Jane Martin.
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Holistic nursing incorporates bodymind and transpersonal therapies such as meditation and relaxation imagery. This work expands an understanding of healing and the nurse as an instrument of healing, explores the unity and relatedness of nurses and clients, and develops caring-healing interventions t

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Endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses' Association, this book can enlighten the nursing profession to understand the untapped capacity nurses have in the healing process. All four nurses who author this book have advanced degrees. The holistic approach as a body-mind-spirit process of living is explored, with the nurse's role in this process delineated. The role of the "nurse healer" is described in a unique fashion by incorporating ideas of philosophy and systems theory, all within a nursing process framework. This work also provides an inward explanation of nurses themselves to heighten their awareness and thus promote appropriate intervention strategies in the clinical practice. Holistic interventions are discussed in detail and include nutrition, exercise, the physical environment, relaxation, imagery, music therapy, play and laughter, relationships, touch, and self-reflection. Chapters conclude with useful notes, suggested readings, and recommended resources. Recommended for students and practitioners in nursing and for others interested in the growing movement of holistic health. -J. Blank, University of Arizona

Table of Contents

Barbara Montgomery Dossey and Cathie E. GuzzettaJanet F. QuinnH. Lea Barbato GaydosNoreen Cavan FrischLynn KeeganGenevieve M. Bartol and Nancy F. CourtsMargaret A. Burkhardt and Mary Gail Nagai-JacobsonVictoria E. SlaterCathie E. GuzzettaMaggie McKiverginSharon Scandrett-HibdonLynn KeeganJoan C. Engebretson and Judith A. HeadleyPamela J. Potter and Cathie E. GuzzettaLynn Keegan and Barbara Montgomery DosseyEileen M. Stuart-Shor and Carol L. Wells-FedermanLynn RewSusan LuckBeryl H. Cricket Rose and Lynn KeeganPatty WootenJeanne AnselmoBonney Gulino Schaub and Barbara Montgomery DosseyCathie E. GuzzettaLynn Keegan and Karilee Halo ShamesDorothea Hover-KramerMelodie Olson and Barbara Montgomery DosseySue Popkess-VawterChristine Anne Wynd and Barbara Montgomery DosseyBonney Gulino Schaub and Barbara Montgomery DosseyE. Jane MartinJane BuckleNancy MooreLori L. Knutson
Vision of Healingp. xvii
Contributorsp. xix
Forewordp. xxiii
Prefacep. xxv
Acknowledgmentsp. xxix
Core Value 1 Holistic Philosophy, Theories, and Ethicsp. 1
Vision of Healing--Exploring Life's Meaningp. 3
Chapter 1 Holistic Nursing Practicep. 5
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 5
Definitionsp. 5
Holismp. 7
Holistic Nursingp. 8
Eras of Medicinep. 12
Relationship-Centered Carep. 24
Conclusionp. 27
Directions for Future Researchp. 28
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 28
Appendix 1-A American Holistic Nurses' Association (AHNA) Standards of Holistic Nursing Practice (Revised 2003)p. 31
Guidelinesp. 32
AHNA Holistic Nursing Descriptionp. 32
Core Value 1 Holistic Philosophy, Theories, and Ethicsp. 32
Core Value 2 Holistic Education and Researchp. 33
Core Value 3 Holistic Nurse Self-Carep. 34
Core Value 4 Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Environment, and Cultural Diversityp. 35
Core Value 5 Holistic Caring Processp. 36
Vision of Healing--Transpersonal Selfp. 39
Chapter 2 Transpersonal Human Caring and Healingp. 41
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 41
Definitionsp. 41
Theory and Researchp. 42
Healing: The Goal of Holistic Nursingp. 43
The Healerp. 47
A True Healing Health Care Systemp. 48
The Wounded Healerp. 50
Conclusionp. 51
Directions for Future Researchp. 51
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 51
Vision of Healing--Reawakening the Spirit in Daily Lifep. 55
Chapter 3 The Art of Holistic Nursing and the Human Health Experiencep. 57
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 57
Definitionsp. 57
The Art of Holistic Nursingp. 58
Aspects of the Human Health Experiencep. 63
Conclusionp. 73
Directions for Future Researchp. 74
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 74
Vision of Healing--Active Listeningp. 77
Chapter 4 Nursing Theory in Holistic Nursing Practicep. 79
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 79
Definitionsp. 79
Theory and Researchp. 79
Selected Nursing Theoriesp. 82
A Word About Definitions of Personp. 86
Theory into Practicep. 86
Conclusionp. 88
Directions for Future Researchp. 89
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 89
Vision of Healing--Ethics in Our Changing Worldp. 91
Chapter 5 Holistic Ethicsp. 93
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 93
Definitionsp. 93
The Nature of Ethical Problemsp. 94
Morals and Principlesp. 94
Traditional Ethical Theoriesp. 95
The Development of Holistic Ethicsp. 96
Development of Principled Behaviorp. 100
Analysis of Ethical Dilemmasp. 101
Advance Medical Directivesp. 102
Ethics Education and Researchp. 102
Cultural Diversity Considerationsp. 103
Conclusionp. 104
Directions for Future Researchp. 104
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 104
Core Value 2 Holistic Education and Researchp. 107
Vision of Healing--Web of Lifep. 109
Chapter 6 The Psychophysiology of Bodymind Healingp. 111
