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The complete idiot's guide to a healthy cat
Wexler-Mitchell, Elaine.
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New York : Alpha Books, 1999.
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xxii, 298 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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This work offers guidance on all aspects of cat health, including grooming, feeding and nutrition, basic health care and annual check-ups, and vaccinations.

Author Notes

Elaine Wexler-Mitchell, Dvm, is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and President of the Academy of Feline Medicine. She opened the Cat Care Clinic in Orange, California, in 1991 and is the co-author of Cat Fancy's Ask the Vets column.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Getting Off to a Good Startp. 1
1 Ready or Not, Here I Come!p. 3
It's Fun to Be Young and Naivep. 3
The Wisdom in Acquiring an Older Catp. 6
Hey, That's Uncomfortablep. 7
Let's Meet Your New Friendsp. 9
2 The Lowdown on the Essentialsp. 13
Providing Proper Nutrition to Your Catp. 13
When Your Cat Needs a Stiff Drinkp. 17
Some Time to Be Alonep. 19
Using the Pottyp. 20
The Dangers of the Great Outdoorsp. 22
3 Kitty Boot Camp Beginsp. 25
You Better Not Bitep. 26
All Cats Need to Scratch Somewherep. 27
Keep It in the Boxp. 29
Restful Sleep for Allp. 31
The Counters Are Off-Limitsp. 34
Part 2 Basic Health Carep. 37
4 Is Your Cat Having a Bad Hair Day?p. 39
Start with the Clawsp. 40
Should You Comb or Should You Brush?p. 41
Ouch, That Hurts!p. 43
Bath Time!?p. 44
Give Up?p. 46
5 How Do You Know if Your Cat Is Sick?p. 49
Is Your Feline Anorexic?p. 50
Kitty's Nose Is Warmp. 51
When Your Cat Is Acting Funnyp. 53
Typical Signs of Illnessp. 54
Checking Out Your Medicine Cabinetp. 56
A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Downp. 58
6 Annual Health Care for Your Catp. 63
Did Your Cat Pass Its Physical?p. 64
All Those Needles!p. 66
A Cheshire Cat Smilep. 69
Parasite Controlp. 71
7 Does Your Cat Need to Go Under the Knife?p. 75
The Draperies Are in Shreds!p. 75
Prevent a Paternity Suitp. 78
Prevent Unwanted Pregnancyp. 80
Hernias in Catsp. 82
8 Vaccinating Your Catp. 85
What You Should Know About Vaccinating Your Catp. 86
The Core Vaccinesp. 87
Non-Core Vaccinesp. 90
9 How to Choose a Veterinarianp. 95
Selection Basicsp. 96
What About Referrals?p. 98
Feeling Comfortablep. 98
Should You Look for a Deal?p. 100
Veterinary Specialistsp. 101
Part 3 From Kittenhood to Old Agep. 105
10 Kitty Adolescencep. 107
You Call This Normal?p. 107
Naughty Kitty!p. 109
Kitten Growth Stagesp. 112
Looking for Lovep. 113
11 Kitty Sex Lifep. 117
The Actp. 117
When Your Cat Is Pregnantp. 119
Can You Terminate Your Cat's Pregnancy?p. 120
The Birth of Kittensp. 122
Raising an Orphanp. 124
12 How to Care for a Feline Senior Citizenp. 127
How Long Will Your Cat Live?p. 127
What Will Cause Your Kitty's Demise?p. 130
Keeping Your Old Friend Comfortablep. 134
Knowing When to Let Gop. 138
Are You Crazy to Be This Upset?p. 139
Part 4 The Body Systems and Their Diseasesp. 141
13 The Cat's Need to Breathep. 143
It' Snot Funnyp. 144
Your Cat Has a Coldp. 146
Could Your Cat Have Asthma?p. 149
Pneumoniap. 150
14 Look Out Stomach, Here It Comesp. 153
It All Starts in the Mouthp. 154
Kitty's Going to Be Sickp. 155
Getting to the Boxp. 159
When Your Kitty Is Constipatedp. 161
If Your Cat Is Turning Yellowp. 162
15 Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?p. 167
Itchy Catp. 168
Zitty Kittyp. 171
Ringworm Is Not a Wormp. 172
Looking Mangyp. 173
Insect and Spider Bitesp. 176
Cats Can Get Skin Cancerp. 177
16 Grooving to a Perfect Beatp. 179
How the Heart and Circulatory System Workp. 180
Blood and Bleedingp. 181
If Your Cat Is Anemicp. 182
Born with a Bad Heartp. 184
Heart Muscle Diseasep. 187
High Blood Pressurep. 189
Feline Heartworm Diseasep. 189
17 The Musculoskeletal Systemp. 193
It's Hard to Get Up in the Morningp. 193
It's Brokenp. 196
Sprains and Strainsp. 197
Born with Strange Bonesp. 199
18 It's All Got to Do with Hormonesp. 203
If Your Cat Has a "Hyper" Thyroidp. 203
Cats Can Be Diabetics Toop. 207
Uterine Infectionsp. 209
Cats Can Get Breast Cancerp. 210
19 Kitty's Got a Lot of Nervep. 213
Eyes See Youp. 214
Kitties and Convulsionsp. 216
Born with Neurologic Problemsp. 219
Cats with Bad Backsp. 220
20 It's All About Peep. 223
Lower Urinary Tract Diseasep. 224
Kitty Can't Pee!p. 226
Is This Cat Stoned?p. 227
Kitty's Kidneysp. 229
21 The Dreaded Virusesp. 235
Feline Leukemia Virusp. 235
Feline Immunodeficiency Virusp. 237
Feline Infectious Peritonitisp. 239
Could Your Cat Be Rabid?p. 242
"Parvo" for Catsp. 243
Part 5 Problems with Catsp. 245
22 Does Your Cat Play Nicely with Its Friends?p. 247
How Many Is Too Many?p. 248
The Problem with Straysp. 250
No Trespassingp. 252
Kitty-to-Kitty Conflictsp. 253
23 Keeping Kitty Problems from Getting Out of Handp. 257
When Your Good Kitty Does Bad Thingsp. 257
The War on Fleasp. 261
'Tis the Seasonp. 263
24 Special Considerations for Your Catp. 267
The Suitcases Are Out; You Know What That Meansp. 267
Kitty Needs to Stay Homep. 271
The Big Movep. 273
If Your Cat Is Lostp. 275
If You Die, What Happens to Your Cat?p. 276
25 Are There Risks to Cat Ownership?p. 279
Gesundheit!p. 280
Honey, It's Your Turn to Scoopp. 281
Cat Scratch Fever Really Existsp. 284
The Joys of Cat Ownershipp. 286
A Glossaryp. 287
B Readings and Resourcesp. 291
Indexp. 294