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FrontPage 2000 for dummies
Dornfest, Asha.
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Foster City, Calif. : IDG Books Worldwide, [1999]

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xxvi, 379 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.).
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Includes index.
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A few years ago, geeks, academics, and soda-fueled computer jocks populated the Internet. Today, everyone - from CEOs to seventh-grade students to weekend technology fiends - wants to get online. And people don't just want to surf. They each want to carve out a unique personal space: They want a Web site.

Until recently, only the technically gifted and artistically inclined attempted to publish sites on the Web. Not anymore. FrontPage 2000 brings new ease to Web publishing. Without any knowledge of HTML (the language used to create Web pages), you can use FrontPage to build and manage a beautiful and sophisticated Web site, complete with exciting effects you see on those other sites. FrontPage 2000 For Dummies introduces you to the ins and outs of online design, while sharing expert insight into ways to

Tweak your text Make things happen with hyperlinks Add pictures and graphics to your pages Create an image map Work with themes Launch your page into the big, wide Internet world

Whether you're a beginner building your first family Web page or a professional designer looking to polish certain aspects of your site, FrontPage 2000 For Dummies will put you in the driver's seat in a race through cyberspace. Expect to discover how to

Create Web pages that incorporate text, graphics, hyperlinks, image maps, tables, and multimedia. Add creative fonts, lists, symbols, borders and shading, comments, and user forms to your Web pages. Take advantage of FrontPage 2000's integration with Office 2000. Maintain and update your Web site using FrontPage 2000. Use all the features of FrontPage to keep your site looking and feeling brand-spanking fresh and new.

With so many people jumping on the Web publishing bandwagon, you can easily feel like you've been left in the dust. If you're edging your way into the Internet Age (or being dragged in, kicking and screaming, by your employer or your kids), you're in for a pleasant surprise: Creating your own Web site with FrontPage 2000 is easy and fun with FrontPage 2000 For Dummies.

