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The complete idiot's guide to surfing the Internet with WebTV
Miller, Michael, 1958-
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Que, [1999]

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xiii, 332 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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The Complete Idiots Guide to WebTV and WebTV Plus covers features of the different types of WebTV Internet terminals and accessories, basic WebTV hardware operation, WebTV Network use, and general Internet navigation. You will find everything you need to use WebTV in this single volume, from pre-purchase information to system setup to more experienced Web surfing and communications. As an added bonus, the tear-out card in this book features a map of the important keys on the WebTV keyboard, as well as a map of the sometimes-confusing WebTV Network services.

Author Notes

Michael Miller has authored more than 30 bestselling reference books in the past decade. A publishing industry professional since 1987, Michael was formerly Vice President of Business Strategy for Macmillan Publishing, and is currently founder and President of The Molehill Group, a Strategic consulting and authoring firm.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Who This Book is Forp. 1
What you'll Find In This Bookp. 2
How to Do the Things You See in This Bookp. 3
Extrasp. 3
Let Me Know What You Thinkp. 4
Get Ready to Use Your WebTV!p. 4
Part 1 Before You Buy--Just What Is This WebTV Thing?p. 5
1 A Little Bit of Background About the Internet (But Not Too Much!)p. 7
What the Internet Is--And What It Isn'tp. 7
How an Internet Connection Worksp. 9
The Most Important Parts of the Internetp. 10
Email--The Most-Used Service on the Internetp. 11
The World Wide Web--Colorful, Graphic, and Interactivep. 11
Usenet Newsgroups--A Kind of Community, Onlinep. 13
Chat--Real-Time Conversation via Your Keyboardp. 14
2 Why WebTV--Instead of a Computer?p. 17
What Is WebTV--And How Does It Work?p. 17
How Is WebTV Different from a Computer?p. 18
WebTV Isn't a Computerp. 19
WebTV's Internet Access--Slightly Different from PC Accessp. 19
Why Should You Use WebTV to Access the Internet?p. 22
The Bottom Line: WebTV or PC--or Both?p. 23
3 Which Box to Buy: WebTV Classic or WebTV Plus?p. 25
All the Different Types of WebTV: A Comparisonp. 26
Just the Basics: WebTV Classicp. 28
Which Brand Should You Buy?p. 28
Is WebTV Classic for You?p. 29
The Internet and TV Together: WebTV Plusp. 31
What's All the Fuss About WebTV Plus?p. 31
Which Brand Should You Buy?p. 31
WebTV Plus--Is It Worth It?p. 32
The Net and the Dish: WebTV Plus for Satellitep. 33
What's Different About WebTV Plus for Satellite?p. 33
WebTV Plus for Satellite--Is It Worth It?p. 34
Whichever One You Choose, Buy the Keyboard!p. 34
Part 2 You Bought It--Now What Do You Do with It?p. 39
4 Set It Up: Install and Configure Your WebTV Boxp. 41
Take a Look at the Boxp. 41
Look at the Frontp. 41
Look at the Backp. 42
The Basic Steps for Hooking Up Your WebTV Boxp. 44
Three Ways to Hook Up WebTV to Your TVp. 44
The Standard Hookup: Use the Coaxial Cable Connectorsp. 44
The Second-Best (and Second Easiest) Hookup: Use the Audio/Video Jacksp. 45
The Best Quality Hookup: Use the S-Video Jacksp. 45
Five More Complex Configurationsp. 46
TV, WebTV, and VCRp. 47
TV, WebTV, and Cable Boxp. 47
TV, WebTV, VCR, and Cable Boxp. 48
TV, WebTV, and Satellite Receiverp. 48
TV, WebTV, VCR, and Satellite Receiverp. 48
Log In and Sign Upp. 49
Configure WebTV for Your Personal Tastesp. 51
Set Up WebTV for Multiple Usersp. 52
Change Your User Settingsp. 54
Change Your Dialing Informationp. 54
Set Up WebTV for Call Waitingp. 55
Set Up WebTV for a Different ISPp. 55
Play Background Music While Surfingp. 56
Change WebTV's Text Sizep. 57
Change Your Keyboard Layoutp. 57
5 From Screen to Paper: Add a Printer to Your WebTV Systemp. 59
The Best Printers for WebTV Usersp. 59
Connecting a Printer to Your WebTV Boxp. 60
