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Fire of heaven
Myers, Bill, 1953-
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Grand Rapids, MI. : Zondervan Publishing House, 1999.
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415 pages ; 22 cm
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Brandon Martus and Sarah Weintraub meet Katherine and Eric Lyon and try to come to terms with the unique and terrifying call God has placed upon their lives as the two end-times prophets of Revelation.

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Booklist Review

With only a few months remaining before the millennium, two new novels featuring an Antichrist distinguish themselves from the score that have already appeared. Both are sequels. LaHaye and Jenkins' Assassins is the sixth in the Left Behind series, the fastest-selling Christian fiction series ever, even accomplishing the unheard-of feat of crossing over to mainstream bestsellerdom: Apollyon [BKL F 1 99] briefly rose to number two on the New York Times list. The current installment occurs about three and one-half years before the return of Christ, and it features such Revelation phenomena as supernatural horsemen; resurrections; and two preachers, "the Jerusalem Twosome," who can deal out death by pointing their fingers. Buck and Ray, the once-tepid Christians who were left behind but have become freedom fighters in the Tribulation Force, continue a campaign of underground resistance. Once more, everything converges in Jerusalem, now transformed into a city "exhibiting every perversion and fleshly evil known to man." Buck operates inside Nicolae's (the Antichrist's) circle of influence, while Ray, long separated from Buck, is convinced that God has instructed him to assassinate Nicolae. The only point in this, it seems, is that Nicolae must be killed so that he can resurrect himself. Anyhow, LaHaye and Jenkins keep the narrative lively, and Assassins should do at least as well as Apolyon. Next episode: spring 2000. Myers' Fire of Heaven is the sequel to Blood of Heaven and Threshold (1997), fast-moving tales dealing with the DNA of Christ and the possible rise of an Antichrist, respectively. Myers brings back several of his characters here, notably Brandon and Sarah Martus. They are the two prophets, mentioned in Revelation, whose destiny is to cry out to the world the presence of an Antichrist--and then be sacrificed. What Myers has that LaHaye and Jenkins do not, oddly enough, is passion. This is exhibited in his quite believable portrait of Brandon and Sarah's frustrating marriage (inexplicably, God has commanded them not to have sex); how he captures both characters' feelings of inadequacy, and their frequent, guilt-ridden failures, before their enormous task; and in his intriguing examination of why a God of love can exact such retributions on humanity as earthquakes and famines. By contrast to this fierce God, Myers' Antichrist appears, at least at first, as a decent sort of chap. Myers' metaphor for God's love is extraordinary, and violent: a father who sees his daughter threatened by a rabid dog and fights it to the death. God has promised retribution, and it will be brutal, Myers says, but it will also be loving, even if we cannot immediately understand such love. Myers' apparent conclusion to his trilogy is subtle yet compelling and deeply felt. --John Mort

Library Journal Review

Brandon and Sarah Martus, end-time prophets of Revelation, are back in the engrossing third book in Myers's (Threshold) continuing exploration of modern science and religion. DNA experiments, conducted in the first two books, have resulted in the total corruption of a 15-year-old boy, who channels an entity interested in creating hell on earth. As Sarah is called to heal the boy and experiences a crisis of faith, Brandon realizes his beloved wife must fall and possibly never return. Thought-provoking, challenging, and timely, this will be devoured by fans of the "Left Behind" series (see above). (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.



