Cover image for Liberating everyday genius : a revolutionary guide for identifying and mastering your exceptional gifts
Liberating everyday genius : a revolutionary guide for identifying and mastering your exceptional gifts
Jacobsen, Mary-Elaine.
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First edition.
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New York : Ballantine Books, 1999.
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xi, 399 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
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This groundbreaking work identifies the traits common to everyday geniuses and offers a revolutionary new measurement tool to assess unconventional intelligence.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Jacobsen's concept of a new kind of intelligence, which she dubs Evolutionary Intelligence, is sure to attract attention and perhaps controversy. She estimates that 20 million Americans are "gifted adults" with an amalgam of intellectual abilities and personality and character traits that she has found to indicate high potential. Statistically, many gifted adults are baby boomers (a notion that is likely to appeal to them). The Minnesota psychologist has devised a broad self-assessment test, based in part on Howard Gardner's famous work on "multiple intelligences" and in part on her own definition of the qualities that she identifies in these innovators and problem-solvers: creative thinking, enthusiasm, playfulness, intuition, curiosity, humor, independence, multiple talents and a sense of justice. Jacobsen's goal is to help the gifted hone their abilities and cope with the "truths" of being gifted: being different, sometimes being misunderstood, needing patience to fulfill one's life mission, the support of mentors and peers and spiritual guidance. Although her good intentions are blurred by her elitism and her sometimes complicated scheme, she provides useful advice about framing responses to common criticisms, such as of perfectionism and sensitivity; about overcoming blocks to development; about skillful decision-making and achieving balance. Agent, Stephanie Tade of the Jane Rotrosen Agency; 6-city author tour. (Oct.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Table of Contents

Part I. Identifying Everyday Genius
1. Beyond Giftedness: Everyday Genius Definedp. 5
Giftedness Deniedp. 7
The Gifted Adultp. 10
The Source of Giftednessp. 11
The Concept of Giftedness Expandedp. 13
The Five Facets of Freedomp. 18
2. Gifted? Not Mep. 22
We Love Your Unique Products. Just Stop Being So Different!p. 23
Gifted? Not Me: Unidentified Everyday Geniusp. 26
Telltale Signs of Everyday Geniusp. 26
Facing the Truth About Ourselvesp. 29
Why Must I Know This About Myself?p. 31
How Can I Know This About Myselfp. 31
Misconceptions About Giftednessp. 32
3. The Everyday Genius: Lost and Foundp. 34
The Ugly Ducklingp. 34
When a Duck Is Not a Duckp. 37
Seeing the Swan of Everyday Geniusp. 38
The Everyday Genius Brought to Lightp. 40
The Ugly Duckling Syndromep. 41
Know Thyself or Lose Thyselfp. 46
How Did the Swan Get Lost?p. 47
4. Lost in the IQ Gamep. 48
What's Smart and What's Not?p. 49
What Is IQ, Really?p. 50
Beyond Outdated IQp. 52
The Unexpected Gifted Adultp. 55
Mistaken Identities by the Millionsp. 56
The Everyday Genius Next Doorp. 58
5. Standing What You "Know" on Its Headp. 61
The Everyday Genius Mind: The Same and Differentp. 61
How "Different" Becomes "Wrong"p. 66
Gifted Needsp. 67
The Destiny Question: Disown or Deliver?p. 68
Are There Others Like Me? And Are They Normal?p. 70
Rebel, Nerd, or Marvel?p. 72
Reframing Geniusp. 73
Part II. Evolutionary Intelligence
6. Evolutionary Intelligence: The Next Stepp. 79
Retesting the Waters of Intelligencep. 80
