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Desiring God : meditations of a Christian hedonist
Piper, John, 1946-
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Sisters, Or. : Multnomah Books, [1996]

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358 pages ; 24 cm
What's new in the 1996 edition? -- Preface -- Introduction : How I became a Christian hedonist -- The happiness of God: foundation for Christian hedonism -- Conversion: the creation of a Christian hedonist -- Worship: the feast of Christian hedonism - Love: the labor of Christian hedonism -- Scripture: kindling for Christian hedonism -- Prayer: the power of Christian hedonism -- Money: the currency of Christian hedonism -- Marriage: a matrix for Christian hedonism -- Missions: the battle cry of Christian hedonism -- Suffering: the sacrifice of Christian hedonism. -- Eipologue: Why I have written this book, seven reasons -- The goal of God in redemptive history -- Is the Bible a reliable guide to lasting joy? -- What does it mean to love your neighbor as you love yourself? -- Why call it Christian hedonsim?
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