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American College of Physicians complete home medical guide
Goldmann, David R.
First American edition.
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New York : DK Pub., 1999.
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1104 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.
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A reference on family medicine and health encompasses the latest advances in medical science and technology as it discusses more than seven hundred diseases and disorders, their symptoms, and treatment options.

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The newest addition to the lay medical literature is a stunningly illustrated volume from the American College of Physicians and DK. The American editors are physicians on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. They have adapted material prepared by British practitioners. The book is organized in sections. "Taking Control of Your Health" discusses genetics, health, and health care at different stages of life; and lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, safety, and substance abuse. "Assessing Your Symptoms" is a series of color-coded flow charts. Some are general and others are specifically for men, women, or children. They guide users through the process of analyzing symptoms and deciding when to seek medical care. "Looking for Disease" covers medical examinations, laboratory tests, and imaging techniques. "Your Body and Disease" discusses various illnesses and disorders. It is organized by type of disease as well as by organ system. Sections on genetic disorders, cancer, infections and infestations, and serious injuries and environmental disorders explain how each condition occurs and how it is diagnosed and treated. The sections on organ systems begin with a discussion of anatomy and physiology. Articles about diseases and disorders and how they affect bodily functions follow. "Treating Disease" covers drug treatment, surgery, care, and therapies (rehabilitation, psychotherapy, alternative/complementary therapies, and first aid). A drug glossary and a directory of agencies and Web sites complete the work. The book comes with a copy DK's Ultimate Human Body 2.0 CD-ROM. The illustrations are the outstanding feature of this encyclopedia. Color drawings, photographs, and charts explain, among other things, how bacteria and viruses cause infection, how cancer develops and spreads, and how wounds heal. There are also illustrations of organs and systems, diagnostic and surgical procedures, and first-aid techniques. This volume is an excellent companion to The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide [RBB D 1 99], which has greater depth of content and fewer illustrations. Because both volumes are reasonably priced, all libraries can afford to update their consumer-health collections with these excellent new sources.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Bookp. 11
Taking Control of Your Healthp. 15
Introductionp. 16
Inheritance, Age, and Healthp. 20
Understanding inheritancep. 24
Health at different agesp. 27
Health care throughout lifep. 38
Lifestyle and Healthp. 46
Diet and healthp. 48
Exercise and healthp. 55
Alcohol, tobacco, and drugsp. 62
Sex and healthp. 67
Psychological healthp. 72
Safety and healthp. 77
Assessing Your Symptomsp. 87
Introductionp. 88
General Chartsp. 92
Not feeling wellp. 92
Fatiguep. 94
Loss of weightp. 96
Overweightp. 98
Difficulty sleepingp. 100
Feverp. 102
Excessive sweatingp. 104
Lumps and swellingsp. 106
Feeling faint and passing outp. 108
Headachep. 110
Vertigop. 112
Numbness and/or tinglingp. 114
Twitching and tremorp. 116
Facial painp. 118
Difficulty speakingp. 119
Forgetfulness and/or confusionp. 120
Feeling depressedp. 122
Anxietyp. 124
Itchingp. 125
General skin problemsp. 126
Rash with feverp. 128
Hair and scalp problemsp. 130
Painful or irritated eyep. 132
Disturbed or impaired visionp. 134
Hearing lossp. 136
Earachep. 138
Sore throatp. 139
Hoarseness and/or voice lossp. 140
Coughingp. 142
Shortness of breathp. 144
Wheezingp. 146
Difficulty swallowingp. 147
Vomitingp. 148
Recurrent vomitingp. 150
Abdominal painp. 152
Recurrent abdominal painp. 154
Swollen abdomenp. 156
Anal and rectal problemsp. 157
Diarrheap. 158
Constipationp. 160
Chest painp. 162
Palpitationsp. 164
Poor bladder controlp. 165
Frequent urinationp. 166
Painful urinationp. 168
Back painp. 170
Neck pain or stiffnessp. 172
Painful arm or handp. 174
Painful legp. 175
Painful jointsp. 176
Swollen anklesp. 178
Men's Chartsp. 180
Impotencep. 180
Testes and scrotum problemsp. 181
Problems with the penisp. 182
Women's Chartsp. 184
Breast problemsp. 184
Absent menstrual periodsp. 186
Painful menstrual periodsp. 188
Heavy menstrual periodsp. 189
Abnormal vaginal bleedingp. 190
Lower abdominal pain in womenp. 192
Abnormal vaginal dischargep. 194