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 111
Definitionsp. 111
New Scientific Understanding of Living Systemsp. 112
Emotions and the Neural Tripwirep. 118
Ultradian Rhythmsp. 120
Mind Modulationp. 121
Conclusionp. 129
Directions for Future Researchp. 130
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 130
Vision of Healing--Evolving Process of Life's Dancep. 135
Chapter 7 Spirituality and Healthp. 137
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 137
Definitionsp. 137
Theory and Researchp. 138
Spirituality and the Healing Processp. 144
Spirituality in Holistic Nursingp. 148
Holistic Caring Process Considerationsp. 159
Arts and Spiritualityp. 166
Conclusionp. 167
Directions for Future Researchp. 168
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 168
Vision of Healing--Toward Wholenessp. 173
Chapter 8 Energetic Healingp. 175
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 175
Definitionsp. 175
An Overview of Energetic Healingp. 177
Meridiansp. 178
Chakrasp. 181
The Aurap. 190
Other Forms of Energy: Smells, Aromas, Sounds, Colors, and Touchp. 193
The Healerp. 194
The One Being Healedp. 196
Two Potentially Interesting Concepts for Energetic Healingp. 199
Research and Research Implicationsp. 201
Conclusionp. 203
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 205
Vision of Healing--Questioning the Rules of Sciencep. 209
Chapter 9 Holistic Nursing Researchp. 211
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 211
Definitionsp. 211
Wellness Modelp. 212
Evidence-Based Practicep. 212
Need to Conduct Holistic Researchp. 214
Holistic Research Methodsp. 215
Enhancing Holistic Researchp. 218
Conclusionp. 224
Directions for Future Researchp. 225
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 225
Core Value 3 Holistic Nurse Self-Carep. 229
Vision of Healing--Toward the Inward Journeyp. 231
Chapter 10 The Nurse as an Instrument of Healingp. 233
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 233
Definitionsp. 233
Theory and Researchp. 234
The Nature of Healing Relationshipsp. 239
The Nurse as a Healing Environmentp. 244
Healing Interventionsp. 246
Other Considerations for Integration of Conceptsp. 249
Conclusionp. 251
Directions for Future Researchp. 251
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 252
Core Value 4 Holistic Communication, Therapeutic Environment, and Cultural Diversityp. 255
Vision of Healing--Human Carep. 257
Chapter 11 Therapeutic Communication: The Art of Helpingp. 259
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 259
Definitionsp. 259
Theory and Researchp. 259
Therapeutic Communicationp. 260
Therapeutic Communication Helping Modelp. 261
Conclusionp. 271
Directions for Future Researchp. 271
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 271
Vision of Healing--Building a Healthy Environmentp. 273
Chapter 12 Environmentp. 275
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 275
Definitionsp. 275
Theory and Researchp. 276
Holistic Caring Processp. 295
Directions for Future Researchp. 301
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 301
Vision of Healing--Sharing Our Healing Storiesp. 305
Chapter 13 Cultural Diversity and Carep. 307
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 307
Definitionsp. 307
Theory and Researchp. 308
Nursing Applications for Developing Cultural Competencyp. 325
Holistic Caring Processp. 327
Directions for Future Researchp. 333
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 334
Resource Listp. 334
Core Value 5 Holistic Caring Processp. 337
Vision of Healing--Working with Othersp. 339
Chapter 14 The Holistic Caring Processp. 341
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 341
Definitionsp. 342
Theory and Researchp. 342
Holistic Caring Processp. 347
Conclusionp. 370
Directions for Future Researchp. 370
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 372
Vision of Healing--Actualization of Human Potentialsp. 377
Chapter 15 Self-Assessments: Facilitating Healing in Self and Othersp. 379
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 379
Definitionsp. 379
Circle of Human Potentialp. 379
Self-Assessmentsp. 380
Development of Human Potentialsp. 387
Affirmationsp. 391
Conclusionp. 391
Directions for Future Researchp. 392
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 392
Vision of Healing--Changing Outcomesp. 395
Chapter 16 Cognitive Therapyp. 397
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 397
Definitionsp. 397
Theory and Researchp. 398
Cognitive Therapyp. 402
Holistic Caring Processp. 418
Directions for Future Researchp. 423
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 423
Vision of Healing--Healthy Disclosurep. 427
Chapter 17 Self-Reflection: Consulting the Truth Withinp. 429
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 429
Definitionsp. 429
Theory and Researchp. 429
Holistic Caring Processp. 435
Directions for Future Researchp. 444
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 445
Vision of Healing--Nourishing the Bodymindp. 449
Chapter 18 Nutritionp. 451
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 451
Definitionsp. 451
Theory and Researchp. 452
Eating to Promote Healthp. 461
Healthy Choices in Nutritionp. 467
Holistic Caring Processp. 468
Directions for Future Researchp. 472
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 472
Vision of Healing--Moving Through Strengthp. 477
Chapter 19 Exercise and Movementp. 479
