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The complete idiot's guide to cooking with kids
Cirillo, Joan.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Alpha, 2000.
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xxii, 408 pages : illustrations, ; 24 cm
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Cooking with kids.

Guide to cooking with kids.
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Step-by-step instructions and ideas on how to cook for kids from 6-12 - includes 50 kid-tested recipes in an easy-to-follow format.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Welcome to the World of Cooking with Kidsp. 1
1 So You Want to Cook with Your Kids?p. 3
Kids in the Kitchenp. 3
Who's Cooking with Kids and Whyp. 5
New Opportunities for Kids to Cookp. 6
Why Kids Love to Cookp. 7
But What About the Mess and Kitchen Mishaps?p. 8
Staying in Controlp. 8
Kitchen Time Is Quality Timep. 9
2 Why Kids Belong in the Kitchenp. 11
Learning While They Playp. 11
Kitchen Time Is Bonding Timep. 13
Could It Make Them Smarter in Math and Science?p. 13
Mastering Motor Skills and Organizingp. 14
A Window on the World and Traditionsp. 15
Kids Eat What They Cookp. 16
Learning Life Skills and Valuable Lessonsp. 16
The Benefits of Cooking at a Glancep. 17
Part 2 Getting Kids Curious About Foodp. 19
3 Food Finds Around Usp. 21
How Can I Get My Kids Interested in Food?p. 21
Give Kids Easy Kitchen Tasksp. 22
Let Them Help You Marketp. 22
Go "Behind the Scenes"p. 23
Let's Eat Outp. 24
Tune In to TV Cooking Showsp. 25
Find Food in Magazinesp. 25
Read the Weekly Newspaper Food Sectionp. 25
Enter a Recipe Contestp. 26
Go Cookbook Shoppingp. 26
There's Food in That Fairy Talep. 26
Finding Food on the Internetp. 27
Computer Fun and Gamesp. 28
4 Discovering Your Family Food Rootsp. 29
Make a Family Food Treep. 29
Finding Your Food Rootsp. 30
Discovering and Writing the Recipesp. 31
Taking Care with Family Recipesp. 31
A Kid's Cooking Scrapbookp. 32
Creating a Family Cookbook or Memory Boxp. 33
Activities Beyond Your Family Cookbookp. 34
5 The Savvy Food Shopperp. 35
Why Bring the Kids to the Market?p. 36
The Market Supports School Skillsp. 36
What Your Grocer Doesn't Want You to Knowp. 36
Shopping Seductionsp. 37
Impulse Buyingp. 37
How to Be a Smart Shopperp. 38
Reading the Unit Price Labelp. 39
Making the Farm Connectionp. 40
Farmers' Marketsp. 40
Pick Your Own Producep. 40
Farm Standsp. 41
Buying Seasonal and Organic Producep. 41
Some Words About Warehouse Clubsp. 42
6 Let's Make Lunch and Sit Down to Dinnerp. 43
If They Make It, They'll Eat Itp. 44
Getting Creativep. 45
Lunch Box Surprisesp. 45
Packing Lunch Rightp. 46
How to Keep Foods Coldp. 46
How to Keep Foods Hotp. 47
No More Smushy, Soggy Sandwiches!p. 47
What to Do When You're Tired of Sandwich Breadp. 48
The Spiral Sandwich and Sandwich Wrapsp. 48
Bento or Sushi, Anyone?p. 49
Let's Hear It for Leftoversp. 50
Bringing Back the Family Mealp. 50
Why Eat Together?p. 50
Finding Time to Sit Down as a Familyp. 51
Playing Pretend Restaurantp. 51
Part 3 Kid-Proofing Your Kitchenp. 53
7 The Golden Rules of Kitchen Safetyp. 55
Teaching Kids to Ask for Adult Helpp. 56
Follow the Golden Rulesp. 57
Dress for Successp. 57
Scrub-a-Dub-Dubp. 57
Build Good Food Safety Habitsp. 57
Be Ready for an Emergencyp. 58
Preventing and Handling Burns and Firesp. 58
Handling Knivesp. 60
Power Up Appliances Properlyp. 61
Stovetop and Oven Savvyp. 61
Steady Stools and Good Toolsp. 62
Cleaning as You Gop. 62
8 A Kid's-Eye View of Appliancesp. 65
Get Appliance Savvyp. 65
You're the Role Modelp. 66
Playing It Safep. 66
Things That Go "Whiz!" in the Nightp. 67
Blendersp. 67
Immersion Blendersp. 68
Mixersp. 68
Food Processorsp. 69
Mini Food Processorsp. 69
Operating Ovens and Stovesp. 70
How Hot Is It?p. 70
Electric and Gas Stovesp. 70
Numbers on the Electric Range Dialp. 71
Toasters and Toaster Ovensp. 72
The Magic of Microwavesp. 72
9 Getting Equippedp. 75
Buying Equipmentp. 75
Tools to Measure and Prepare Foodp. 76
Tools for Cuttingp. 77
Tools for Checking Temperature and Timingp. 77
Tools for Baking, Broiling, and Roastingp. 78
Tools for Stovetop Cookingp. 79
Finding the Best Knifep. 80
Chef's or Cook's Knifep. 80
Paring Knifep. 80
Serrated Knifep. 80
Cool Tools for Kidsp. 81
10 What You Need to Know About Food Safetyp. 85
Teaching Kids About Food Safetyp. 86
Four Easy Steps to Food Safetyp. 87
Sudsing Upp. 87
Keep It Cleanp. 88