Preparing WebTV for Printingp. 61
Printing from WebTVp. 62
6 Which Button Does What: How to Use WebTVp. 65
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?p. 65
The Buttons on the Remote Controlp. 65
The Buttons on the Wireless Keyboardp. 66
The Secret Buttons: Keyboard Shortcutsp. 68
The All-Purpose How-Do-I-Do-That Control--The Options Panelp. 69
Those Things You Dop. 70
GoTop. 70
Infop. 71
Findp. 71
Savep. 72
Sendp. 73
Reloadp. 73
Printp. 73
TV Windowp. 74
Hang Upp. 74
What's All That Stuff on the Bottom of the Screen?p. 75
No Keyboard? Use the Onscreen Version!p. 77
7 Find Your Way Around the WebTV Network Neighborhoodp. 79
Going Home: WebTV's Home Pagep. 80
Go Postal with Mailp. 81
Recall the Best with Favoritesp. 82
Communicate with Communityp. 82
Find Anything with Searchp. 84
Access Key WebTV User Services with the Buttons in the Middlep. 84
Personalize WebTV with WebTV Centersp. 84
See How It's Going with the Status Barp. 85
Home Away from Home: WebTV Plus's TV Home Pagep. 85
Configure Your Viewing with Settingsp. 86
See the Schedule with TV Listingsp. 86
Pick the Channels You Like with TV Favoritesp. 87
Plan Your Viewing with TV Plannerp. 87
Program to Record with VCRp. 87
From the Screen to the Web with TV Sitesp. 88
8 Don't Forget--Save Your Favorite Placesp. 91
Saving a Favorite Sitep. 92
Returning to a Favorite Sitep. 93
Managing Your Favoritesp. 94
Assigning Favorites to Shortcut Keys on the Wireless Keyboardp. 96
9 Find Out What's New with WebTV Todayp. 99
WebTV News with WebTV Todayp. 99
Non-WebTV News on WebTV Todayp. 101
Part 3 Join the Online Community--and Communicate!p. 103
10 Keep in Touch with Emailp. 105
The Ins and Outs of Email: Read, Respond to, and Create New Email Messagesp. 106
Read a Messagep. 108
Save a Messagep. 109
Delete a Messagep. 110
Forward a Messagep. 111
Reply to a Messagep. 111
Get Quotedp. 112
Create a New Messagep. 112
Send a Carbon Copyp. 113
Edit a Messagep. 114
Spell It Rite Rightp. 115
Book It--Use the Address Book to Store Your Email Addressesp. 116
Add an Address to Your Address Bookp. 116
Use an Address from Your Address Bookp. 116
Edit Your Address Bookp. 117
Create a Mail Group for Large Mailingsp. 117
Show Off for Other WebTV Users with These Email Tips and Tricksp. 118
Add a Signature to Your Emailp. 118
Add Pictures and Sounds to Your Emailp. 119
Make Your Email Fancier with HTMLp. 121
Check Your Messages--Automaticallyp. 122
Check Your Other Email with WebTVp. 123
Add a Hypertext Link to Your Messagep. 124
Email a Web Pagep. 124
Send and Receive Even More Mail with Web-Based Email Servicesp. 125
Become an Email Sleuth: Search for Email Addressesp. 126
Talk to Other Users with Email Mailing Listsp. 126
Stopping the Spam: How to Deal with Junk Emailp. 127
Other Forms of Junk Email: Hoaxes, Pranks, and Urban Legendsp. 128
11 Join Your Friends in Coumminty Newsgroupsp. 131
Join the Community: Find a Usenet Newsgroupp. 132
Search for Newsgroupsp. 133
Browse for Newsgroupsp. 134
Community Communications: Reading, Replying To, and Posting Newsgroup Articlesp. 135
Read a Newsgroup Articlep. 136
Reply to a Newsgroup Articlep. 137
Post a New Newsgroup Articlep. 138
Search Newsgroup Archives with Deja.comp. 140
12 Chat (For Hours!) Onlinep. 143
Go for the Gossip: Finding and Joining Chat Roomsp. 144
Joining the Conversation: Chatting on TalkCityp. 146
Whisper a Private Conversationp. 147
Issue Special Chat Commandsp. 148
Open Your Own Chat Roomp. 149
Other Places to Chatp. 149
BTW, Good Spelling Is Optional: Tips for Better and Faster Chattingp. 150
Part 4 Cruisin' with the Classic--WebTV and the Webp. 155
13 Cowabunga! Surf the Web with WebTVp. 157
How the Web Worksp. 157
Pages and Sitesp. 158
The Parts of a Web Pagep. 160
Getting to Where You Want to Gop. 160
Navigating a Web Pagep. 162
Hitting the Linksp. 164
Button, Button, Who Clicked the Button?p. 164
Check, Matep. 164
Get Boxed Inp. 165
Hidden Lists and Secret Buttonsp. 165
Let's Go Surfin' Now!p. 166
14 Search for Stuff on the Internet--and Find It!p. 171
