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The complete idiot's guide to digital photography
Greenberg, Steve.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [1999]

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xii, 382 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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TR267 .G74 1999 Book and Software Set Non-Fiction Area
TR267 .G74 1999 Book and Software Set Non-Fiction Area

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This Complete Idiot's Guide demonstrates how to buy a camera and an appropriate computer system. It covers the basics of photography, exposure and composition as well as use of telephoto and wide angle lenses. The CD-ROM contains demos of Eye Candy 3.0, and Chromatica amongst others.

Author Notes

Steve Greenberg has been a commercial photographer in Boston for more than 15 years. A 1979 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he eventually began using electronic imaging to enhance his design capabilities, thus pushing his work past the physical barriers of traditional photography. Steve is a member of the International Design by Electronics Association, International Quick Time Virtual Reality Association, and a founding member of the Boston Area Digital Photographers Color Management Users Group. He has lectured at advertising agencies and spoken at the AIGA symposium on electronic imaging, the Apple Computer conference on new media and technology, and has guest lectured at the New England School of Photography.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Digital Capture: The Future Is Nowp. 1
1 Look, Ma, No Film: Why Digital Photography?p. 3
Painting with Light: A Brief History of Photographyp. 3
Fast Forward: Digital Camerasp. 8
First, the Good News: The Advantages of Digital Photographyp. 10
Now the Bad Newsp. 12
Go for It!p. 15
2 Pixel, Pixel, Little Star, How I Wonder What You Are!p. 21
It's a Three-Color World (RGB)p. 21
Eye to Eye: How the Camera Mimics Your Eyep. 23
In the Beginning There Was Filmp. 25
Pixel Schtick: How Digital Cameras Workp. 27
Part 2 Cameras, Computer Hardware, and Software for Digital Capturep. 33
3 So Many Choices: Finding and Buying the Digital Camera That's Right for Youp. 35
Research, Research, Researchp. 35
Narrowing It down: Camera Typesp. 36
Types of Digital Camerasp. 41
Featuresp. 47
4 Mac Versus Windows: System Requirements for Digital Capturep. 71
Windows or Mac?p. 71
General Requirementsp. 73
Peripheralsp. 84
5 Softwarep. 99
Improving Composition and Image Qualityp. 99
Proprietary and Third-Party Softwarep. 100
Albums: Storing Your Imagesp. 103
Part 3 Let's Take Picturesp. 105
6 Exposurep. 107
The Lensp. 107
The Shutterp. 108
F/Stopsp. 108
Shutter Speedp. 110
Putting It All Together: The Relationship Between F/Stops and Shutter Speedp. 110
ISO/ASAp. 113
Creative Controlp. 114
Depth of Fieldp. 114
Manual or Automatic Exposurep. 116
7 I Can See Clearly Now: Lensesp. 119
Types of Lensesp. 120
Focal Lengthp. 124
8 Composition: No Snapshots Here!p. 131
Not in the Center, If You Please!p. 132
Balancep. 135
Horizonp. 136
Cropping: Be Frugal!p. 136
Colorp. 138
Contrastp. 139
Negative and Positive Space: The Final Frontierp. 140
Movementp. 140
Viewpoint: Low, Different, or Politicalp. 142
Perspectivep. 144
Foreground/Backgroundp. 146
Line and Imaginary Linep. 146
Watch Your Backgroundp. 148
Texturep. 149
Scalep. 149
9 Lighting: It Makes or Breaks a Shot!p. 151
Using Available Lightp. 151
Flashp. 154
Adding Lightsp. 158
10 Resolution: Is Bigger Better?p. 165
Image Resolution/Monitor Resolutionp. 165
Printer Resolutionp. 168
How Big a File Do You Need?p. 170
11 Compressionp. 171
Getting Quality Imagesp. 171
Lossy Versus Lossless Compressionp. 172
Archiving Programsp. 173
File Formats: Acrimonious Acronymsp. 175
Part 4 Let's See It: Imaging Techniquesp. 181
12 Go Get It: Downloading Your Imagesp. 183
Hooking Up the Camerap. 184
Downloading via the Camera Manufacturer's Softwarep. 185
Downloading via Image-Editing Softwarep. 189
Downloading Directly from Diskp. 194
Downloading from a Photo CDp. 196
13 Improving Your Imagesp. 201
Getting Startedp. 202
Shaping Your Imagep. 204
From Darkness to Lightp. 211
Viva Color!p. 212
Other Color Worldsp. 216
What Is Bit Depth?p. 219
A Sharper Imagep. 221
It's All a Blurp. 224
Despecklep. 225
14 Eeney, Meeny, Miney, Mo: Selectionsp. 227
Getting Startedp. 227
Why Use Selections?p. 228
Selection Toolsp. 229
A Selection Saved Is a Selection Earned: Saving Selectionsp. 241
15 Color Me Beautiful: Adding Fills and Colorp. 245
Fillsp. 246
Paint Toolsp. 251
16 The Clone Tool: The Ultimate Retouching Toolp. 259
Getting Startedp. 259
Demo: Removing Phone Lines Using the Clone Toolp. 260
Cloning Between Two Photosp. 265
17 Yadda Yadda Yadda: The Text Toolp. 267
Adding Textp. 267
Demo: Applying a Drop Shadowp. 269
Changing the Opacity of Your Typep. 273
Demo: Making Your Type Glowp. 273
18 Layer Cake: Adding Elementsp. 277
What's a Layer?p. 277
Lemme See Onep. 278
Using Layers: The Basicsp. 278
Understanding Layer Hierarchyp. 282
Working with Layersp. 283
Demo: Using Feathering to Make Cameosp. 291
Flattening Your Imagep. 293
19 Filters: Funky and Funp. 295
Daddy, What's a Filter?p. 295
Whoa, There!p. 296
Obtaining Filtersp. 296
Let's Gop. 298
Demo: Applying Multiple Filtersp. 302
20 What You See Is What You Get: Calibrationp. 305
How the Pros Do Itp. 306
Calibrating Monitors and Printersp. 309
Part 5 Outputp. 319
21 Print It Outp. 324
Get Connectedp. 321
Resolution: One More Timep. 322
Let's Print!p. 324
Photo-Quality Papers: Suitable for Framingp. 330
Third-Party Inksp. 330
22 Showing Your Pictures to Momp. 333
Preparing Your Imagesp. 334
Sending Digital Photos via Email: Attaching and Embeddingp. 334
What's Your URL?p. 337
23 A Few More Points of Viewp. 343
Hi, Mom! I'm on TV!p. 343
Sprucing Up Your Screen with Wallpaperp. 344
Oh, Say, Can You See: QTVRp. 346
Part 6 Appendixp. 355
A Speak Like a Geek: Digital Photography Wordsp. 357
Indexp. 363