What's That Growing in My Refrigerator?p. 88
Don't Mix Raw and Cooked Foodsp. 89
Check and Change Cutting Boardsp. 89
Temperature and Color Countp. 90
Use Food Thermometersp. 90
Keep Bacteria at Bayp. 91
Food-Borne Illnessp. 92
Using Common Sensep. 92
Part 4 The Building Blocks of Cookingp. 95
11 Getting to Know Your Recipep. 97
Recipe Reading and 'Rithmeticp. 97
Not All Recipes Are Created Equalp. 98
Recipes as Scientific Formulasp. 98
Becoming a Recipe Expertp. 98
Good Recipes for Cooking with Kidsp. 99
How to Read a Recipep. 99
Anatomy of a Recipep. 100
The Title and Headnotep. 101
Special Notes and Symbolsp. 101
The Ingredient Listp. 102
The Instructionsp. 102
End Notes, Yields, and Serving Sizesp. 103
Don't Get Stumped by Ingredients and Equipmentp. 103
What Does It Mean?p. 103
12 Kitchen Math and Measuringp. 105
Measuring Dry Ingredients with Cups and Spoonsp. 105
How to Measure Dry Ingredientsp. 107
Flourp. 107
Brown Sugar and Solid Shorteningp. 108
What's "Rounded" or "Heaping"?p. 108
What's a "Pinch"?p. 108
Measuring Liquidsp. 108
How to Measure Liquidsp. 109
Butter Basicsp. 110
Kitchen Math Gamesp. 110
13 Let's Take a Cooking Lessonp. 113
Look Mom, It's All in the Wristp. 113
How to Beatp. 114
What's the Difference Between Simmer and Boil?p. 114
Stirring and Pouring Hot Liquidsp. 115
Cracking, Separating, and Handling Eggsp. 115
Making Egg Sensep. 116
Cutting, Chopping, Dicing, Slicing, and Mincingp. 117
Playing Knife Show and Tellp. 117
Little Hands, Little Knivesp. 118
Watch Those Fingertipsp. 119
Learning to Use a Larger Knifep. 119
One-Hand or Two-Hand Knife Hold?p. 119
How to Peel, Core, and Chop an Applep. 120
How to Peel and Chop a Carrotp. 121
How to Chop Celeryp. 121
How to Peel and Cut an Onionp. 121
How to Clean and Cut a Bell Pepperp. 122
Mincing Herbs and Garlicp. 122
Cutting and Skinning Tomatoesp. 123
Grating Cheese and Other Foodsp. 123
Kneadingp. 124
Sauteingp. 124
Stir-Fryingp. 125
Pan-Fryingp. 126
14 Dealing with Kitchen Mishapsp. 127
Help! My Kitchen Is a Mess!p. 127
Oops, I Made a Mistake!p. 128
A Tray Can Head Off Problemsp. 128
Organize to Avoid Mistakesp. 129
Anticipate Problemsp. 129
Know Your Little Cooksp. 129
Substituting Ingredientsp. 130
Overbeating and Rollingp. 131
When Kids Get Frustrated and Hyperp. 132
When You Get Frazzledp. 132
Part 5 Fun with Foodp. 135
15 Adding Spice--and Herbs--to Your Lifep. 137
The Great Flavor Enhancersp. 137
Teaching Kids About Seasoningsp. 138
What's the Difference Between a Spice and an Herb?p. 139
How Do I Store and Use Spices and Herbs?p. 139
Growing Herbsp. 141
16 The Magic of Foodp. 143
Making Rock Candy Crystalsp. 143
Inflating a Balloon with Yeastp. 145
A Baking Soda and Balloon Experimentp. 146
Creating a Baking-Soda Volcanop. 148
Watching Green Vegetables Change Colorp. 148
17 Playing with Your Foodp. 151
Why Play with Food?p. 152
Is a Banana Really an Octopus?p. 152
Seeing Animals, People, and Things in Foodp. 153
Pepper and Potato Peoplep. 154
Edible Facesp. 154
Making Landscapes, Boats, and Animalsp. 155
A Game of Tick-Tack-Toep. 156
Cool Garnishes You Can Eatp. 156
Radish Rosep. 156
Spinnersp. 157
Veggie and Fruit Fansp. 157
Baskets of Fruitp. 158
Green and White Scallion Brushesp. 158
A Citrus Rosep. 159
Garnishes with Zesters and Vegetable Peelersp. 159
18 Do-It-Yourself Dairy Adventuresp. 161
Curds and Wheyp. 162
Experimenting with Yogurtp. 164
How to Make Yogurt Cheesep. 164
Make Your Own Butterp. 166
19 'Round the World in Your Kitchenp. 169
Exploring Other Culturesp. 169
Forming Your Own Kids' Cooking Clubp. 170
Kids' Cooking Partiesp. 171
An Old-Fashioned Tea Partyp. 172
Making the Menup. 172
A Kids' Cookie Exchangep. 173
Organizing Potluck Gatheringsp. 174
Tapping into Ethnic Customs and Celebrationsp. 175
A Calendar of Celebrationsp. 175
Part 6 Now You're Cooking: The Recipe Filep. 177
20 Breakfast Bonanzasp. 179
Breakfast for Dinner--or Lunchp. 194
21 Delicious Drinksp. 201
22 Super Soups and Saladsp. 211
Saladsp. 219
23 Let's Wrap and Rollp. 233
24 Pasta and Pizzap. 243
Have-It-Your-Way Personal Pizzasp. 254
25 Mealtime Magicp. 259
26 Very Veggies and Sidesp. 273
27 Snacktimep. 289
28 Delectable Dessertsp. 305
29 The Baker's Rackp. 315
Special Cakes and Apple Piep. 325
Biscuits, Breads, and Muffinsp. 332
30 Holiday Happeningsp. 345
Caramel Apples for Halloweenp. 348
A Kitchen Lingo Glossaryp. 355
B The Resource Guidep. 363
C The Food Guide Pyramidsp. 379
D The Nutrition Facts Labelp. 383
Indexp. 387