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The complete idiot's guide to motivating people
Ramundo, Michael.
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New York : Alpha Books, [2000]

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xx, 347 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [335]-338) and index.
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This guide gives readers an arsenal of ready-to-use tips and shortcuts for every aspect of effective motivation, on the job or elsewhere, including communicating enthusiasm and a collaborative work atmosphere, fostering creativity, empowerment, and a sense of personal investment.

Author Notes

Michael Ramundo has conducted motivational workshops for thousands of business, government, and academic groups. As a lecturer, he is on the adjunct faculty of Case Western Reserve University, the University of Wisconsin, and the American Management Association.
Susan Shelly, a resident of Shillington, Pennsylvania, is coauthor of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Successful Entrepreneur (with John Sortino) and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s (with Sarah Young Fisher).

Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting It in Gearp. 1
1 Who Needs This Motivation Stuff, Anyway?p. 3
Motivation--An Eternal Enginep. 4
When Are You Motivating?p. 5
Competing for Attention, Time, and Energyp. 6
The Story of Bill, Joe, and the Misplaced Orderp. 6
In Bill's Defensep. 7
Gaining Controlp. 8
Don't Assume You Already Have Controlp. 8
Control Is Something That Has to Be Earnedp. 9
You Can't Own Your Employeesp. 9
Performance Isn't the Same as Motivationp. 10
Bosses Should Be More Like Coachesp. 11
Just a Job Isn't Enoughp. 11
We've Moved Beyond Basic Needsp. 11
Conditions Are Predicted to Keep Getting Betterp. 12
Offer an Experience, Not Just a Jobp. 12
How This Book Will Help Youp. 13
2 Sources of Motivationp. 15
The Internal Enginep. 16
Defining the Environmentp. 17
Owning an Environmentp. 18
The Psychological Environmentp. 18
Satisfaction vs. Dissatisfactionp. 20
Attitude Controls Behavior, and Vice Versap. 23
Gaining the Power to Motivatep. 24
Formal Powerp. 25
Acceptance Powerp. 25
Contract Powerp. 25
Knowledge Powerp. 25
3 Incentives--The Heart of Motivationp. 27
Positive Incentivesp. 29
Authenticity--Dying for a Ribbonp. 29
The Private Sector's Version of Ribbonsp. 30
Steps for Creating Effective Incentive Programsp. 32
Types of Incentivesp. 34
Negative Incentivesp. 35
Positive Incentivesp. 36
Three Ways of Offering Incentivesp. 38
Fixed Ratio, or "You Give Me Three First"p. 38
Fixed Interval, or "You Get It Every Tuesday"p. 39
Variable Schedules, or "You Get It Whenever"p. 40
4 Making Your Operation the Place to Bep. 43
This Place Is a Dump!p. 44
Okay, So Maybe It's Not the Greatestp. 44
Using Lemons to Make Lemonadep. 47
Promote 'Em Right on Outta Herep. 48
Camaraderiep. 49
Us vs. Themp. 52
It Will Be Better Tomorrowp. 55
Building Positive Confrontationp. 56
Yes, There Is Such a Thingp. 56
How to Encourage and Control Positive Confrontationp. 57
5 Cultivating Inquisitivenessp. 59
What Is Inquisitiveness, and Who Cares About It?p. 60
Looking Beyond Disciplinep. 62
Why Focusing on Discipline Doesn't Workp. 62
If Not Discipline, Then What?p. 63
Kill Routines and Change the Jobp. 65
This Is Boring!p. 65
Making People Want to Workp. 66
Making the Job Really Specialp. 68
Everyone's Hunting for Something Newp. 70
What's New for Me?p. 72
Is There a Puzzle to Be Solved Here?p. 73
Part 2 Where, Why, What, Who, and When: The Biggest Motivatorsp. 75
6 Where Are We Heading?p. 77
Linking the Goal to Where We Are Todayp. 78
"Where" Needs Constant Reinforcementp. 78
