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Chocolate for a woman's spirit : 77 stories of inspiration to lift your heart and soothe your soul
Allenbaugh, Kay.
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New York : Simon & Schuster, [1999]

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289 pages ; 22 cm
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"A Fireside book."
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Take A Chocolate Break!
Chocolate -- sweet, delectable, and rich -- is a feast for our senses and a treat for our souls. Now, indulge yourself in 77 brand-new "chocolate stories," from the creator of the national bestsellers Chocolate for a Woman's Soul and Chocolate for a Woman's Heart. Kay Allenbaugh has gathered together a luscious mix of real-life stories by and for women that will inspire, delight, and empower you. Savor the everyday experiences and momentous adventures of women who tap into their intuition, listen to life's wake-up calls, overcome old fears, and discover the courage to start over. Like you, they juggle the roles of worker, wife, sister, mother, and friend. And like you, they face life's challenges and rejoice in its blessings as only women can -- with a sense of wonder, a sense of humor, and a sense of spirit!

Author Notes

Kay Allenbaugh, the creator of the Chocolate series, is a writer and speaker known as the Caretaker of Stories for Women of the World. She lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon.



Introduction Stories help us to learn about ourselves and make discoveries that add meaning and depth to our life journey. As the creator of the Chocolate series, I've found that stories play an especially profound role in the lives of women. The unforgettable true stories in Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit honor and celebrate a woman's special ability to get quiet inside and seek the universal truths in her spirit-filled life. Best-selling authors, columnists, motivational speakers, and spiritual seekers share stories that include being in the presence of angels, experiencing grace when it's least expected, and learning to trust our intuition -- God's gift to women. We find Spirit filling these pages in an expansive way, as women think young again, become spiritkeepers, create an abundant life, find love's riches, and choose to age wisely. I'm quite convinced that Spirit has a sense of humor, too. Just as you'll laugh when you learn how one storyteller discovered how to really say No, you'll also be exhilarated as you read about a woman symbolically soaring through her fears as she puts her trust in God, grabs hold of a rope, and swings joyfully out over a large body of water. The Chocolate for Women series of books has been, and continues to be, a divinely inspired project. I call it a "God job." In my own life, every time I forget who's in charge, I fear my next step. But when I remember Chocolate was created with His intention, my faith increases and I relax into the joy and honor of being allowed to share these true-life spirit-filled tales with you. With each success comes new challenges. My own spiritual journey has become one of awe as I discover that the quieter I get, the easier it is to listen. And the more I can hear that small, still voice speaking to me, the easier it is to get my ego out of the way -- to let go and let God. The journey has been joyful, sometimes frightening, yet always rich. As you read these stories and seek to apply their messages in your own life, I hope you'll be divinely inspired to take your own next step, especially if you're at a crossroads or are facing new challenges and opportunities. May the power of these heavenly stories heal your spirit and move you forward on your unique path -- with a sense of humor and a sense of wonder. And may these stories inspire you to make the choices in your life that bring you the most peace of mind. By so doing, you'll know you're walking hand in hand with spirit. Copyright © 1999 by Allenbaugh Associates, Inc. From: The Force is With You Love at First Sight Many years ago, my uncle owned a restaurant at a small airport in Illinois. My mother was the assistant manager, and I was the hostess. One afternoon, my mother and I went to a diner for lunch. Our waitress, Debbie, was so sweet that we took an immediate liking to her, and my mother offered her a job at my uncle's restaurant on the spot. Debbie accepted. We invited her to our home for dinner that evening and during our conversations with her, we learned that she had never married and that she had no boyfriend. She told us that five years before while on a flight back east, she met "her pilot" and that it was love at first sight. She had been very nervous as she was boarding the plane and the pilot was standing in the doorway greeting passengers. He must have noticed how afraid of flying she seemed, and he struck up a conversation with her. They spoke less than ten minutes, and he assured her he would fly her safely to her destination. She told us it was love at first sight, and we told her there was no such thing. Although she never saw her