Genital irritation in womenp. 195
Painful intercourse in womenp. 196
Children's Chartsp. 198
Vomiting in childrenp. 198
Diarrhea in childrenp. 200
Fever in childrenp. 202
Breathing problems in childrenp. 204
Coughing in childrenp. 206
Abdominal pain in childrenp. 208
Weight problems in childrenp. 210
Looking for Diseasep. 211
Introductionp. 212
Visiting your Doctorp. 216
Medical history and examinationp. 218
Obtaining samples for testingp. 221
Testing Samplesp. 224
Tests on blood structure and functionp. 226
Chemical testsp. 229
Tests for microorganismsp. 234
Cell and tissue testsp. 236
Genetic testsp. 238
Visualizing Internal Organsp. 242
Imaging techniquesp. 244
Viewing techniquesp. 254
Your Body and Diseasep. 257
Introductionp. 258
Genes and Inheritancep. 264
Genetic disordersp. 270
Cancerp. 274
Living with cancerp. 278
Infections and Infestationsp. 284
Viral infectionsp. 288
Bacterial infectionsp. 299
Protozoal and fungal infectionsp. 305
Worm infestationsp. 310
Serious Injuries and Environmental Disordersp. 314
Serious injuriesp. 316
Poisoning and environmental disordersp. 321
Skin, Hair, and Nailsp. 328
Generalized skin conditionsp. 332
Localized skin conditionsp. 340
Skin infections and infestationsp. 351
Minor skin injuriesp. 356
Hair and nail disordersp. 358
Musculoskeletal Systemp. 362
Bone disordersp. 368
Joint and ligament disordersp. 374
Muscle and tendon disordersp. 388
Musculoskeletal injuriesp. 391
Cardiovascular Systemp. 396
Major cardiovascular disordersp. 402
Heart rate and rhythm disordersp. 415
Heart valve and heart muscle disordersp. 421
Peripheral vascular disordersp. 430
Blood and the Lymphatic and Immune Systemsp. 440
Blood disordersp. 446
Disorders of the lymphatic systemp. 458
Immune disordersp. 460
Allergiesp. 466
Respiratory Systemp. 470
Nose and throat disordersp. 474
Lung disordersp. 482
Nervous System and Mental Functionp. 508
General nervous system disordersp. 516
Disorders of the brain and spinal cordp. 521
Peripheral nervous system disordersp. 543
Mental health disordersp. 551
Eyes and Visionp. 566
Eye disordersp. 570
Eyelid and tear system disordersp. 583
Vision disordersp. 586
Ears, Hearing, and Balancep. 592
Outer- and middle-ear disordersp. 596
Hearing and inner-ear disordersp. 599
Teeth and Gumsp. 606
Disorders of the teethp. 608
Gum disordersp. 617
Digestive Systemp. 620
General digestive and nutritional problemsp. 626
Disorders of the mouth, tongue, and esophagusp. 632
Disorders of the stomach and duodenump. 639
Disorders of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreasp. 643
Disorders of the intestines, rectum, and anusp. 655
Hormones and Metabolismp. 670
Pituitary gland disordersp. 676
Thyroid and parathyroid gland disordersp. 679
Adrenal gland disordersp. 684
Metabolic disordersp. 687
Urinary Systemp. 694
Kidney disordersp. 698
Disorders of the bladder and urethrap. 709
Male Reproductive Systemp. 716
Disorders of the testes, scrotum, and penisp. 718
Prostate disordersp. 724
Male hormonal disordersp. 728
Female Reproductive Systemp. 730
Menstrual, menopausal, and hormonal problemsp. 734
Disorders of the female reproductive organsp. 741
Breast disordersp. 754
Sex and Reproductionp. 762
Sexually transmitted diseasesp. 764
Sexual problemsp. 769
Infertilityp. 774
Pregnancy and Childbirthp. 778
Problems in pregnancyp. 784
Problems in laborp. 800
Problems after childbirthp. 806
Infancy and Childhoodp. 810
Problems in babiesp. 816
Chromosome and gene disordersp. 821
Skin and hair disordersp. 828
Musculoskeletal disordersp. 832
Disorders of the cardiovascular and respiratory systemsp. 836
Disorders of the nervous systemp. 844
Developmental and psychological disordersp. 851
Eye and ear disordersp. 856
Disorders of the digestive systemp. 862
Endocrine and metabolic disordersp. 866
Disorders of the reproductive and urinary systemsp. 870
Treating Diseasep. 873
Introductionp. 874
Drug Treatmentp. 878
Understanding drugsp. 880
Drugs for infections and infestationsp. 883
Drugs acting on the skinp. 890
Drugs for musculoskeletal disordersp. 894
Drugs for cardiovascular disordersp. 897
Drugs for blood and immune system disorders and cancerp. 903
Drugs for respiratory disordersp. 909
Drugs acting on the brain and nervous systemp. 912
Drugs for eye and ear disordersp. 919
Drugs for digestive disordersp. 922
Vitamin and mineral supplementsp. 927
Drugs acting on the endocrine system and metabolismp. 930
Drugs acting on the reproductive and urinary systemsp. 936
Surgeryp. 940
Having an operationp. 942
Types of surgeryp. 947
Care and Therapiesp. 954
Patterns of carep. 956
Rehabilitation therapiesp. 961
Death and dyingp. 964
Psychological therapiesp. 968
Complementary therapiesp. 972
First Aidp. 976
First aid proceduresp. 978
Dressings and bandagesp. 996
Drug Glossary, Useful Online Sites and Addresses, and Indexp. 999
Drug glossaryp. 1000
Useful online sites and addressesp. 1026
Indexp. 1038
Acknowledgmentsp. 1103