Needing to Be Part of the "In Crowd"p. 80
Just What Is a Good Goal, and Where Will We Find It?p. 82
Good Goals Must Be Attainablep. 82
A Goal That's Understandablep. 84
A Goal That's Measurablep. 86
Making the Goal Worthwhilep. 87
Continuous Monitoring of Your Goalsp. 88
7 Why Are We Heading There?p. 91
Looking at the Big Picturep. 92
Dealing with "Why" Under Special Circumstancesp. 94
Motivating with the "Why" Questionp. 98
Developing a Purposep. 99
Making What We Don't Want to Do Relevant to What We Do Want to Dop. 101
Saying It the Best Way You Canp. 103
Recovering from Mistakesp. 105
Some Words to Avoid--Alwaysp. 107
8 What's in It for Me?p. 109
Henry Ford and the Saturn Car Divisionp. 110
Vested Interestp. 112
Making It More Than a Jobp. 114
Getting a Person Invested in the Companyp. 115
Making Sure Employees Understand Their Rolesp. 116
Reasons an Employee Will Want to Workp. 116
Another Successful Leader, More Motivated Employeesp. 119
What Can This Job Do to Make Life Better?p. 123
9 Who Wants Us to Go There?p. 125
Who Is the Customer?p. 126
It's an Imperfect Placep. 126
Resolving the Inherent Conflictp. 128
Why Is the Customer Willing to Pay for This?p. 129
Stockholders as Motivatorsp. 131
Only Improvement Drives Us Forwardp. 132
Killer Words: "The Boss Said..."p. 133
Linking "Who" to "Us"p. 135
Who Is Traveling with Us?p. 136
10 When Do We Need to Be There?p. 139
Anchoring "When" in Real Time--Like Today!p. 140
The Gillette Storyp. 141
Other Successful "When" Storiesp. 143
Defining Resource Requirementsp. 148
Measuring Requirementsp. 149
How to Create Buy Inp. 149
Part 3 The Other Motivatorsp. 151
11 Can't You See I'm Hurting?p. 153
Personal Problems Are a Part of the Packagep. 154
How to Be a Good Listenerp. 155
Knowing When to Listenp. 156
Developing Listening Skillsp. 157
How Close Is Too Close?p. 158
You Can't Fake Sincerityp. 159
Dangers of Pretendingp. 160
Learning to Be Sincere--for Realp. 160
Locating Resources You Might Needp. 162
12 Where's the Security Blanket?p. 163
What Is Security, and Where Does It Come From?p. 164
How to Build Securityp. 165
Building Security for the Individualp. 165
Building Security for the Teamp. 168
Building Security for the Corporationp. 169
Knowledge and More Knowledgep. 170
How to Give Security When You Don't Have Any to Givep. 172
Eight Steps for Effective Business Analysisp. 173
Document These Total Values in Economic Termsp. 174
Dealing with People Who Don't Want Securityp. 174
Recognizing Who They Arep. 174
Understanding Why They're Like Thatp. 175
Helping Out When You Canp. 176
13 Fair Discipline--Or How to Spank Nicelyp. 179
Avoiding Discipline Can Destroy a Team's Motivationp. 180
Necessary Rules for Creating and Maintaining Disciplinep. 181
Being Sure Your Expectations Are Understoodp. 183
Steps to Take Before Resorting to Disciplinep. 184
A Checklist Before Reprimanding an Employeep. 185
A Checklist Before Punishing an Employeep. 186
Ouch! Hot Stoves Burn!p. 188
Predictablep. 188
Immediatep. 188
Consistentp. 189
Impersonalp. 189
Bringing a Hot Shot Back Down to Earthp. 189
14 We've Gotta Talk Money, but How Far Will Your Dollar Go?p. 191
The Role of Money in Motivating Peoplep. 192
Why Commissions and Incentives Failp. 195
What Should You Be Measuring?p. 198
Fight for Points Instead of Moneyp. 200
Part 4 Your Role in Motivationp. 203
15 The Leadership Rolep. 205
Leadership and Motivationp. 206
What Should Your Workers Know About You?p. 207
When to Tellp. 209
How Much to Tellp. 209
When and What Not to Tellp. 211
Sssshhhhh!p. 212
Listening to Secretsp. 212
Sharing Secretsp. 213
Learning to Be a Sounding Boardp. 214
Mentors or Confidantsp. 215
16 Inspirationp. 217
Effective Communicators--The Common Traitp. 218
The Power of Personalizationp. 219
