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Novell's ZENworks administrator's handbook
Tanner, Ron.
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San Jose, CA : Novell Press ; Indianapolis : Distributed in the U.S. by IDG Books Worldwide, 1999.
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xxv, 388 pages ; illustrations : 22 cm
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Administer and troubleshoot your network from a single point using ZENworks 2. Create applications with snAppShot(r), distribute applications, and implement policy packages. Ron Tanner and Brad Dayley demonstrate how ZENworks allows you to administer a network from a single point -- and significantly reduce costs. Bringing the kind of insights that only come with years of experience working with a product, these authors clearly show you how to use ZENworks's full range of server-to-desktop services -- and manage your network for optimal efficiency.

Author Notes

Ron Tanner is currently the director of engineering for Novell's Management Products Group.
Brad Dayley, CNE, is a software engineer on Novell's Critical Problem Resolution team.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Chapter 1 Introduction to ZENworksp. 1
What Is the Purpose of ZENworks?p. 2
Application Managementp. 2
Desktop Managementp. 3
Remote Managementp. 5
What Packages of ZENworks Are Available?p. 5
ZENworksp. 6
ZENworks Starter Packp. 6
ZENworks and ManageWise Bundlep. 6
What Are the Benefits of Using ZENworks?p. 7
Chapter 2 Installing ZENworksp. 9
Steps for Installing ZENworksp. 10
Required Hardwarep. 10
Required Softwarep. 12
Installing Server Componentsp. 14
Login to Tree as Adminp. 14
Launch Install from CDp. 14
Select Which Language to Installp. 15
Select Server Installp. 16
Select Installation Typep. 17
Select Server(s) on Which to Installp. 19
Installing Client Componentsp. 21
Automatic Client Upgradep. 21
Manual Client Upgradep. 22
Setting Up the NWAdmin Icon on a Workstationp. 22
Installing Documentationp. 26
Select Workstation Typep. 26
Chapter 3 Setting up ZENworks in Your Treep. 29
General ZENworks Architecturep. 30
Objects in NDS and Impact on the Treep. 30
Administration Through Novell Administratorp. 31
Novell Clientp. 32
Novell Workstation Agentsp. 32
Policy Packages and Policiesp. 32
ZENworks Policy and Policy Package Wizardsp. 33
ZENworks Policy Wizardp. 33
Example of Enabling an NT Novell Client Configuration Policyp. 34
Example of Enabling a Restrict Login Policyp. 37
Policy Package Wizardp. 38
Setting Up Workstations in the Treep. 40
Creating a Policy Packagep. 40
Creating a Workstation Import Policyp. 41
Associations of Policy Packagesp. 42
Novell Workstation Registrationp. 42
Importing Workstationsp. 43
Creating Other Policiesp. 45
Remote Management Rightsp. 45
Remote Operators Pagep. 45
Remote Operators Wizardp. 46
Reportingp. 47
Chapter 4 Creating Application Packages Using snAppShotp. 51
What Is snAppShot?p. 52
When Should You Use snAppShot?p. 52
How snAppShot Worksp. 54
Files Created by snAppShotp. 55
Information Saved by snAppShotp. 57
Advanced Features of snAppShotp. 59
Using snAppShot Preferencesp. 59
Partial Install Detectionp. 63
Limitations of snAppShotp. 63
Capture Install Logicp. 63
Guarantee Impact on All Workstationsp. 63
Image Entire Workstationp. 63
Using snAppShotp. 64
Standardp. 64
Customp. 70
Expressp. 81
Super Express (Command Line) Modep. 83
Chapter 5 Creating and Using Application Objectsp. 85
Creating the Application Objectp. 86
With an .AOT or .AXT Filep. 86
Without an .AOT or .AXT Filep. 88
Duplicating an Existing Application Objectp. 89
Setting Properties for the Application Objectp. 90
Setting Up the Application Object Executablep. 90
Setting Up Application Distribution Optionsp. 93
Changing (Optional) Application Object Settingsp. 97
Setting Up Application Distributionp. 118
Setting Up Application Folderingp. 118
Setting Up Users to Receive Applicationsp. 124
Automating Application Objectsp. 132
Distribute the Applicationsp. 140
Chapter 6 Setting Up User Policiesp. 141
Relationship of User Policies to Usersp. 142
Advantages of Platform-Specific Policiesp. 142
Creating a Windows 3.1 User Policy Packagep. 143
Adding a Help Desk Policyp. 145
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 149
Adding a Workstation Import Policyp. 153
Creating a Windows 95/98 User Policy Packagep. 159
Adding a 95 Desktop Preferences Policyp. 161
Adding 95 User System Policiesp. 165
Adding a Help Desk Policyp. 167
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 171
Adding a User Extensible Policyp. 176
Adding a Workstation Import Policyp. 178
