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Basic essentials of mathematics
Shea, James T.
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Austin, Texas : Steck-Vaughn Co., [1991]

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2 volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
A basic math program that teaches whole number, fraction, and decimal skills in Book 1 and percent, measurement, formulas, equations, ratio, and proportion skills in Book 2, each concluding with a mastery test.

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QA131.5.S7 B37 1991 V.2 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area-Oversize
QA131.5.S7 B37 1991 V.2 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area-Oversize
QA131.5.S7 B37 1991 V.2 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area-Oversize

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Basic math skills and practice for high school and adult learners. Each book includes unit reviews, mastery tests, and answer keys. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

To the Studentp. 4
Unit 1 Percent
The Meaning of Percentp. 5
Interchanging Percent and Decimalsp. 6
Changing Fractions to Percentp. 7
Fractions, Decimals, and Percentsp. 8
Writing Percentsp. 9
Percents Larger than 100%p. 10
Percents Smaller than 1%p. 11
Finding a Percent of a Numberp. 12
Problems Using Percentsp. 13
Finding a Percent of a Number Using Fractionsp. 14
The Meaning of Simple Interestp. 15
More on Simple Interestp. 16
The Meaning of Compound Interestp. 17
Percent of Increasep. 18
Percent of Decreasep. 19
Finding Commissions and Net Amountp. 20
Finding a Number When a Percent of It Is Knownp. 21
Finding a Number When a Fraction of It Is Knownp. 22
Finding the Original Pricep. 23
Using Fractions or Decimals to Find the Original Amountp. 24
Finding What Percent One Number Is of Anotherp. 25
Checking Upp. 27
Problem-Solving Strategy: Multi-Step Problemsp. 28
Applying Your Skillsp. 29
Unit 1 Reviewp. 30
Unit 2 Measurement and Formulas
Timep. 31
Customary Lengthp. 32
Customary Weightp. 33
Customary Capacityp. 34
Computing Measuresp. 35
Practice in Computing Measuresp. 36
Metric Lengthp. 37
Metric Massp. 38
Metric Capacityp. 39
Checking Upp. 40
Using Measuresp. 41
Drawing to Scalep. 42
Formula for Perimeter of a Rectanglep. 43
Formula for Area of a Rectanglep. 44
Formulas for Area and Perimeter of a Squarep. 45
Volumesp. 46
Lines and Anglesp. 47
Trianglesp. 48
Formula for Perimeter of a Trianglep. 49
Formula for the Area of a Trianglep. 50
Right Triangles and Anglesp. 51
The Pythagorean Theoremp. 52
Formula for Circumference of a Circlep. 53
Formula for Area of a Circlep. 54
Using Formulas with Circle Problemsp. 55
The Cylinderp. 56
Using Mixed Units of Measurement to Find Perimeterp. 57
Using Mixed Units of Measurement to Find Areap. 58
Using Mixed Units of Measurement to Find Volumep. 59
Finding the Missing Factorsp. 61
Finding the Missing Factor in the Interest Formulap. 62
Finding the Missing Factors in the Area Formulap. 63
Finding the Missing Factors in the Volume Formulap. 64
Using the Distance Formulap. 65
Finding the Interest Rate on Installment Purchasesp. 66
The Bar Graphp. 67
The Line Graphp. 68
The Circle Graphp. 69
Reading Meters and Tablesp. 70
Checking Upp. 71
Problem-Solving Strategy: Make a Diagramp. 72
Applying Your Skillsp. 73
Unit 2 Reviewp. 74
Unit 3 Simple Equations, Ratio, Proportion, Powers, and Roots
Variables, Terms, Coefficients, and Monomialsp. 75
Order of Operationsp. 76
Signed Numbersp. 77
Algebraic Expressions and Equationsp. 78
Missing Addends and Missing Factorsp. 79
Combining Like Termsp. 80
Solving Two-Step Equationsp. 81
Solving Equations with a Variable on Both Sidesp. 82
Solving Equations with Parenthesesp. 83
Using Equationsp. 84
Ordered Pairsp. 85
Graphing Ordered Pairsp. 86
Checking Upp. 87
The Meaning of Ratiop. 88
Equations Involving Ratiop. 89
Probabilityp. 90
Checking Upp. 91
Using Ratio and Probabilityp. 92
The Meaning of Proportionp. 93
Proportions as Fractionsp. 94
Using Proportionp. 95
Proportion in Area and Volumep. 96
Similar Trianglesp. 97
Using Proportion in Similar Figuresp. 98
Checking Upp. 99
Exponentsp. 100
Powers of Numbersp. 101
Square Rootsp. 102
Problem-Solving Strategy: Identify Extra Informationp. 103
Applying Your Skillsp. 104
Unit 3 Reviewp. 105
Unit 4 Review
Making Sure of Percentp. 106
Making Sure of Interestp. 107
Making Sure of Measurementp. 108
Making Sure of Formulasp. 109
Making Sure of Graphsp. 110
Making Sure of Equationsp. 111
Making Sure of Ratio, Probability, and Proportionp. 112
Mastery Testp. 113
Answer Keyp. 119