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AppleWorks 5 for dummies
LeVitus, Bob.
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Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, [1999]

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xxvi, 356 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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QA76.8.A66 L48 1999 Adult Non-Fiction Central Closed Stacks

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Put the power and productivity of AppleWorks 5 to work as you create exciting, professional-quality documents and presentations. Get the most from every element in this feature-packed productivity suite with AppleWorks 5 For Dummies by Bob LeVitus (known around these parts as Dr. Mac) and Deborah Shadovitz as they guide you through the entire range of the exciting features in AppleWorks 5 and share tons of little-known tips and tricks that can make your work go faster.

AppleWorks 5 For Dummies delivers fast and friendly know-how on creating professional-quality reports with charts, tables, spreadsheets, and pictures. Use the AppleWorks basic page layout techniques to create everything from family newsletters to business reports, and enhance your presentations with state-of-the-art digital sound and video. Build an address database, print your own mailing labels, and run the mail merge program to personalize and print form letters. Design a Web page with images, videos, and links to promote your business, organization, or personal perspective on the world, or insert hyperlinks into your desktop documents to take readers straight to the Web.

Author Notes

Bob LeVitus is the author of 30 computer books, including IDG Books Worldwide's Mac OS 8.5 For Dummies. He writes the "Dr. Mac" column for the Houston Chronicle and was the MacUser "Help Folder" columnist for almost eight years. More than a million copies of his books are in print worldwide.
Deborah Shadovitz is the coauthor of ClarisWorks Office For Dummies and the MacWorld Office 98 Bible. She's also the MacTips columnist for ComputerUser magazine, a columnist for, and a member of the Association of Macintosh trainers.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
What You're Not to Readp. 3
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I What AppleWorks Doesp. 7
Chapter 1 A Quick Overview of AppleWorks 5p. 9
Understanding Basic AppleWorks Functionsp. 9
Bringing These Things Together (Integration)p. 13
Exploring Other AppleWorks Features (Neat Helpful Stuff)p. 15
Chapter 2 How AppleWorks Workp. 17
Starting AppleWorksp. 17
Creating a New Documentp. 18
Choosing Your Primary Environmentp. 20
Opening Existing Documentsp. 20
Getting to Know the AppleWorks Interfacep. 23
Toolsp. 26
Menu Tricksp. 30
Page Setup or Print Setupp. 31
Saving Your Workp. 32
Printing Documentsp. 34
Setting Document Passwordsp. 35
Closing a Documentp. 36
Closing the Programp. 36
Chapter 3 Help: It's Not Just a Beatles Movie Anymorep. 37
Helping You Use AppleWorksp. 37
Doing It for Youp. 43
Part II Working with Text: The Keys to Successp. 47
Chapter 4 The Word Processor: It's Not Your Father's Smith-Coronap. 49
Knowing When to Use Word-Processing Documentsp. 49
Entering Textp. 50
Navigating the Seas of Textp. 51
Selecting, Deleting, and Replacing Textp. 53
Undoing, Cutting, Copying, and Pastingp. 56
Staying Out of Word Processor Hell (Spaces, Tabs, and Returns)p. 58
Chapter 5 Fun with Text Formattingp. 61
Text Preferencesp. 61
Formatting Letters and Wordsp. 63
Formatting Sentences and Paragraphsp. 68
Formatting Pages and Documentsp. 82
Chapter 6 The Text Tools -- Editor in a Drump. 91
Using the Spellcheckerp. 91
Find and Go Changep. 93
Counting Your Wordsp. 96
Finding Synonymsp. 97
Hyphenatingp. 98
Chapter 7 Adding Tables, Charts, and Picturesp. 99
Adding Images (Charts and Graphs, Too)p. 99
Creating Tablesp. 104
Entering Data into Your Tablep. 107
Formatting a Tablep. 108
Creating Chartsp. 113
Chapter 8 Outlining: You Gotta Start Somewherep. 115
Setting Up an Outlinep. 116
Rearranging Outline Topicsp. 117
Collapsing and Expanding Outlinesp. 118
Outline Formats and Custom Outline Stylesp. 119
Part III Working with Graphics and Graphics-Based Documents: Get the Picture?p. 123
Chapter 9 Drawing versus Paintingp. 125
When to Start with a Draw Document or Use Draw Toolsp. 126
When to Start with a Paint Document or Add a Paint Framep. 126
Advantage and Disadvantagesp. 127
Combining Both Worldsp. 128
Chapter 10 Drawing and Painting Basics: AppleWorks Art 101p. 131
Setting Up a Graphics Documentp. 132
Working with Text Boxes and Other Framesp. 134
Working with the Shape Toolsp. 135
Working with the Freehand Paint Toolsp. 141