Searching the Internet with WebTVp. 171
Basic Searching with WebTVp. 172
Fine-Tuning Your WebTV Searchp. 174
Other Places to Searchp. 176
The Big Sixp. 177
Everybody Else: The Other 200 (or so...) Search Sitesp. 179
How to Searchp. 182
Five Tips for More Effective Searchingp. 182
Tip #1 Think Like the Creatorsp. 183
Tip #2 Use the Right Wordsp. 183
Tip #3 When You Don't Know the Right Words, Use Wildcardsp. 184
Tip #4 Modify Your Words with +, -, and " "p. 185
Tip #5 Use AND, NOT, and OR in a Boolean Searchp. 185
15 Family-Friendly WebTVp. 189
Making the Internet Safe for Childrenp. 189
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Safe WebTV for Kidsp. 190
Setting Up SurfWatch and Kid-Friendlyp. 191
Exploring Kid-Friendly WebTVp. 191
Let Your Kids Search the Web--Safelyp. 192
Homework Help on the Webp. 194
Fun for Kids on the Web!p. 195
Family, Parenting, and Women's Resources on the Webp. 196
Check Your Health Onlinep. 197
Research Your Roots: Genealogy Onlinep. 198
A More Mature WebTV--For Seniors!p. 200
16 Keep Informed with News, Weather, Sports, and Stocksp. 201
All the News That's New--Online!p. 201
Weather or Not--That's the Forecast!p. 203
Be a Good Sportp. 204
Taking Stock with Financial Newsp. 205
Entertainment Tonight--and This Morning, and This Afternoonp. 208
17 Spend Money (and Lots of It!) Onlinep. 211
Online Shopping--Is It Safe?p. 211
Shopping on WebTVp. 213
Shopping for Places to Shopp. 214
Shop for a New Carp. 214
Shop for a Place to Livep. 215
Shop for a Great Vacationp. 216
Buy--and Sell-with Online Classified Adsp. 218
18 Going Once, Going Twice: Buy and Sell at Online Auctionsp. 221
What Is an Online Auction?p. 221
Two Types of Online Auctions: Person-to-Person and Merchantp. 222
A Closer Look at Person-to-Person Auctionsp. 223
A Closer Look at Merchant Auctionsp. 224
How Person-to-Person Auctions Work: An Examplep. 225
The Seller Places an Adp. 225
The Buyer Searches for an Itemp. 226
The Buyer Makes a Bidp. 228
The Bidding Continuesp. 228
The High Bidder Wins!p. 229
Make Contactp. 229
Pay the Piperp. 230
Ship It Outp. 230
Waiting for Your Doorbell to Ringp. 231
Leave Feedbackp. 231
Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Sellers and Deadbeat Biddersp. 232
19 Create Your Own Personal Web Pages with Page Builderp. 235
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Creating Web Pagesp. 235
Building Web Pages with Page Builderp. 236
Build a New Pagep. 236
Edit an Existing Pagep. 240
Other Page-Hosting Web Sitesp. 241
Do It the Hard Way: Coding with HTMLp. 242
Codes to Get Startedp. 243
Codes for Backgroundsp. 244
Codes for Text Formattingp. 244
Codes for Fontsp. 245
Codes for Colorp. 246
Codes That Insert Thingsp. 247
Codes for Graphicsp. 247
Codes for Linksp. 247
Codes for Listsp. 248
Codes for Tablesp. 248
Enhance Your Pages with WebTV-Specific Codep. 249
Pretty Pictures--Working with Graphics on Web Pagesp. 251
Where to Find Cool Graphicsp. 251
Copy Code and Graphics with a Transloaderp. 251
Part 5 Putting the "TV" in WebTV Plusp. 255
20 Watch TV with WebTV Plusp. 257
No Clicking--Use WebTV Plus for Television Viewingp. 258
Change Channelsp. 260
Get More Program Informationp. 260
Revisit Your Favorite and Recently Viewed Channelsp. 262
Browse and Search the TV Listingsp. 263
Let WebTV Plus Remind You About Your Favorite TV Programsp. 264
21 Smoosh the Internet and Your TV Together in Some Really Neat Waysp. 267
View and Surf at the Same Time with WebPIPp. 267
Crossover from TV to the Webp. 268
Even More Smooshing with WebTV Plus for Satellitep. 269
22 What's Next: Internet TV in the Futurep. 271
WebTV: The Next Generationp. 272
WebTV on Other Platformsp. 272
WebTV Plus for Satellitep. 273
WebTV via Video Game Consolep. 273
WebTV via Cable Boxp. 273
WebTV Built into Television Setsp. 274
The Line Blurs: WebTV Becomes Interactive TVp. 275
Predicting the Futurep. 275
The Wonderful Words of WebTV: The Complete Idiot's WebTV Glossaryp. 277
The Complete Idiot's WebTV Directoryp. 285
Indexp. 305