pilot again, she never forgot the feeling she had in her heart when their eyes met. Mother and I had a plan. Since she was so in love with her pilot, we decided to fix her up with one of the many single pilots that came into the restaurant to eat in between flights. We approached John, one of the pilots, and told him about Debbie. He agreed to meet her for a dinner date on one of his nights off. We sat him at a nice table with candlelight and fresh flowers. When Debbie arrived, we walked her to the table to introduce her to her date. As we approached, Debbie stopped dead in her tracks, tears welled up in her eyes, her hand went to her heart, and though I couldn't believe what I was hearing, she said, "My pilot, it's my pilot!" He stood dumbstruck and embraced her. We later learned that he, too, had fallen in love with "his passenger" five years ago on that flight back east. The last we heard from Debbie was in a letter from Guam. When people tell me there is no such thing as love at first sight, I tell them this story and show them the photo Debbie enclosed with her letter, a photo of her family -- her husband, John, in his pilot's uniform and their two beautiful daughters. Kim Champion In Safekeeping Having lived and traveled through Central America for two years, I considered myself bus savvy. I knew all the schedules and times. I also knew better than to travel at night or take an unfamiliar route. So one night, when the bus I was riding broke down three times before we boarded another, which deposited everyone in the capital well after dark, I figured the gods were against me. I cried and pleaded with the driver not to leave me there alone, in a location totally unfamiliar to me, but he laughed like someone sick of American tourists and swiftly drove off into the pitch-blackness. The few streetlights sported empty sockets from which the bulbs had been pilfered, and the only human presence seemed to be a couple reeking of liquor, asleep -- or maybe dead! My imagination spiraled. Where could the other passengers have gone to so quickly? I wondered. Every headline, every story of women found raped, beaten, or dead in an empty alley seemed to reverberate from the hollows of broken windows and stripped cars, and propelled me to the signposts on the street corners. I had to figure out where I was. Eight blocks later, I located two cross-street signs and plotted a path in my mind. A right turn at the next corner would lead me down a long street, through a tunnel, and into a park that I'd walked in often and knew would be populated even late at night. So began my long march toward safety. One block before the tunnel, a man staggered out of a deserted building behind the only functioning streetlight and came right at me. He put one hand on my left arm and another in my hair, caressing it, pulling it. "You are beautiful," he slurred with his face pressed against mine, and I could smell the booze and the weeks of not bathing. "Tell me where you're going and I'll walk you there," he insisted, mocking me, still holding tightly to my arm. Not wanting to challenge or engage him by speaking or looking directly at him, I sized up his shadow on the wall. Not a big man, but nonetheless larger than I, and I knew at that moment, with absolute certainty, that he would attack me the minute I entered the confines of the tunnel that loomed before us. Just then I heard another set of footsteps fall in behind me. Knowing attacks such as the one planned for me usually involve more than one person, I should have been terrified. And yet the minute I heard those footsteps, a sense of calm as palpable as the drunk man's groping hands descended upon me. As sure as I was two seconds ago that this drunkard would attack me in the tunnel, I was now equally certain that I would be safe. I glanced again at the wall to see the shadow of my savior, the owner of the second set of footsteps falling so close behind me, the one who would keep me safe. No one was there. And yet the footsteps rang out, loud and piercing in the quiet night, reassuring me with each echo that I would not be harmed. As I had predicted, when we reached the tunnel the drunk man lunged toward me, wrapping his hands around my neck and propelling me forward. But just as quickly he released me, and I stumbled backward as the force with which he was ripped from my body reversed my direction. I turned just long enough to see him fly through the air and land near the gutter on the other side of the street. No one else was there. I made it safely through the tunnel that night. Now, whenever I'm afraid, I remember that night in Central America when I started out thinking the gods were against me. In the end, I knew they had been behind me the whole time. One night I heard their footsteps; I felt their force. And I have never been alone again. Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand Copyright © 1999 by Allenbaugh Associates, Inc. Excerpted from Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit: 77 Stories of Inspiration to Lift Your Heart and Sooth Your Soul by Kay Allenbaugh All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

