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All the world's reward : folktales told by five Scandinavian storytellers
Kvideland, Reimund, 1935-
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Seattle : University of Washington Press, [1999]

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xv, 325 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
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All the World's Reward presents ninety-eight tales from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Swedish-speaking Finland, and Iceland. Each area is represented by the complete recorded repertoire of a single storyteller. Such a focus helps place the stories in the context of the communities in which they were performed and also reveals how individual folk artists used the medium of oral literature to make statements about their lives and their world. Some preferred jocular stories and others wonder tales; some performed mostly for adults, others for children; some used storytelling to criticize society, and others spun wish fulfillment tales to find relief from a harsh reality.

For the most part collected a century ago, the stories were gleaned from archives and printed sources; the Icelandic repertoire was collected on audiotape in the 1960s. Each repertoire was selected by a noted folklorist. Introductions to the storytellers and collectors and commentaries and references for the tales are provided. A general introduction, a comprehensive bibliography, and an index of the tales according to Aarne-Thompson's typology are also included. Period illustrations add charm to the stories.

Author Notes

Reimund Kvideland is professor of folklore at the University of Bergen, Norway.
Henning K. Sehmsdorf, who formerly taught Scandinavian folklore at the University of Washington, now lives and farms on Lopez Island, Washington.

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Library Journal Review

This rich anthology presents 98 tales from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Collected a century ago, they include popular narratives gathered by five noted folklorists. Ranging across the full array of oral tale, these jocular stories, wonder tales, and fulfillment stories embody the human history and reality of times past. The result is a lively collection that mirrors a rich folktale tradition. Deftly arranged by scholars Kvideland and Sehmsdorf, this collection provides a concise and revealing glimpse of a classic folklore treasury. An excellent introduction to the scope of folk traditions in Europe, it will likely become a standard reference for students and scholars. Essential for all comprehensive literature collections.ÄRichard K. Burns, MSLS, Hatboro, PA (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xi
List of Contributorsp. xiii
List of Abbreviationsp. xv
Introductionp. 3
Part I Olav Eivindsson Austad: Tales from Setesdal, Norway (1907-1926)
Introduction: Norway's Last Great Storytellerp. 13
1. When the Bear Lost His Tail (at 2)p. 23
2. The Bear and the Fox Compete in Counting (at 7)p. 24
3. The Bear and the Fox Share a Field (at 9B)p. 24
4. The Firkin of Butter (at 15)p. 25
5. The Bear Kills Himself (at 21)p. 27
6. The House Mouse and the Woods Mouse (at 112)p. 27
7. The Ox, the Ram, and the Billy Goat (at 130 + 5)p. 28
8. The Frisky Gelding (at 153)p. 32
9. The Three Women and the Wolf (unclassified)p. 33
10. The Cuckoo (unclassified)p. 34
11. The Troll and the Three Sisters (at 311)p. 34
12. The Tale about the Wolf (at 425)p. 38
13. The Twelve Ravens (at 451)p. 44
14. Man-Daughter and Woman-Daughter (at 480)p. 46
15. The Goatherd Girl (at 501)p. 51
16. The Shining Apple Tree (at 510AB)p. 54
17. Ashfart and the Cat (at 545B)p. 60
18. The Golden Apple (at 550)p. 64
19. The Mare That Dropped Money (at 563)p. 70
20. Thumb (I) (at 700)p. 71
21. Thumb (II) (at 700)p. 72
