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The complete idiot's guide to herbal remedies
Wolfe, Frankie Avalon.
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Indianapolis, In : Alpha Books, [publisher not identified], 1999.
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xxii, 378 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Herbal remedies.
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A comprehensive guide to tapping into the health-improving powers of what you'll find in the world's backyard. The book lists hundreds of herbs along with their scientific names, and both historic and current uses.

Author Notes

Frankie Avalon Wolfe, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reflexology, holds a Doctorate in holistic nutrition and a Masters in holistic healing. A member of the American Holistic Health Association, she lives in Boise, Idaho.

Table of Contents

Part 1 A Walk Through the Herbal Fieldp. 1
1 What Are Herbs and Why Should I Use Them?p. 3
What Is an Herb?p. 4
Tea for Two? The Different Applications of Herbsp. 5
The Essence of It Allp. 8
Quality: Being Pickyp. 9
The Monotony of Botanyp. 9
Herbs as Nutritionp. 12
Herbs or Vitamins: What's the Difference?p. 14
You Are What You Graze Upon: The Right Diet Helpsp. 15
Don't Eat That!p. 15
Water, How Dry I Amp. 16
2 A Little Herb Lorep. 19
Unmasking Nature's Secret Codesp. 19
The History of Herbs and Medicine Around the Worldp. 21
Herbs Around the Globep. 22
People of the Herb in the Westp. 23
The Philosophy of Herbs and Medicinesp. 24
The Difference Between Herbs and Medicinesp. 27
Herbs with Medicine: Making It Complementaryp. 29
Herbs Are Popular Again--It's About Thyme!p. 30
3 What to Expect with Herbsp. 33
How Herbs Workp. 33
Activating Propertiesp. 34
Building: We're Going to Pump You Up!p. 34
Cleansing: The Process of Eliminationp. 35
An Energetic and Synergistic Look at Herbsp. 37
An Energetic Approachp. 37
Synergyp. 38
Adjusting Herbal Remedies to Your Needsp. 38
Hot, Cold, Wet, or Dry: Which Do I Apply?p. 39
Choosing the Right Combinationsp. 40
4 Herbs Are Not Just for Hippies Anymorep. 43
Pregnancy and Herbsp. 44
Before Planting the Seedp. 44
Herbs for Soon-to-Be Momsp. 46
Push, Push--Herbs for a Smoother Deliveryp. 48
Nursing for Health: Mutual Benefitsp. 49
Shaping Up with Herbsp. 50
A Childish Look at Herbs for Kidsp. 53
Here Kitty, Kitty: Herbs for Petsp. 54
Age-Old Herbs to Help Old Agep. 56
Part 2 When You're Bugged by Illnesses A-Gp. 61
5 A Is for Ailmentp. 63
Acne: Squeezing Out a Curep. 63
Adolescent Acne: An Herbal Cure Is Zit!p. 64
Burdock Root: Cleaning the Bloodp. 64
On the Surfacep. 65
You've Heard This Beforep. 65
Adult Acne: A More Mature Approachp. 65
Burdock and Red Clover: Your Pimple Problems Are Overp. 66
Inside and Outsidep. 67
Allergies Bee Gonep. 67
Bee Pollen: Bumbling to Get Somep. 68
More Supplements Not to Sneeze Atp. 69
Food Allergiesp. 71
Can You Stomach It?p. 72
Mamma Mia: It's Papayap. 73
More to Digestp. 73
Environmental Allergiesp. 74
Milk Thistle: This-tle Dop. 74
Other Helpful Supplementsp. 74
Alzheimer's: Don't Forget to Take Your Herbsp. 76
Ginko Biloba: Did I Mention That Already?p. 77
Food for Thoughtp. 77
Just a Reminderp. 78
6 Give Me Another A!p. 81
Anxiety: Panic Not--Herbs to the Rescuep. 81
Valerian: Nature's Valiump. 82
Don't Worry--Be Hoppyp. 83
Lettuce Relax with Some Herbal Combinationsp. 83
Asthma: It's So Wheezy to Fixp. 84
Ephedra: A Remedy That Won't Take Your Breath Awayp. 84
Getting All Choked Up over Lobeliap. 85
A Combination to Offer a Breath of Fresh Airp. 85
Arthritis: A Flexible Treatment Planp. 86