Making Seemingly Irrelevant Things Important and Relevantp. 221
Keeping Some Distance Between You and Themp. 222
How Close Is Too Close?p. 223
When Being Close Will Helpp. 225
Being Friendly vs. Being Friendsp. 225
17 What You Should Know About the People Who Work for Youp. 227
Knowing Their Work Capabilitiesp. 228
Their Personal Interestsp. 230
Know What Makes Them Tickp. 231
The Really Important Stuffp. 231
What About Their Backgrounds?p. 232
Behavior Patternsp. 234
What Behavior Reveals About a Personp. 234
Recognizing Destructive Behaviorp. 235
Changing Destructive Behaviorp. 237
18 Finding Out What Really Makes Your Workers Tickp. 239
Discovering What You Want to Knowp. 241
Should You Ask?p. 241
Should You Snoop?p. 242
Trollingp. 244
Knowing What to Look Forp. 245
Looking for Evidencep. 245
Watching for Cluesp. 247
Investigations Are Usp. 248
Who Should Investigate?p. 249
How to Investigatep. 249
19 100 Percent Guaranteed Turnoffsp. 251
You Do the Work, and I'll Take the Moneyp. 252
Hey, You're Being Paid to Do Your Jobp. 253
You've Gotta Lose the Attitude, Manp. 254
Cool, Aloof, and Arrogantp. 255
A Phonyp. 256
A Bullyp. 256
Insensitivep. 257
Being Nonresponsivep. 257
But You Said You Wouldn't Tell Anyone!p. 258
Passing the Buckp. 259
Lousy Communicationp. 260
Not Bothering to Find Out What Your Team Wantsp. 260
Part 5 Putting It All into Motionp. 263
20 Getting the Team Goingp. 265
Being a Good Coachp. 266
A Good Coach Is a Leaderp. 267
A Good Coach is a Motivatorp. 269
A Good Coach Is a Big Brother or Sisterp. 270
The Importance of Leadership When Working with a Teamp. 271
Creating Plans That You'll Really Usep. 272
Making Plans for the Sake of Plansp. 272
Making a Plan That Worksp. 273
Putting Your Workers in the Driver's Seatp. 274
Handling Disputes and Conflictsp. 275
21 Motivating the High Performerp. 277
Why You Want Them on Your Teamp. 278
Understanding What Drives a High Performerp. 280
How to Keep High Performers Excited About the Jobp. 281
Challenge Themp. 281
Recognize Themp. 282
Reward Themp. 284
Does That High Performer Have His Eye on Your Job?p. 284
22 Motivating the Difficult Employeep. 287
A Jerk Can Be a Dangerous Guy to Have Aroundp. 288
Annoying Jerksp. 288
The Blatant Behavior Problemp. 288
The Dangerous Jerkp. 289
Is the Jerk Really a Jerk, or Somebody Who Can't Do the Job?p. 291
Dealing with a Dangerous Jerkp. 292
Making the Jerk an Effective Part of the Teamp. 294
Establish Goals and Time Framesp. 294
Make Sure You Keep Control of the Processp. 296
23 Keeping Motivation High in the Good Timesp. 297
Keeping Up the Momentump. 298
Making the Extra Work Worth Their Whilep. 300
What Goes Around, Comes Aroundp. 301
Telling Workers That Good Times Don't Last Foreverp. 302
Getting Them to Save While the Saving's Goodp. 302
Creating Something Special to Celebrate Good Fortunep. 305
Showing Recognitionp. 305
Showing Appreciationp. 306
24 Keeping Motivation High in the Bad Timesp. 309
When Economic Times Are Toughp. 310
Motivating During or After Layoffsp. 311
Motivating When the Place Is Shutting Downp. 314
Motivating During Salary Cutsp. 316
Other Factors That Create Tough Timesp. 316
Motivating When the Boss Is an Idiotp. 316
Hey! You Just Fired My Best Buddy!p. 317
Hey! You Just Fired a Really Good Guy!p. 318
Handling Sticky Situationsp. 319
25 Keeping Motivation High When Things Are Just Ho-Hump. 321
Nothing Destroys Motivation Like the Status Quop. 322
Recognizing When Status Quo Is About to Hitp. 323
Ducking the Status Quo Missilep. 323
Avoiding a Ho-Hum Operationp. 324
Sometimes You've Gotta Fix What's Not Brokenp. 326
Getting and Keeping the Team Involvedp. 327
A Glossaryp. 331
B Additional Resourcesp. 335
C Internet Resourcesp. 337
Indexp. 339