Sarah, your veil, itâ€TMs all here, let me straighten it. Sarah, tilt your head this way. Sarah!Dr. Sarah Weintraub obeyed and leaned forward.“A little more. Now please, please pay attention.”She stood just outside the sanctuary doors as the wedding coordinator flitted about making last-minute adjustments to her gown, her veil, or anything else that the poor lady could fixate over. But Sarah didnâ€TMt mind. The elaborate wedding had mostly been for Brandonâ€TMs mother. Which was okay. It seemed a smallprice to pay to comfort a woman who had lost her daughter, her husband, and was now about to lose her only son. Of course they would stay in touch with her, try to meet her needs. But as the clinic continued to grow and word of Brandonâ€TMs healing ministry continued to spread, time for any personal life was becoming less and less of a reality.Some thought the wedding came too quickly. Others were sure it wouldnâ€TMt last. It would be hard enough to begin a life amidst the growing famine, the panic sweeping the world over this new virus, and the current financial calamities. But add to that the fact that Brandon was four years her junior, and many were certain that the couple was asking for marital disaster.Although the other issues were of concern, the age difference was inconsequential. It didnâ€TMt bother Brandon and it certainly didnâ€TMt bother her. In fact, Sarah found him less self-absorbed and ego-driven than most men twice his age. Not that he didnâ€TMt have his moments, but over the past year Brandon Martus had become the most compassionate and sensitive man she had ever met. And, best of all, much of that compassion and sensitivity was directed toward her.There were other differences, such as their backgrounds and their education. Brandon grew up in this Indiana farm community and was lucky to finish high school. Sarah was West Coast born and bred and held her doctorate in neurobiology. If ever the term “opposites attract” applied, it would have to be to these two.But there was that prophecy in Revelation . . . and the mound of evidence that indicated they just might be the two end-time prophets who would prepare the world for the return of Jesus Christ much as John the Baptist had prepared it for his first coming. Of course most of that was subject to interpretation, which proved to be a major source of disagreement between the two of them. She never understood why Brandon insisted upon taking every word so literally, while she, although admitting that the two of them might somehow be used, saw the prophecies as more spiritual and symbolic. The truth of the matter was, nobody knew for certain. Not even Gerty. But, at the very least, from what they could tell, the two of them were to work together as a team. And what better way to be a team than to be husband and wife?Oh, and there was one other detail that carried weight in their decision for matrimony . . .They loved each other. Fiercely. They were absolutely committed to one another, regardless of the odds.Sarah peeked through the glass in the sanctuary door. She could see Brandon standing before the altar, incredibly handsome in his tuxedo.For her, the attraction had been instant, love at first sight. Yes, there was his long black hair and those muscular shoulders. And yes, there were those killer gray eyes which could still make her stomach do little flip-flops. But that was just the wrapping. Because inside, inside was a heart not only full of kindness, but a heart full of her. What had he said the night heâ€TMd proposed? “Youâ€TMre the missing piece Iâ€TMve been looking for all of my life . . . youâ€TMre what fills my hollowness.” The words had made her cry then and they almost did now. She knew that whatever the future held, despite graying hair, wrinkled skin, or sagging body, he would always be there for her. Always. And she would be there for him.Of course there were a few other obstacles to overcome . . . like the forces of hell trying to destroy both of their lives. For Brandon it had been a showdown in this very church, a confrontation with what they believed to be a manifestation of Satan himself. For Sarah it had been a violent collision that sent her flying through a pickupâ€TMs windshield. If it hadnâ€TMt been for Brandonâ€TMs intervention at the hospital, one of the first times heâ€TMd put his healing powers to use, she would not be standing here today. And, except for a nasty scar running across her forehead and down to her right jaw, she was as good as new.Actually, better. Because, in the process of praying to heal her body, Brandon had healed her soul.“Get ready, Sarah. The prelude is almost done . . .”Sarah glanced up at the wedding coordinator who was pulling open the doors in preparation for the wedding party processional. She gathered herself together and threw a look at her father. The poor guy appeared more nervous than she was. She leaned over and whispered, “Itâ€TMs okay, Dad â€" everything will be all right.”He gave what was supposed to be a reassuring smile and patted her arm with his cold, damp hand.As a little girl she had never seen much of her father. But she did inherit his love for medicine, and even more importantly, she inherited his drive to be the best. If Sarah had learned one thing from her father, it was that success had little to do with brains or beauty and everything to do with ambition and hard work. Although it could be a plus, the ambition had created terrible problems for her in the past, and on more than one occasion it had proven to be her Achillesâ€TM heel. Still, as time passed and her love for God increased, she had learned how to deal with it and for the most part kept it under control. Excerpted from Fire of Heaven by Bill Myers All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.