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Chemical and biological warfare
Chemical and biological warfare
Solomon, Brian, 1974-
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New York : H.W. Wilson Co., 1999.
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viii, 158 pages ; 26 cm.
Protocol for the prohibition of the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and of bacteriological methods of warfare / Geneva Protocol of 1925 -- Biological weapons, literally older than Methuselah / Judith Miller -- The weapon too terrible for the parade of horribles / Roger Cohen -- Hide and seek / W. Seth Carus -- Anthrax for export / William Blum -- Unearthing weapons of mass destruction / Darious Bazargan -- How Iraq's biological weapons program came to light / William J. Broad and Judith Miller -- Secret casualities of the Gulf / Joe Stuteville -- The chemical weapons convention: a bad deal for America / Baker Spring -- Chemical reaction / Douglas J. Feith -- Stay the course on chemical weapons bar / Floyd E. Bloom -- Japan and China: cleansing job -- Clinton describes terrorism threat for 21st century / Judith Miller and William J. Broad -- Terrorism's new theater / Tiffany Danitz -- Harris arrest reflects hatred of city on racist right: germ warfare in "Jew York"? / James Ridgeway -- Arrests reveal threat of biological weapons / Andrew C. Revkin -- Terrorism, technology, and the socioeconommics of death / Martin Shubik -- The threat of germ weapons is rising, fear too / William J. Broad and Judith Miller -- Exercise finds U. S. unable to handle germ war threat / Judith Miller and William J. Broad -- President steps up war on new terrorism / John M. Broder -- Senate raps investigation, chemical warfare training -- The new terror fear: biological weapons / Nicholas Horrock.
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