What's Evolution Got to Do with It?p. 84
The EvI Formulap. 87
7. The Evolutionary Intelligence Profilep. 92
About the EvI Profilep. 92
What the EvI Score Tells Youp. 109
Exploring Your EvIQ Scorep. 111
Evolutionary Intelligence in Real Lifep. 112
It Only Looks Revolutionary After the Factp. 120
Part III. When What's "Wrong" With You is What's Right With You: Revealing and Healing Everyday Genius
8. Gifted or Cursed?p. 125
Correcting the "Too-Too" Misdiagnosisp. 126
Deja Vup. 129
Gifted or Cursed? My Own Beginningsp. 130
Five Basic Truths About Giftednessp. 134
A Bittersweet Experiencep. 135
The Essentials of Self-Discoveryp. 137
The Real Enemy--Fitting Inp. 138
The Ten Criticismsp. 140
9. Confronting the First Five Criticismsp. 141
Rewriting Personal Historyp. 142
Criticism # 10 "Why Don't You Slow Down?"p. 143
Criticism # 9 "You Worry About Everything!"p. 146
Criticism # 8 "Can't You Just Stick with One Thing?"p. 150
Criticism # 7 "You're So Sensitive and Dramatic!"p. 153
Criticism # 6 "You Have to Do Everything the Hard Way."p. 158
10. Getting Free from the Top Five Criticismsp. 165
Criticism # 5 "You're So Demanding!"p. 166
Criticism # 4 "Can't You Ever Be Satisfied?"p. 168
Criticism # 3 "You're So Driven!"p. 172
Criticism # 2 "Where Do You Get Those Wild Ideas?"p. 176
Criticism # 1 "Who Do You Think You Are?"p. 177
11. Meeting the False Selfp. 182
Meeting the False Selfp. 183
Five Blocks That Enslave the Self and Eclipse the Soulp. 185
Indulging the False Selfp. 185
Denying Gifts and Talentsp. 187
Getting Over Giftedness Guiltp. 190
The "Safe Life"p. 194
Making Friends with Riskp. 197
Seeking Approvalp. 198
Breaking the Approval-Seeking Habitp. 200
Impostorismp. 201
Unlearning Impostorismp. 203
12. How Assets Can Become Liabilitiesp. 205
The Shadow Side of Everyday Genius: Disorderly Conductp. 207
Wounds and Reactionsp. 212
Looking Back to Move Forwardp. 213
Everyday Genius--The Second Time Aroundp. 214
The "Teachable Moment"p. 217
The Reactivity Pendulump. 219
The Unbecoming Extremesp. 221
Part IV. Managing Thyself: Self-Mastery and Integration
13. The Big Three Differences: Intensity, Complexity, and Drivep. 253
Managing the Flow: No Trickles, No Torrentsp. 253
Charting an Evolutionary Coursep. 255
Intensity: Quantitatively Differentp. 258
Complexity: Qualitatively Differentp. 267
Drive: Motivationally Differentp. 279
14. Self-Mastery: Managing Intensity, Complexity, and Drivep. 287
The Drive to Perfect Versus Perfectionismp. 288
Ending the Perfectionism/Procrastination Seesaw: Ready, Set, Go!p. 290
Managing Feelingp. 295
Impulse Managementp. 297
Reviving Your Natural Optimismp. 299
Smarter than Ever: Becoming Superconsciousp. 303
From Stress Tolerance to Stress Managementp. 305
The Life Balance Planp. 308
Five Strokes of Genius for Being Successfully Differentp. 315
15. The Everyday Genius in Relationshipsp. 320
Not Phony and Not Lonelyp. 323
The Everyday Genius in Lovep. 326
Partner with the Person, Not the Potentialp. 327
The Acquiesce/Accuse Pendulump. 330
Listening for Lovep. 331
Reflective Listeningp. 334
Assertive Instead of Demandingp. 336
The Selfishness That Enhances Intimacyp. 341
Real Relatingp. 344
Relationships in the Workplace: Working Together, Preserving Individualityp. 346
Part V. Liberate Thyself: Evolutionary Intelligence in Action
16. Self-Liberationp. 353
Self-Liberationp. 354
Evolutionary Moments: A Preview of Life's Coming Attractionsp. 355
The Catalyzing Evolutionary Momentp. 357
True-Life Evolutionary Momentsp. 359
The Rewards of Geniusp. 364
Declaring a Personal Missionp. 372
Beyond I-nessp. 373
Ten Signs of Advanced Developmentp. 375
Reconciling the Nine Dilemmasp. 376
True Geniusp. 377
Acknowledgmentsp. 379
Notesp. 381
Recommended Readingp. 387
Resourcesp. 389
Indexp. 391