Jazzing Up Your Shapes with the Fill and Line Palettesp. 144
Creating and Using Graphics Stylesp. 148
Selecting Graphicsp. 149
Removing Parts of Your Graphicp. 152
Copying Graphicsp. 153
Chapter 11 Drawing Detailsp. 155
Changing Fill and Line Attributesp. 156
Resizing Objectsp. 157
Reshaping Objectsp. 159
Rotating Objectsp. 162
Moving Objectsp. 163
Aligning Objectsp. 165
Grouping and Ungrouping Objectsp. 165
Chapter 12 Special Effects with Paintp. 169
Coloring Your Worldp. 169
Resizing Graphicsp. 173
Warping Graphicsp. 174
Flipping and Rotating Graphicsp. 176
Chapter 13 The Lowdown on Page Layoutp. 179
Setting Up a Documentp. 180
Changing Document Marginsp. 181
Adding Pages to Your Documentp. 182
Viewing Your Documentp. 182
Using Headers and Footersp. 184
Adding Visual Elementsp. 185
Adding and Working with Textp. 190
Adding Borders to Text and Graphicsp. 192
Wrapping Text around Graphicsp. 193
Linking Framesp. 194
Chapter 14 Presenting Presentationsp. 199
Laying Out a Presentationp. 199
Editing Master Pagesp. 200
Adding Moviesp. 201
Controlling the Showp. 203
Part IV Working with Numbers: It All Adds Up!p. 207
Chapter 15 Spreadsheets 101p. 209
Deciding When to Use a Spreadsheetp. 209
Working with Cells, Rows, and Columnsp. 210
Entering Datap. 212
Setting Preferencesp. 213
Editing Datap. 214
Moving Datap. 214
Filling Cellsp. 215
Chapter 16 Formatting Spreadsheetsp. 217
Formatting Numbersp. 217
Formatting Cellsp. 220
Sortingp. 222
Inserting and Resizing Rows and Columnsp. 224
Adding Borders, Gridlines, and Headingsp. 226
Using Titles, Page Breaks, and Print Rangesp. 228
Chapter 17 Charting: Pictures from Numbersp. 231
Getting to Know Chart Typesp. 231
Making a Chartp. 233
Modifying a Chartp. 234
Resizing, Moving, and Deleting Chartsp. 238
Making Charts in Other Document Typesp. 238
Chapter 18 Making It All Add Up with Formulas and Functionsp. 239
The AutoSum Shortcut -- First and Finestp. 240
Entering Formulasp. 241
Using Functionsp. 245
Relative versus Absolute Referencesp. 246
Part V Working with Files: Smoothing Out the Rough Edgesp. 247
Chapter 19 Your Rolodex Revisited: Database Basicsp. 249
Deciding When to Use a Databasep. 249
Database Recordsp. 250
Database Fieldsp. 251
Browse, Find, and Layout Modesp. 251
Entering Datap. 252
Sortingp. 257
Findingp. 260
Searching Shortcutsp. 263
Chapter 20 Designing a Databasep. 265
Planning the Databasep. 266
Defining Fieldsp. 267
Mastering Basic Field Typesp. 268
Setting Options for Fieldsp. 271
Mastering Special Field Typesp. 272
Laying Out the Databasep. 275
Adding Summary Reports for Printingp. 277
Chapter 21 Printing a Databasep. 281
Adding Layouts for Printingp. 281
Printing Labelsp. 283
Using Reportsp. 286
Chapter 22 Mail Merge: It's One Cool Trickp. 287
What Is a Mail Merge and What Can It Do for Me?p. 287
Creating a Merge Documentp. 288
Selecting Records to Printp. 288
Merging the Datap. 289
Printing Merged Documentsp. 291
Part VI Working with the World: Reaching Out and Touching Someonep. 293
Chapter 23 Connecting to the World the AppleWorks Wayp. 295
First Things First -- Getting Internet Accessp. 295
Using the AppleWorks One-Click Web Featurep. 297
Customizing Your Button Bar for the Webp. 300
Launching Your E-mail Applicationp. 302
Unearthing the Communications Packagep. 303
Chapter 24 Publishing for the World Wide Webp. 305
Exposing the Secret Life of a Web Pagep. 305
Creating Web Pages with AppleWorksp. 306
Part VII The Part of Tensp. 317
Chapter 25 Ten Real-Life Uses for AppleWorksp. 319
Make Magicp. 319
Write Screenplaysp. 320
Run a Rafflep. 320
Printmakingp. 320
Manage a Projectp. 321
Run Sports Teamsp. 321
Run a Graphics Design Businessp. 321
Create Fundraising Calendars and Materialsp. 322
Promote a Businessp. 322
Publish a Bookp. 322
Chapter 26 Ten Ways AppleWorks Tries to Drive You Crazy, and How to Stay Sanep. 323
Arrgh! What Happened to the Menus?p. 323
Where Did My Button Go!?p. 324
Some Other Darned Program Won't Leave Me Alone!p. 324
What Are All These *and%$! Symbols in My Text?p. 324
My Whole Line's Formatting Changedp. 325
My Printer Keeps Printing a Blank Pagep. 325
My Text Won't Line Upp. 325
My Letters Are All Squished Togetherp. 326
My Two-Page Spreadsheet Prints on 20 Pagesp. 326
My Fields Won't Slide on Mailing Labelsp. 326
Part VIII Appendixesp. 327
Appendix A Buttoning Upp. 329
Editing Button Barsp. 329
Creating New Button Barsp. 330
Creating New Buttonsp. 330
Creating Iconsp. 331
Appendix B Editing Patterns, Gradients, and Texturesp. 333
Editing Patternsp. 333
Editing Gradientsp. 334
Editing Texturesp. 335
Loading Custom Palettesp. 336
Changing Colors and Filling Empty Spacesp. 337
Designating the Paint Modep. 338
Indexp. 339
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