Author Notes

Asha Dornfest is the author of several books about Web publishing, including IDG Books Worldwide's FrontPage 98 For Dummies and FrontPage Web Publishing and Design For Dummies. She also teaches classes on Web publishing and pestes her friends and family to get online.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
What You're Not to Readp. 3
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 5
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Getting Friendly with FrontPagep. 7
Chapter 1 Weaving a FrontPage Webp. 9
Exactly What Is Web Publishing?p. 10
Creating Your First FrontPage Web Sitep. 10
Creating a New Web Sitep. 14
Importing an Existing Web Site into FrontPagep. 19
Creating a Subwebp. 21
Open, Sesame!p. 23
Closing a Web Sitep. 25
Deleting a Web Sitep. 25
Existing FrontPagep. 26
Chapter 2 Web Management 101p. 27
Taking In the Viewsp. 27
Working with Web Site Files and Foldersp. 39
Chapter 3 Playing with Web Pagesp. 47
Creating a New Web Pagep. 47
Opening an Existing Web Pagep. 49
Converting Other Documents into Web Pagesp. 54
Previewing a Pagep. 57
Printing a Pagep. 60
Saving a Pagep. 61
Part II Creating Web Pages That Make You Look Like a Genuisp. 67
Chapter 4 Web Design Fundamentalsp. 69
Clients and Servers 101p. 69
Cross-Platform Maniap. 71
Five Steps to a Brilliant Web Site
Evidence That HTML Is Easyp. 76
Chapter 5 Tweaking Your Textp. 79
What Does the Page View Do?p. 79
Getting Startedp. 81
Keeping Web Browser and Server Compatibility in Mindp. 83
Foolin' with Fontsp. 85
Creating Stylish Paragraphsp. 92
The List of Listsp. 93
Adjusting Paragraph Alignment, Indenting, and Spacingp. 96
Adding Borders and Shadingp. 98
Inserting Symbolsp. 101
Inserting Commentsp. 101
Inserting Horizontal Linesp. 102
Chapter 6 Hyperlinks: Your Web Site's Ticket to Ridep. 103
The Hyperlink Two-Stepp. 103
Editing Hyperlinksp. 109
Do-It-Yourself Hyperlink Repairp. 114
Unlinking Hyperlinksp. 119
Using Bookmarksp. 119
Helping Visitors Find Their Way with Navigation Barsp. 121
Chapter 7 You Oughta Be in Picturesp. 129
Understanding the Quicks of Web Graphicsp. 130
Adding a Picture to Your Pagep. 134
Controlling How A Picture Is Displayedp. 140
Editing the Picture Itselfp. 148
Deleting a Picturep. 153
Using Thumbnails to Speed Up Your Pagep. 153
Creating a Background Imagep. 156
Chapter 8 Creating an Image Mapp. 159
What Is an Image Map?p. 159
Choosing the Right Picturep. 160
Creating Hotspotsp. 161
Setting the Default Hyperlinkp. 164
Chapter 9 You Don't Have to Take Wood Shop to Build a Tabl3p. 165
What's a Table Good For?p. 165
Creating a Tablep. 167
Inserting Stuff into a Table (Including Another Table)p. 170
Table Tinkeringp. 171
Fiddling with Cells, Columns, and Rowsp. 177
Adding a Captionp. 182
Adding Color to a Tablep. 182
Deleting a Tablep. 185
Chapter 10 Forms Aren't Only for the IRSp. 187
How Do Forms Work?p. 187
Creating a Formp. 188
Working with Form Fieldsp. 192
Specifying What Happens to Form Resultsp. 206
Creating a Confirmation Pagep. 214
Making Sure Your Form Worksp. 217
Chapter 11 I've Been Framed!p. 219
What Are Frames?p. 219
Creating a Framed Web Site: The Game Planp. 220
Creating the Frames Pagep. 221
Filling Frames with Content Pagesp. 223
Tweaking the Frames Pagep. 224
Creating an Alternative for Browsers That Don't "Do" Framesp. 231
Saving a Framed Web Sitep. 232
Previewing a Framed Web Sitep. 233
Part III Nifty Web Additionsp. 235
Chapter 12 Playing in the FrontPage Theme Parkp. 237
Touring the Thems Dialog Boxp. 237
Applying a Theme to Your Web Sitep. 240
Inserting a Page Bannerp. 241
Modifying Themesp. 242
Chapter 13 Eye-Popping Extras: Multimedia, Dynamic HTML, and Style Sheetsp. 249
Fun with Multimediap. 250
Adding Pizzazz with Dynamic HTMLp. 255
Adding a Page Transitionp. 256
Precisely Positioning Stuff in Your Pagep. 257
Working with Style Sheetsp. 263
Chapter 14 Cool Componentsp. 269
What's a Component?p. 269
Part IV Takinig Your Web Site to a New Levelp. 289
Chapter 15 Sharing Access to Your Web Sitep. 291
Collaborating with a Web-Building Teamp. 291
Keeping Your Web Site Securep. 301
Chapter 16 Making Your Worldwide Debutp. 307
What "Publishing Your Web Site" Meansp. 307
The Skinny on FrontPage Server Extensionsp. 308
Going Publicp. 311
You're Live!p. 315
Keeping Your Web Site Freshp. 316
Part V The Part of Tensp. 319
Making a Million Bucksp. 321
Keep in Touchp. 321
Impress Geeky Friendsp. 322
"Wire" Your Companyp. 322
Spread the Word about a Good Causep. 322
Indulge Your Artistic Sidep. 323
Incite World Revolutionp. 323
Erect a Personal Monumentp. 323
Chapter 18 Ten Web Spots You Don't Want to Missp. 325
Microsoft FrontPage Home Pagep. 325
Microsoft Support Onlinep. 325
Netscape Web Sitep. 326
Know the Code: HTML For Beginnersp. 326
Builder.comp. 326
Learn the Netp. 327
Search.comp. 327
Download.comp. 327
Dummies.comp. 327
Web Publishing Online Resourcep. 328
Part VI Appendixp. 329
Chapter A Installing FrontPagep. 331
System Requirementsp. 331
Installing FrontPage 2000 on Your Computerp. 332
Using FrontPage Together with a Local Web Serverp. 334
Appendix B What's on the CDp. 339
System Requirementsp. 339
What You'll Find on the CDp. 340
How to Use the CDp. 342
If You Have Problems (Of the CD Kind)p. 343
Indexp. 345
IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., End-User License Agreementp. 378
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