22. The Prince Who Wanted a Real Princess (at 704)p. 72
23. The Woman Who Got Three Wishes (at 750A)p. 74
24. The Girl Who Didn't Want Any Children (at 755)p. 75
25. Cheese-Dun (at 853)p. 76
26. The Merry Boy (at 921)p. 79
27. As Wind in Hot Sun (at 923A)p. 81
28. Ashfart Who Took a Job with the Troll (at 1052 + 1137)p. 81
29. The Cat in Dogre (at 1161)p. 84
30. Trond (at 1161)p. 85
31. The Crazy Wife (at 1384)p. 86
32. The Clumsy Girl (at 1453)p. 90
33. The Fortune-Teller (at 1535)p. 91
34. The Boy and the Parson (at 1535)p. 96
35. The Man Who Never Gave Lodging (at 1544)p. 98
36. Frisk-Guss-Spass-Gass-Ber-Hu (unclassified)p. 99
37. The Bet (unclassified)p. 101
38. The Wretched Shoemaker (at 1640)p. 102
39. Pok, Slok, and Ashfart Go Stealing (at 1653B)p. 105
40. The Slow-Witted Son (at 1685 + 1696)p. 109
41. A Sermon (at 1824)p. 111
42. The Woman Who Got News from Home (at 1931)p. 112
43. The Goat Who Wouldn't Go Home (at 2015)p. 113
Part II Ane Margrete Hansen: Tales from Jutland, Denmark (1889)
Introduction: National Treasure and Local Culturep. 121
44. The Two Hunters (at 303 + 567)p. 131
45. Millerimaej and Annekendaej (at 313)p. 142
46. The Scabby Garden Boy (at 314 + 1880)p. 143
47. The Three Wishes of the Smith (at 330A)p. 149
48. Solvborg Castle (at 400)p. 151
49. The Sisters in the Well (at 480)p. 158
50. Under the Gallows on Midsummer's Eve (at 613)p. 162
51. The Clever Queen (at 875)p. 169
52. The Priceless Glove (at 892)p. 173
53. The Haughty Princess (at 900)p. 176
54. The Visit (at 915)p. 181
55. The Soldier and the King in Disguise (at 952)p. 183
56. The Foolish Wife (at 1382 + 1383)p. 187
57. Dorret's Marriage (at 1462)p. 188
58. The White and the Black Hen (at 1623[superscript *])p. 190
59. The Numbskull's Marriage (at 1696 + 1685)p. 193
60. The Three Lies (at 1920 + 1931)p. 198
Part III Jakob Glader: Tales from Dal, Sweden (1884)
Introduction: Meeting the Storytellerp. 203
61. The Fox and the Bear (at 15)p. 214
62. The Store Mouse and the Woods Mouse (at 112)p. 215
63. The Billy Goat and the Wolf (at 132)p. 216
64. All the World's Reward (at 155)p. 216
65. The Suitor with the Green Beard (at 365)p. 219
66. The White Serpent Kingson (at 433A)p. 220
67. Perselia (at 710)p. 223
68. St. Peter's Wife (at 774A)p. 227
69. Ashfart, the Princess, and the Three Helpers (at 850 + 513 + 513B)p. 228
70. The Devil and Tita Gray (at 1074 + 1170)p. 233
71. The Cotter Who Competed with the Devil (at 1090)p. 236
72. The Skipper and Horn-Peter (at 1179)p. 237
73. The Name of the First Boy (at 1450)p. 238
74. The Girl Who Was So Handy (at 1453)p. 239
75. The Danish Minister (at 1832 + 1835)p. 241
Part IV Johann Backstrom: Tales from Osterby, Swedish Finland (1885)
Introduction: "Laughin' It Off"p. 245
76. The Lion Who Met a Pretty Good Man (at 157)p. 249
77. The Devil Who Stood Guard for Seven Years (at 361)p. 250
78. The Stingy Minister (at 1544)p. 252
79. The Purse (at 1740*)p. 253
80. The New Minister (at 1825C)p. 254
81. The Minister and the Church Warden (at 1838)p. 255
82. The Two Friends (at 2014A)p. 256
83. The Farmer and the Mountain Troll (unclassified)p. 257
84. The Peasant Who Was Made a Knight (unclassified)p. 259
85. The Boy Who Corrected the Minister (unclassified)p. 260
Part V Herdis Jonasdottir: Tales from Husafell, Iceland (1966-1967)
Introduction: A Continuing Traditionp. 265
86. Una, the Elf-Woman (at 306)p. 271
87. Hlini, the King's Son (at 317A)p. 273
88. Sigur[ch]ur, Ingibjorg, and Kroknefja (at 327)p. 275
89. Hringur and the Dog Snati-Snati (at 328)p. 278
90. The Tale of the Dog Mori (at 425)p. 282
91. Fetching the Fire (at 480)p. 286
92. Mja[ch]veig (at 510)p. 289
93. The Boy in the Pot (at 675)p. 294
94. Bjorn Shifty-Cloak (at 706)p. 296
95. Lice-Black (at 850)p. 299
96. Lineik and Laufey (at 870B*)p. 302
97. The Good Stepmother (at 934E)p. 304
98. Gramann (at 1525)p. 307
Bibliographyp. 311
Index of Tale Typesp. 321
Illustration Creditsp. 325