Alfalfa: Good for Darlap. 86
Herbal Combinations: A Joint Effortp. 87
7 B Wellp. 91
Bad Breath (Halitosis): A Refreshing Remedyp. 92
Chlorophyll: Nature's Deodorizerp. 92
Gee, Your Breath Smells Terrificp. 93
Bites and Stings: Those Nasties with Wingsp. 93
Shoo Fly, Why Are You Bothering Me?p. 93
Black Cohosh: De-Bugging the Simple Curep. 94
Compressing the Situationp. 94
Bladder Infection Correctionp. 94
Cranberries to Make You Feel Bladderp. 95
Unmentionable Mentionablesp. 96
Blood Pressure: Easier to Deal with Than Peer Pressurep. 96
How High I Am--and Whyp. 97
Garlic: Help from a Bulbous Friendp. 97
More Pressure, More Supplementsp. 98
How Low Can You Go?: Low Blood Pressurep. 98
Please Kelp Me--I'm Fallin'p. 98
Other Things You Probably Already Knewp. 99
Bronchitis: Coughing Up a Solutionp. 99
Fenugreek: Nothing to Get Choked Up Aboutp. 100
Foods That Can Help or Hinderp. 101
Burns: Now You're Cookin'p. 101
Aloe Vera: Nice to See You!p. 101
Other Great Home Remedies for Your Skinp. 101
8 C's for a Common Curep. 105
Cancer Answer: Some Philosophical Supportp. 106
Eliminating the Opportunity with Red Cloverp. 109
Combinations for Feeding Your Body's Armyp. 109
Coping with Chemop. 110
Recovery: Pumping You Up for Preventionp. 111
High Cholesterol: Cutting Through the Fatp. 111
The Guggul Advantagep. 112
Herbs for a Sticky Situationp. 112
Colds: A Cure for All Seasonsp. 112
Echinacea: The Cold Remedyp. 113
Cold Combinationsp. 113
Cold Sore No MOre (Herpes Simplex)p. 114
Evening Primrose Oil: Fighting from Withinp. 114
Combinations Sore to Helpp. 114
Constipation: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Gop. 115
Cascara Sagrada: Make Like a Tree and Bark!p. 116
Fiber: Moving Right Alongp. 116
Cysts--No, I Insistp. 117
Pau D'Arco to Dissolve the Problemp. 117
In-Cyst on Blood Cleansersp. 117
9 D Best Herbal Solutionsp. 121
Dandruff: Not Too Toughp. 121
Rosemary: Dealing with Flakesp. 122
Jojoba's Witness to Cleaning Up Dandruffp. 122
Depression Suppressionp. 123
St. John's Wort: A Saint for the Depressedp. 123
Other Things to Cheer You Upp. 124
Diabetes: How Sweet It Isn'tp. 125
Golden Seal: The Golden Healerp. 126
Take a Hikep. 127
Diarrhea: Some Gripping Advicep. 128
Bayberry: Berry Good for Diarrheap. 128
Other Herbs on the Runp. 129
10 E: Everywhere an Herb, Herbp. 131
Earachesp. 131
Echinacea: 'Ears to Its Infection-Fighting Abilityp. 132
Herbal Synergy and Supplemental Supportp. 132
Herbal Ear Drops and Other Home Remediesp. 132
Eczema: Getting Under Your Skinp. 133
Oregon Grape: A Grape Remedy for Eczemap. 134
The Beauty of Herbs: Not Just Skin-Deepp. 135
Endometriosis: A Growing Concernp. 135
Pau D'Arco Power to the Rescue (Again)p. 136
Other Things to Do (or Not to Do)p. 136
Eyes Got an Herb for Youp. 137
Eyebright: A Sight for Sore Eyesp. 137
Bilberry: Focusing on the Problemp. 138
I Can See! A Testimonial to Herbs and Eyesightp. 139
11 F: Fantastic Healing Florap. 143
Fever Relieverp. 143
Me and My Yarrowp. 144
Bathing: Now You're Not So Hot!p. 145
Flu (Influenza): A Flu Good Herbsp. 146
Elderberry: Influencing Influenzap. 146
Other Unpronounceablesp. 146
Fibromyalgia: What a Pain!p. 147
Una de Gato: Clawing Your Way to Healthp. 148
Supplements to Ease Your Painp. 148
Food Poisoning: On the Road Againp. 150
Lobelia: Helping You Spit It Outp. 151
Charcoal and Other Supplements to the Rescuep. 152
Fungus Among Us?p. 152
Black Walnut, Cracking Open the Curep. 153
What a Fungi Can Dop. 153
12 G: Great Remediesp. 157
Got Gas?p. 157
Eat Here, Get Gas, Take Fennelp. 158
Gas: Dispelling the Myths with the Right Herbsp. 159
The Answer, My Friend, Is Blowin' in the Windp. 159