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 479
Definitionsp. 479
Theory and Researchp. 480
Holistic Caring Processp. 485
Directions for Future Researchp. 491
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 491
Vision of Healing--Releasing the Energy of the Playful Childp. 495
Chapter 20 Humor, Laughter, and Play: Maintaining Balance in a Serious Worldp. 497
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 497
Definitionsp. 497
Theory and Researchp. 497
Holistic Caring Processp. 510
Directions for Future Researchp. 516
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 516
Vision of Healing--Creating Receptive Quietp. 521
Chapter 21 Relaxation: The First Step to Restore, Renew, and Self-Healp. 523
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 523
Definitionsp. 523
Theory and Researchp. 524
Meditationp. 528
Modern Relaxation Methodsp. 536
Holistic Caring Processp. 553
Directions for Future Researchp. 560
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 560
Vision of Healing--Modeling a Wellness Lifestylep. 565
Chapter 22 Imagery: Awakening the Inner Healerp. 567
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 567
Definitionsp. 567
Theory and Researchp. 568
Clinical Techniques in Imageryp. 575
Holistic Caring Processp. 581
Directions for Future Researchp. 610
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 610
Vision of Healing--Composing the Harmonyp. 615
Chapter 23 Music Therapy: Hearing the Melody of the Soulp. 617
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 617
Definitionsp. 617
Theory and Researchp. 617
Holistic Caring Processp. 627
Directions for Future Researchp. 636
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 636
Vision of Healing--Using Our Healing Handsp. 641
Chapter 24 Touch: Connecting with the Healing Powerp. 643
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 643
Definitionsp. 643
Theory and Researchp. 644
Touch Interventions and Techniquesp. 651
Holistic Caring Processp. 656
Directions for Future Researchp. 664
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 665
Vision of Healing--Accepting Ourselves and Othersp. 667
Chapter 25 Relationshipsp. 669
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 669
Definitionsp. 670
Theory and Researchp. 670
Holistic Caring Processp. 677
Conclusionp. 687
Directions for Future Researchp. 687
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 688
Vision of Healing--Releasing Attachmentp. 691
Chapter 26 Dying in Peacep. 693
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 693
Definitionsp. 693
Theory and Researchp. 693
Holistic Caring Processp. 697
Directions for Future Researchp. 716
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 717
Vision of Healing--Nourishing Wisdomp. 719
Chapter 27 Weight Management Counselingp. 721
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 721
Definitionsp. 721
Theory and Researchp. 722
Holistic Caring Processp. 738
Directions for Future Researchp. 752
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 752
Vision of Healing--Acknowledging Fearp. 757
Chapter 28 Smoking Cessation: Freedom from Riskp. 759
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 759
Definitionsp. 759
Theory and Researchp. 759
Holistic Caring Processp. 766
Directions for Future Researchp. 776
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 777
Vision of Healing--Changing One's World Viewp. 781
Chapter 29 Addiction and Recovery Counselingp. 783
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 783
Definitionsp. 783
Theory and Researchp. 784
Vulnerability Model of Recovery from Addictionp. 788
Holistic Caring Processp. 799
Directions for Future Researchp. 807
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 808
Vision of Healing--Recovering and Maintaining the Selfp. 811
Chapter 30 Incest and Child Sexual Abuse Counselingp. 813
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 813
Definitionsp. 813
Theory and Researchp. 814
Holistic Caring Processp. 817
Directions for Future Researchp. 825
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 825
Vision of Healing--Healing Through the Sensesp. 827
Chapter 31 Aromatherapyp. 829
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 829
Definitionsp. 829
Historyp. 830
Theory and Researchp. 830
Conclusionp. 840
Holistic Caring Processp. 841
Directions for Future Researchp. 848
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 848
Vision of Healing--Nursing Voices of St. Charles Medical Centerp. 853
Chapter 32 Relationship-Centered Care and Healing Initiative in a Community Hospitalp. 857
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 857
Definitionsp. 857
Theory and Researchp. 857
About St. Charlesp. 858
Life Skillsp. 864
Life-Death Transitionp. 866
Arts in the Hospitalp. 871
Healing Our Communityp. 874
Principle-Based Care Modelp. 876
Conclusionp. 877
Directions for Future Researchp. 880
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 880
Vision of Healing--Transformation of the Acute Health Care Environmentp. 883
Chapter 33 Exploring Integrative Medicine and the Healing Environment: The Story of a Large Urban Acute Care Hospitalp. 885
Nurse Healer Objectivesp. 885
Definitionsp. 885
Introductionp. 885
Total Healing Environment Model: Large Urban Acute Care Hospitalp. 886
Conclusionp. 896
Directions for Future Researchp. 896
Nurse Healer Reflectionsp. 896
Indexp. 899