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The art of spiritual dreaming
Klemp, Harold.
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Minneapolis, MN : Eckankar, [1999]

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xiii, 317 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
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Your life is the canvas. You are the artist. Paint a more fulfilling life for yourself using Harold Klemp's proven techniques in The Art of Spiritual Dreaming. Your dreams are the secret to creating a master-piece.

Author Notes

In 1981, American-born Harold Klemp became the spiritual leader of Eckankar. Known as a pioneer of today's focus on "everyday spirituality," he speaks at Eckankar seminars around the world. From North America and Europe to Australia and the Pacific Rim, he shares the timeless truth of Eckankar. His teachings uplift all. They help people recognize the power of their own intimate experiences with God. He writes extensively, adding new titles to his more than thirty published works to date.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. xi
1. Dreams and Our Spiritual Journeyp. 1
Dreams Happen in a Real World
Your Hidden Life
Earth Academy
Dream Treasure
Handy Spiritual Tool
Your Source of Everyday Guidance
Forgotten Road to Heaven
You Have a Dream Guide
Dream Travel Protection
The Way of Contemplation
Mental Obstacles
Insights through Dreams
What Is a Spiritual Dream?
Universal Nature of Dreams
Waking-Life Lessons
A Fallen Robin
Greater Destiny
Waking Dreams
Exploring Your Inner Worlds
The Purpose of Life
Spiritual Exercise
The Blue Curtain of God
2. The Dream Masterp. 23
Wake-Up Call
Working with a Dream Teacher
The Mahanta
My Early Experiences
Personalized Teachings
The Mahanta Never Interferes
Spiritual Exercise
Inviting the Dream Master
How the Mahanta Communicates
The Inner Teachings
Spiritual Exercise
To Remember Your Dreams
How to Remember Experiences
Dream Guidance
How the Mahanta Works with Dreams
Grasping the Significance of Dreams
Dreams Are Memories
Spiritual Exercise
To Soul Travel
Overcoming Fear
Going with the Flow
First Dream Experiences
Movement into Higher Consciousness
Coming Back the Knower
Spiritual Exercise
A Soul Travel Dream Technique
Drawing Back the Curtain
Degrees of Realization
It Takes Practice
The Reality of the Inner Worlds
Spiritual Exercise
For Direct Knowingness
Spiritual Geography
3. Beginning Your Dream Studyp. 49
Overlooking the Commonplace
Study the Details
Developing Your Dream Memory
Spiritual Exercise
The Golden Cup
The Expanse of the Inner Worlds
Nap Time--An Easy Start to Dream Study
Map of the Dream Worlds
Clearing Up Dream Messages
Dream Censor
Forgetting the Dream
Writing to Slip Past the Censor
The Rest of the Story
Spiritual Exercise
The Rest of the Story
Nightmares and Spiritual Obstacles
Downside of Expectations
Drawing the Curtain of Memory
Personal Habits as Obstacles
Three Steps for Better Dreaming
Fasting Can Remove Blocks
On Fasting
Recalling Your Inner Experiences
Recording Your Dreams
Keeping a Dream Journal
4. Uncovering Your Past Lives through Dreamsp. 69
Ultimate Purpose of Dream Study
Dream Insight for Our Lives Today
On Past-Life Study
Visit to the Old American West
Tools for Unfoldment
Self-Responsibility versus Faith
Guillotine Dream
Thoughts Have Life
Are You Aware of Your Dream Karma?
Avoiding Unconscious Karma
A Labor of Sisyphus
By Hard Experience
Soul's Total Experience
Present Tools
The Role of Karma
Insight from a Past Life
Drumbeat of Time
Lessons from the Past
Growing in Understanding of Yourself
The Inner Worlds and Past Lives
Inquisition Dream
A Fuller Understanding of Past Lives
Victim Consciousness
5. Dream Glimpses of the Futurep. 93
Dreams Can Speak in Symbols
Key to Understanding Dreams
Spiritual Exercise
For Higher Dream Awareness
Dream Big, Work Hard
Interpreting a Dream
How to Get Help
End-of-the-World Dreams
Strengthen Your Weak Points
Golden-tongued Wisdom
Prophecy for the Moment
Your Own Path to God
Taking a Chance on Life
Waking Dreams
Another Waking Dream
A Matter of Trust
Try Again
Appearance of God's Love
Interconnected Wheels