Are You Masticating at the Dinner Table?p. 160
Gingivitis to Your Party?p. 160
Myrrh: Something to Chew Onp. 160
Just a Pinch Between the Cheek and Gumsp. 161
Gland to Know You, It's Been Swellp. 161
Tightening Up with White Oak Barkp. 162
Fighting the Infection with Herbs and Other Nutrientsp. 162
A Poultice for a Swell Timep. 163
Gout of Your Mind with Acid Build-Upp. 163
She Wore Safflowers in Her Hairp. 164
Gout to Get More Herbsp. 164
Part 3 Sickness from H to Np. 167
13 H: Happy Healing with Herbsp. 169
Headaches: It's All in Your Headp. 169
Oh, My Aching Headp. 170
White Willow Bark: Worse Than Its Bitep. 171
Heartburn: Putting Out the Fire with Marshmallowp. 172
Hepatitis: Not in the Slightestp. 174
The ABCs of Hepatitis Preventionp. 174
Dandelion: Just Dandy for Your Liverp. 175
Olive Leaf, for Olive Your Liver Problemsp. 176
Hemorrhoids: A Swell Solutionp. 176
A Remedy Amongst Piles of Herbsp. 176
Sweep Away Hemorrhoids with Butcher's Broomp. 177
Hyperactivityp. 177
Hurry Up and Find a Curep. 177
Kava Kava: A Quick Fixp. 178
Hypoglycemia: A Sweet Solutionp. 178
Dieting for the Hypoglycemicp. 179
Licorice Root: A Sweet Choicep. 180
14 I: Interesting Illnessesp. 183
Impotence: A Very Impotent Subjectp. 183
Yohimbe for Men: Hard to Findp. 184
Damiana, for Cold Damesp. 185
Infertility: From Humility to Virilityp. 186
Ginseng: A Manly Solutionp. 186
Dong Quai for Wannabe Momsp. 187
Irritable Bowel Syndromep. 188
Irritating Causesp. 188
Slippery Elm: Soothing Solutionp. 189
Insomnia: Waking Up to Herbal Possibilitiesp. 189
Scullcap: Good for a Night Capp. 190
More Ways to Catch Your Z'sp. 191
15 J and K: For Just the Right Kind of Curep. 195
Jaundice: They Call It Mellow Yellowp. 195
Accused of Obstruction of Jaundicep. 196
Gentian, a Bitter Way to Treat Your Liverp. 197
Joint Injuriesp. 198
Comfrey: Comfy for Them Jointsp. 198
Healing Is a Joint Effortp. 199
Kidneys: Never Bean a Problem?p. 201
Hydrangea: Like a Rollin' Stonep. 202
Parsley: More Than a Plate Decorationp. 203
Peach Bark: When Your Kidneys Are Not Feeling Peachyp. 203
Down on Your Kneesp. 204
Plantain Won't Make You Weak in the Kneesp. 204
Help from the Devil's Claw for Swollen Kneesp. 205
16 L: Let Me Heal Naturallyp. 209
Laryngitis: Screaming for Attentionp. 209
Wisdom of the Sagesp. 210
Herbal Lozengesp. 210
Leg Cramps Cramping Your Style?p. 211
Do They Call You Thumper?p. 212
Loosening Up with Dulsep. 213
Lupus: Jumpin' Through Loops for Herbsp. 213
Elecampanep. 214
The Bigger Picturep. 214
Lyme Disease: Ticking You Offp. 215
A Brief History of Lymep. 215
Suma: Wrestling with Lyme Diseasep. 216
17 M for More Remediesp. 219
Measles: No Measly Solutionp. 219
Were You Vaccinated?p. 220
Boneset, for Bone-Breaking Aches and Painsp. 220
Menstrual Problems, Balancing on Your Cyclep. 221
Pennyroyal for That Womanly Periodp. 223
Hormonal Helpersp. 224
Migraines and Feverfewp. 224
Morning Sickness: Usurping the Problem Earlyp. 226
Red Raspberry: Come to Mamap. 226
Ginger: Not Just Found on Gilligan's Islandp. 227
Mumps: One Mump or Two?p. 227
Mullein: Good to the Last Mumpp. 228
Speed Mumpsp. 228
Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple Herbsp. 229
Black Currant Oilp. 229
Other MS Considerationsp. 230
18 N: Now You Have a Remedyp. 235
Nail Problems: Nailing Down a Curep. 235
Horsetail for Biting Brittle Nailsp. 236
Nail Readingsp. 237
Nausea and Motion Sickness: Some Gingerly Advicep. 238
Neuritis: Numb to the Problemp. 240
The Devil's Claw Made Me Do Itp. 240
Numb and Numberp. 240
Nosebleeds: Herbs That Clot, Herbs That Do Notp. 241
Bugleweed for When Your Nose Hits the Grindstonep. 242
Nosy About Herbsp. 242
