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Multicultural education, 95/96
Multicultural education, 95/96
Schultz, Fred, editor.
Second edition.
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Guilford, Conn. : Dushkin Publishing Group, [1996]

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240 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
Articles reprinted from various periodicals.
The great migration / John Elson -- Children of urban poverty / David A Hamburg -- Intermarried... with children / Jill Smolowe -- Diversity without equality = oppression / Meyer Weinberg -- The numbers game -- European schools offer contrasts and similarities / Arlette Delhaxhe -- Building cultural bridges / Geneva Gay -- Multicultural education training for special educators working with African American youth / Bridgie Alexis Ford -- Multicultural teacher education / Carla Cooper Shaw -- Preservice teachers' perceptions of the goals of multicultural education / Joanna Nel -- Multicultural education as an academic discipline / James A. Banks -- Affirmation, solidarity, and critique / Sonia Nieto -- White racism / Christine Sleeter -- A new word for an old problem / Nathan Glazer -- Cultural pluralism, multicultural education, and then what? / Elaine C. Hagopian -- The intersections of gender, class, race, and culture / Tracy Robinson -- Can separate be equal? / James Traub -- Multiculturalism and individualism / Michael Walzer -- Lessons of Vancouver / Andrew Phillips and Chris Wood -- Curriculum guidelines for multicultural education -- Empowering children to create a caring culture in a world of differences / Louise Derman-Sparks -- Toward defining programs and services for culturally and linguistically diverse learners in special education / Shernaz B. García and Diane H. Malkin -- Issues in testing students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds / Richard A. Figueroa and Eugene Garcia -- Forming academic identities / Hugh Mehan [et al.] -- Sapphires-in-transition / Joyce Lynom Young -- Racial issues in education / Gloria S. Boutte [et al.] -- The dynamic demographic mosaic called America / Leobardo F. Estrada --Literacy, social movements, and class consciousness / María Del Pilar O'Cadiz and Carlos Alberto Torres -- Understanding Indian children, learning from Indian elders / J.T. Garrett -- Hollywod and the Indian question / John Walton -- "I wouldn't want to shoot nobody" / Jacqueline Williams and Kay Williamson -- Brown revisited / Forrest R. White -- The AAUW report -- Towards a discourse of imagery / Jesse Goodman -- Investing in our children / Marian Wright Edelman -- Educationg citizens for a multicultural 21st century / Lily Wong fillmore.
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