A Dream of Death
Recurring Dreams
Prophetic Dreams
Above the Time Track
6. Eight Types of Dreams, Part 1p. 121
Eight Types of Dreams
Dreams of Initiation
Remembering Initiation Dreams
Dreams of Intrusion
Screen of Protection
Cut Back on Contact
Losing Confidence in Yourself
Take Precautionary Measures
Dreams Teach You Strength
Creating Your Own Protection
Protection Techniques
Methods of the Black Magician
How to Survive a Psychic Attack
Spiritual Exercise
The Mountain of Light
Use Your Own Resources
Develop Your Creativity
Beam Me Up, Scotty!
Dreams of Release from Fear
Unexpected Rescue
7. Eight Types of Dreams, Part 2p. 141
Natural Way to Remember Dreams
Waking Dreams
Fateful Bus Trip
Locked Out
Copper Coins
Contact Lenses
Wall Hangings
Golden-tongued Wisdom
Glass Etchings
Fortune Cookie
Dreams of Understanding
A Beached Whale
Golden Seeds
Repaying a Debt
Dreams with the Mahanta
Recognizing the Mahanta
Sound Experience
River Run to God
The Richness of Dream Experiences
8. Understanding Your Dreamsp. 163
Beginning to Interpret
Three Levels of Dreams
Dream Symbology
Creating Your Own Dream Dictionary
The Dream Dictionary
Dream Guidance
Translator Function
Effect of Interference
A Dream about Habits
How to Change a Dream Yourself
Spiritual Exercise
Into the Light
Dreams of Flying
Dream Characters
Is It Real, or Is It a Symbol?
The Meaning of a Dream Marriage
Interpreting Spiritual Dreams
Invite the Mahanta Along
Fear of Death in Dreams
The Value of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK
Sharing Dreams
Soul's Freedom
Dream Advice
Overcome Procrastination
How to Interpret Your Dreams
9. Dream Healing and Help in Everyday Lifep. 189
Letting Go of Fear
Dreams about Your Health
Dreams and Diet
Healing Dreams
Healing the Past through Dreams
Spiritual Exercise
How to Heal Yourself
If You Don't Like It, Change It
Spiritual Exercise
Game of Chess
Overcoming Panic
Spiritual Exercise
How to Go Slower
Using Dreams to Understand the Outer Life
Dream Guidance: Plan Better
Help in Business
Dream Help with Finances
Learning How to Help Others
Don't Act Blindly on a Dream
Overcoming Fear of Death through Dreams
Meeting Loved Ones in Dreams
Helping Others in Dreams
The Power of Dreams
10. Experiences with ECK Mastersp. 213
Meeting the Master Again
Dream Master Visit
Spiritual Exercise
The Dhyana Technique
Help from ECK Masters
Help to Move beyond Fear
Spiritual Perspective
Spiritual Experiences as a Child
The Motorcycle Man
Light and Sound
Looking for Happiness
First Connection
Accepting the Love
A Dream with Rebazar Tarzs
Spiritual Exercise
Beach Walk with Rebazar Tarzs
A Dream with Gopal Das
Spiritual Exercise
Meeting Gopal Das
When the Seeker Is Ready
Golden Wisdom Temples
How to Visit Temples in Your Dreams
Spiritual Exercise
Temple Technique
Seeing Loved Ones in Dreams
Finding the Master in Dreams
A Dream Class with Fubbi Quantz
Secret Teachings
11. Active Dreamingp. 243
Dream Letter
Dream Softens Fear of Death
Inner Communication Line
Going beyond Passivity
Spiritual Exercise
The Big Stone Statue
See Yourself Alive in Spirit
Soul Travel in Dreams
Opening the Heart Center
Spiritual Exercise
How to Open Your Heart
Levels of Heaven
Spiritual Exercise
The Formula Technique
Recording the Experiences
Working Consciously with Sound and Light
Spiritual Exercise
Dreaming Consciously
How Do I Get Back?
Sound Experiences
Night Sounds
Celestial Light
Series Dreams
Opening the Inner Vision
Wah Z
Dream Music
Spiritual Exercise
Golden Musical Notes
Dreams of Teaching
Spiritual Exercise
Getting Answers in Dreams
12. Dream Travel to Soul Travelp. 267
Spiritual Exercise
Journey on an Ocean of Light
Soul Travel and Spiritual Unfoldment
Dreams to Soul Travel
Spiritual Exercise
Using the Imaginative Body
What Is Soul Travel?
Natural Movement out of the Body
Steps to Higher Consciousness
Begin with a Dream
Remembering Your Inner Experiences
Here's a Soul Travel Experience
Soul Travel Today
The Vision Experience
The Dream Experience
Giving and Receiving
The Soul Travel Experience
The ECKshar Experience
Hearing and Seeing God
Promise of the ECK Masters
Soul's Dream of God
Glossaryp. 287
Indexp. 289