Part 4 Yuckies from O to Zp. 247
19 O, P, and Q: Obvious Painful Questions and Answersp. 249
Osteoporosis: A Hole Curep. 250
Nettle for the Holeyp. 250
Other Herbs to Fill in the Gapsp. 251
Pancreas Trouble: A Cedar Berry Curep. 251
Parasites: Dealing with Uninvited Guestsp. 252
Wormwood, Would You?p. 254
Other Herbs to Evict Unwanted Tenantsp. 256
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)p. 257
Wild Yam to Tame a Wild Womanp. 258
A PMS Planp. 258
Pneumonia: Clearing Up Quick with Horseradishp. 259
Prostate Trouble: The Pressure Is Onp. 260
He Saw Palmetto and Was Curedp. 260
Herbs for Prostate Healthp. 260
20 R and S: For Remarkable Recoveries and Super Solutionsp. 263
Radiation Poisoningp. 263
Algin: You're Soaking in Itp. 264
Other X-Rated Curesp. 265
Shingles: Better on Your Roofp. 265
Calendula: Scratching the Itchp. 266
Nervous System Supportp. 266
Sinusitis: Sniffing Out a Curep. 267
Thyme for a Solutionp. 267
Sinus Up for More Herbsp. 268
Smoking--Quittingp. 268
Slaying the Fire-Breathing Dragonp. 269
Lobelia: Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke Itp. 270
S-T-R-E-S-S: That's the Way We Spell Successp. 270
Chamomile for Soothing the Right Nervep. 271
More De-Stressing Solutionsp. 272
21 T: Terrific Solutionsp. 275
A Toothful Solutionp. 275
Numbing Tooth Pain with Clovesp. 276
More to Chew Onp. 276
Tendonitisp. 277
A Tendency to Ease Pain with Lemongrassp. 278
Reducing Inflammationp. 279
Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears)p. 279
Gotu Kola: The Real Un-Colap. 280
Help for Ringing in the New Earp. 281
Thyroid Problems: Kelp Is on Its Wayp. 281
Tonsillitis: Tea Tree for Two, and Two for Tea Treep. 282
22 U: Understanding the Power of Herbsp. 287
Ulcers Eating Away at Youp. 287
Irish Moss: Gift from the Seap. 288
Soothing Ulcer Irritationsp. 288
Are You Underweight or Under Control?p. 290
Spirulina: A Weighty Solutionp. 291
He Ain't Heavy--but He's Tryingp. 292
Urinary Problems: Urine for a Treatp. 293
Uva Ursi Is Good for Up. 293
And Don't Forgetp. 294
Uterine Problemsp. 295
Motherwort for the Weak Uterusp. 295
Squawvine Supportp. 296
23 V, W, X, Y, Z, and Other Technical Wordsp. 299
Varicose Veins: Veinity Will Get You Nowherep. 299
Witch Hazel Has Broken Blood Vessels?p. 300
More Witch Doctor Potionsp. 301
Vertigo: Helping a Dizzy Blondep. 302
Wood Betony for Groundingp. 302
Other Herbs for the Ridep. 303
Vomiting: Regurgitating an Old Remedyp. 304
Spearmint to Calm the Stomachp. 304
Other Things to Tryp. 305
Warts: A Bumpy Road to Recoveryp. 305
Reishi Mushroomp. 306
More Folk Remediesp. 306
Water Retention Prevention (Edema)p. 307
Juniper Berries: Please Release Me, Let Me Gop. 308
Dam, It Worked!--In the Flow with Herbsp. 310
Weight Loss: A Wide Range of Possibilitiesp. 310
Chickweed for the Hungryp. 312
A Lighter Solutionp. 313
Part 5 Now That You're Well, Let's Work on Preventionp. 317
24 Working with an Herbalistp. 319
The Weeding Processp. 319
Witch One Is Best for Me?p. 321
Branching Outp. 322
Herbs as a Lifestylep. 324
A Daily Programp. 325
25 Other Uses of Herbsp. 327
Everyday Uses of Herbsp. 327
Decorations from Naturep. 330
Spicy Ways to Sprinkle Herbal Knowledgep. 332
Potpourri, Fragrance from Naturep. 332
Growing Your Ownp. 333
The Need for Weedsp. 336
26 An Herbal First Aid Kitp. 339
Capsicum, Not Too Dumb to Keep on Handp. 339
Activated Charcoal, for De-Activating Poisonsp. 342
Clove Oil, Not a Snake Oil Remedyp. 342
Arnica You Glad You Use Herbs?p. 343
Ephedra, Help from Chinap. 345
Peppermint for an Uplifting Timep. 345
A Glossaryp. 349
B Bibliographyp. 355
C Herbal Cross Reference Chartp. 359
Indexp. 369