Creating a Windows NT User Policy Packagep. 185
Adding a Dynamic Local User Policyp. 187
Adding a Help Desk Policyp. 189
Adding NT Desktop Preferences Policyp. 193
Adding NT User Printer Policyp. 197
Adding NT User System Policiesp. 198
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 201
Adding a User Extensible Policyp. 206
Adding a Workstation Import Policyp. 208
Chapter 7 Setting Up a Computer Policy Packagep. 217
Relationship of Computer Policies to Workstationsp. 218
Advantages of Platform-Specific Policiesp. 218
Creating a Windows 3.1 Workstation Policy Packagep. 219
Adding a Windows 3.x Computer System Policyp. 221
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 222
Creating a Windows 95/98 Computer Policy Packagep. 227
Adding a 95 Computer Printer Policyp. 228
Adding 95 Computer System Policiesp. 229
Adding a Novell Client Configuration Policyp. 231
Adding a 95 RAS Configuration Policyp. 232
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 233
Adding a Computer Extensible Policyp. 238
Adding a Restrict Login Policyp. 241
Adding a Workstation Inventory Policyp. 242
Creating a Windows NT Computer Policy Packagep. 244
Adding a Computer Extensible Policyp. 246
Adding a NT Computer Printer Policyp. 248
Adding NT Computer System Policiesp. 249
Adding a Novell Client Configuration Policyp. 251
Adding a Remote Management Policyp. 252
Adding a Restrict Login Policyp. 257
Adding a Workstation Inventory Policyp. 258
Chapter 8 Creating a Container Policy Packagep. 261
Relationship of a Container Policy Package to Other Policiesp. 262
Setting up a Container Policy Packagep. 262
Policies Pagep. 263
Associations Pagep. 264
Identification Pagep. 264
Adding a Search Policyp. 264
Search Level Pagep. 264
Search Order Pagep. 266
Adding an SNMP Trap Target Policyp. 267
Chapter 9 Maintaining a Workstationp. 269
Users and the Help Request Systemp. 270
Mail Help Request Taskp. 271
Call Buttonp. 273
Info Buttonp. 273
Workstation Inventoryp. 274
Remote Controlling a Workstationp. 277
Workstation Diagnosticsp. 279
Un-registering a Workstationp. 280
Chapter 10 Using ZENworks Software Meteringp. 283
Using NLS Managerp. 284
Installing a License Certificate Using NLS Managerp. 284
Creating a Metered Certificate Using NLS Managerp. 286
Assigning Licenses to Users Using NLS Managerp. 287
Assigning a New Owner to a License Certificate Using NLS Managerp. 288
Working with Reports in NLS Managerp. 288
Setting Up Software Meteringp. 290
Verify Setup Requirementsp. 290
Installed Locally or on the Network?p. 290
Ensure that users Have Access to NLSp. 290
Assign Users to a License Certificate Objectp. 291
Create a License Container and Metered Certificate Objectp. 291
Add Additional Licenses (Metered Certificates)p. 292
Chapter 11 Using ZENworks Check 2000 to Resolve Y2K Issuesp. 293
The Workstation Scannersp. 294
Other Data Collection Toolsp. 300
The Data Collatorp. 301
File Export Datap. 301
Load Menup. 302
View Menup. 302
Tools Menu Descriptionp. 302
Y2K Info Menup. 303
The Configuration Toolp. 304
Screen Optionsp. 304
Output Directoryp. 305
Run Cyclep. 306
Processingp. 307
User and PC Infop. 308
Chapter 12 Advanced Features of ZENworksp. 311
ConsoleOnep. 312
Tiered Distributionp. 312
Distributorsp. 313
Receiversp. 313
Channelsp. 314
Software Packagesp. 314
Proxyp. 314
Chapter 13 Troubleshooting ZENworksp. 315
Troubleshooting Desktop Managementp. 316
Reduce LAN Trafficp. 316
Troubleshoot Help Requesterp. 317
Troubleshoot Importp. 317
Troubleshoot Workstation Objectsp. 318
Troubleshooting Distributed Applicationsp. 318
Troubleshoot Application Launcher and Explorerp. 318
Enable Error Logging Filep. 321
View and Edit User's or Container's Application Launcher Configurationsp. 321
Review User Object's Inheritance Applicationsp. 323
Set Timed Refresh Frequencyp. 324
Change Workstation Files in Usep. 324
Clean Up Network Resourcesp. 325
Write Application Administrator Notesp. 326
Review Roll-Back Application Distributionp. 326
Use Search and Replace Entire Application Objectp. 327
Use Search Specific Application Object Property Pagep. 327
Review Application Terminationp. 328
Enable Dial-Up Detectionp. 329
Troubleshooting Policy Packagesp. 329
Review NDS Workstation Objectp. 329
Review Policy Package Typep. 330
Review Workstation Object Associationsp. 330
Enable Policiesp. 330
Install Workstation Managerp. 330
Review Trusted Treesp. 331
Troubleshooting NetWare Errorsp. 331
NetWare Server File System Errorsp. 331
NDS Errorsp. 332
Appendix A Understanding Changes to NDS Objectsp. 337
Appendix B Using snAppShot to Create Application Object Packagesp. 361
Indexp. 375