Cover image for 101 ways to promote your website : filled with proven Internet marketing tips, tools, techniques, and resources to increase your web site traffic
101 ways to promote your website : filled with proven Internet marketing tips, tools, techniques, and resources to increase your web site traffic
Sweeney, Susan, 1956-
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Gulf Breeze, FL : Maximum Press : Distributed by Independent Publishers Group, [1999]

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xvii, 266 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
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This combination book/Web site is a guide for increasing Web site traffic by using tips, tools and techniques to develop online strategies.

Author Notes

Susan Sweeney is the president of Connex Network Incorporated, an international Internet marketing and consulting company. The real world experience Susan has gained by promoting many commercial Internet projects has made her a recognized expert in web site marketing and promotion. She is a frequent speaker at Internet marketing events, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xvi
Your "Members Only" Web Sitep. xvii
Chapter 1 Essentials of Web Site Designp. 1
Building Traffic to Your Sitep. 2
Consider Your Web Site Objectives Firstp. 2
Presenting Your Web Site Message Clearlyp. 3
Using Competitor Sites to Your Advantagep. 3
Realizing the Potential of Your Domain Namep. 4
The Essentials of Your Web Site Designp. 6
Keeping Web Site Graphics in Perspectivep. 8
Provide Ease of Navigation with User Friendly Site Mapsp. 8
Identify Your Site with Page Titlesp. 9
Viewing Your Site Through Browser Eyesp. 10
Choosing Web Site Features to Meet Marketing Objectivesp. 11
Customer-Enticing Traffic Buildersp. 12
Free Offersp. 12
Online Seminarsp. 12
Advice Columnsp. 13
Couponsp. 13
Contentsp. 13
Surveysp. 13
Interactive Toursp. 13
Guiding the Search Engines with Meta-Informationp. 14
Meta and Header Elementsp. 14
Internet Resources for Chapter 1p. 17
Review Your Sitep. 17
Meta Tagsp. 18
Referencesp. 19
Graphicsp. 20
Chapter 2 Maximizing Exposure with Search Toolsp. 21
Gaining Visibility on the Internetp. 22
Search Engines and Their Nomadic Botsp. 23
Maximizing Findability with Directoriesp. 24
Content Tips for Spider and Crawler Discoveriesp. 25
The All-Important Web Page Ranking Systemsp. 25
Maximizing Exposure with Submission Pointersp. 26
Learn from Competitor Sitesp. 28
Marketing Implications of Page Titlesp. 29
Keywords Are of Key Importancep. 29
Search Engines' Use of Alt Tagsp. 31
Great Descriptions Make the Differencep. 32
Get Multiple Listingsp. 32
Effective Use of Multiple Submission Servicesp. 33
Keep a Recordp. 34
Internet Resources for Chapter 2p. 34
Submission Toolsp. 36
Chapter 3 Effective Promotional Use of Newsgroupsp. 41
Newsgroups--An Ideal Marketing Vehiclep. 42
The Benefits of Newsgroupsp. 43
Thousands of Newsgroup Categoriesp. 44
Target Appropriate Newsgroupsp. 44
Read the FAQs and Abide by the Rulesp. 46
Lurking for Potential Customersp. 46
Tips on Posting Messagesp. 46
Tips to Ensure Your Messages Will be Well Receivedp. 48
Keep to the newsgroup topicp. 48
Stay on the threadp. 48
Make a contributionp. 48
Don't post commercialsp. 48
You don't have to have the last wordp. 48
Signature Files as Your e-Business Cardp. 49
Newsgroup Advertising Hintsp. 50
Cross Posting and Spammingp. 51
Earning Respect with Newsgroup Netiquettep. 52
Have Your Own Newsgroupp. 52
The Discussionp. 53
The Votep. 53
The Resultp. 53
Internet Resources for Chapter 3p. 54
Chapter 4 Utilizing Signature Files to Increase Web Site Trafficp. 57
Presenting Your e-Business Cardp. 57
How to Develop Your Signature Filep. 58
The Dos and Don'ts of Signature Filesp. 59
Sig. Files to Bring Traffic to Your Web Sitep. 61
Internet Resources for Chapter 4p. 64
Chapter 5 The E-mail Advantagep. 66
Making the Connectionp. 67
Effective E-mail Messagesp. 67
The Importance of Your E-mail Subject Linep. 67