The Force is With You
Love at First SightKim Champion
In Safekeeping EllenUrbani Hiltebrand
A (Heavenly) ConversationJessica Quilty
Grandfather's Angel DustHelen Taupe
Are You There, God?Melanie Allen
Say a PrayerTerri McLean
My Leap of FaithAnn McCoy
The Great Perrier WashJill Lynne
Matters of the Heart
Milestones MargaretJ. (Mimi) Popp
Getting to No Susie Troccolo
Marriage Is a Contract, Not a GuaranteePhyllis Miletich
Romance and RealityLillian Quaschnick
What's a Body to Do?Carol Newman
Skimming the Sea of CortezGeorgia C. Harker
Signs of LoveAlaina Smith
Seeking the Fountain of YouthKay Allenbaugh
Just Remember...You're Only Ten!Tannis Benedict
I Am Woman MarciMadsen Fuller
Steppin' Out on Faith JenniferBrown Banks
Real Beauty Comes from WithinLauren Maser
His Plan for MeCarolina Fernandez
Roots and WingsMargaret C. Price
Cheryl's LegacyLolly Champion
Journey of a Brave HeartElizabeth Krenik
The Power Within
Home at LastSheila Stephens
ZoëCarol Anne Ruel
Laughter HealsMarianna Nunes
A Full-Circle GiftClara Olson
Soul FishingDebb Janes
Love Is for AlwaysJudith McClure
School of Hard KnocksCourtney S.
Thinking Young Again
Nicky's HeavenDiane Gonzales Bertrand
Finding Your WayJennifer Esperante Gunter
Magical MomentsJayne Garrett
The DanceChristi Kromminga
The Paper-Clip NecklaceJennifer Howard
A Dad Named JohnnyJoan Roelke
Positively Intuitive
Body WiseC. Yvonne Brown
Never Take "No" for an AnswerKaren Sheridan
Intuitive House HuntingDoreen Virtue
Gold Medal JeanneEvans Lodwick
SparkySheila O'Connor
Discovering the Big PictureAnn Albers
The Ice StormMartha Nicholson
Wake-Up Calls
And the Winner Is...Claudia McCormick
The G-WordMartha Powers
David's Surprise EmilySue Harvey
Real Class SarahHeekin Redfield
It's Up to MeKaren A. Wilson
Junking -- a Lesson in EconomicsBecky Lee Weyrich
Beyond First ImpressionsJudi Chapman
Bouncing Back
Act as IfSue Dyer
Perfect Timing MindySue Cohen
My Special Bridge JudithMorton Fraser
Outside My Comfort ZoneCandis Fancher
The CliffJanice A. Sperry
A Blessing in DisguiseLynn Price
Creating Abundance
Ask for What You WantFrancine M. Storey
No Ordinary StockingsLinda Nash
All I Ever WantedJean Quinn
Creating a MiracleBarbara Dalbey
The Bookstore MessengerUrsula Bacon
Father Knows BestHildie Sittig
From Rollers to RichesDonna Hartley
Aging Wisely
Embracing DecemberLynne Zielinski
Roads Not TakenMary Sass
How Does My Garden Grow?Ruth Rocker
"It" Happened to MeKay P. Giordano
Tommy TracksRuth Lee
Goddess ExtraordinaireJill Davis
Chocolate LoveMarilyn McFarlane
Better Than Laughing Gas
A Note from HomeJoanna Slan
Feast or FamineLillian Quaschnick
I'll Show 'EmShirley Elkin
Tough as NailsPatsy Dooley
While the Master Is AwayCarole Bellacera
Shorn ThingKarin Esterhammer
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