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Building basic skills in mathematics.
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Chicago : Contemporary Books, [1988]

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ix, 226 pages ; 28 cm.
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Contemporary's seven-book series is a comprehensive instructional program for adult learners and pre-high school skill levels. The series develops solid skill foundations needed by learners who may go on to prepare for the high school equivalency examination.Building Basic Skills is ideal for individualized or group instruction. Each worktext has clear, simple directions and easy-to-follow skill progressions for the learner working in a self-paced program. Each book provides everything the learner needs to master the basic skills.

Table of Contents

To the Learnerp. ix
Pre-Test: Finding Out What You Know about Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals and Percentp. 1
Answers and Solutions-Pre-Testp. 11
Pre-Test Evaluationp. 19
Whole Numbers
Understanding Whole Numbersp. 21
Writing Whole Numbersp. 22
Adding Whole Numbersp. 23
Subtracting Whole Numbersp. 31
Multiplying Whole Numbersp. 41
Dividing Whole Numbersp. 50
Whole Numbers Skills Testp. 62
Whole Numbers Skills Test Evaluationp. 65
Answers and Solutions-Whole Numbers Exercisesp. 65
Understanding Whole Numbersp. 65
Writing Whole Numbersp. 65
Adding Whole Numbersp. 66
Subtracting Whole Numbersp. 69
Multiplying Whole Numbersp. 72
Dividing Whole Numbersp. 76
Answers and Solutions-Whole Numbers Skills Testp. 80
Understanding Fractionsp. 82
Forms of Fractionsp. 83
Adding Fractionsp. 89
Subtracting Fractionsp. 97
Multiplying Fractionsp. 103
Dividing Fractionsp. 108
Fractions Skills Testp. 112
Fractions Skills Test Evaluationp. 115
Answers and Solutions-Fractions Skills Exercisesp. 116
Understanding Fractionsp. 116
Forms of Fractionsp. 116
Adding Fractionsp. 117
Subtracting Fractionsp. 120
Multiplying Fractionsp. 122
Dividing Fractionsp. 124
Answers and Solutions-Fractions Skills Testp. 126
Understanding Decimalsp. 128
Reading Decimalsp. 129
Writing Decimalsp. 130
Changing Decimals to Fractionsp. 131
Changing Fractions to Decimalsp. 133
Comparing Decimalsp. 134
Adding Decimalsp. 135
Subtracting Decimalsp. 138
Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbersp. 140
Multiplying Decimals by Decimalsp. 141
Multiplying Decimals by 10, 100, and 1000p. 142
Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbersp. 144
Dividing Decimals by Decimalsp. 146
Dividing Whole Numbers by Decimalsp. 147
Dividing Decimals by 10, 100, and 1000p. 148
Decimals Skills Testp. 150
Decimals Skills Test Evaluationp. 153
Answers and Solutions-Decimals Skills Exercisesp. 154
Reading Decimalsp. 154
Writing Decimalsp. 154
Changing Decimals to Fractionsp. 155
Changing Fractions to Decimalsp. 155
Comparing Decimalsp. 155
Adding Decimalsp. 155
Subtracting Decimalsp. 156
Multiplying Decimalsp. 157
Dividing Decimalsp. 158
Answers and Solutions-Decimals Skills Testp. 161
Understanding Percentp. 164
Changing Decimals to Percentsp. 164
Changing Percents to Decimalsp. 165
Changing Fractions to Percentsp. 166
Changing Percents to Fractionsp. 167
Common Percents and Fractionsp. 169
Finding a Percent of a Numberp. 170
Finding What Percent One Number Is of Anotherp. 181
Finding a Number When a Percent of It Is Givenp. 186
Percent Skills Testp. 189
Percent Skills Test Evaluationp. 192
Answers and Solutions-Percent Skills Exercisesp. 192
Changing Decimals to Percentsp. 192
Changing Percents to Decimalsp. 192
Changing Fractions to Percentsp. 193
Changing Percents to Fractionsp. 194
Finding a Percent of a Numberp. 195
Finding What Percent One Number Is of Anotherp. 198
Finding a Number When a Percent of It Is Givenp. 200
Answers and Solutions-Percent Skills Testp. 201
Post-Test: Finding Out What You Know about Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, and Percentp. 204
Answers and Solutions-Post-Testp. 216
Post-Test Evaluationp. 225

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