E-mail To and From Headings Allow You to Personalizep. 68
Effective E-mail Message Formattingp. 69
Appropriate E-mail Reply Tipsp. 70
Always Use Your Signature Filesp. 70
Discerning Use of Attachmentsp. 70
Before You Click on Sendp. 71
Expressing Yourself with Emotions and Shorthandp. 71
Using Automated Mail Responders--Mailbots and Infobotsp. 73
E-mail Marketing Tipsp. 74
Brochure and Personal Notep. 74
Gather a Library of Responsesp. 75
Have More Than One E-mail Boxp. 75
Following Formalities with E-mail Netiquettep. 75
Internet Resources for Chapter 5p. 76
Chapter 6 Effective Mailing List Promotionp. 78
Connecting with Your Target Audiencep. 78
Types of Mailing Listsp. 79
Moderated Listsp. 79
Unmoderated Listsp. 79
Digestsp. 79
Targeting Appropriate Mailing Listsp. 80
Finding the Right Mailing Listp. 81
Subscribing to Your Target Mailing Listsp. 81
Composing Effective Messagesp. 82
Building Your Own Private Mailing Listsp. 83
Starting Your Own Publicly Available Mailing Listp. 84
Escape the Unsolicited Bulk E-mail Trendp. 85
Internet Resources for Chapter 6p. 86
Lists of Mail Listsp. 86
E-mail List Builder Programsp. 88
Chapter 7 Grand Opening Tips for Your Web Site Virtual Lauchp. 90
Launching and Announcing Your Web Sitep. 90
Your Web Site Virtual Launchp. 91
Internet Resources for Chapter 7p. 92
Chapter 8 Develop a Dynamite Links Strategyp. 93
Everything Links to Youp. 94
Strategies for Finding Appropriate Link Sitesp. 94
Explore These URLsp. 95
Winning Approval for Potential Linksp. 95
Making Your Link the Place to 'Click'p. 98
To Add or Not to Add with Free-for-All Linksp. 99
Maintaining a Marketing Logp. 99
A Word of Caution with Link Tradingp. 99
Internet Resources for Chapter 8p. 100
Tools to Find Who is Linking to Your Sitep. 100
Reciprocal Link Exchangesp. 101
Reciprocal Link Informationp. 101
Free-for-All Link Pages For Your Sitep. 101
Free-for-All Link Sitesp. 101
Chapter 9 Winning Awards/Cool Sites and Morep. 103
It's an Honor Just to be Nominatedp. 104
Choosing Your Awards and Submitting to Winp. 106
What's Hot and What's Not in the Name of Coolp. 109
Becoming the Host of your own Awards Galap. 109
Internet Resources for Chapter 9p. 110
Awardsp. 110
What's Newp. 111
Hot Sites/Cool Sitesp. 112
Toolsp. 113
Chapter 10 Maximizing Promotion with Meta-Indexesp. 114
What Are Meta-Indexes?p. 114
Enlisting Meta-Indexes for Optimal Exposurep. 116
Review the Work of Some Meta-Index Giantsp. 117
Internet Resources for Chapter 10p. 118
Chapter 11 Productive Online Advertisingp. 120
Expanding your Exposure Through Internet Advertisingp. 121
Maximize Advertising with Your Objectives in Mindp. 121
Online Advertising Terminologyp. 122
Banner Adsp. 122
Click-Throughsp. 122
Hitsp. 123
Impressionp. 123
CPMp. 123
Jump on the "Banner" Wagonp. 123
Exploring Your Banner Ad Optionsp. 125
Banner Ad Price Factorsp. 127
Making it Easy with Online Advertising Agenciesp. 128
Saving Money with Banner Exchange Programsp. 128
Bartering for Mutual Benefits with Banner Tradingp. 129
Associate Programsp. 130
Location, Location, Locationp. 130
Search Enginesp. 130
Content Sitesp. 130
Tips for Succeeding with Classified Adsp. 131
Form Lasting Advertising with Sponsorshipsp. 132
Commercial Linksp. 132
Sponsoring a Mailing Listp. 132
Online and Offline Promotionp. 132
Internet Resources for Chapter 11p. 133
Banner Ad Toolsp. 133
Online Advertising Agenciesp. 133
Banner Exchangesp. 134
Associate and Affiliate Programsp. 135
Banner Advertising Price Informationp. 136
Online Advertising Educationp. 136
Chapter 12 The Cybermall Advantagep. 138
The Advantages of Internet Shopping Centersp. 139
When Are Cybermalls Appropriate?p. 139
Cybermall Categoriesp. 141
Geographic Regionp. 141
Products and/or Servicesp. 141
Industryp. 141
Unrelated Products and Services Catering to One Demographicp. 143
Typical Cybermall Products and Servicesp. 143
Selecting the Right Cybermallp. 145
High Speed Accessp. 146
Home Page and Interfacep. 146
Domain Namep. 146
Hardwarep. 146
Categoriesp. 146
Online and Offline Promotionp. 146
Site Maintenance Activitiesp. 147
Trafficp. 147
Secure Serverp. 147
Credit Card Merchant Accountp. 147
Promotionsp. 148
Commission Feesp. 148
Cybermall History and Reputationp. 148
Other Features and Services Provided by the Cybermallp. 148
Cybermall Featuresp. 148
Electronic Shopping Cartsp. 149
Secure Orderingp. 149
Search Capabilitiesp. 150
More than One Cybermall?p. 150
Cybermall Pricingp. 151
Where to Look for Cybermallsp. 151
Enticing Customers with Coupons and Discountsp. 151
Internet Resources for Chapter 12p. 152
Chapter 13 Keep 'Em Coming Backp. 155
Encourage Repeat Visitsp. 156
Use a "What's New Page" for Repeat Hitsp. 156
Free Stuff--Everyone Loves Itp. 156
Give a Taste of Your Product with Sample Give-Awaysp. 157
Resisting a Deal Is Hard with Coupons and Discountsp. 158
A Calendar of Events Keeps Visitors Informedp. 159
Lure Customers with Contests and Competitionsp. 160
Using Employment Opportunities to Increase Visitorsp. 162
Create Useful Links from Your Sitep. 162
Investing in Online Chat Sessionsp. 163
Providing Tip of the Day to Encourage Repeat Visitsp. 163
Ensuring Your Site Gets Bookmarkedp. 164
World Interaction with Bulletin Boardsp. 164
Inviting Visitors to Contribute with Surveysp. 166
Encourage Repeat Visits with Your "Site of the Day"p. 166
Keep Them Happy with Cartoonsp. 167
Sending Postcards Around the Internetp. 167
Benefiting from Humor with Jokes and Triviap. 168
Who Doesn't Love Games?p. 168
Keep Customers In Touch with Update Remindersp. 170
Special Events Reminder Servicesp. 170
Adding Image with Advice Columnsp. 170
Internet Resources for Chapter 13p. 172
Design Tipsp. 172
Chapter 14 Maximizing Media Relationsp. 174
Managing Effective Public Relationsp. 175
Benefits of Publicity vs. Advertisingp. 175
What Is a Press Release?p. 176
Writing a Press Releasep. 176
Notice of Releasep. 177
Headerp. 177
Headlinep. 177
City and Datep. 178
The Bodyp. 178
The Closep. 178
Advantages of Interactive Press Releasesp. 178
Sending Press Releases on Your Own vs. Using a Distribution Servicep. 179
Golden Tips for Press Release Distributionp. 180
Press Release Timing and Deadlinesp. 180
Monthly Magazinesp. 181
Daily Newspapersp. 181
TV and Radiop. 181
Formatting Your E-mail Press Releasep. 182
What Is Considered Newsworthy?p. 182
What Isn't Considered Newsworthy?p. 183
Preparing Your Press Kits/Media Kitsp. 184
Develop an Online Media Center for Public Relationsp. 184
Internet Resources for Chapter 14p. 186
Press Releasesp. 186
Where to Submit Your Press Releasesp. 187
Promote Mailing Lists and Newslettersp. 187
Paid Helpp. 188
Tips for Printed Press Releasesp. 188
Chapter 15 Online Publicationsp. 189
Appealing to Magazine Subscribers on the Netp. 190
What Exactly Are Ezines?p. 190
E-mail Ezinesp. 190
Using Ezines as Marketing Toolsp. 192
Finding Appropriate Ezines for Your Marketing Effortp. 192
The Multiple Advantages of Ezine Advertisingp. 193
Guidelines for your Advertisingp. 194
Other Marketing Opportunities with Ezinesp. 196
Starting Your Own Ezinep. 197
Internet Resources for Chapter 15p. 197
Chapter 16 Web Rings As a Promotion Toolp. 199
An Effective Alternative to Search Engines and Directoriesp. 200
What are Web Rings?p. 200
How Do Web Rings Work?p. 202
How to Participate in Web Ringsp. 203
Web Ring Participation Costsp. 203
The Benefits of Web Ringsp. 203
Business Reluctance to Participate in Web Ringsp. 204
Other Marketing Opportunities Provided by Web Ringsp. 205
Internet Resources for Chapter 16p. 206
Chapter 17 Effective Offline Promotionp. 207
Offline Promotion Objectivesp. 207
URL Exposure Through Corporate Literature and Materialp. 208
URL Exposure Through Promotional Itemsp. 209
URL Exposure Through Clothingp. 210
URL Exposure on Novelty Itemsp. 210
Promotion with a Touch of Creativityp. 211
Special Holidaysp. 212
URL Exposure on Your Productsp. 212
Internet Resources for Chapter 17p. 212
Appendix Ap. 213
Appendix Bp. 220
Appendix Cp. 236
Appendix Dp. 244
Appendix Ep. 250